Do you remove any facial hair?

I shave my upper lip area (I cannot tolerate waxing or hair removal creams there) using a brow razor. I usually use my brow razor for a few stray hairs under my lower lip or along my cheeks, if necessary!

— Christine
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Daily! I tweeze my lip and chin as needed and get my brows waxed every 5 or 6 weeks. I’ve tried “sugaring” on my lip and chin also – it’s honey, lemon and sugar cooked down to like a molten paste (like how the wax is) and instead of putting a strip over the wax and then pulling it off, they just blop the hot sugary mix down and let it set for a few seconds and then rip it back off with the stick they used to spread it with. It feels the same as waxing so it makes no difference to me what they use, as long as it removes the “stray eyebrows” from my lip and chin!

I also use a brow razor for my upper lip and any other facial hair that I may have! It is so much quicker than waxing and there’s not pain! I have a bit of fuzz around my face and shaving it off helps my foundation go on so much smoother and looks nicer.

Yes, I do and I blame my Italian grandfather! I pluck my upper lip area for the coarser, darker hairs and use safety scissors to get what’s left. Also use those safety scissors or a lady shaver to diminish the peach fuzz I get on the sides of my face. And cuz I’m old, I gotta pluck a few chin hairs! More traditional methods of hair removal (ie; waxing) gave me rather unpleasant side effects most of the time. Like swelling, and even burns.

Nancy T.:
This is off of the subject. You mentioned before that you have lupus. My diagnosis is systemic lupus. I just wanted to share with you that I’m trying a new treatment. It’s an infusion treatment for lupus called Benlysta. I had my fourth treatment yesterday.

Hi Char, I have SLE, usually on the milder end. Far milder than my Crohn’s Disease has been. I was actually on Plaquenil for a number of years for the SLE, but after being put on Remicade infusions 7 years ago and it bringing my Crohn’s under control, it also began to help with many of the SLE symptoms. According to my Doc, it could have gone either way. But many others who have both, have also had their Crohn’s and surprisingly, their SLE symptoms brought under control. I will, however, keep Benlysta in mind should the Remicade poop out on me. Thank you for the info!

I pluck my eyebrows b/c it keeps hair from growing back for about two weeks and shave my mustache. I’ve never tried a brow razor! Have you ever experienced irritation from using it?

Occasionally, the area will be pinkish after I’ve done it, but it fades within an hour or so – I get the same reaction waxing, too, but the pinkness lasts longer and is a surefire thing after every wax (a few hours), but it doesn’t feel irritated after that!

I pluck with a Tweezerman tweezer a few stray hairs on my upper lip but that’s about it (not counting tweezing my eyebrows). Sometimes, with those stray hairs, I can feel them before I can either see or grip them with the tweezer and have to wait a day or two before I can get them….talk about frustrating!

Yep. I stick to plucking on all areas of my face though- I’ve tried waxing my upper lip a few times and not only can it leave welts, but I felt like making it that hairless was actually kind of unnatural looking and obvious. So I just tweeze anything noticeable. I also have an area on my lower left chin that occasionally sprouts even longer hairs (grooosss) so I pull those out, too.

Thanks for posting my question, Christine: I too have tried multiple products for waxing and bleaching upper lip and my skin freaks out in all cases with raised texture, redness, and pimpling the days following.

I have also heard that shaving your face allows for better penetration of skincare products and smoother makeup application. Right now, I do not shave my face as the hair on my face is surprisingly fair for someone with darker hair, but I do find it necessary to shave my upper lip. I use a small trimmer.

I look forward to reading other responses.

Used to thread the upper lip area for the longest time and boy it was tears every single time. Now I just dry shave the entire face every two months or so using one of those disposable straight edge razors and get it laser treated after. Because face hair is different it hasn’t reduced a lot but it grows back much slower.

I’ve started shaving it simply because when I start plucking, I get 3 hairs done and I start asking why I hate myself enough to do this!! Waxing has never worked for this area, and bleaching used to be my go-to, however I’m at the age where the hair I don’t want just gets lusher and lusher, and the bleached blonde moustache wasn’t exactly an improvement over the dark version

I haven’t needed to, so far. I inherited my mother’s very fair, sort of baby-ish skin (though with breakouts). I barely have to even pluck my eyebrows; more that I must fill them in or they’re invisible.

