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  • Haul: It’s been marginally quieter in terms of orders this week… I have boxes I haven’t even opened yet but think some of these things are in it… Make Up For Ever holiday Palette, Tarte Palettes, LORAC Lip Sets, Bobbi Brown Highlighter Trio, Stila Glitter Trio, Burberry Liquid Lip Velvet Set
  • Weekend plans: Try to photograph a few more holiday sets, go for a couple of walks with Mellan and my husband as the weather has been quite nice!
  • How do you stay motivated?: I remind myself that I get what I put in,
    so if I work hard, stay focused, and keep moving, things usually work out. Sometimes, setting smaller, easier-to-achieve goals on the way to a larger goal also helps maintain motivation to the end.

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Haul: I haven’t purchased anything lately. Car property taxes just came in the mail yesterday, so I’ll have to take care of that before any of my October trips.

Weekend plans: probably an apple festival, opening birthday presents from the new guy at some point, brunch because I love brunch, and celebrating my birthday/the start of my favorite month.

How do you stay motivated?: Reward systems are great for this.

Haul: Basically an entire new wadrobe of cardigans from JCrew as they have been having some nice sales lately. It’s a Cardi-Party over here! Haha… also on the beauty front, I picked up a tube Roller Lash when they brought it back for a second day of 21 DOB at Ulta, and a few shimmery blushes that were on clearance from Artist Couture (they’re just ok)

Weekend plans: I am missing out on an employee outing Cubs game today because the contractors are still working on the basement project 🙁 but supposedly they are going to be done within a week so I will finally be free! And of course it will be so nice to have the basement ready to decorate and use.

How do you stay motivated?: I am very “Type A” so I have sort of a natural compulsion to complete my tasks to perfection, at least at work! Sometimes its a little harder to be motivated with home chores, but I try to focus on how happy/ satisfied I will be when they are done.

HAUL: Randomly stumbled upon a Wet n Wild paint palette in the Halloween section of my Walgreens. I think it’s LE Halloween makeup but it’s actually a great cheek palette. It has a light, medium, and deep flesh tone as well as a gray so you can bronze or mix up contour colors. Then it has a dark burgundy which would be a great blush on anyone. Then it has a dirty green which I’m not sure what to do with… but for $6 it was a total no brainer. I used three colors today and they mixed very well with my fingers and blended out effortlessly with a stippling brush. Wear is good so far (4 hrs later). Recommend!

Haul: Does paying rent count as a haul? Nothing yet. Too worried about bills to spend any money on anything other than the utmost necessities!

Weekend: Not 100% sure! I might go to the cider swig event on Saturday depending on the rain. Food shopping for sure! Possibly a doggie outing which is also rain dependent.

Motivation: I’m honestly lacking motivation. Pretty much 24/7!

I hope you get a chance to go out and enjoy yourself sometime this weekend Erin. You’ve had so many issues for a long time to deal with, no wonder your motivation is flagging.

Motivation can be difficult for me so I’m looking forward to reading answers! I totally agree with setting small goals on the way to a larger one. I’m more of a sprinter than a marathoner, so the small goals keep the buzz of achievement so I don’t burn out as quickly!

Mellan looks so sweet in that portrait. I bet those ears are velvety soft.

Haul: Placed an order for KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick holiday mini set!!! The only other thing I bought was a mini version of MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. I’ve been wanting it for a long time, but put off spending the money because I already have several reds, three of which are MAC. But when I saw the mini size the other day, I went for it!

Weekend plans: Family, chores, relaxing

How do you stay motivated? It depends. If I’m happy about something, I don’t need much more motivation than that. But something like getting out of bed at 6am to go to work can be a real challenge, especially since it’s getting darker in the mornings now. I just do it like a machine. Put my brain on hold and go through the motions. Motivating myself to do laundry sometimes requires running out of clean underwear. LOL

Haul: From Sephora: COVER FX Custom Enhancer Drops Set, First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads trial size, Lancome Monsieur Big mascara sample size, Ciaté London Mermaid Glow Rainbow, & MILK MAKEUP Lip + Cheek trial size in Rally.

Weekend plans: Resumes and blog.

How do you stay motivated?: Setting deadlines for small tasks even if they skew a little.

