Have you ever had makeup stain something?

Have you ever had makeup stain something? (Clothing, carpeting, countertops, etc.) Were you able to get it out?

These days, any time I drop anything on the carpet or there’s a mess to clean up (I have a dog, LOL!) on the carpet, I use a Hoover SteamVac, which has been a life saver. It pretty much gets everything I need lifted, even though it’s a heavy thing to lug about.

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If it was a sponsored post, it would be marked as such πŸ™‚ I just happen to LOVE IT as it has totally saved my carpet after having a dog with a very sensitive stomach.

I put a MAC pump with my Estee Lauder DW Foundation and if I don’t clean the foundation from the hole/opening of the pump, the foundation will start to clog up. One day, the foundation squirted all over my dark khaki/cream shirt and light cream carpet while I was trying to pump it out. I got the foundation out of the carpet by soaking it in makeup remover but I could not get it out of my shirt πŸ™ I use the shirt as an undershirt during winter time now.

Yep, my carpet is stained bright red! I’m guessing it was from blotting tissues that I accidentally drop, since I’ve never dropped a lipstick as far as I know.

Just out of curiosity, do you still employ the swatching pants, Christine? πŸ˜‰

Yup! πŸ™‚ I wear a lot of t-shirts so sometimes I won’t change that until I take lip/face photos (you’ll notice I’m usually in a black top, as I find it has the least impact on colors), but I don’t wear anything light-colored when I’m taking photos, haha!

I hear you on wearing black. I still live out of my suitcases and almost all the clothes I have with me are black, lol! It allows me to wear whatever color make-up I want without having to worry about space. πŸ™‚

Yup, yup! I feel even gray changes the way things look… and it’s obviously easier to just wear black and be done with it, since gray or other neutral-tones (beige and what-have-you) can still vary a lot in light/dark and tone.

I have had makeup accidents in my clothes, or stain the neckline when I take a top or dress off. Dawn dishwashing liquid is wonderful for this! I pretreat makeup stains with a little dawn then throw into the washer. Works every time!

Dawn is a great product for this! Actually, for anything light colored, I mix Dawn (the original blue one) with hydrogen peroxide. You have to watch using it on dark clothes or anything that could be bleached out, so spot test first maybe, but it is a miracle stain remover! For a mess that has odors, if you sprinkle it with baking soda first, then spray it with the mix of Dawn and peroxide, it bubbles up and the stain is gone! That even worked on old pet stains in white carpet and blood red lipstick in the white carpet.

Tarte’s 12 hour Amazonian clay foundation permanently stained my black blazer for work. I had swatched some of the shades on the back of my hand to show the consistency to a customer and then I put some on her. I somehow brushed the back of my hand with the swatches on my blazer where my nametag normally goes. Thankfully I can cover the stain with my nametag but try as I might, I can’t get that foundation off!

I got a bit of MUFE Raspberry Aqua Rouge on the sleeve of a green cardigan and the stain still hasn’t come out. Even after dozens of washes! Haha, I guess that is a testament to how long wearing they are.

I’ve got stains from my old foundation all over the wall where I put on makeup. The pump weren’t excellent and I was almost running out of it, so it just splashed everywhere. Also mascara and eyeliner on the mirror, of course, as I have extremely bad sight and need to be super close to the mirror when I don’t wear lenses!
But what I’m most sad about is concealer on my superexpensive skirt, sigh ): It won’t come off, I don’t get it! And at last, black nailpolish on another skirt. I got it off though, really surprised by that!

I had a ridiculous laundry accident involving a mini Givenchy lipstick reward from Sephora in a jeans pocket (yes, naturally I know to check pockets but it just didn’t happen and I pretty much never put lipstick in a pocket but it was so small!) Was able to lift small stains from the clothing least affected with Dawn, but I lost a set of percale sheets that had the most dramatic red slashes! A few other items also had to be tossed, but I got off fairly easy for such a silly mistake. Plus, I lost the lipstick! (Givenchy rewards are not to be sneezed at . . . )

I remember when I first started grad school buying a sweater from Banana Republic (a hugely expensive purchase for me at the time since it wasn’t on sale, but I just loved it so much)–and spilling foundation on it as I was getting ready. I couldn’t get it out and had to give the sweater to goodwill without ever having worn it.

My dog also has a very sensitive stomach so I will be buying that vacuum. I hope that was an affiliate link because I have a feeling it will be well appreciated at my house. We have white carpet and have to deep clean it almost every 6 months. Thinking about surprising my parents with it!