Ladies, I have to tell you that some strange growth can occur after menopause! The big change was completed for me more than ten years ago, and I’m thrilled to not have to deal with monthly flow any more, I can tell you. But one odd side effect is that the peach fuzz on my face (and the hair on my arms) can grow to ridiculous lengths — like an inch and a half or more on my face, three inches or more on my arms. And my facial skin is really sensitive. Waxing, shaving, chemical depilatories are not really an option for me.

So I use a beard trimmer! I use it to get all the peach fuzz off my face and trim my arm hair down to 1/4 – 3/8 inch. It works great! Of course it’s only peach fuzz, so having a bit of stubble is not a problem. And I love the little attachment for getting at the nose hairs (yes, those start growing, too). There are a couple of thick, wiry hairs that I pluck before buzzing the rest.

If I leave the peach fuzz alone, it looks like I have a halo around my face when the light hits it a certain way. Plus, it’s kind of thick in places and can get so long that it interferes with base makeup application.

OMG I’m laughing here Fran, and I can definitely relate. I have about a dozen in total rogue thick wiry hairs growing out of different areas of my face and neck, fortunately mostly under my chin. I remember the day I first found one a number of years; thought it was a dog hair stuck under my chin.. that is… until I pulled and it was gasp 2 inches long and double gasp attached to my freaking face! disgusting! I pluck these evil suckers; look for them to make an appearance and then grab my tweezerman. I’m 53 and peri-menopausal not quite in full menopause yet. (I just want it to be over at this point..seriously). Anyhow: My facial hair is changing a bit too and I never used to even notice the fine blond hair on my face. I think mine is beginning to get denser particularly along the planes of my face closest to hair line. Sounds like it is eventually going to have to be dealt with as well. Thanks for your honesty post 🙂

I’m happy anytime I can make someone laugh, Wwendy! Menopause is better once it’s finally completely over. For me it came early and fortunately was really bad only at night. In my early forties I would wake up freezing in the middle of the night and find not just my sheets, but my mattress pad, comforter, and pillows all completely, sopping wet; and have to get up and change them all before I could get warm enough to get back to sleep. I think that was better than having hot flashes during the day, though. By age 48 it was over. I got my last period the day I had the abnormal mammogram that led to my breast cancer diagnosis. That was a good thing, too, as, being post-menopausal, I could avoid chemo and do an anti-hormonal treatment instead. My oncologist refused to believe I was post-menopausal, but bloodwork confirmed it.

Anyway, it’s really nice not to have had a period in 17 years. I’ll take a little peach fuzz! And even some stray, wiry hairs and nose hairs that I have to trim, lol.

I used to wax my upper lip but I’d always get ingrowns and pimples. Now that I’ve discovered Korean dermaplaning and eyebrow razors, I’ll never look back. If I know I’m going to be doing really heavy makeup (costumes, photoshoots, etc) I’ll do my whole face because it makes everything go so much smoother. For regular usage I do my lip and my sideburns

It is one of the most disconcerting signs of getting older and that is random hairs that are stiff start sprouting in awkward places so yes, I remove hair from my chin and around my mouth. I started out just plucking them but as they multiplied I have resorted to shaving them and I use a brow razor also.

I pluck my eyebrows, maybe wax them once a year if I feel like it. For lip area, I just use scissors in two small areas where there’s darker hair. I’ve tried other methods but they always leave me with breakouts which look worse than hair! I’ve never been bothered much by the peach fuzz on my cheeks or along the hairline so I leave it alone.

Yes, I tweeze and trim my eyebrows, and have a small electric razor I use on chin and upper lip. Occasionally I pluck thicker hairs from my chin. I have PCOS so I have a lot of excess facial hair.

Laser is amazing. Yes it’s expensive but it will save your face from plucking/scarring and the eventual ingrown hairs that can come from tweezing. It was the best decision I ever made, as I dealt with daily coarse hairs on my jawline and cheeks for over 10 years. Was about 6 months of treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, around $50/treatment. I’ve spent more in a single Sephora haul…and I don’t worry every morning about what’s poking through and how to pluck it out.

