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  • Haul: Tom Ford Winter Soleil palettes, Soleil Lip Foils
  • Weekend plans: Trying to get a bit of ahead so I can spend time with hubby over Thanksgiving… the good news is he works the same hours as me, so he’s very understanding! I also have to go over timing and ingredients, because I’m trying to make a mini feast for us for the first time.
  • What are your most thankful for this week?: I’m thankful for the way I was brought up and the childhood that I had. I try not to forget how fortunate I was and have been in my life!

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Haul: SO MUCH STUFF… Tarte Amazonian Clay blush palette, MUFE holiday, 2 bite mix and mingles, SR UFO, Ceramic Slip, and Tidal, and Fresh Black Tea Infusion. I would have gotten more but a few things were sold out. I’m $37 away from rouge πŸ™

Weekend: Not sure. I was in the ER Wednesday night as I got stung twice by a wasp… I’m on the mend but not sure what I’ll be up for. I had a similar reaction to that of a bee but not quite as bad. Also, for a pupdate: He went back to the vet after I called in asking questions and one of the other vets wanted to see him. He may have an infection, not lupus, so we are going that route first and I’m holding out hope.

I just found out it’s a friends birthday too, so I’m not sure. I know I need to shop and then have a game with friends on Sunday if I’m up for it.

Thankful for: This week, not to have gone into anaphylaxis! That hopefully my pup is on the mend as well. My pets are the most important thing to me so whenever they are ill, I’m pretty stressed!

Very nice haul, Erin! How are you liking everything so far?

I hope you feel better soon, and fingers crossed your dog will be A-OK!

What a week you’ve had, Erin! Glad you didn’t get anaphylaxis from those stings, whew. Also, I most definitely get what you mean about your pooch, I am hoping it’s only an infection and that he’ll be just fine soon.

Hi Erin,

My son, who had the most severe reaction to a wasp sting you can have — loss of consciousness — did venom immunotherapy. It’s a process (trust me, I drove him for years), but with something that can rob your life, it was worth it. Lifelong he will have an injection every three months.

You might want to look into it and check it out thoroughly with and allergist. Likely if you get stung again, the reaction will be more serious and the one you had is worrisome. Love, Mom πŸ™‚

Hope Elroy is just needing antibiotics and it’s not anything more. xoxo

You are really lucky you got to a hospital as those wasp stings can be pretty bad and each time you get stung your reaction can be worse.
I hope your little puppy is getting better too. Both of you have had a tough week. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

Try to relax and take things slow after that wasp being so mean to you. I’m not allergic, but very near. Scares me every time I get a sting.
Your poor pup. I hope he’s on the mend. I know exactly how stressed you get when the pets are poorly. My dog has/had pancreatitis he was in pretty bad shape last summer. You feel so helpless, don’t you.
Keeping fingers crossed for the poor pup.

Beauty Bakerie (10% off): Rose Pose Metallic Lip Whip, Royal Tea Metallic Lip Whip, Illuminator (Frosted). Kind of excited to try the brand. Hasn’t shipped yet.

lllamasqua: Freak Scarab Extrait De Parfum, Broken Gold (GWP). Was supposed to ship 11/12 but for some reason, something went wrong. the company is trying to locate my order through their global shipping.

Neiman Marcus ($25 gift card from prior event): Oribe Conditioner for Beautiful Color (large size), Evening bag with samples (GWP)

Notoriously Morbid: My November Vanishing Cabinet arrived. I think it’s my favorite so far. I posted the swatches.

Sigma (10% off): Lip Switch (Double Whammy, Transcend, Pink-Lotus), Eye Shadow Base (Sale – Provoke, Awake), Color Pop Makeup Kit (GWP – Sugar Plum). The GWP was the best out of the order! I’d say Transcend is the better of the 3 lip switches. I’ve posted all the swatches already (including the GWP).

Ulta ($10 off): Makeup Revolution (Affirmation 32 piece Eyeshadow Palette, Mermaids Forever 32 Piece Eyeshadow Palette, Fortune Favors the Brave Ultra 30 Eyeshadow Palette, Ultra Contour Palette); Julep -Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil (2), Konjac Sponge, 3 Piece GWP, It’s Whipped GWP; Lipstick Queen Seven Deadly Sins Lipgloss (Indolence); Nip + Fab – Glycolic Fix Cleanser, Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme; J. Cat Beauty Triple Crown Baked Eyeshadow (Grape Gelato, Baked Alaska, Raspberry Smoothie, Gingerbread), 18 Piece GWP (silver). So I’ve had the MR contour palette and Fortune palette in my cart all week. What a nice surprise that many other ones were on sale today! Did some stocking up. I think I may have created a storage issue for myself.

Weekend plans: Looks like I need to figure out a better storage solution for my eyeshadows. Now I have very small palettes and singles and pigments in a train case and full size palettes in a really large box. My latest buys won’t fit in my current storage configuration. I may look for some kind of shelving to either fit inside my vanity or in a large red cabinet I have. I also still need to seek out a turkey since I told my daughter, I’d buy all the meats for the holiday dinner. I’ve already bought the ham and a bunch of other stuff.

What are your most thankful for this week?: Would it be shallow to say Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales? I mean, I’m thankful for my family and friends all year so, that’s not new this week. I am also thankful that I have Thursday and Friday off work (took leave Friday). Probably not the answer you were looking for, but it is honest πŸ™‚

Great hauls, Michele!

I thought that I was going to pick up more during Ulta’s Cyber Funday, but it was so lackluster for me πŸ™

I agree really. If you already don’t use the brands, there wasn’t much. I love Makeup Revolution (as an example) but the way Ulta did their “get one free” made it that when I put 2 palettes and 2 lippies in my cart, they made the lippies free. There were several lippies I wanted but there was more value in getting the palettes. And they also didn’t include all MR palettes which is why I had 1 free and 1 only 1/2 price. I’m considering placing a 2nd order to get items that were cheaper since the shipping is free at $35 right now.

Do you like the lip switches? I bought a few this summer (they were in clearance, I wonder if they’ve reformulated?) and I thought they were a big letdown – they looked amaaazing in the tube and basically just turned into a somewhat oily clear gloss with a faint shimmer on my lips. I hope you had better luck!

Sigma said they were new (and just released 11/14) and they were reviewed in several beauty magazines as being new so I assume that means they’re reformulated or maybe new shades? I have swatches of all of them posted @Binxcat4ever if you care to look. Double Whammy was the biggest disappointment. It’s a pretty topper but nowhere near what it was advertised as (supposed to be green and lavender and under 3 types of lighting I saw no green whatsoever and, in fact, it looked pinky-lavender under all lighting) and definitely nothing like the Sigma and blogger photos show (not worth the money IMO unless you plan to walk around with special lighting – LOL). Pink-Lotus makes for a pretty pink gloss and is transformative over certain shades of lipstick. It’s supposed to be a prismatic pink; I find it works best over a dark lip shade. Transcend, is my favorite. In all honesty, it remind me of the Bite Beauty gloss in Opal (which I can’t use as I react to something in their formula). I think it’s the most flexible of the 3 I bought. The quality of the GWP though was outstanding! I was shocked they gave such a large nice set for free. Also, sorry I apparently went paren. crazy…punctuation fail πŸ™‚

I’ve never tried any Illamasca scents, we don’t have a counter here, and I don’t want to order in case it smells like cats wee on me (it’s happened with some perfumes).
Can you just describe or think of anything like it, not that I think there are anything close to it.