Glad you make time for that beautiful baby lab, your baby. Give us the latest health update, please. We know it’s good, but worry a bit about him. Haul, on the most terrible horrible no good very bad makeup week ever. Minor playing w/ L mega agreement there..shows that some can do for more complete looks, but some should be relegated to one and done status. Not many T readers are into the oversimplified, but some of THOSE colors can function that way. CP yin to you yang: worst CP ever, from my pov. The blue duo and green duo are verrrry similar, both in color, and with the patchy, non-bound nature of the base shade. Fall out like mad. Maybe only suitable as toppers. One of the other shades was also in the same vein. The other three were passable, but nothing to write home about. The 2 singles koi, and the pinky lavender from other sets were ok. Then there’s the concealer. Shade ok, but very dry. Sets quickly, and have not figured out what under-moisture will be compatible with it. Uneven and patchy w/just fab triple duty. The world does need a good 6$ concealer, but being oily, find it hard to imagine that CP’s will be universally lauded, if I find it way too dry. Julep glazen set: didn’t try it yet, but the singles comment on Ulta suggests it isn’t glittery as expected. For me, that could be a good thing. The single oil slick was not too OTT, but Mermaid, well, unexpected disco ball. I guess the takeaway is that different shades have differing levels of sparkle. Mermaid does start to fall out after a few hours; oil slick didn’t. Sephora bold lip: ok, but something in Nudestix irritates my lips and the magnetic matte formula lifts and balls up. Not sure I can pull off k dub. Plans: ssdw, and doing the things not accomplished, when the humidity and heat were so intense. Seems like fall now, 20 degrees cooler. Nice. Nice not to feel as if you need to be scrubbed down with Brillo. Motivated? Tough one. Find it far too easy to give in and procrastinate. Do set deadlines for the mandatory stuff.

Haul: I think I forgot to mention that I picked up Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation earlier this month. There was no reason, it was completely on a whim, I ordered it online just because I wanted to, lol. I got the color right on the first go, 5.0. I have several really nice foundations (Teint Idole Ultra, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, Born This Way, Lauder’s Doublewear, and NARS Luminous Weightless) and this does not out-perform any of those; however, I just like it. I am a girl who changes foundation EVERYDAY and I have been wearing this for over three weeks. This has never happened before. Who knows how long this will last.

Weekend Plans: I would like to watch Baywatch, the movie, as it is out on DVD. (Speaking of movies, my husband and I saw Wind River last weekend–we really liked it, and would recommend it to others.) Tomorrow is my youngest daughter’s 27 birthday party (wait a minute, aren’t I still 27???). Sunday I work in cosmetics at Bergners (I know, I know, I promised I was quitting my second job, but I just can’t, my discount brings me GREAT JOY).

How do I stay motivated? This is an excellent question for me. I have a very difficult job as a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) on an inpatient behavioral health unit where we treat individuals with severe and chronic mental illness. My job requires 10-12 hour workdays (sometimes even more) and I am salary, so there is no reimbursement for the long hours I devote to helping my clients get the services they need. I often go through periods of intense stress, where I am certain I need to find another job RIGHT NOW. Twice this year I have applied for and gotten offered jobs that would not require this much of my time. But here’s the thing: I really love my clients and what I do. I love the challenge and the roller-coaster. I love the intensity. So when I get frazzled there are several ways I help myself stay motivated: 1)People in third world countries work 12 hour days every single day, with no weekends no benefits, and low pay, 2) My husband works equally long hours and this is a way for us to really connect and support each other, 3) I tell myself when I am walking out the door at 7:30 at night that I could have been here til 9, so I’m actually getting off early, 4) I could take another job and eventually will, but right now, this is what I love to do, 5) I don’t have kids at home anymore so it’s okay to work longer hours if it means I am in a career that is a good fit for me, 5) I LOVE MY TEAM (I work with the best people on the planet!), and 6) if I focus on what’s wrong (if my internal talk is “I’ve worked X hours,” “I can’t do this,” etc) I will burn myself out but if I focus on what’s right and my internal talk is “Of course I can do this,” and “I have good reasons to do this” I will be okay.

Our moods follow our thoughts. If I’m at the gym and feeling tired (most of the time) and I say to myself, “I’m tired, I can’t do this,” the workout is not going to be a very good workout. But four times a week I push back against those feelings, and tell myself not only can I do this but I am going to kick my own ass during this workout. It works!

