Anastasia Prism Eyeshadow Palette, Blush Kits, & Glow Kits for Holiday 2017

Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection
Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection

The Details

New offerings for the holiday season from Anastasia arrive soon.

Online 10/2 on ABH, 10/3 online at other retailers, 10/15 in stores

Prism Eyeshadow Palette, $42.00 (TBA)

Includes: Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere, Obsidian, Dimension, Parallel, Pyramid, Throne, Saturn, Eternal, Lure.

Blush Kit, $30.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Radiant Blush Kit Spoiled, Coastline, Breeze, Terrance
  • Gradient Blush Kit Vegas, Dusk, Chocolate, Blackberry

Sugar Glow Kit, $30.00 (Limited Edition)

Includes Starburst, Butterscotch, Gumdrop, Marshmallow.

Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection
Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection

Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection
Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection

Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection
Anastasia Holiday 2017 Collection

πŸŽ₯ P R I S M ◾️ #PRISM 🎢 Taiki Nulight – Into Darkness

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Ummm…did anyone know about this eyeshadow palette before today? I really enjoy the way ABH usually does releases – here’s a new palette, it’s available in four days. I am intrigued by the color scheme although Eternal and Sphinx look practically identical.

I am a little surprised that I don’t really care for this e/s palette. I may change my mind when I see swatches and reviews but seems pretty run-of-the-mill to me. There are only two shades I would be interested in and that is only if they swatch well, Throne and Osiris. Won’t buy the whole palette for just two shadows so hoping maybe there are some good dupes.

I want all of this. Like now, but I have to be very cautious with ABH as a brand. They’re a very hit or miss brand for me. The only glow kit I’ve liked by them is the Nicole Guierrero one. I didn’t like the Modern Renaissance palette and the Subculture palette had so many issues. So I really want it all, but I’m nervous.

Can’t wait to see what looks you create with this eye palette, Christine! I like that they are doing 2 different blush kits, presumably for different skin tones but people can use however they choose.

Bit of a mixed bag to me, I feel like the eye palette is a little bit Subculture: The Remix. Which, if the formula is better than Subculture, isn’t a bad thing for those of us who skipped that palette based on the reviews. The Radiant blushes aren’t really anything new, but I can see the Gradient blushes being pretty stunning on deeper skin tones. The Glow Kit does nothing for me, since it’s mostly repromotes and the one new shade isn’t anything I’d wear.

This actually looks quite interesting (the eyeshadow palette). But I’ve learned from past experiences to save my excitement for after I have seen swatches.

Completely surprised by another palette so soon after Subculture (which I liked). But I may wait and see on this one because, although I like the colors, it reminds me of ABH’s palettes before Modern Renaissance…I disliked them and got rid each and every one (and I had them all). With MR, the formula changed and improved, so that’s why I it and Mario and Subculture.

I think they launched it to shift the attention away from the subculture fiasco, and the colors fit into the holiday scheme! Looks a bit like the Pat McGrath palettes that have been announced

Yes!!I want all of this.I am debating on whether or not to get the Glow kit because I have all the colors except Gumdrop.I want it because it is new.I own all of the ABH Glow Kits but I really wish they would have made a completely new one and just re-released the previous limited edition palettes for anyone who didn’t get it.I am nowhere near hitting pan in any of the colors that are repeats in the new kit.The one I use the most is Starburst but I don’t think I need a back up of any of them.I really dislike how they did that with the Glow Kit.

After that last disaster with Subpar, I refuse to buy any new shadows from ABH without swatches and reviews first. I think they knew those shadows had issues, but launched them anyway. It was only after unhappy customers and bloggers raised a huge ruckus on social media, that they acknowledged the problems and tried to fix them, but don’t know if they have been fixed yet.

Aww that Glow Kit is a bummer for people who have a few (or all… oops…) of the previous kits since the shades are just repeats. I’m not going to buy it just for Gumdrop, which doesn’t look that unique anyway. Eye palette is a hard pass since I live in Neutral-land, and the blush kits… I don’t know, they just aren’t very exciting. I was really hoping for a pink/orange themed glow kit this time around πŸ™

I like the look of this one, although the last thing I need is ANOTHER black shadow. Nothing like black shadow or liner to make me look 15 years older than my already-old-enough late 50s. Anyway, will have to wait for reviews because of the Subculture disaster. Maybe ABH has learned from that.

This eyeshadow palette is just meh for me. Eden, Lure, and Saturn are very nice, but the other shades don’t hold much interest for me. And I don’t really like the combination of colors as a palette.

