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Usually, though I started a “challenge” to use every color I own, and I’m currently working through my eyeshadows alpahbetically, so I’m not always successful at matching my makeup to my mood — but I do try.

Quite often, it really does! And sometimes if I’m feeling low, I will very purposely put on something very bright and colorful to lift my mood. Other times, I just roll with it. And since of course, my mood also can dictate my clothing choices for the day, things can get really interesting really fast!

Nancy, I also put on bright colors to lift my mood. I am black haired and NC37, so I think the colors that flatter us might be similar.

I agree, Tammy B, during the cooler months I am NC37. This lasts for maybe 3-4 months before my ethnicity and the AZ sun turn me into NC40. And that’s with using an SPF 40 sunscreen and using a sunbrella. Without sunscreen, or back when I used to lay out and tan? Hahaha!

I lived in Phoenix for 16 years until husband’s job moved us to Midwest ( don’t get me started, I hate Illinois). I haven’t figured out how to put my photo in my profile, I wish I could. I look for women with similar skin and hair tone.

Usually. If I’m feeling confident, a bold eye or bold lip. If I’m feeling subdued, more neutral colors. Or sexy, a smoky eye with a MLBB pout

MLBB means My Lips But Better – it refers to a lipstick/gloss that’s close to your natural lip color but better πŸ™‚

Lol, not usually but maybe once every 3-6 months I’ll out on my “angry eyes.” Aka – lots of black liner and smokey. Cuz im pissed offf at work.

On work days not so much but at the weekend it definitely does. I think of applying makeup as a kind of therapy. A creative therapy. I’m an artist and my brushes and makeup are my tools! My looks vary from dark gothic to bright neon to cute and neutral. And everything in between! I just let my emotions dictate my look for the day. ?

Mine so totally does! From “I cannot be bothered with makeup today” to “I need to shine bright like a diamond” days XD

Funny that if someone knows me a bit they can know about the mood I am in before I even speak!

Often. I take inspiration from my clothes, but they often follow my moods, too. I feel like I have lots of pretty colors inside of me, and they need to be expressed on my face. πŸ™‚ Usually that relates to my feeling happy, creative, and optimistic. I do notice that if I’m feeling a little depressed or hating the drizzly, rainy weather, I’ll usually go with brighter makeup to cheer myself up. A bright red or fuchsia lipstick does wonders for my mood. Other times I’ll use something new: That usually inspires me and get me out of my funk/rut. Other times, if I’m feeling slightly ill, overwhelmed, or down on myself, I tend to go more for neutrals and simpler looks. Some days I just want to take it easy, or feel more like blending in. If I’m makeup free, you know I’m either really, really sick or having a bad depression or anxiety attack.

Rachel, yesterday I felt like I was literally gonna drop dead on the floor; but *knew* I had to go refill my drinking water gallon bottles…so slowly at first, forced myself to get up, but once I got going? I went cray cray with color! UD Backlash on lids, Voodoo over MAC Handwritten that I smoked out in outer V, crease and upper lashline (over a deep brown Nyx liner), and Flashback smoked out on lower lashline, MAC Pink Swoon & Pearl Blossom on cheeks, UD X GS Firebird on lips!!! I went P!NK

Definitely! I’ll wear a very soft, subtle look or a more dramatic look depending on how I’m feeling that day. Soft is for days when I’m lazy, tired, mellow, and I wear bolder looks or shades when I feel playful and adventurous.

Bibi generally sets the tone for her day by wearing a “no nonsense” natural nude look or some devilishly “over the top” Cruella Deville style brows & liner or possibly even anywhere in between.
You have been warned.
Toodle pip!

not the colors or styles, but probably the way i do my makeup in general. like if i’m in a rush/cranky it’s gonna look worse than when i’m in my zone and have the 30 mins to take my time doing my makeup hahaha

Yes I would say so, at least in part. It often goes with what I’m wearing which reflects my mood to a degree so by default it does. Although I have to say that if I purchase something new I cannot wait to try it not so not always the case, although saying that I guess it reflects my excitement of a new product to try to yes!!

Definitely! I coordinate my makeup with what I’m wearing, which also reflects my mood (as well as what I’ll be doing that day, what the weather’s like, etc.). Putting on great makeup can also cheer me up when I’m feeling blah!

Yes, in some way.
I think it’s mostly my lipstick that reflects my mood.
I can also do the opposite, go with something in a really bright colour when I feel down, makes for either a happy or horrid moment when looking in a mirror πŸ™‚

Not mood as in I am feeling angry so I’ll wear dark, intense makeup but more so mood in relation to how much effort I want to put in and mood as in how creative I want to be. Otherwise what I am wearing and where I am going plays more of a role in what I wear!

It definitely does! Last weekend I went to work with a nude lip and I felt absolutely despondent. (I can’t stand wearing nude lips.) After lunch I applied a brighter color and was instantly happy and relieved.

Yes, most definitely, especially if I’m having a bad day. I just remind myself that whatever crap is going on, you’re facing it head on and staring it down with xxx on the eyes and xxxx on your cheeks and lips and Guerlain holding it all together! That and whatever it is, it’s only temporary and ‘this too shall pass’.