Haul: I got the Hakuhodo S133 eyeshadow brush. I was really worried about spending so much on one brush, but it turned out to be a great brush. I also got my first Notoriously Morbid vanishing cabinet (a monthly subscription from an indie company). I played with the eyeshadow pigments last night and I like them. I am looking forward to doing a full look and testing their longevity.

I’ve spent the entire week reveling in the miracle of my new Wayne Goss Anniversary Brush set and the Viseart Royal Bijou palette. I did not believe the hype behind those brushes but they are WONDERFUL. And The Royal Bijou palette has changed my mind about wearing more muted colors (I generally gravitate towards bolder, brighter colors). This is a great palette!

Plans: My oldest daughter is combining her birthday party with her gender reveal party on Saturday. Can’t wait to find out if my next grandchild will be a boy or girl tomorrow.

I am most thankful today that my youngest daughter (age 26) is NOT pregnant. She has fallen for a bad boy and my sweet natured girl turned rebellious over night. It has been a rough week at my house and my heart is raw.

So glad you are loving your new brush, Tammy! I can’t remember if I have that one (the numbers do not stick in my brain anymore, lol) – will have to look into it! And yay that the Wayne Goss brushes are living up to the hype!

Oh, your poor heart, Tammy! Hopefully her brain catches up to her heart a bit so she doesn’t get into any real trouble!

Oooh, jealous that you got the Goss Anniversary Set! I’ve been slowly picking up individual brushes, and I’ve never been disappointed. I’ve been pining after the 00 (big face brush, basically giant version of 02) for a long time but it’s one of his priciest at $85 and I’ve never spent that much on a single brush! Kind of wishing I’d taken advantage of the Beautylish gift card promo – maybe next year!

Have fun with your daughters this weekend – that a tough situation with your youngest, I hope it all works out for the best!

Hi Julia, I bought Wayne’s 00 brush when it became permanent and I adore it. I delight in using it for all products in Tom Ford’s Afternooner palette as one example. I picked up 3 brushes in the Beautylish gift card sale and now set money aside for the annual brush release, just in case. You’ll love the 00 brush!

Oh nice haul. Sounds like you love the Viseart – will have to look at it. Also glad you liked the VC so far. I haven’t had issues with wear so hoping you”ll find the same.

Big hug to you. Doesn’t matter how old they are, does it?

Tammy, we are makeup soul sisters. Viseart Bijou and Wayne Goss anniversary are the ONLY two things on my Xmas list. I got the Wayne Goss 11 this week, and own the Air Brush. Yes and yes on being truly impressed and loving those brushes. I will be getting others.

Oh boy, kids. I have four, and they have all turned out to be loving, moral, caring, astute young men. Bit there have been times, let me tell you. Two of the four I envisioned standing at the metaphorical “fork in the road.” Are they going to the dark, or the light? Both got their wits about them, dumped the bad influences, and made the right choices. But I feel your unease and worry. I truly do.

On the more shallow note, you are the most beautiful, youthful grandmother out there! xoxo

Let us know next week if new baby is pink or blue!

What happy news for your eldest daughter! I hope she and baby are doing well.
Re your youngest: I hope she realises that love is meant to make you a better person, not turn you into someone unrecognisable to your family.

I’ve spent hours talking to her today, Genevieve. She seems to have a better grasp of this concept than she did earlier in the week. This turned out to be a situation where we had to intervene for her protection, and fortunately she trusted us enough to allow us to help her.

That is such good news Tammy! Maybe she really wanted your help and advice after all and didn’t know how to get herself out of that bad situation. Thank God!
I hope your baby/gender party turned out well, I can’t wait to hear what your daughter will be having. Such happy news.

I love Wayne’s Anniversary Set – it was the first time I invested in higher quality brushes and I believe they make my makeup look better. I now prefer the brush more than the makeup. Glad to hear you love the Anniversary Brush Set. It’s an investment for sure!

Best wishes on learning your grandchild’s gender! My heart goes out to you re: your youngest.

Children, if they could only understand the we only want whet’s good for them. My son is doing really good, but I still always worry, just a bit, so much can happen.
I hope your youngest will see for herself soon that this boy is all kinds of wrong for her.
Have fun at the birthday/gender party!

Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby. It’s hard to believe you’re old enough to be a grandmother!

Sorry about the situation with your youngest. It’s hard to stand by and watch them make mistakes, but what can we do once they’re adults? We just have to trust we gave them good skills, and it will all turn out OK.

Thank you, Rachel. I don’t know how this grandmother thing happened to me, lol.

One of the difficulties of parenting young adults is offering guidance mingled with respect for their decisions.

Haul: Tarte 7 full size promotion:
– Confidence Creamy powder foundation, medium neutral
– Glitzy Lipsurgence pencil
– Gold SmolderEyes pencil
– Lights, Camera, Splashes mascara
– Peach Bronze Colored Clay bronzer blush
– Blush brush
– Cream eyeshadow brush
– Smooth Operator powder sample
– Gold makeup bag

Weekend plans: visiting family & friends back home! So excited. Having a Friendsgiving dinner at my sister-in-law’s, going to church, and a friend might have her baby in time while I’m up! I’m very excited to see & play with all my nephews, nieces, and friends’ kiddos!!

What are your most thankful for this week?: opportunity & ability to see family & friends from home who I haven’t seen in 2 months.

What’s on your menu, Christine? You’ll do amazing πŸ™‚

Oooh, nice Tarte set you got there, Joyce! Enjoy your time with friends & family this week πŸ™‚

Nothing out of the ordinary — going to roast my first turkey (and then gravy), mashed potatoes, roasted butternut squash, and stuffing for the things I’ll be making. We’ll have cranberry sauce (I love Trader Joe’s–SO good!) and probably will pick up a small dessert/pie early next week. I’ve never done the turkey (that is what I’m most worried about… both cleaning, preparing, cooking, and carving!) nor the stuffing, but the latter I feel like is harder to go really wrong. Mashed potatoes are easy – the more butter/cream/salt, the better, LOL. Can’t go wrong there!

lol you’re definitely right about the mashed potatoes.

I follow this recipe for simple turkey roasting: My mother-in-law once placed a large white onion in the turkey, and it was one of the moistest turkeys I have ever had!

I think that website also has a recipe for excellent mashed potatoes! Gold Yukon potatoes are extra creamy πŸ˜‰

I once forgot to thaw 2-24lb turkeys to roast for homeless shelters. They were in my bathtub filled with cold water overnight. I kept having to change out the water to keep it cold and bacteria-free lol!!

Thank you, Joyce!!

Good call on the bathtub, too. And I had to think whether we even had a bathtub there for a second, LOL! (We do.) It’s on my calendar to put it in the fridge three days before!

You might need more than 3 days depending on the size Christine.I’ve underestimated turkey thawing time several Thanksgiving’s and had to do the sink soak in water trick. Way easier if you give turkey a slow thaw.