I once had a mac prolongwear lipcolour break on my tile then role on my carpet. Haven’t been able to get the stain out even after a deep clean :/.

Fingers crossed it works as well for you, Ashley, as it does for me! It should be an affiliate link, and I appreciate you supporting the site πŸ™‚

I used to use a spot cleaner/spray and paper towels, but I always just go for vacuum now (my only complaint is that it’s heavy), as it just lifts the stain so well without dabbing or scrubbing. I have light beige carpet, and it’s been a life-saver (doesn’t look like anything has ever happened, lol!). I keep it in my office’s closet, since that’s where Mellan sleeps at night (and if he gets an upset stomach, it’s almost always while we’re sleeping).

The blue liquid liner that came in my june ipsy bag stained my eyelid and it took forever to get it off. I had to us makeup remover twice and coconut oil to remove it.

I had Lush’s Santa lip scrub sitting on my duvet and it tipped on its side while I cleaned out my drawer red dye on my white duvet! Oh well. They are on sale now!

I have spilt Max serum and it striped the wood off my dressing table which is worrying when I use it on my face.

hard candy glamoflage concealer ended up staining my jeans and I can’t get the stain out at all! They should have a warning label on that…

Mine is a tad different than what other people have responded. I have a full size jar of Cornflower Blue pigment that stained . . . OUR DAUGHTER (and a whole lot of bathroom floor). . . Right after we watched the first Smurfs movie in the theater she comes home and does this. She did it while I was at work and Daddy was taking a shower. He came out from the shower to find her looking like Smurfette (she has the blonde hair already!) She used the blue all over her face as blush and eyes as eyeshadow. She was so proud of herself, she asked daddy, “Do I look pretty?” And he scrubbed lots of carpeting that day too as she tracked the loose pigment all over. lol

Am I the only one who thinks these questions are timely and appropriate ? Just as I was sitting in my snowy white tee shirt, I dropped my mascara wand loaded with product (Black) and it schmeared all over my front!! I ran into the bathroom and wet a washcloth, and lo and behold, out it came!! It obviously was not waterproof. That was the first time I had ever been such a klutz in many yrs. I love these questions. Happy and safe holiday weekend to all – xo Beth in Pgh

so far just small amounts of nail polish on blankets and stuff… hahaha my fiancΓ© spilled UD’s chaos nail polish somewhere on the floor but i have yet to find the stain. lol

Yep. The worst one was Nyx Cherry Pie gloss on a very delicate white cotton lawn peasant top πŸ˜› It’s actually on the back (don’t ask me how I managed that) so I can still wear it with a jacket, but that stain ain’t never coming out!

yes. my cat decided to knock a full jar of black black pigment off my dresser as i was attempting to get ready – onto my cream colored carpet. see ya later, security deposit. there was NO getting that shit out.
my drunk friend once opened a jar of 3d silver glitter in my car, while the windows were down…. and it was like liberace exploded all over the car, highway, and likely into the next state. i was driving and she got hold of my makeup bag. so i couldnt even stop her. in hindsight a) i shouldnt have put a whole jar of anything in my bag and b) that shiz was hilarious.
i was at the eye dr once, and i had shaved my eyebrows off and that day i had drawn them on with “permanent eyeliner pen” (not sure what company, but this stuff was like a sharpie.) we both were laughing as we attempted to clean the stuff off the machine you lean your forehead against to test your eyes…first with kleenex, then with sani-wipes…..then with hardcore sanitizer/bleach. it would NOT COME OFF. i felt bad and quite embarrassed. those stand out, but im sure ive ruined much much more stuff with my “this doesnt come off” makeup in my lifetime.

The worst problem I had: I was using Urban Decay’s liquid liner in Perversion. I accidentally opened it upside down, over my jeans. Two years later, and the black spots are still there. This is after immediately trying to do stain prevention and washing it in cold water, etc. The jeans were a favorite pair and I still wear them around the house.

My husband just ran a tube of NARS lipstick through the dryer with a load of laundry. It ruined the laundry but, even worse, the lipstick was limited edition (cinematic lipstick in Short Circuit)! Why?!

Oh my yes. I’ve had hair dye ruin bath mats (OK, not makeup). I now clear those out before I color my hair! I de-pot most shadows, and when I was first learning how to do that I broke an Urban Decay black eyeshadow and it crumbled all over the carpet. No amount of stain remover or rug steam cleaning got that out…that black splotch mocked me for a year until I moved (and paid for the carpet replacement). Just last week I dropped a little dollop of body bronzer on the carpet, and I haven’t been able to get it out yet (although I haven’t brought out the heavy duty cleaners yet).

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