I’m glad you picked this question – women hate talking about facial hair and yet we all have it. I wax; mostly my upper lip but more recently the rest of my face as well. It looks cleaner overall; no lines of demarcation. My facial hair is light, but I like how smooth my face is, how my makeup looks and bonus – nice exfoliation. Doing things fairly regularly (when I start to notice sufficient regrowth) keeps any discomfort to a minimum. Less hair to pull off overall. I’ll use a facial oil afterwards to soothe and hydrate and I haven’t had any issues with ingrowns or breakouts. I tweeze my brows to have greater control. I’ve heard that shaving doesn’t cause regrowth to come in coarser or darker, but I’d rather not chance it!

Yes, but.

When I was younger I of course had fewer stray facial hairs and those that I had, I got rid of with electrolysis. (It’s a somewhat old-fashioned treatment that has fallen out of favor, which is unfortunate because it’s permanent, so after a course of treatments to get all the hairs, that’s it, you’re done.)

Now that I’m older, I have a new batch, so I started going for electrolysis again. I put it off for a while, so had to shave it every day, but soon I won’t have to.

I am so glad you posted about electrolysis. I had so many dark coarse hairs on my chin, I hated them. I plucked them, tried laser treatments (so expensive) and finally stumbled upon electrolysis. After weekly 1 hour sessions for 6-8 weeks that only cost $50 my chin is now free of dark hair. It’s fantastic!! Best money I ever spent on myself. I now go every 3 months for a quick 10 minute touch-up for any new unwanted visitors. Now that I am free of those dark hairs I realize how much they were really bugging me. I really recommend electrolysis, it’s a best kept-secret that everyone should know about.

I get my eyebrows and upper lip waxed, and pluck stray hairs in-between waxings. That’s to old lady hormones, I have to pluck stiff black hairs from under my chin. So not sexy. 😛

Yes, electrolysis when I was a teen, later laser, now I just have peach fuzz….I run a razor over every 3 – 4 weeks…

I agree on waxing on the top lip you will only end up with wrinkles

I pluck out rogue hairs from lip and chin areas, but can’t always see the under chin hairs and that area is very sensitive to errant tweezes, so I’m thinking of getting a wand epilator gadget by Braun. If anyone here has tried the Braun wand type epilator, could you Reply with comments?

Hi WildDove,
I haven’t used the epilator, so I can’t offer an opinion there. What I do use is a product called epicare (it may come under other brand names). It is a long spring, about 6 inches long, with “handles” on each end. You bend the spring, holding onto the ends, and roll it along your face in the area of the hair you wish to remove. It does not pinch the skin. It is great for removing peach fuzz and other hair, including hard to reach or see areas. The first time or two I used it, it smarted. After a few uses, there is never pain again. Maybe this will be useful for you.

Awesome, Dora! Thanks for this info. Based on your comment I just ordered it on amazon, got the one(s) by TooGoo for less than $4. I’m hoping this is a good way to not only try the product but save money in the process.

Shaving it off is the a great way to go. Doing the first time is the hardest, lol! Here’s how I got to the point of shaving it rather than anything else….

I live in an area of Boston with a significantly high percentage of Asians in the population. At the gym, I have seen Asian women of all ages shaving their faces. It doesn’t happen every day, but it does happen often enough. That porcelain, hairless, beautiful skin isn’t always by accident. 🙂

I asked a woman I am friendly with about it. I have at least 15 years on her. She spoke of the practice like we talk about washing our faces. No stigma (which I totally had about it since I’m so dark haired). She said many Asian women do it to to exfoliate and create a smooth canvas.

Then I read about Kate Somerville shaving. Then I watched this YouTube by Michele Money and realized it’s not that big a deal. Do yourself a favor and watch Michele. Get to the end. You will roar! lol

My generation and my nationality had such a stigma about shaving. Over it. It’s what I now do after bleaching, Veet and electrolysis didn’t really work.

What do you use to shave facial hair? My 5-bladed Venus Embrace razor that I use for legs seems like it might be too big.

Thank you! I hadn’t the faintest clue what I was looking for or where to start looking and you answered both with multiple options. I didn’t know Daiso carried anything like that.

Hi Maggie!

I agree most women’s razors are too big. I use my husband’s Gillette Mach 3. Nothing fancy. it gets in nice and close. Remember we have peach fuzz, not men’s beards. I do it every 7-10 days, and that’s more than enough (with a pluck or two if needed in between). 🙂 I swear it takes under a minute.