For a lighter version of the smashed potatoes I replace the cream by some milk. But you need to keep some fat with the boter (muscade is awesome with it too). I can’t recall his name, but a French chef said that “fad gives tastes”… That is so true lol

I’ll give you a tongue in cheek tip… remember to remove the neck and giblets before putting the turkey in the oven. My sister forgot that her first time. Really makes for good laughs though.

Roasting the turkey and making the gravy is a big challenge, Christine! Even though I’m mostly vegetarian (eat a little fish), I cooked the turkey once for a big crowd. I used the instructions from the old Joy of Cooking cookbook, and it turned out well (or so people said — I didn’t eat it!)

Other than that, it’s a matter of trying to have everything done at more or less the same time! My son and I share the cooking for big holidays like Thanksgiving, so working out who has access to the kitchen to do what when is part of the process — our kitchen is too small for two cooks!

I love a gas stove/oven. Do you have an oven thermometer? That makes it so easy to check. If you have a pizza stone, putting that in the oven helps to keep the temperature even. Our pizza stone lives in our oven.

Ooh, I did not know about the pizza stone trick – might have to try that one!

I might have an oven thermometer, but I am not 100% sure. I know we have thermometers but not sure if it’s the kind that hangs in the oven (I also know we have the digital ones).

I tried it once yesterday. It wasn’t really a fair test for negative/positive comments. It arrived in the middle of the day, and I didn’t have any makeup on so I decided to try it with RT Multitask brush.

I will say this: I didn’t wear any primer and only had midday natural skin and it wasn’t powdery at all. It can be applied sheer or built up. I used a RT Expert Face brush for fuller coverage around my mouth.

So far I like it. I’m just so surprised at how non-powdery or cakey it is. Blush blended nicely on top as well.

It wore well for the 5 hours I had it on. But again, it wasn’t a full test so we’ll have to see!

*Haul:* A whole bunch of Maybelline stuff because it’s FINALLY on sale for 40% off at Rite Aid
Sephora – Bosica setting spray, Josie Maran Argan Oil
Ulta – RT sponges, Eylure lashes, Mario Badescu skin care, Gariner cleansing water, H20 skin care

*Weekend plans:* Going on a breakfast date. Hoping to get some cleaning done before the holiday season is officially upon us.

Oh that mini feast sounds amazing! I can’t wait for Thanksgiving when all of my sisters will be home!

*What are your most thankful for this week?:* I’m thankful for family. They will always come first in my life. Being close with my sisters because this hasn’t always been the case. My best friend, who I can talk to about anything.

Haul: Wayne Goss Air Brush (a gift), Make-Up Atelier Wood Pink palette, a Zoevea depotting tool

Weekend Plans: Cold temps are arriving after today, so packing up summer/early fall and unpacking winter. Also cooking cold weather staples like soups and stews (clearing fridge turkey!). Attending our neighbor’s unveiling of a master work that follows 3 years as artist-in-residence at a local museum.

Most thankful for: My parent taught us to be thankful for what we have and to support those less fortunate than we are. In that spirit, at this time of year, we like to donate to local food drives, to Toys for Tots, to wish lists for families in need and generously. If I can afford a TF wonter palette, we can give similar amount or more from a family’s wish list.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Your dinner will be fantastic, Christine. The measure is less the dinner and more the family time together when making it. ?

Haul: Maybelline was on sale at Rite Aid for 40% off: Brow Pomade Crayon in Deep Brown, Lash Discovery mascara in Black, Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Berry Boost and Orange Shot, Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara in Deep Brown, Brow Studio Eye Define + Fill Duo in Deep Brown, Lash Stiletto mascara in Very Black, Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in Bronze Sheen.

Weekend plans: I’m going to run errands with an older friend because she has trouble leaving the house on her own. She’s in her 70s and doesn’t have anyone else to help her, so I agreed to help her.

What are you most thankful for this week?: My youth and my friends.

One of the all time cutest Mellan pix, ever! I, too, am thankful for my childhood/upbringing. Adulthood has been a series of crises, and I had the toolkit to be a survivor. Also for my adult family of dogs, most of whom have crossed the rainbow bridge. Also thankful for my mind, or turn of mind. Most people think I’m smart, but I’m not particularly. I’m knowledgeable and curious, which is very different than thinking well. And in the words of the old hymn: for rocks and trees, and skies and seas. Maybe we can save them yet. Happy Thanksgiving to all, as well as happy hauling!

Happy Thanksgiving, KJH!

There are many types of smart, but I know you’re most definitely smart! You always offer such great insight here on the blog.

Christine is right, there are so many different kinds of “smart”

I know personally, I’m not “school smart”, I have dyslexia and a spelling learning disability. So school was HORRIBLE. but despite that, I know I’m smart!!

You add such a nice insite and opinion to the space here!!!

I always thought that intelligence starts when someone can make the difference between knowledge and reasoning.

There are so many way to excellence in life… It should not be reduced to a word!

Haul: Notoriously Morbid November vanishing cabinet. Manic Panic “Vampire Red” hair dye. Warehouse 13 complete series dvd set. A new dress for my cousin’s wedding.
From Sephora: Fresh Sugar lip entourage set, Sephora rose sleeping mask, Fresh soy face cleanser 100pt perk, E & J Nirvana Bourbon 100pt perk (now I’m glad I didn’t order it last week!), mystery sample bag gwp.

Weekend Plans: what else other than work on the house lol. Also we’re going to MN for Thanksgiving so I’m going to try and get everything prepped this weekend so all I have to do Tuesday is pack.

What are you most thankful for? right at this second, that we have our new roof and our trees trimmed, because the ridic wind blowing through here right now would have been ripping off shingles and dead branches.

Haul: Nothing! I’m all shopped out from the Sephora VIB Rouge sale. Instead of buying new stuff, I’ve been trying to rediscover products in my stash that I’ve forgotten about, especially since we’re transitioning from fall to winter makeup.

Weekend plans: Studying! Finals are coming up in a few weeks and I need a good grade on my physics exam or else I’m sunk.

What are you most thankful for this week?: My mom, my brother, my stepdad, and my friends. I have some truly amazing friends and family, especially with my stepfamily. There’s something incredibly powerful about knowing someone won’t abandon you or leave you no matter what, even though you’re not related by blood. If you’ve lived without that kind of security, it’s one of the most incredible feelings in the world. Unconditional love is something I never take for granted.

Haul: Sugarpill Pretty Poison Lipsticks in Cubby, U4EA, and Nurse. Another Air-Brush from Wayne Goss (you know how crazy I am about backup products!) as well as 2 Real Techniques brushes. (Setting brush and the Shading brush) I found some of the originals (It looks like they are in the middle of revamping their classic brush line) for cheap so I figured, “now or never”! Depending on how they work out I will seek out some of their others.

Weekend plans: My partner left this morning for Thanksgiving with his family, so I will be spending the weekend catching up on some much-needed cleaning (as well as some playtime with my makeup!) I am DEFINITELY going to break in these Sugarpill lipsticks and I want to get my hands dirty with the Real Techniques brushes. I also have 3 other brushes I need to finally use (Wayne Goss 03, Chikuhodo GSN-09, and Chikuhodo Z-3) so this is going to be a very interesting weekend for makeup!