If I’m having a normal day, it perks me up when I think about my stash or the look I’m wearing. It’s so nice to be able to have found HG products that wear like iron and if you’re having a hectic day in particular, you catch a glimpse in the mirror and you still look flawless. I love my stash, it makes me so happy.

Dangit – I read this as effect, not reflect! πŸ˜€ Reflect my mood? Not really – I have a pretty standard go-to looks and whether I’m feeling a bit low or broody, I still wear my standard looks. I might wear a bolder or more muted lip look, but that would be the only change.

I’m sure it does, at least to some extent… Since I really only plan out a look on the rarest of occasions, I go on impulse, which I suppose shows…? I don’t stray out of a specific color range often, and absolutely *never* do bright lips and/or cheeks, so I guess it comes down to how “elaborate” my look is.

Absolutely not. 90% of my looks then would be Goth. I put on makeup to make me look nicer, fresher, healthier, and to help counter my resting bitch face syndrome. I could do similar looks and just add black lipstick, but that’s so high maintenance.

LOL – I love your blatant honesty here. A friend of mine has rbf and she wears brightened lipsticks from time to time and I think it has the opposite effect of trying to make her look cheery and approachable when she’s anything but half the time.

Oh my goodness, ALWAYS. Everything from my style of eyeliner to the type of foundation and primer that I use. It’s all based 100% on mood at the moment (mixed with a bit of color influence from my outfits) πŸ™‚

I think my eyebrows (now that I’ve mastered them) are the only part of my face that’s consistent, irrespective of mood.

Absolutely – there are days I am very bold and confident and other days where I am more mellow. My make-up usually follows suit….except for the days I am bold and confident but I have a work meeting where I need to be more subdued in my make up.

Yes, I have a chronic illness so when Im feeling good or have energy I slap on some makeup! When I do that means Im in a good mood of course and feeling ALIVE. So I either wear a bold lip or a dramatic eye. A bold lip for me would be deep burgandy or a bright red. For eyes I will wear either glitter,or bight color shadow, or flirty dramatic false eyelashes like koko queen b, oh and my other fav lashes absolute fabulashes classic style #1673 . Lashes are my cherry on a sundae lol.

Sometimes I feel like using a particular eye shadow palette or wearing certain eye shadow colours and I will work around that. I will match my lipstick around the eye look. Which will all then complement what I am wearing.

Sometimes, yes. If I’m sad, I’ll probably go neutral because I’m not feeling creative. If I’m angry I might go bold because “I’ll pick whatever the hell I want, damn it!” If I’m content, that’s when I might experiment and come up with something new and interesting. It depends.

So exciting to have my questions going up! All three discussions so far have been very interesting! And sometimes my makeup definitely reflects my mood, but often in a subconscious way. I prefer using it to deliberately impact my mood (boost confidence, creativity, etc) but sometimes we all do need a good angry eye πŸ˜‰

My mood normally does have an effect on the colors I pick. If I am in a good, uplifted mood I will wear a more neutral palette so that my inner glow will have a better chance to shine through. If I need a bit of an emotional pick me up I will chose colors to remove the bleakness.

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up in the morning and my hair won’t do what I want it to do, I know it’s a sign that the rest of my day is going to suck (because when I don’t like my hair, my confidence plummets). I wear makeup almost every day, but I definitely don’t feel obligated to do so. In fact, because I work most closely with women who are super feminist and never,ever wear any makeup!! ( sometimes I want to say to them, hey honey a little lipstick and eyeliner won’t hurt you) LOL I sometimes feel like wearing makeup makes me stand out professionally, as the one person in the work place who is wearing eyeliner. But I feel much more confident wearing makeup…and I feel more comfortable talking to people when I don’t feel like they’re staring at the zit on my chin or my shiny forehead. I do think that I wear makeup because of my own insecurities, but I also wear it entirely for myself, and not because of any mood I am in that day. Makeup just makes me feel good and when you feel good, it shows all over.You have sparkle to your smile.

Yes, absolutely! The only time it isn’t really is when I’m just wearing makeup to look good (slapping on what I know is flattering if I have stuff to do that day but not a lot of time), but when I’m being creative my mood is definitely always reflected in my makeup. Also, sometimes it’s the other way around, my makeup influences my mood! I’m bound to feel happier if I feel I’ve created something fun and pretty, and I’m bound to feel confident if I’m wearing a bold lipstick.

Sometimes. Some days I feel like wearing less makeup than others. Some weekends I feel more confident to pull off a brighter or a darker lip than I normally wear.

Yes, it does! my makeup doesn’t only depend on the time I have and the weather (here we cycle, so other then one of the other girls commented here, I am not doing a smoky eye if it’s raining, hihihi), but also on how my skin is and on my mood. If I feel down I usually like to keep it low profile, while I like to experiment and wear more colours when I feel good. But the other way round works as well: if you don’t feel great, or you need some more self confidence, at least you can look great, and… feel better :). It’s very grey here nowadays, and I am a bit heart broken but a fuchsia lipstick helps a great deal.

More like I wear makeup to put me in a certain mood. I feel more creative and confident with makeup. I do not make my makeup “look sad” because I am sad or do my makeup a certain way because Im angry or whatever emotion . I just do my makeup on point, in balance with my outfit and the setting I will be attending.

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