Thanks! I would not have thought to use a man’s razor but it makes perfect sense: designed for the face and easy to find. This might be silly to ask but is this typically done on dry skin? Or is shave gel used? I have sensitive skin but like you say, it is just peach fuzz…

Not silly at all. I lube up with something soapy/slippery. I use whatever is handy and don’t use anything specific. Sometimes I grab my husband’s Kiss My Face, or use my emollient bar or liquid soap.

I have done it dry and on plain wet skin for no other reason that being in a hurry. But really, you’ll see, that’s just dumb because for us, it is done before you know it. Like I said, I swear it’s under a minute, so how much in a hurry am I? 🙂

I had a hysterectomy at age 35 and was placed on a hormone therapy medication. High testosterone grew dark hairs like a mans beard. I had a salon wax them but had an allergic reaction and blistered my upper lip. I’m 57 now and pluck my chin, upper lip, a patch on the right ride of my lips and patch under my center lower lip. I’m going to try the brow razor. I have peach fuzz on my face but only shave it once s year when I go to high school homecoming as I’m afraid of full beard results.

I started them 22 years ago. I took the first one for 8 years. Estratest I think it was. Ive been on compounds ever since that have testosterone in it too.

No wonder you have more hair – testosterone. I had a partial hysterectomy in my late 30’s. It wasn’t long before my ovaries stopped working which happens sometimes. I was on HRT but eventually they took me off if it. As if women don’t have enough to deal with, now we have to shave too LOL!

I pluck my eyebrows so I don’t look like a mess but otherwise I have literally 1 hair on my chin that I pluck out. Its not noticeable to anyone but me but I can’t stand it!

Oh also, I use those brow razors to shave the peach fuzz off my face sometimes but it’s really not necessary, I just do it because it makes my makeup look much nicer!

Tweezers the unwanted brow hairs and the few dark hairs I get below my nose, ouch! The rest are banished with a brow razor. When I really started wearing foundation all the time it made me realize how noticeable the peach fuzz on my cheeks was and the brow razor is so easy to use. I tried a chemical remover but found that it aggravated any dry patches on my face.
Just a side note:
When I first started using the brow razor (after watching some Youtube, of course ;)) there were always a few comments repeating the myth that facial hair would grow back thicker, darker, worse, etc. I am glad that for the most part those voices have been hushed. It drives me nuts when the internet is used to spread misinformation.

I pluck a few stray brow hairs (and the unholy things I’ve had on my chin since my early twenties) and shave my whole face with a brow razor or sometimes a regular razor.

I, too, shave my upper lip and for those lovely stray hairs on my chin (comes with age!) I use tweezers for those. Even though the hairs have always been light, I still don’t want them either place : )

oh i’ve been plucking my lip and chin hair since middle school! I did professional laser hair removal once, and it broke me out. Early this year, i bought a Tria device, and it made my hair grow darker and a bit more. I read that these “lasers” are too weak to remove lighter hair and instead they end up stimulating hair growth. oops. but i’ve been going at it with the laser still because it’s darker now and it’s been growing in slower and less.
I also have a hairy forehead and cheek.

Truth be told, there is no magic with an eyebrow razor vs a good old Mach 3. An eyebrow razor, I think, strikes women as more “feminine” maybe? It really isn’t. A razor is a razor. You want as smooth and silky as you can get with the best longevity before re-growth. I find good old shaving razors to come through better than anything else.

I have white blonde peach fuzz and I also use an eyebrow razor. It’s quick and easy and i use it for brows, and facial fuzz. My makeup goes on so much smoother too so that’s a bonus !!

I used to get brows and lip fuzz waxed but since waxing and retin a use DONT MIX! My esthetician recommended the tiny brow razor and I’ve never looked back

Yup! I just got a touch-up yesterday. (It is true it eventually grows back, but i do quarterly appointments as “routine maintenance.” Between appointments, I shave any regrowth, which is actually THE best exfoliater there is! Laser hair removal has definitely saved me from a career in the circus 🙂

Hi Christine & Temptalia,
I tweeze, pluck, shave the area between my two eyebrows! Lol. I don’t have a unibrow or anything like that, but it seems like I have a few stray hairs that decided to pop up, grow, and multiply in between my eyebrows but near my forehead! It’s the strangest thing I have ever seen! One day they just appeared and I swear they grow back times 5 new hairs every morning!!! ?