What are your most thankful for this week?: My dog, Claude. When I’m home alone I can get a little nervous, but he makes me feel like I can let my guard down with him around.

Okay so I got my hands dirty with 3 of the shades. (Nurse, Cubby, U4EA) Nurse and U4EA are very nice, spread well and (almost!) live up to the one-swipe coverage claims. Texture is a hair stiff but nice and smooth. (I would say less stiff/drying than Melt, but still a touch drying) The finish is on the matte-to-semi-matte side, and wear time is pretty good at around 5-6 hours. Scent is not overpowering (or really noticeable) at all, it really is JUST enough to cover up the raw materials. I really enjoyed these two. Cubby didn’t sit right with me — texture and pigmentation didn’t match up with the other two, but I can make this one work over a lipliner base. (Like OCC Grandma pencil) I also tried Cubby with their lip brush and it helped for building color, but it was a challenge to get full opaque coverage with this color. The other two were a breeze and I still love the color of Cubby even though it takes a bit more work, so it is what it is!

A temporary lapse in my no-buy, but amazingly minimal for me overall! I broke down and got another Armani lip magnet in 507 from Nordstrom, two mini travel size Bobbi Brown oil cleansers for travel (I lost the one I’ve had for years, so this is a replacement and back up since it locks and has a cap) and then a duplicate Armani lip magnet in 601 from the Armani website with my name engraved on it. Yes, I am that person and I’m surprisingly okay with that. I’m trying to not back-up buy, but I liked the engraving idea for some reason. Hopefully I’m not alone in this! Annoyingly, Armani excluded the lip magnets from the 20% sale which is odd. I’ve never known them to exclude beauty products from their sales; only fragrances. Oh well, but something to keep in mind if you’re going to take advantage of that sale.

Weekend plans – just cleaning and doing laundry. We’ll be headed to the in-laws for the Thanksgiving break, so I always clean to leave so I can come back to a clean house.

What am I thankful for – family as always; mine and my SO/spouse. His family is typically old fashioned Korean conservatism, so their acceptance of their caucasian, common-law daughter-in-law is amazingly progressive and lovely – but they’re lovely people, so it’s not surprising from that perspective. I love them dearly. My mother will be having her first Thanksgiving without my father while not being in shock from his passing. It will be difficult, but she’ll be with my brother and his kids, so I’m thankful for that.

The engraving is a nice touch when you know you’ll be keeping something for awhile! πŸ™‚ I don’t mind, but it’s not something I’d pay for myself. I’ve done with when YSL has offered it for free πŸ™‚

I’m happy your mom has some family to keep her company this holiday!

Haul: MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC15, MAC Blot Powder in Medium, MAC Lip Conditioner, and Khiels Lip Treatment. I also ordered Clinique Cheek Pop in Pink Honey, Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Troublemaker, Kat Von D lipstick in Mother, Sheseido Rouge Rouge lipstick in Rum Punch, and Marc Jacobs O!mega mascara in black and teal (I already love the black but had to try out the teal too) and a tarte single eyeshadow.
Weekend plans: I’ll be working all weekend
What are your most thankful for this week?: I’m thankful for my family this week and every week. I’m also thankful for my friends and my job.

It’s soo pretty. I didn’t know they’d come out with different colors until I went to order the original one. I want to say there’s two different blues, a purple and maybe one other color? I used the teal one today though and I love it.

Haul: Finally caved on the Goss 25 Fan Brush (and some Clean Apothecary grapefruit brush shampoo), which had been in my cart for about a year, then the very next day I got a notification about the Air Brush restock so I bought that, too! I just love the quality of his brushes.

Weekend plans: We’re headed to see my family in the St. Louis area on Tuesday, so I’m looking forward to a one day work week next week! While I’m here, try to get ahead on tidying so we can come back to a clean house.

What are your most thankful for this week?: My situation, in general – I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful and loving husband, 2 adorable doggos, and a job with a good company that allows me to live a comfortable lifestyle (and splurge frequently on beauty goodies).

Haul: Won a Monu mini skincare set! I’ve ordered a BH Cosmetics Foil Eyes palette (it was on sale ?!) and I am still awaiting a small shipment of Colourpop fall lip colours. I ordered a cute Pusheen bath set for myself and a L’Occitane cracker trio for Xmas pressies from Marks and Spencer and got their beauty calendar for Β£35, very pleased! I’m now on a no-buy for now as we’re moving into a rented flat very soon abd have to pay a deposit upfront. It’s been very fast, I went to look at a flat on Mon, we decided that we wanted to take it and we’ll be moving in less than a couple of weeks! We had to grab it as rented flats go very quickly and it’s a good one. So it’s exciting but a bit stressful as we have to try and tie things up before we move. Luckily it’s only half an hour away up the motorway and we can go back to pick up more stuff if we need to before closing the door on this flat for good. I’ve been here 18 years, nearly all on my own and I’m a city girl at heart so I’ll miss it but it’s for the best.

Plans for weekend: As above lol, but will probably visit my mother in law and/or father in law as well.

What am I most thankful for this week? That we managed to find a lovely, if small flat before Xmas that we can just about afford. We had until mid Jan to find somewhere but it’s good we can settle in before Xmas. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving, Christine!

Congrats on your prize, Claire! How fun πŸ˜€

So glad you finally found a place to settle into! And before Christmas, too – even better!

Haul: Kat Von D Metal Matte. Sephora Australia very quietly got it in store. No announcement not even available online. They are still promoting Serpentina. Apparently they only got one box/carton of it in each of their locations. I went in store to get one for myself and there were four left on the shelf. Went again next day to pick it up for a friend and this time it was three. It is selling slowly because obviously only the people who had been keeping an eye out for it are buying it if they find out that it has quietly launched and they have access to a store. Strange.

Weekend Plans: IMATS Sydney on Saturday πŸ˜€ and housework and next week prep on Sunday. Got a full week next week and I’m already looking forward to next weekend.

Thankful for: Managed to pick up two separate temp jobs. While it does not fulfil me career-wise it at least eases the financial burden of being unemployed.

I bet they are keeping MetalMatte quiet because they are still trying to unload all those Serpentina palettes, which didn’t review all that well

I agree, they have been promoting Serpentina a lot which just goes to show it’s not selling and they don’t want to dilute their message by also putting in Metal Matte. Unlike the Becca face palette that literally sold out within weeks of them just saying ‘available now’. Australia is comparatively a new launches backwater and I think people might buy some stuff just because they get to buy it locally.

Beautylish : Wayne Goss air brush x 2 and RCMA translucent powder. I was sad having missing the brush the first time it got released and considering how much I love my suqqu cheek brushes… I wanted other multipurpose brushes with blue squirrel and those are more budget friendly! ?
I secretly hope to be wowed by the RCMA as it is a much cheaper option than what I have been using until now!

Beautybay: bijou royal palette and kevyn aucoin pencil sharpener. I have been using the palette during a full week and I am just amazed. I understand why some can find viseart shimmers unsatisfactory… But i love to have a muted option for when I have to work of when I got for bold lips (also easier to wear when one’s has fair skin) . I now consider the paris nude palette with a lot of interest ?. Nevertheless, I will keep using my MUFE shadows religiously too!