I certainly hope the formula is improved from Subculture. (I still look at that palette longingly every time I see it in the store. I always swatch a little on my hand to remind myself that I don’t like the way they blend, and then walk away.)

I am in love with this palette. My interest in the saint and sinner sunk to zero after seeing it. So glad, I was so unsure about s&s.

Everything looks so good..Throne looks especially good and Sphere is so 80s/90s day-glo it almost makes me wanna bust out some puff paint Mc Hammer pants lol:)

I remember that a few people were reporting getting Subculture palettes with the wrong names (I can’t find photos of it anymore, but there’s a discussion here that includes comments that they had ancient-era related names: So the Prism palette explains what that was all about!

I definitely plan on picking up the eyeshadow palette and perhaps a blush palette. I’m kind of annoyed that the new glow kits features two colors from the sweets glow kit. I already have that so I won’t be purchasing the glow kit. I would have preferred if they released the gleam glow kit (I believe one of the shades is from the gleam glow kit)

As long as those eyeshadows are the normal ABH formula, and NOT that SC formula, this could be a win! Very in to the highlighter palette, too. As if I need even *one* more highlighter, though!

OK, just saw some swatches and looks done with the palette on Sephora’s community blog, and YUCK. Not impressed at all. Don’t think I’m allowed to post a link here so I won’t, but it’s easily found. Maybe it’s the lighting…. but maybe not. Will await your review, Christine.

Please let this be the same formula as Modern Renaissance. The palette is so pretty and is the first one to in the most recent releases that has really cought my interest. After the disaster of Subculture I’ll wait for reviews.

Not gonna lie, I did a double take on that palette! Part of me really wants it but the other part of me is like “down girl! Wait for reviews!” I’ve never had an ABH Glow Kit so maybe….and if I didn’t already have so much blush I would probably give this a try.

I am actually really interested in the gradient blush palette. The colors seem really unique to me. I’m not sold on the eyeshadow palette just yet. I’m just not inspired by it yet but maybe when I see it used it will be more fascinating to me.

I’m so in love with this glow kit. I haven’t purchased any of the previous ones but this one will be perfect for my skin tone. The eyeshadow palette has an interesting mix of colors but with the concerns over the formula I won’t be picking this one up unless it gets a rave review.

Very interesting eyeshadow palette. I’m still interested in Subculture, but won’t even consider getting it until the beauty community has reported that the pressing issue was fixed. And not getting this one for related reasons. I do appreciate that they’ve avoided the trap of “ho hum, another boring palette.” They’re clearly making an effort.

I keep looking at this eyeshadow palette. I think if I got it I’d be tempted to pull the pans out and put them back in so that each matte is paired with a shimmer (assuming, of course, that you could do that without destroying either the pans or the palette; and also, of course, then the names would be wrong). I love palettes with great organization, but so few have that, so I don’t let the lack of it it bother me; this one, however, begs for some loving adjustment.

I need to grab the glow kit or I am going to die… I returned my Sweets Kit because I couldn’t use Taffy and Sassy Grape and have been weeping over the loss of Butterscotch and Marshmallow ever since and spent a fortune on potential dupes, but nothing came close v.v

I am cautiously optimistic about this Prism Palette. I hope it doesn’t follow suit of the Subculture Palette. I’m excited to see the swatches and read Christine’s review. I really hope this palette is like the Mod Ren Palette, formula wise. Subculture’s awful formulation was such a kick in the pants. I guess we all shall see soon enough. Here’s to hoping!

Ha the eye palette looks pretty! I’ll wait for Christine’s review most likely. The blushes look kkw??design. I like most colors but they always have an orange which I don’t really use. Wish they (everyone) had more blushes with a reddish tint. I’ll prolly wait on those although the one I bought on their last release was nice.

I’m most interested in that Fenty palette.

That eye shadow palette looks bomb! I own several ABH highlighter kits but none of them have these colors . I admire Anastasia’s get back on the horse attitude.

I am interested in this palette, but after my horrible experience with Subculture, I’m not willing to order on the first day of release from this brand. I’ll wait for reviews, and if I miss it because it’s LE, so be it. The highlighters are easy for me to skip, since they contain repeats. I’ll wait for reviews on the blush kit too.

Does anyone know if the blush kit will be coming to sephora? it’s LE and I want Gradient so so badly but I’m from Canada. I don’t really want to purchase from the ABH site due to time lag and extra duty reasons.

Where can a Canadian get the blush kits? Seems like they arent coming to Canadian Sephora and I cant even purchase it at ULTA online.
I’m also not paying “only 18 dollars international shipping” for a 40 dollar palette that’s ridiculous.

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