Do you use the included mirror or applicators in a palette?

I can’t honesty recall the last time that I did for personal use. I always try to test out the included applicator in a palette to see how it performs but am used to how my own tools apply/perform (which I find easier to test consistency across products) and that I have a tendency to use multiple brushes per look.

— Christine
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Never! I need a 10x magnifying mirror to do my eyes, and I have my favorite brushes, so I never use either the mirror nor the tools that come in the palette.

The one and only exception—and I know this doesn’t count as a palette—is the UD Mattifying Powder compact that I carry with me. I use the puff and the mirror to pat a bit of powder onto my T-zone about halfway through the day.

I like having a mirror for travelling purposes, but for the most part I don’t use them day-to-day. In terms of applicators, I’ll use them in a pinch, but they’re not something I typically gravitate towards.

Yes! I’m a drag queen and makeup tends to happen in places where you have little to no control over the variables involved in doing makeup. (lighting/seating,etc) Having a mirror in my contour palette and my crappy little phone light makes me feel like I can do makeup anywhere!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating – the applicators included in Chanel’s quads and singles (do they still do singles) are quite different from the standard sponge tipped applicators from other companies. They’re almost a very very fine cotton flannel or something – and they work REALLY well. I regret having tossed them out in past. I will use the included applicators in a pinch and the same with a mirror if I’m having to touch up in the car (not while I’m driving but as a passenger) or on the train, etc. Other than that and because I’m so shortsighted, I need a larger mirror that I can pretty much get my nose right up to in order to see what I’m doing.

Applicators, never. Mirrors: never for makeup app, but will grab one for other purposes, if the palette one is the most close at hand.

I use the mirrors sometimes. If I am applying eye makeup without my glasses, it can be handy because I can bring the mirror close and it won’t interfere with my brush handle. But I don’t really care if a palette has a mirror or not when I’m purchasing one.

Nope. I’d rather eyeshadow palettes include a liner than a brush. I almost never like them. And the mirrors? Almost never.

Mostly not. Due to my nearsightedness/glasses/contacts situation, I use mirrors from a distance. The only applicator I think I’ve ever made use of is the ABH Modern Renaissance brush, which I like a lot and use very often.

I’ve used the mirrors before when I don’t have a hand mirror to double check that my pink hair dye is nice and saturated on the back of my head, but I don’t use the mirrors for their intended purpose which I assume is to be use in makeup application. 😛

As for applicators I throw out any cheap plastic ones, but I keep and use any brushes included with my palettes. UD, Kylie, I keep those and use them and they’re not half bad. They’ll never replace my favorite brushes but they’ll do in a pinch.

I never use the mirror as I need magnification to do my eyes so for me personally, I would prefer not to have the added weight and bulk. I do recognize how many people do use the mirror in palettes so I know why it is there and accept that I am probably in the minority. As for the applicators, I actually like and do use the sponge tip applicators for certain products. I find they work really well for getting into tight spaces which with hooded eyes is a plus. They apply shimmery products much better than a brush, usually. They pack on colour better and when moistened they really intensify the shadow. They work especially well with cream or heavy silicone based products.

I sometimes use the mirrors when I’m traveling. I usually travel with a mirror, though, so I can use the magnifying side when I do my eyes.

I almost never use sponge-tip applicators that come with palettes. I will use an included brush if it’s good quality.

The mirror? No, absolutely not. I’m far too nearsighted and vision impaired to apply makeup in anything but a lighted magnifying mirror!
As for applicators / brushes, that depends solely on the brand and type. UD consistently includes very nice, good quality eyeshadow brushes in their eyeshadow palettes. I keep those and do use them. Chanel’s tiny spongetips are also of excellent quality and really work! Unfortunately, they are a bit too small for my hands. Other than those 2 examples, I cannot remember any others that I felt were worth keeping and using.

No. Not for initial application.
However I do use a mirror to touch up my lipstick on the run. That could be a little 2 sided mirror just for that purpose and it doesn’t have to be a makeup product.
I would prefer a product without a mirror, especially if it reduces cost or makes the package slimmer.

Depends. The Chanel mirror for brows is excellent. Other brands have crummy mirrors. Why did they bother? I usually don’t use the sponge tips. But, Chanel’s are good. It just depends on the brand.

Yes. When travelling.
When to check makeup and there is no mirror around.
Same with applicators.
Grew up in a era that the makeup brushes did not exist.

No, neither. I have occasionally kept brushes that come with palettes if they seem like they’re halfway decent, but most of those have been culled over time. I automatically throw out the double-ended brushes as I can’t store them like my other brushes and if I put them somewhere else I’ll forget about them and never use them, so … no point.

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