Beautycult: jouer holiday nude lipset and two other liquid lipsticks in fraise bonbon and crΓ¨me de rose. Love how precies the applicators are. The mini liquid lipsticks from the set are so tiny! ‘I fear to bring them with me and to lose them in my bag lol.

Weekend: no clue. Since my daughter’s birth 2 months ago, time flies… way to fast and my aim is just to enjoy my time with her even if it means I don’t achieve as much as I would like. Nevertheless, I ran out of foundation. I wouldn’t mind finding a moment to go pick one at a counter! ? I also want to make banana bread!

For my easy going daughter. My partner was really busy with work and I was a lot on my own.

Fingers crossed the RCMA powder is great — keep us posted!!

What made you buy the Kevyn Aucoin pencil sharpener?

Congrats on your daughter’s birth, if I missed saying it before!

Thank you Christine ?!

The pencil sharpener was a bit random!? I needed something to reach a certain a amount in my basket to be entitled to a 30% coupon… Ideally wanted a good eyelash curler but didn’t make researches yet and beautybay always have few items in stock… Then I suddenly remembered that my actual shapener (a 15 years oldy) was failing on some specific eye pencils. It could have been another brand. I guess the name inspired confidence? Lol

Haha! Mellan, I’m with ya, Bud! ?

Haul: KVD Studded Kiss Lipstick in Mother, Ole Henriksen A Lil’ Love A Lot Of Radiance Ultimate Brightening Duo (yep, here I go again!), Sephora Contour Pencil in Diving In Malaysia (gorgeous!), a Sephora set of 3 beauty blender type sponges, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Light-Medium Honey, which matches lighter areas of my face, but last night as I was about to clean my makeup off, I noticed that my face looked lighter than my upper chest/ neck. But Medium Honey is a tad too rich for winter, so Idk what to do?!? Oh, and got the 500 pt. perk of UD Urban Addictions mini palette. Great, except that this version of Fireball is just *different* from the permanent version.

Weekend plans: Do hair, nails still look good so I can probably skip them, meeting on Sunday, try to find a friend with a large enough washer and dryer to deep clean my comforter. Kinda chilly last night!

What are you thankful for: Too much to list, possibly! I’m thankful to be alive. 1.)Having come clear to the point of once having to be resuscitated at 18 y.o. and spending 4 days in ICU. Several other times being in Grave or Critical condition, but survived.
2.)Escaped my abusive ex-husband with the assistance of MANY wonderful friends, strangers and my Mom.
3.) My 2 miracle children! I have PCOS. I was told at just 20 y.o. that I would likely NEVER get pregnant without invitro, which was brand new at that time, and that even if I did by some bizarre fluke get pregnant that I didn’t have the right amounts of certain hormones to carry the pregnancy to a viable live birth. I was DEVASTATED. But; at 26 y.o. the “impossible” happened. At 27 I became a Mom to a wonderful son, Kyle, who just turned 30 y.o. a few months ago!
4.) Really getting to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Having a meaningful relationship with God has carried me through all sorts of trials and heartbreak. He makes me strong.

Diving in Malaysia is fantastic! It goes with so many looks!

Ah, it is no wonder you are such a strong person, Nancy! I’m so glad you were able to have children after all!

It does! It’s like a blackened olive-brown, very unusual and unique shade.

Isn’t it funny, I really never thought of myself as strong until that most recent near death experience 7 yrs. ago. Then with plenty of time on my hands recovering, I could see the resilience.

And oddly, I only conceived Kyle AFTER I had given up hope that I was ever having children via any traditional route!

I almost got the UD mini palette, but it didn’t seem worth 500 points given the size. I feel like it should have been 250 at most.

Haul: The last bit of my Sephora VIB sale purchases came in– YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer and Dior Star foundation. Didn’t need either of them but figured the sale was the time to splurge. I also did a little restock of some Soap & Glory products online this morning at the Ulta Cyber Funday sale. I also bought all but one of the Christmas presents I needed to buy, if that counts! πŸ™‚

Weekend: No big plans and I’m totally okay with that! It was a long week and I’m looking forward to relaxing, wrapping Christmas presents, and doing some cooking.

This week I’m thankful for: having a job I genuinely enjoy, my very patient boyfriend, and great friends.

I feel the same on Mondays, TGIF!
*Haul -ColourPop shadows -High Rise, Head Rush, Static, Porter, 8 Track, Sleigh, Moonwalk, Stereo (back up) -everything swatches well, haven’t tested for wear yet, but CP has a good track record on my oily lids. Status on Huda shadow palette – I was trying to test this, but unfortunately, have allergies right now that’s causing watery eyes, so that’s on hold
*Weekend -get some rest, then get house ready for Thanksgiving, 1st time hosting in 4 years, will have 21 people inside our small house (eeeek!!)
*Most thankful for -well, it’s been a super busy and stressful week at work, so thankful for friends who listen to my tales of woe (thanks Michele!), and for all the pretty makeup to look at on this Temptalia blog, gives me a much needed break and keeps me going

I don’t know if there has been a single CP eyeshadow that’s really gone kablooey for wear – they are pretty consistent! The worst are just the really glittery ones, but even those aren’t bad at all!

Haul: Sephora — Rollerball of Elizabeth & James Nirvana Bourbon; Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer; Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Perversion; Jack Black lip balm; Sephora + Pantone Universe Modern Watercolors Eyeshadow Palette; Urban Decay point perk palette. Ulta — Tarte Wing Workers Deluxe Tarteist Eyeliner Set; bhCosmetics Carli Bybel 14 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette; Nyx Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights; Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges. Other — a friend gifted me Ulta Mauve About You Bouncy Blush and Lip Gloss. I also received some lovely purple eyeshadows, a highlighter, and a wonderful red-brown lipgloss in my Notoriously Morbid sub box.

Weekend plans: Shop for Thanksgiving dinner.

What are your most thankful for this week? For the incredibly sweet friends I’ve made the last few months.

Per usual, an order arrived just after I hit “post.”

My last Notoriously Morbid order arrived: loose eyeshadows in 13 Black Rainbows, Sally’s Song, Together Forever, .44 Bullet, Spray Paint, Power Without Guilt, Deny the Beast, My Souls On Fire; Mystic Matte duos in Fe-fi-fo-fum & Serafine, Pumpkin King & Burnt Flowers, and 13 Black Rainbows & Wiccan Friend; Night Kiss Lip Balm in Crypt Kisser (caramel apple).

It’s usually just the four of us, so I don’t make tons of stuff. This year, we’re having a friend over who just got divorced and her family lives on the other side of the country. For breakfast, we always do pumpkin spice pancakes with vanilla ice cream and bacon. For dinner, we usually make roasted turkey, dressing with dried cranberries & toasted hazelnuts, whipped potatoes, corn, green beans, homemade gravy, baked butternut squash, homemade bread, pumpkin and pecan pies, and spice cake. Some years I make homemade fudge, but I don’t know if I’ll get to it this year. My back is acting up pretty bad.