Another part of motivation is giving myself time to rest, time to indulge myself in whatever I want to do, time to recover. There has to be a balance between pushing and resting.

Tammy, as you know, I am an RN and the role of the social worker in our facility is paramount. I know it is a difficult role and having to deal with so many difficult and stressful situations must be very tiring but also rewarding. It sounds like you work with a great group of people and that always makes going to work so much better.
Back when I first started nursing in the 70’s we didn’t have social workers in the hospital and nursing frequently performed some of the duties of a social worker in addition to our other roles. I don’t think there is a job in healthcare that isn’t difficult, tiring and emotionally draining. We are always working short staffed, expected to maintain excellent quality of care, meet all of the needs of our clients, work within hospital, joint commission and DHS guidelines and for what seems like hardly any money. Yes, as an RN I made a decent salary but for the hours I work, the expectations, the responsibilities and all of the political garbage the hourly wage seems trifling. I don’t think you become a nurse or social worker without having that calling. We just want to help people. It isn’t a job but a profession and the rewards are all at the bedside or with the client and not in the paycheck. I really appreciate what you do and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work.


Your comment reminded me of when I was in nursing school. I was three years in and so many people kept saying “Nursing is a calling.” But i didn’t feel right as a nurse and I definitely wasn’t “called.”I saw what the hospital social workers were doing and I realized social work was what I wanted to do. It was very difficult to change course (expensive and time consuming) but I switched majors and spent an extra year in college. Now, as a social worker, I understand what it means to be “called.” This job has me by the heart ❤️

I’m an RN and my sister is a Social Worker. Our youngest sister has Cerebral Palsy and I sometimes feel that our careers are a reflection of our desire to be of service, it’s important to take the path that’s meant for you.

Yeah – how did our kids get so old when we haven’t aged?!

Great work philosophy! I understand how you feel because of work I did for several decades (yikes!) The mistake I made, which is why I finally quit to do something else, was not taking a vacation and taking care of me. I was so devoted to them, I forgot about myself. So please always remember to make time for you!

Michelle, You are right, self-care is essential. I believe my age and life experience prior to entering my career make me wiser and better at setting boundaries, but one never knows for sure. Burnout can sneak up on you, and you only see the signs in retrospect. I am all about self-care: I am very protective of my sleep, my nutrition, my exercise, my marriage, my friendships, my hobbies away from work (reading, cooking, fitness, beauty, fashion), and even my mind. I can feel it when I start caring too much and I cut myself off. I can’t help anybody if I am emotionally responding to their situation. There’s a fine line between empathy and being overly involved.

The work you do everyday Tammy is so very, very important and if working at a cosmetics counter helps you to de stress, then go for it.
It’s a great philosophy you have going there.

Haul: Dior eyeshadow quint in Dream. It’s an all matte palette and I’m quite impressed by the quality of the shadows! I might need to start collection the quints in this new formula, lol.
Weekend plans: going to Boston, then Montreal and Maine next week for a wedding!
How you stay motivated: I have to enjoy what I’m doing to achieve my goals, so mostly I’m trying to make each step more fun or fulfilling.

Haul: I haven’t been as obsessed with makeup in a while so this ‘haul’ is pretty unusual for me. I think I’ve gotten to a point where I’m happy with all the pieces in my collection and don’t see a ‘gap’ that needs filling. I picked up the TonyMoly Liptone Get It Tint in Dark Night and the TonyMoly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil in 06 Latte Brown both at 30% off. The lip tint smells of apricots and looks scarily dark in the tube but applies as a sheer, jelly-like, reddish beetroot colour. If I’m not careful, it looks like my lips are bleeding. I have yet to open the eyebrow pencils.

Weekend plans: Catching up with friends after a movie (The Beguiled) and getting started on tons of work.

How do you stay motivated?: I’ve always been pretty driven, so some of it comes naturally. I make lists with deadlines, surround myself with other similarly motivated people, and reward myself with treats after accomplishing certain things (a great cup of coffee, gourmet popcorn, shopping etc).

Haul: Rimmel Stay Matte primer (and a few lip balms and a deluxe Clinique Moisture Surge)… boring week, I know!

Weekend plans: Going to my friend’s wedding and hoping that my tension headache stays gone.

How do you stay motivated? I don’t. 😛

Don’t think I do either lol:) Moisture Surge ain’t boring to me as I am in a dry climate lol.

