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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I do indeed. It’s an opportunity to purchase brands not available in Canada. One of the first things I did when in Italy was go to a Kiko store! Even in the US, I would get brands or even just products that aren’t available here (Eucerin is available in Canada but not the night cream I use – strange but there you have it!)

When I was in Rome, several years ago, the hotel we stayed at was just down the road from the main Kiko store – I had a field day buying 3 lipsticks and a couple of eyeshadows. Just love that brand – and it was so inexpensive too.

I get to travel a lot for work. I like seeing what is available in local grocery/drug stores (I once found a fantastic face scrub in a Middle Eastern grocery) and I found buying the things I can get in the US in their home country often makes a treat much more affordable – Sisley is basically high end but not prohibitively expensive in French duty frees, European Nivea (different formula than US) is dirt cheap, etc. . .I love trying fragrances overseas too as there’s so much variety.

As an European moved to US I can definitely tell the difference in many products. The Nivea classic cream is an example of significant difference. But I find that products from brands like La Roche Possay or Avene were much better in Europe. L’Oreal makeup and haircare products are almost totally different (some are better, but makeup is usually worse in Europe). And the MAC products I buy in US (and manufactured in Canada) are slightly better of what I remember from Europe (manufactured in Switzerland and Germany, if I remember correctly).

It’s crazy how different things are, even when they’re from the same parent company. I know the US and EU have different ingredient/testing standards, but you’re right – L’Oreal is a totally different experience in Europe. The first time I saw Elnett, which wasn’t even for sale in the US at the time (and the price, as L’Oreal is a drug store/grocery store brand in the US, which means affordable), I gasped.

L’Oreal haircare has a `regular` line and a `professional` line. The `regular` products are pretty affordable in Europe and you can find them in small and big grocery stores; the shampoos and conditioners are something like $3 equivalent. The `professional` line is only in specialty stores or online, but it’s still not ridiculously expensive.
Elnett is somewhere in the middle.

Here in Canada, we’re lucky that we get (well, I am able to get) German made Nivea (in a German deli chain in my area) as well as – I know it’s not makeup but it’s still important to me – the German made Persil laundry products (I’ve tried the N. American version of the liquid which hit the market about 5 years ago and it’s nowhere near as good or as pleasant to use and there’s not the variety of products). A few yeas ago, in small French grocery store in Nice, I picked up a bi-phase eye makeup remover from Maybelline and it was so fantastic and entirely different from the crumb-bum stuff they sell here. It was actually “Gemey-Maybelline” and I remember when there was “Gemey-DuBarry” cosmetics line (this is, like, 40+ years ago) and I imagine it somehow morphed with Maybelline in parts of Europe??? Anyone in France, do check out this fantastic (and inexpensive) stuff!

Absolutely! I lived in Korea ages ago when sheet masks were just becoming popular there. When we went back several years ago for a holiday, the hostel we stayed in had Innisfree and Etude House stores right across the street. I was in heaven!

I don’t travel very often, and it depends on where I’m going. For example, when I go to Disney World every winter (except maybe this year ? ), there’s a Guerlain boutique in Epcot’s France that I will always visit, especially because they have every Guerlain perfume. And if I visit Disney Springs, I’ll stop into their huge Sephora. Otherwise, I don’t actively seek out beauty products on trips.

Yes!!!! They have tester bottles of every perfume they make, plus makeup, skin care, everything. It’s awesome! Go to Disney World’s website, then type La Signature in their search bar. There’s a photo of the perfume section of the boutique.

Yes! Depending on where, sometimes the pickin’s are slim but I try to pick up at least a few things up for souvenir’s sake.

Considering that I hardly ever travel, the answer would have to be “no”. However, IF I were able to travel to, say, Japan (a dream of mine!) or Italy (another dream), where they have some super interesting products/brands not found here, I sure would!

I’m mostly just browsing in stores (if I have time) just to see what different brands and products are available, just for curiosity. But I rarely make time for shopping in my travel, I spend as much time as possible exploring nature and culture.
I prefer to stick to old favorites, rather than purchasing new stuff I wouldn’t maybe be able to repurchase.
I mostly purchase things abroad when I visit my family, old favorites from my home country, or taking advantage of Boots sales during the layover in London (including the stop to visit my brother).
I also like to travel light, so most time I don’t purchase stuff to not clutter my luggage. πŸ˜†

Absolutely! It’s a great opportunity to not only try new product, but able to test/swatch them in person first rather than taking a chance by ordering online.