Haul: Bite Beauty Vault!
Weekend plans: Work, “Thanksgiving” dinner with the in-laws.
What are your most thankful for this week?: I’m grateful for all the good people in my life!

Haul: Tons of fragrance samples. Tooooons of them. 57, apparently, with 34 more on the way. And I plan on testing *all* of them on my skin, whether I like them on paper or not. It’s gonna take forever, but it’ll be worth it.

Weekend plans: Testing my fragrance samples, and schoolwork!

What are your most thankful for this week?: Every year I pick a different thing to be thankful for, just a couple things that stick out to me… So this year I’m thankful for the communities I’m part of where I feel a sense of belonging and connection.

I dunno, I just need to try all the things, and they all sound appealing, and they seem so inexpensive! But then they really add up, but then I at least get to try like 40 fragrances for $200 instead of shelling out $200 for like two bottles that I might not even like πŸ˜›

Out of curiosity, did you order them or just go out and picked up a bunch at department stores and what not? I too, also want to do this. Most fragrances I have tried smell awful on me sooner or later–whether it be immediately or after a few hours. I just want to get a whole bunch of the well-known one’s, try em’ all, and if they all suck on me–then I don’t need to think on them anymore.

I ordered them from decant shops like and πŸ™‚ I know that feeling; most of the samples I try, I end up not liking; according to my spreadsheet and what I’ve tested so far, I have 22 fragrances that I like, and 39 that I don’t like. One thing that’s difficult is that everyone’s skin chemistry is different, and what’s more, everyone has different preferences and tastes; some of my fragrance friends love sweet fruity scents, and I can’t stand them!

From Sephora: Tartlette Tease pallet which i’v been WAITING FOR MONTHS for it to come back in stock, and I finally scooped it up!!, mini MUFE mist and fix, because I finished my third bottle of Avon setting spray and wanted to try something new!! I also got a pack of 3 l’Occitane travel set, with two hand creams and a solid shea butter tin. I’m giving the one hand cream to my mother as a surprise pick me up for her! I also got that Bag with six samples and a full sized sephora brand face mask, and I redeemed some points and got some skin care samples!!

From Colourpop: I got Flexitarian Highlighter, Honeymoon highligher, Nillionaire eye shadow, LAX Liquid matte lipstick. I have one of their highlights and I’m not huge on it. But I want to try different ways of applying it with Flexitarian or Honeymoon!! I also COMPLETELY finish my first container of Nillionare, I scraped it clean πŸ˜› So I ordered another. And my friend who I did a split order with, threw in LAX for me as a surprise!!

From Makeup Geek: I finally got my Z pallet and my two blushes!! I’m wearing Soulmate right now, and It’s so beautiful. oh gosh! I wore Romance yesterday, and it’s EXACTLY what I like in a blush!! Colour me impressed!!

Weekend plans: I am Leaving at 10am tomorrow, and coming home 5pm on Monday!! I’m spending the weekend in Toronto, where I will be meeting and having breakfast with the Minister of Mental Health Affairs of Canada!! I’ll also be saying a speech to 600 people on monday morning!! So It’s a busy busy weekend for me!!!

What am I most grateful for this week: I’v talked about this so much on here recently. But everyone is so supportive and loving here on Temptalia. I am grateful for the fact that I’m alive. Which sounds SO morbid ahaha.
I had to call my surgeon yesterday, because my tumor has grown into my right ear. And I’m having problems with severe pain, and hearing. My appointment to remove the tumor is in January, but I requested to be put on a cancellation list. So I could get in maybe sooner!!

So basically, I’m so grateful of the fact that I woke up this morning, and was greeted by my Kitty cat sitting on my chest (ALL 22 POUNDS OF HIM) and purring at me, and my Mother was there waiting for me with a coffee JUST how I like it, downstairs this morning!!

Have fun in Toronto, Shannon! Best wishes for a great breakfast and an amazing speech! I know you’ll do well πŸ™‚

Fingers and paws crossed that they’ll have an opening for you earlier than January!

Thank you so much Christine!! :D.

I’m here safely, and am looking forward to a great weekend!!!!

I hope your weekend is great, and relaxing Christine!

Have a great time in TO! What an opportunity to meet with the Minister and to give a professional speech before a crowd of 600! Wishing you all the best this (extended) weekend. Mom’s are great, aren’t they!?! (Fingers crossed on a cancellation befoee January.)

Hey Tracey!!

Thank you!! I was given free time (not a single work think to do, for once!) So I’m going to visit a friend in the hospital while I’m down here!

I feel so honored that lil ol me was chosen to do this speech and to meet the minister!! Fingers crossed I don’t spi anything on my dress when we are eating breakfast together LOL.

Mother’s are the BEST! My mother has been doing everything she can to help me with this silly tumor. She’s been fighting with OHIP, and my insurance company. Mom’s are great :D.

Shannon, I love reading your posts because of your wonderful enthusiasm πŸ™‚

Now, please forgive me for being on old lady, and a nurse/mother type…

That tumor needs to come out ASAP, not in January, not in late December, ASAP. It is growing too fast; even if there’s no chance that it’s malignant, it still needs to come out ASAP.
If there’s any chance it could be malignant, I hope they get it out before the end of this month if it’s growing this fast. Advocate this like you would for a client or friend or family member, don’t hold back because it’s for yourself. Mention it to the Minister of Mental Health Affairs if you have to; your positive attitude is an important national resource for Canadian youth, they should want to keep you not only around, but functioning at your peak! I mean this very seriously. Please keep us posted.

Sorry for butting into your business, I’m just concerned/worried…

I’m not offended or anything fran!! I REALLY appreciate your concern and care!!! ?.

The only way for me to get it out ASAP is for me to pay $3150. Out of my own pocket, (and that’s with $1000 shaved off from my insurance!!)

I’m getting it done in January, only because, through OHIP (my canadian health insurance!!) I could get it done in the hospital, which means it’ll be free, or for a couple hundred!!

I’m working so much overtime right now to save up for when I’m in recovery for the six months after the tumor is removed and can’t work, so I’ll have money then! Mother is amazing and put her foot down, and said I don’t have to pay rent, as long as I’m working, and helping out as best as I can around the house. So thank goodness I don’t have to worry about that!!!

I called the surgeons office yesterday, and I was crying on the phone to the nurse (SO EMBARRASSING LOL) and she got me an appointment for next week, the 25th of November, for the surgeon to take a look at my ear and make sure I’m safe. And he might bump me up to sooner if he “deems it an emergency”

I’m the worst when it comes to advocating for myself, I have gone toe to toe with doctors for my clients/youth in my care. But when it comes to me? I’m SO passive. Ugh!

So I’m bringing my brother with me and he’s going to be my advocate, and gently push me to speak up!!

Thank you so mucj for your concern and love Fran!!! It makes my heart feel so warm and happy, knowing someone cares so much and enjoys My positive personality!!

Shannon, I’m glad you’re not offended. I am worried. Please let us know how it goes with the doctor. If he won’t bump up the schedule I think we should find a way to crowd-source this. It’s making me too worried.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new Wayne Goss #11 face brush. I have not been pleased with my myriad of blush brushes so I gave it a go. When I opened the package I felt, “meh. Looks like everything else I have.” Then I tried it. Precise placement, able to buff out…I will likely get a second. If you go back in and buff with the Air Brush (which I have) what a lovely finish.