Haul: Just some lippies…I Dream by Hourglass, Mac Chili, MUFE lippies in the pastel green and lavender..just cause lol..I don’t have anything like those? Lol. Probably the last to be sold out but wanted to be sure I got them haha.

I am hoping I Dream is creamier than I Crave…it should be but will see. I wanted I Crave to be as buttery as Sephora said it was….but…it wasn’t like that to me.

Lol..I got a strange package addressed to me…that I didn’t order and it was postmarked for May and I just got…someone sent me a bottle of Bvlgari Eau Thé Blanc. Not a scent I was seekin out but not bad smelling by any means:)

Plans: hopefully some sunshine..I sure hope these clouds pass through!

Hi there, Mellan!!!?

Haul: My last MAC order arrived a few days ago with my Mmmmmm Lipstick and Electroplate Electric Cool Eyeshadow. Thankfully, because our weather has been pleasantly below average in temps, NO melting of my lipstick! I may wear both later on today.

Weekend plans: Same ol’ same ol’. Except that I don’t need to do my nails, because of doing them Tuesday. Have to do some major food shopping today. Yuck.

How do you stay motivated? By having all the steps laid out in front of me for how I’m going to get from point B (or F!) to point A. I tend to need a game plan to stick with it, as accomplishing the incremental stages to the best possible degree, makes it easier to get to where I need to be. Also, keeping firmly in focus just *why* I’m doing whatever it is that I’m doing helps immensely to stoke my incentives for sticking with it.

Haul: Not much this past week. I placed two Sephora orders which haven’t arrived yet. In one I picked up products for another Temptalia reader, CeeBee, got a back-up of my Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Eye Gel. In return, she is sending me my favorite foundation of all time, and one which has been discontinued, Chosungah 22 C &T Blend in Porcelain and two e/s from Australis, Guns and Rose Petals (I have wanted this shadow for literally years) and Gold Gaga, I am so excited. The eye gel is a repurchase and I want to stock up at the next Sephora F & F sale but refuse to be without it again so got one to tide me over. I also picked up 2 perfume sampler sets, 2 hair care sampler sets and two skin care sampler sets all for my daughter for the holidays. They make great little filler gifts. I ordered two lip pencils from Gerard Cosmetics, Red Brick Road and another whose name escapes me, Dose of Colors Desi and Katy e/s palette which came two days ago and although I have only used it once, I love the colors so much. Turbosan and Harpoon are stunning, rather unique shades. I think that is it!!

Weekend plans: My mother’s cousin is coming next weekend and we are having a little mini reunion so I am going to have to do some more serious housekeeping this weekend. I am also headed to Kalispell, Montana which is about 3.5 hours away from me to get my Botox injections for my migraines. This may be the last set I get, I am not sure if I am noticing any improvement. The neurologist told me that the effect can be cumulative so this would be my third series and I haven’t notice much improvement. I don’t mind the injections, and there are a lot of them, like about 30-40 around my head, above my eyes, over temples, neck and upper back but hardly seems worth it for little pay off. I have vestibular migraines so there is a lot of funny sensations, dizziness, photophobia and visual disturbances along with the pain. They can be very debilitating.

Motivation: I tend to work better to a deadline so I try to set realistic deadlines for myself. In general though, I really don’t want to be motivated!!

What a shame Mecca Maxima doesn’t offer International shipping, otherwise you could have got your products with ease. I am really pleased you can purchase this.
When you run out of your foundation, I am happy to get some more for you. I think I might have a try of this myself.

Thank you Genevieve. You are always so unfailingly kind. I know the particular foundation that I like has been discontinued so that is sad but down the road if there is any left at Mecca Cosmetica I would love to get them. I love the foundation but it has a strong peach undertone so if you decide to try it you should know that, LOL. I have found the cushion foundations that I have tried from South Korea all seem to have a strong peach undertone or strong grey undertone. It works for me. I think another thing that makes this foundation work for me is the “honey” primer mixture. It seems to really make the foundation go on smoothly, it moisturizes my skin while it is on and it gives me a soft glow. It isn’t cheap though.
Thank you again and I will keep your offer in my back pocket, LOL.