I’ve also started a new habit of testing new perfumes while I travel. The scent is a reminder of the fond memories I’d made on that trip.

Definitely. I have even found some wonderful body care products by visiting the hotel gift shop. I love a good hotel gift shop. When I was in London, the gift shop at the Savoy had wonderful personal care products. I usually try and pick up a little something when I travel. During our five week trip to Europe I purchased a new lipstick in each country. I purchased mostly brands I new but there were shades I couldn’t find here and I did pick up a local lipstick brand that was specific to Greece. I try not to spend the whole trip buying makeup, however !

Oh gosh yes!! It used to be that we didn’t have anything other than the “usual” lines here – there was no Sephora or Ulta for a LONG time, so whenever I would travel, I’d save up some $$ and spend it all on makeup I couldn’t find where I lived! Now there’s a lot more available, so I don’t do that anymore, plus I really don’t travel either. But Yeah, I sure did for a long time!! πŸ™‚

I live in a major metropolitan area, so I’m usually spoiled for choice. When I went to France, I did go to a few perfume shops that were hard to get to here, and I have asked a friend to get me stuff from the NYC Glossier store. Originally I was going to Japan earlier this year, but we decided not to because of the Olympics (seriously, we hadn’t bought the tickets yet and decided not to go), but I still have a shopping list of products to look for there. Even then, if I really wanted to, I could probably order them all online.

However, I do often buy products specifically for traveling. Usually smaller sizes, finger-friendly applications, or more subdued tones.

I do look for perfumes and soaps that aren’t sold in my area, and especially love when they’re unique or traditional to that locale. Also really love small companies w/ handmade products for the body. There’s usually time to do a little research and find out where to go to browse between other activities. Only exception might be a trip to France where I’d make a special point of being a perfume tourist (along with the usual touristing).

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I am a duty-free splurger when I travel internationally.
Honestly though, I’ve ended up not loving some of my impulse buys because the colors turned out to not be what I expected.

Yes, for sure. Last fall, we visited London, so I made sure to shop at the Charlotte Tilbury store in Covent Garden, since we don’t have any standalone stores for her in the states. When we went to Singapore and Japan — same thing — I sought out brands that are just about impossible to find here. I can’t tell you how many times I went to Matsumoto Kiyoshi and Ainz Tulpe in Tokyo. I also sought out brands such as Addiction (amazing eyeshadows); unfortunately, SUQQU is just as spendy in Japan as it is if you were to buy it at Selfridges. In Kyoto, I went to the Hakuhodo store and thought I had died and gone to heaven. In Singapore, they have standalone stores for Shu Uemura and a lot of the Korean brands such as MISSHA, which was very conveniently located in the MRT (subway) station by our hotel.

Yep, I sure do! I love going into makeup shops overseas (not that I travel overseas very often now) and see what they have. I do enjoy going into country towns and visiting any skincare shop to see what hand made items they have on offer. Some of our wineries here have developed skincare products from olive oil, which I am fond of too.

I used to LOL.
Travel is essential in my work, so I’m at a bit of a loss for the moment.
That won’t change until a vaccine is available, so I’m not buying a lot now.

Always. I love to shop so I usually set aside some time to do that when traveling whether for work or vacation. I’ll especially look to see if there are stores in the area that I don’t always have easy access to at home such as MAC and Nordstroms. I also like to check out the local drugstores to see what different brands they carry. I’d love to visit Great Britain and France to visit a Boots and the local pharmacies.

When the border was open we used to travel to the US from Canada quite a few times a year and I would always have a running list for Ulta and Target as we don’t have those stores here. But also Walmart and Sephora in the US carry some things that our stores don’t so I always pick things up on my trips even though the exchange rate isn’t great, sometimes it’s worth the price.

Not usually, but I don’t get to travel outside of my home state very often. If I went to New York or other fashionable bigger city, or to another country, I definitely would. It would be so freaking fun to beauty shop in New York, Paris, or Japan.

Tra…vel? I think I’ve heard of that… Not sure, though.

Joking aside, no. I don’t shop in person at home or elsewhere. Pretty much have been 100% online since I got interested in makeup, which I hadn’t bought much, ever, until 12 years ago.

I only got into makeup just a few years ago and I haven’t traveled much since then, but if I had the opportunity I would definitely look for souvenir cosmetics!

I travel a lot, often to the US and I love going to every single Sephora I can find. I can spend hours browsing the many products that are hard to find in my country.

For those traveling to Belgium, do check out Rainpharma. A local skincare brand and their products are the absolute best ever. They’re expensive, but so very worth it.

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