Kevin Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Medium that I got on a good sale at the Dermstore. How many contour powders have I owned? Don’t ask. Again, even with this lovely product I’m not sure it’s a technique I really need beyond a light sweep of bronzer. It’s just not doing it for me. A light sweep of bronzer on me seems to be enough,

Nars Impudique blush was supposed to be here Wed., but the package was “incorrectly sorted” at FedEx, and will now be here Tuesday. I’ll report back next week.

EL BB Cream to replace the Tarte one I used up. I like it. Looks nice and smooth under the long-wear foundation. Hardly earth shattering, but a satisfying purchase.

Getting the house ready for the 13 people we will have for T-day. Love that holiday.

My husband first, foremost, and always. My moral, good, caring sons. Having work I love. And a country, at the time, that gave me the ability despite ethnicity, gender, and class, a way to achieve more than my immigrant family ever dreamed possible “for a girl.”

PS — The other day the WG Air Brush was back in stock on Beautylish for those interested.

PSS — I did not see this haul link in FB or on the site itself. I only accessed it through the email, I was bereft. πŸ™‚

PSSSSSS — Mellan, you cannot hide your beauty. It’s a gift to the world.

Ahh, I think that the FFHF post went live when the server has overloaded, so it did not get pushed to Facebook today, unfortunately!

Kevyn Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder is fab!

What will you be having for Thanksgiving, Linda?

Oh – what a cute doggy photo of Mellon!
Haul: L’Occitane – I found out that David Jones (a major dept. store in Aus) had their advent calendar and I got the very last one: so I did a little raindance and it is glorious.
Priceline: a budget beauty shop had a deal, if you bought $65 worth of products (all skincare was 40% off), you got a big bag of goodies worth nearly $300. So I bought some of the Dr. Lewinn’s Anti ageing line and received the bag – lots of great skincare (mostly anti ageing) and beauty tools. Love it.
Natio: went to the factory outlet last week and purchased a couple of their spa sets; hand creams; body scrubs; foot care range; men’s range; mascara, lip crayons in melon. pink for my daughter in law etc. It was all mostly half price.

Weekend Plans: This is funny. Last week when I was minding my grand children, I was changing Lachlan ( a 9 month escapologist) when I became aware that Olivia was pretty quiet. There she was, sitting in our bath tub, with a big makeup brush, applying eye shadow to her face. Oh no, I said, that’s eye shadow! So she quickly squinted her eye into the palette’s mirror (Bareminerals the Exotic Escape) and applied the Editor’s Pick teal colour to her lids with her fingers. She was thrilled. She wanted me to show her some of my other palettes, which I did, just for a look, and she likes the teal shades the best she told me.

This weekend: a date with my ironing board today and tomorrow is my birthday so I am going out for lunch with my family.

Thankful For: I love this tradition and I wish we could adopt it here. I am so thankful for my family, especially my gorgeous grand children Olivia and Lachlan.
I am thankful for living in the country I do, with its freedoms, democracy and beauty.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to you Christine – thankyou for this wonderful blog and hard work you and your hubby put into this. It is amazing that people from all over the world can connect and share their makeup lives via this blog. I am truly thankful.

Do you peek at the contents of the advent calendar before you buy or do you wait to be surprised, Genevieve?

Happy birthday!!! Hope your grandchildren do something fun with you πŸ˜€

I am waiting to be surprised by the L’Occitane calendar, so I haven’t peeked yet.
We are all going out for lunch today and Olivia and her mum are making me a cake. Olivia is very focused when she is cooking, so it should be good.
Thank you for your kind wishes Christine.

Happy Birthday, Genevieve! My 3 yr old is already interested in my makeup! If I put on SPF lip balm, she purses here lips and wants some too. Hubby says he was at the drugstore with her, there was a lipstick that was lying on the floor, and she pounced on it, like a dog on a bone. She couldn’t figure out how to open the cap, but she was trying to rub the tube across her lips, all the while grinning from ear to ear, and saying “Mama! Mama!” Yep, Mini Me !

Yep – that would be Olivia too! She would spot a lippie lying around as well. I have to make sure my lipstick bag is well hidden when she is around.
Thank you for your birthday wishes Katherine.

Happy birthday Genevieve!

Reading your story about Olivia made me think of my granddaughters. Yesterday Natalie, age 11, wore blue eyeshadow on one eye and pink on the other for her mother’s gender reveal party (my third grandchild will be here in the spring). And Willow (15 months) demands her mommy’s powder brush every morning so that she can rub it on her sweet baby face?

Thank you Tammy, I have had a lovely day and the birthday cake was delicious. Olivia helped both my twin sister and myself ‘open’ our presents and she liked the new perfume I received (Dolce and Gabana Intense).
I could see Olivia wearing pink and blue eye shadow too – when she is older.

Haul: I received my 1st VIB sale order yesterday, here’s what I got: Bumble & Bumble Don’t Blow It, Lancome Grandiose mascara, Shiseido lipstick in Rose Crush, Benefit Gimme Brow, Surratt blush in Peau de Peche, and Pinrose fragrance Treehouse Royal. And of course the samples I ordered were absolutely not the ones I received, pretty typical during a sale, lol! My second order only shipped today, so I may not even get it before Thanksgiving!

Weekend plans: the usual stuff, relaxing, running, walking/hiking, board games with friends.

Thankful for this week: having a wonderful husband, a roof over my head and food on my plate every day, and being in decently good health. More specifically this week, having a job that allows me to meet or be in touch with interesting people.

Haul: Got my VIB stuff in! Natasha Denona 28 Green Palette, ABH Renaissance palette -xmas gift for daughter, KVD Studded holiday Mother lipstick, Nars Audacious lipstick in Jane, Touch in Sol Metalist liquid Foil in Lottie,Shiseido Facial cotton sheets, Madam C.J. Walker Hair Masque, Formular X nail base coat- love this! And I ordered from ABH Lipgloss set- bomb! Clinique Balm 500 perk gift, And I made VIB Rouge!!! Got a pretty Nars blush as a welcome to VIB Rough gift!

Weekend: Going to see Fantastical Beast and Where to Find Them tonight with my daughter. Reminds me of when my twins were young and we went to see every Harry Potter movie. They read all of the Harry Potter books. Wash my hair. Organize my closet!

What Are You Most Thankful For This week?: My family being healthy, Living a good life and looking good doing It! And our senior citizen cat- Blaow!