Hi Deborah, I wish you well on your next round of injections and hope you experience the cumulative improvement the neurologist says can occur. I have a health condition that has some similar traits to yours (through not migraines) and, too, have to be open to experimentation, even though it often the results are subpar (or it works but causes issues with other symptoms). I can appreciate the debilitation and wanted to let you know that I’m wishing good outcomes for you.

Thank you, Tracey. Any chronic, debilitating condition takes its tole on our quality of life and that can be so depressing. I have struggled with these migraines for almost 17 years now and the symptoms became so severe that I was unable to work. In the middle of those 17 years I had a 3 year period in which I did not have any migraines. Then I fell at work and the cycle started again. The most difficult part for me right now is that all of the medication that has been prescribed and which I have taken, have had such terrible side effects that I cannot keep taking them. They want me to start another one next week and I am not looking forward to it but don’t have much choice as I am being covered under workman’s comp and if I refuse treatment they can stop my coverage. Anyway, I hope that you do well with your illness and I will keep you in my thoughts.

Thank you, Rachel. Time will tell. I have so many triggers that almost anything can start the cycle and sometimes I can’t identify what the trigger was. If you don’t mind my asking, are you on Instagram? If you do and you don’t mind sharing your user name, I would love to see some of your makeup looks. No worried if you don’t have one or don’t want to share. My Instagram is debkaysor, if you would like to look.

Thank you Rachel. It is lovely of you to say that. I think you are beautiful. Your skin is so luminescent. Makes me jealous! You sound like me with my camera woes. My phone will take a beautiful, clear picture one shot and the very next is blurry. Or it looks clear on my phone but once I post to IG it looks blurry. It isn’t very old so I think it should take better pictures. I am going to buy a new camera right after I buy a snow blower. Winter is here and I can’t keep borrowing my brother’s.

Thank you! *blush* I wish I could take credit for the skin, but it’s all due to makeup. Hubby is talking about getting me a new camera for Christmas. If not, I’ll get one for myself on a holiday sale.

Hubby would lend me his, but it tends to take great outdoor and nature pics, but is not so great indoors or close-ups of people.

*Haul – KVD Saint & Sinner – absolutely thrilled with this purchase!! The packaging is so unique and stunning, and the shadows swatch well, haven’t tested on eyes yet. Lorac MegaPro4 – have worn about 12 shadows with primer, a few are duds but the rest are decent/good/great if you don’t mind a softer eye look. A couple of the shadows were very pigmented, but overall, the pigment is soft, but will pair well with bold lips for fall/winter. So far, I’m enjoying the palette, as it’s really easy to create color combos, although I don’t think it’s worth the full price, as the quality varies greatly by shade
*Weekend – a bit nervous, as it’s our first family trip ever with the toddler. Going to San Diego next week- Legoland (incl waterpark), Safari Park, Old Town, Gaslamp district , SeaWorld, beaches
*Although there’s way too much work, I do enjoy some of the challenges of the job, and learning new things

Good luck with your trip with the toddler Katherine. I am pretty sure he/she will love all the parks that you are going to. It sounds like fun. At least your little one will sleep very well at night.

Haul: A new jar of Clinique SuperDefense cream (I think that’s what it’s called – it’s the one with SPF20 built in), Lise Watier Rouge Intense Supreme lipsticks in the shades Mary (a perfect autumnal red) and Kelly, Pixi Overnight Glow Serum.

Weekend plans: visit our son in his new home and bring him a bunch of stuff (some new skillets and saucepans, possibly our old bbq, depending on when the gas fitter can get here to hook up the new one). Make a few weeks’ worth of chili (I make 2 huge vats and freeze in single servings for quick and easy lunches for work) and maybe bake and freeze some desserts for Thanksgiving.

How do you stay motivated: I really love what I do and every day is different so that alone keeps me interested and, therefore, motivated. Also, I am not a very ambitious person so that really gung-ho sort of motivation that drives people to the top….that’s just not me.

It’s wonderful when one of your children move to a new home – they can now enjoy their own set of bills! When my yooungest son moved to his place, after a couple of months he informed me that he now knew why I insisted on vacuuming every week…..
As far food is concerned – I do that too: make huge quantities of bolognaise sauce and put it in meal size containers in the fridge – so much easier that way.

