Download: Price per Ounce – Eye Products (High-End)

Download: Price per Ounce – Eye Products (High-End)

This price-per-ounce guide to high-end eye products was compiled and provided by We took popular brands and products along with current pricing (as of Fall 2012) and quantity in ounces to come up with price-per-ounce (PPO). This makes it easier to compare pricing across brands.

For example, if you expect to finish a product and/or re-purchase, PPO can be important. If you rarely finish any products and find yourself using a product only a few times before moving on, then the actual price (regardless of how much product you’re getting) will be more important.

Product quantities were taken from our product reviews as well as retailer websites. All quantities were rounded to the nearest thousandth (e.g. a product that contains 0.00945 will show as 0.009 oz. but the PPO is calculated using the actual quantity). Many eyeliners range between 0.001 and 0.048, so we felt it important to show the distinction and round further out in this category.

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I hope to do one more–for cheek products–and that will be that for awhile πŸ™‚