Well I couldn’t resist getting a few more Wayne Goss brushes when I purchased the Air Brush. I was surprised that the Air Brush didn’t sell out in minutes as so many were waiting for it but I was able to get 2 for me and 2 for my daughter. I may be spoiled for other brushes. I do want to try the Artis brush also. I picked up a new beauty blender, Mark Jacob’s Remarkable foundation in light ivory (hoping it is light enough and not too warm) , Dior color corrector in apricot and KVD Lockit primer for my daughter. I am not impressed with the Dior corrector so will probably be returning. Why can’t they make a concealer or color corrector that really covers hyperpigmentation?
Weekend plans are to recuperate from a steroid back injection, so mostly resting.
I have so much to be thankful for and I truly am. I have wonderful family support, an amazing daughter and a comfortable life. I have health issues but I try not to let them stop me. I live in an amazing country made up of equally amazing people who work hard to provide and keep our country free. Thank you to all of the men and women in our military, police and fire departmentstation. And finally, I am thankful for this community of beauty lovers, supporters and for Christine. This is a safe haven in a sea of social media sharks ready to swoop and devour!!!!

The Air Brush is really fantastic (particularly the price)! Bummer to hear that the Dior corrector isn’t working out for you.

Hope you feel better soon!

Haul: The only thing I got from the sephora VIB sale was the too school for cool mellow egg body butter. The MUFE XL metal palette wasn’t in stock :(. At target, soon, I’m hoping to pick up the garnier micellar water, covergirl supersizer mascara, and another WnW setting spray. I also really want to try the pacifica kale detox shampoo since it’s sulfate free and I have color treated hair, but we’ll see. I’m hoping to go silver or a pastel color soon!

Weekend plans: Finish my book, do some decluttering possibly, finish most of my packing for thanksgiving break, maybe work on my essay. There’s also a frat party tomorrow night! It’s been a couple weeks since there’s been one, so I’m excited!

What I’m thankful for this week: I’m so so SO thankful that I’ll finally be getting the life insurance money I should’ve gotten months ago. It took the dang pathologist more than 5 months to come up with a cause of death, his excuse being that he had to order 2 different toxicology reports because the first one came back inconclusive. Those only take 6 weeks each at most, nice try! Anyways, I should have death certificates and copies of the autopsy report in hand over thanksgiving break, then I just need to fax them in to the insurance company and in 7-10 business days I’ll have my check!

I’m also thankful to be able to see my family over thanksgiving break. I was really worried I would have to stay on campus because money is so tight, but somehow, some way, I’m flying out tuesday afternoon! So thankful.

How is the body butter, Naomi? I have never tried that brand before!

I’m glad you are able to get the life insurance money – sounds like such a hassle πŸ™

it really was such a hassle but it’s coming to an end soon thankfully!

the body butter is awesome! so glad i picked it up! the scent is divine and it’s super moisturizing without being greasy. it was a little expensive so i’m not sure if i would repurchase, i’ll have to see if it continues to be non-irritating toward my eczema or not. if it’s not i think i’ll repurchase!

Good luck with the feast cooking, Christine! It can be loads of fun, so I hope it is for you πŸ™‚

Beautylish — Wayne Goss Air Brush, Chikuhodo Takumi series T-1 powder and GS-9 eyeshadow brushes πŸ™‚ plus some extra-small brush guards — most of mine have gotten stretched out or lost.

Sephora Monday — Estee Edit Gritty and Glow palette, NARS Maine Bleue Velvet Lip Glide, Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick set.
Sephora Thursday — the NARS Velvet Lip Glide set was in stock! plus I got Danceteria — these really do feel like velvet gliding on my lips — and NARS Audacious lipstick in Kate.
Also, my November Play! box came. This is the second month, and I’m not getting products that I’m really excited to try, so I may not continue for long.

Weekend plans: I have to run some errands today, but I also need to rest up from a very busy couple of days!

Thankful for: life, health, my son, my friends, having talents and interests πŸ™‚

They really make a difference for some brushes, I think. I’m really good at using them on my high-quality natural hair brushes and any brushes where a precise shape is crucial for me (like with the brushes I use to tightline my eyes with gel liner). Some brushes really don’t seem to need them, though. Lots of my synthetic brushes do just fine without them. Maybe some of my natural hair brushes, would, too, but my Wayne Goss brushes seem to want to splay outward a bit, and I’m just extra-careful with my more expensive brushes natural-hair brushes. I don’t always put brush guards on my MAC goat hair brushes, but my 217 does dry in a nicer shape if I do use a brush guard. The brush guards do slow drying time a bit, though; sometimes I’ll remove the brush guard after a few hours. But I don’t think you need them unless you’re unhappy with the shape of the bristles once the brushes are dry.

Mellan! You are such a lovely boy!

Haul, nothing!
Weekend, nothing fun, just the usual houshold stuff.
Thankful for, my son, my dog, my late grandparents, wihtout them I don’t know what could have happened.

Haul: I had held off on buying too much stuff lately because I knew the Sephora sale was coming up. But I did go all out when the sale finally came around:
NARS Sarah Moon Matte Lipsticks in Indecent Proposal and Rouge Improbable
NARS Sarah Moon blushes in Impudique and Isadora
NARS lipstick in Mona
Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder in Fair
Laura Mercier Velour Lipstick in Cocoa Pout (almost an exact dupe for NARS Mona, but I’m having a hard time deciding if I should return one…I love them both so much!)
IGK Amaro Ombre Highlight Spray
IGK Broken Dreams Texture Paste (have since returned this – it had a very strong scent and didn’t do anything I couldn’t do with something less than $27!)
Clinique Cheek Pops in Pink Honey and Black Honey
Milk Makeup Holographic Stick
Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Single Eyeshadow in Bronzed Bod

Weekend plans: Going to see either Arrival, Fantastic Beasts, or Dr. Strange! Also, more blog posts to keep my momentum going and maybe…maybe…do some drawing.

What are your most thankful for this week?: That I still have my other two cats. We had to put my sweet baby girl cat down in October; she was 15 years old and very sick. I miss her terribly. Also thankful for my really wonderful husband, but I am thankful for him every day!

Thank you, Christine. It was so hard. I had her since she was a wee kitten. But I am trying to remember she is at peace and not feeling sick anymore, instead of wishing she were still here.

Please give Mellan a big hug for you and me! I’m going to go torment my cats now with some more love. πŸ™‚

My Rouge sale haul got in this week! I got the Marc Jacobs About Last Night palette, Lush & Libido blush and coconut face primer, a Sunday Riley set, a Tatcha set, 3 Tata Harper sets, and a FAB winter skin savers set. A new hair towel, YSL Rouge VoluptΓ© shine in 44, Tom Ford Bicoastal cheek palette & Fire Lust Skin Illuminator. I bought all the Bite Beauty holiday duos, the Mauvember shade, and the Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting powder, the Elizabeth & James quad of delxe size perfumes, Living Proof Full Shampoo and Conditioner, Bobbi Brown highlighters in Sunset Glow and Telluride. Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturizer, a Sephora lip brush & hair ties, Sephora Faves hair rescue kit, the KVD Bow N Arrow mini set, and laneige sheet masks. I repurchased Skyn Iceland cooling eye gel pads, Tata Harper oil cleanser, Clinque Moisture Surge Spray, Bumble&bumble pret-a-powder, Burberry Festive Fresh Glow, and the Marc Jacobs brow tamer. My husband got me early Christmas presents too, a Bumble&bumble set, a Sephora masks set, coconut makeup remover wipes, and the Too Faced Naughty Kisses and Sweet Cheeks set. I also called in an order for the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Vault since it was released after the sale – so that will get here this week! Eep!! πŸ˜›

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