Haul: I saw a Guerlain Wulong compact on ebay for a really good price (and a trusted seller) and I couldn’t pass it up so I bought it. I also bought a tube of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid lipstick from another seller who also has good ratings. I’ve heard that Guerlain discontinued the old refill size and that the new one is too big for this compact so I’ll have to look for something else to replace it. Anyone have any idea which other powders are 55mm in diameter? I’m open to any suggestions!

Weekend plans: Pack up some things to ship that I sold online, go get my flu shot, visit the farmers market.

How do you stay motivated?: I’m the sort of person who likes to keep lists and plans of things I need to do. Ton be honest, I just force myself to finish tasks. Motivation, to me, is about pushing yourself through the need to procrastinate and put aside things and getting them done so that you still have some time to relax. Those things are going to have to be done one way or another so you might as well do them as soon as possible.

Yes, pushing through is definitely necessary! I am also a list-maker. I also am a firm believer in starting my day with the hardest tasks first and I don’t let myself stop until the jobs are done. After all the work is done, then I can relax and reward myself with a glass of wine and a good book.

4160 Tuesdays: Small Triplets 9 ml each (Rhubarb & Citrus, Vanilla Custard, Mrs. Gloss & The Goss – Rhubarb & Custard 1:29). The Rhubarb & Custard is a bespoke made for one of my beauty groups. It should ship some time in October.

bareMinerals (20% off): BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation SPF 20 (Aspen) – backup, Smoky Eye Quad. Arrives Monday.

Beautyhabit (20% off): Bioderma Sensibio H2O, Berdous (Arz-el-rab), Slim Sonic Electric Toothbush (White Leopard) – bought this for travel. Arrives Tuesday.

Darling Girl (15% off): Urban Legends (Chupacabra, Mothman – Spectral Shift, Skinwalker, The Babysitter & The Man Upstairs). Not shipped yet.

Geek Chic: Doggo Collector’s Tin, Monch, Snoot Boop (Sprite). Not shipped yet.

Kiko Milano (20% off): Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow (13 Golden Peach – Pearly Burnt Sienna, 16 Pearly Rosy Taupe – Satin Purple Gray), Smart Colour Mascara (03 Emerald, 01 Metallic Purple). Arrives tomorrow.

Neiman Marcus ($50 off): Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, Samples: Houbigant Paris Cologne Intense, Frederic Malle Superstitious, Chanel Gabrielle, Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Hair Masque, Chanel Cils Nourishing Mascara Base. Arrives Tuesday.

Nyx ($5 off): Contour Intuitive Palette (Amplify), Lid Lingerie Matte (Power Trip, Better Than You). OMG the palette is superb! Will post my swatches tomorrow probably.

Sephora: IGK Preparty Hair Strobbing Glitter Spray. Seemed fun. Haven’t tried it yet.

Ulta (In Store): I exchanged the Pur concealer (Porcelain) because, while it matched in store, everywhere else it looked like a big white spot on my face! I tried it in light and it was still too light (kind of weird as I’m fair/light). I ended up buying the Tarte Maracuja Concealer (Light) and a Babybliss Mini Straightening Iron with Bag for my upcoming trips.

Ulta (In Store): Nyx In Your Element Shadow Palette (Water, 30% off), Ulta Smoothie (Buttercream Cupcake, Sale), Pacifica Nail Polish (Abalone), Kenra Volume Spray Travel Size (GWP)

Ulta ($3.50): Nyx In Your Element Shadow Palette (Metal, 30% off), The Body Shop Body Butter (Cocoa Butter, Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Restoring, 50% off). I returned the Metals palette today. I didn’t open it – just decided I didn’t need it.

Ulta (In Store): I went in to make a return (the Metals palette) and my SA friends brought out one of the Too Faced Pretty Little Planners for me (it’s not out yet in the store but was available at the sephora Rouge Event). So of course, they talked me into buying it. With my return, it ended up being only $20 so I didn’t feel so terrible about it. (LOL) I swatched it when I got home and WOW. It’s probably the best TF shadow palette I’ve ever bought.

Ulta ($39.50 off): L’Oreal Colorista 1-Day Spray (Purple), Ardell Demi Wispies Natural Multipack and Duo Brush-On-Dark Adhesive with Vitamins, Nyx Slide On Eye Pencil (Golden Olive, Glitzy Gold), Ulta Mad for Mauve Blush Palette, Nyx Lid Lingerie Matte Eye Tint (Oh So Fine, Iconic), Fall Haul Color Guard Sampler (GWP). Arrives tomorrow. The purple 1 Day color seemed like it would be fun. Curious to see if it shows on my black hair as they claim it will. Thought I’d give fake lashes a go; might be a colossal failure though!

Walgreens: Jovan Musk Oil, Beauty Sample Bag (GWP). I was feeling nostalgic so I ordered the musk oil. The sample bag is decent. I posted pics of what’s in it today.

Weekend plans: OMG it’s going to be a crazy next few days! Saturday I have a 1 pm spa appointment for a facial and pedi. Monday I go to the dentist for my check up. Tuesday I leave for UVA (Charlottesville) for a specialist consult. I believe the docs think I have an adrenal or pituitary tumor or both. Since the drive is so long and my appointment is late, I’m staying overnight. Thursday will be my only full day of work. Friday my bff and I leave for a 3 day, 2 night in NYC. Phew! So sometime in between all that I need to dye my hair, do my mani, get laundry done, figure out directions everywhere I need to go next week, make sure laundry is kept up, and pack – twice!

How do you stay motivated?: I just keep moving forward. That’s just my nature and who I am.

I wish you well Michele for both the dentist’s visit and especially for your specialist consultation. Hopefully the news will be that if you have a tumour, it is benign and easy to get out.
Enjoy your stay in NYC and I am sure you’ll get all your chores done in time.

I mis-stated that it had been at Sephora. The one at the Sephora thing was the Boss Planner (which also has cheek product). I didn’t see this one on the Sephora site but may have missed it. It could be an Ulta exclusive but they for sure have it (in store on on their website). I posted pics of it this morning. I have never had Too Faced shadows swatch as well as these did. Ever.

Honest and true, I used my Hula deluxe sample sized bronzer to the end. Don’t have another bronzer I like, and I wanted to experiment so I snagged two sample sizes I’ll have fun with.
Tarte in Hotel Heiress
Guerlain in 00 Claire

I want to love Guerlain bronzers, but every one pulls so orange on me. This one is not too bad. But since it’s sample size, if it doesn’t work, it much lost. Gorgeous quality, though.

We were going to have a big lobster fest (just for our boys and their SOs), but our oldest son who lives in VT fell and shattered his clavicle. My husband is driving up on Sunday night, driving him 90 minutes to stay overnight near Dartmouth/Hitchcock Med center where he will have surgery on Monday — pins and plates. Then he’ll come here to recover for as long as he needs to. His wife is five hours away at Cornell getting her PhD, so the whole thing got complicated. We told her we’d take this acute shift :), take the burden off, and they can figure out the rest. I get my baby back for a little while too. 🙂

I don’t find it hard to stay motivated — in certain areas of my life. I’m Type-A lite, so work is not a problem (plus I love what I do). Fitness is not a problem. Taking care of my appearance — all in. House chores — shoot me now. lol I do take time for myself to recharge, and that helps with firing on all cylinders long term. Generally, I’m an engaged person who likes to accomplish things for the greater good which, in turn, gives so much back to me. That is my formula for motivation.

Haul: Sephora Colorful wink-it felt liner in Cup a Joe; Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Blissful. I meant to buy a different shade but picked up the Blissful by mistake. It’s okay but not what I was looking for. Sephora had a special promotion for Rouge in its Manhattan stores and gave out free Play boxes with a $25 purchase. The box was underwhelming.

Week-end plans: Back to Sephora to exchange the blush. Then farmer’s market and maybe a start on moving my summer clothes out of my closet since the weather seems to have cooled down. Maybe a trip to a yarn store and/or bookstore.

How do I stay motivated? I don’t have trouble staying motivated. If I am having difficulty, I question whether the thing needs to be done at all. So many pointless “shoulds” in our lives.

Haul: Deborah Lippmann “Lady in Red” set.

Weekend: getting house and garden more ready for autumn.

Motivation: I don’t think about it, don’t beat myself up. I make a game of projects, make lists, and take projects in baby steps. Visualize the end product, then work backwards as to what creates that result. Play, have fun, accumulate small successes — it adds up! Trust that it will all come out right in the end.

Haul: Just some drugstore mascara.
Weekend plans: Not sure what hubby has planned. I just returned from a work conference. Tomorrow is our 28th anniversary and I know he has plans. He’s actually pretty romantic.
Motivation…not sure that I am…I just keep plugging along.

Mellan is just so cute. I find myself looking forward to your picture each week. Thanks for all you do for us.

A cute looking Mellon!
Haul: My favourite blush/highlighter – Natio Sunkissed blush mosaic on sale at 30% off
Physicians Formula Argon oil, again on sale and a Fashion Fair orangey/red lipstick

Weekend plans: Last Sunday we took Olivia to the Royal Melbourne Show and it was a magnificent day, with the rides, the baby animals and the showbags.
This Saturday is the Grand Final of our AFL football competion – a big game between our home town Richmond and an interstate team of Adelaide. So the family are coming to our place to watch the game and stay for a BBQ dinner.
Sunday – I hope to be doing nothing……

How do I stay motivated? By focusing on the things that matter most and breaking all challenges down into manageable bits.

I’m sure Mellan likes his cuddle-time with you, too, Christine!

Haul: I ordered Tom Ford Boys ‘Nico’ lipstick. I received and returned my Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette due to a chemical-like smell that came from the palette. I was told that they had another returned due to a sweet smell. Will consider it again once released.

Weekend Plans: No plans. Taking it easy and enjoying pleasant Fall weather.

Staying motivated: I break projects down into manageable actions and I block my calendar so I have dedicated time to work on those actions. Setting realistic actions and accomplishing them is better for me than setting an unachievable goal and not meeting it.

*Besame — Snow White Storybook Palette is supposed to arrive tomorrow.
*Tarte — Blush Bliss Palette; Pop, Drop, Delight Custom Magnetic Palette, and Magnetic Mosaic Custom Magnetic Palette. (The two magnetic palettes are beautiful and incredibly sparkly in person.)
*Sephora — Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Spiced Plum (OMG, this is gorgeous on! I wore it by itself w/o lipliner and it looked amazing.) and samples.
*Kat von D — Shade + Light Eye Contour Quads in Rust and Sage ($15 each).
*Nyx — Two tubes of Color Correcting Cream in Green Light (these are to replace incorrect items they sent me on my last order).
*Amazon — Ben Nye Translucent Powder; Bella Eleganze Eye Lift Strips (I haven’t tried out either yet).
*Shop Miss A — a2o Lab Empty Magnetic Palette – Large Unicorn (Very nice! I’m impressed for $7.50); Paw Paw Charity: Super Soft Wonder Blender – Beveled; Paw Paw Charity: Super Soft Wonder Blender – Teardrop.

Weekend plans: Nothing definite. I will probably do some shopping and go out to lunch or something with my younger son. My husband and older son are traveling to visit my MIL and do some repairs for her and will be gone all weekend.

How do you stay motivated? Once you’re a parent, you don’t have a choice. You remember you’re doing everything for your kids. As they’ve gotten older, I’ve picked up some of my old hobbies, and my husband and I try to have dates and get away by ourselves more. That helps us come back to the “real world” and be motivated. Now we’re planning for next year our lifelong dream of visiting Australia, and that is really motivating us to work hard and save money.

Haul: Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick in Notte, Caramello, and Perla (on sale). Luckily I got my order in before the website got weird. Is the Sephora website completely bonkers for everyone else? I haven’t been able to really use it in like two days.
Weekend plans: I went to a congratulations barbecue for a friend of mine last night, which was fun, and then tonight I’m going to a housewarming party! In between that, running lots of errands.
How do you stay motivated?: I often talk to my friends. A lot of time when I think I’m unmotivated to do major stuff I’m actually just scared of the future, so talking things out with people in a similar situation is really helpful. For more minor stuff like writing papers, etc. I like to do a group study session. It’s easier to stay accountable when your friends will shame you for slacking off!

Haul: Loreal X Balmain lipstick in legend, MAC Select Highlighter Blush Duo in Superb / Selected and Chantecaille Mermaid Eyeshadow in Elephant

Weekend plans: It’s homecoming so I am watching my daughter in marching band and playing chauffeur while she attends a dance lol

Stay motivated : stay organized and educate myself

Haul: Nars Sarah Moon matte lipsticks in indecent proposal and fearless red. I may be late to the party but these are amazing!
Plans: cleaning and spending time with my family

How I stay motivated: well it is a difficult question. I sometimes don’t. But generally I am a very determined person who gets things done.

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