I tweeze my upper lip and my chin every day using a 20X magnification mirror, and get my entire face threaded as often as I can manage it (time and $).
I have a fairly hairy face, and even though it is blonde, I feel it doesn’t look nice and makes me look older. I feel that if the skin on my face is hair-free and smooth, it looks much nicer and more youthful. I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone or if it’s just me, but I find that hair on my face, especially on my upper lip, is very aging. Maybe it creates a shadow?
I never wax or sugar my face because I was told that the tugging involved stretches your skin over time and causes it to sag.

Agree on upper lip shadow. I think mine “barely shows, it’s ok” sometimes, and then after I bleach, it looks SO much better, and yes, more youthful. Good point.

I get my eyebrows and upper lip threaded. I used to get my eyebrows waxed but I like threading much better. It doesn’t hurt as much and lasts longer. My skin also responds better to threading. I don’t have as many breakouts.

I never had facial hair until menopause when lo and behold I now have peach fuzz on my cheeks! I lightly run a disposable razor over my face once a week and wow, what a difference. My face is baby soft and serums seem to go on more smoothly. No more annoying peach fuzz! I also get my eyebrows threaded every 3 months and maintain the shape myself in between by tweezing.

Ocassionally i tweeze a few hair on my top lips but sometimes causes a bit of red inflammation so I have stopped doing it. Is hardly noticeable. Do pluck my eyebrows just straightt or one long out of the norm hair. Wondering what to expect as nearing menopause? My daughter jokes is when you get a full mustache. Lol! I do shave often my legs (I’m a heavy duty runner, gave dine ten of 26.2 lots of fun but have taken a brake and don’t miss the almost every other day leg shaving also washing my hair. And if course, armpits too even in winter you tend to sweat unless very cold which is rarely in S.California. My legs haven’t been flaky white for a while but I’m getting back into the full swing I love and miss those marathons days. Lots of fun!). Oh! So much shaving! Luckily not hairy in face.

So, NOBODY has mentioned using cream hair removers! That’s what I use on my upper lip and, very carefully, between my brows, and it works great for me! I’ve been doing it long enough that I have the timing down, otherwise it can burn your skin, and it does always leave a bit of redness, but that goes away within an hour or so. I’m half Puerto Rican, so I have a total mustache, not very cute!

Yes! I used to use Nair on lip but about 50/50 I would get visible redness for over 24 hours… so I quit, too risky. That being said, I should try this again, because I am sure products are better now. (Now I bleach… amazingly I never have lasting redness from jolen, if sometimes feels like it will get red!)

I forgot to mention that I do occasionally use cream hair remover (Avon) but have found that while it does a pretty good job and does not cause me any redness, it can sometimes make my skin feel sort of rubbery. So that is why I don’t use it all the time.

I do a bit of tweezing at the upper corners of my lips. I have a lot of peach fuzz that I want to remove, but so far I’ve only tried to wax it (myself) with a really, really bad result. Some fuzz disappeared, but I got greyish brown stripes where the wax stripe had been and it was impossible to conceal it. So, the fuzz is still there.

A little eyebrow plucking (I assume question meant, beyond that!!) A question I relate to though.

I’m quite fuzzy faced, but generally light and fine hairs on cheeks, so I just think “marilyn monroe” and leave it. If I rub a whitish sunscreen or foundation on my fase, you see a layer of little hair everywhere though!

I pluck stray stiff hairs/whiskers (ick) and long hairs or darker hairs on my chin. Once or twice a week. I’ve thought about electolysis, but I can’t really say 5 to 10 plucks a week in that area is a hardship.

Upper lip gets a fine moustache, a bit darker at outer corners. Lots of hairs, but the hairs themselves are each very fine. If I Jolen bleach monthly, it’s ok. If I dont, I have a slight shadow, and I barely notice except it looks REALLY better when I bleach so it does show!!

I would do more if I did close ups of myself. My face hair is long enough to be visible, I just am minimal.

Oh, I used to sometimes shave cheeks, arms, hairline at back of neck, even forehead esp above brows to hairline… (boy, I am hairy! I guess with age comes not caring!) And it looked good but I was more edgy and put together then, and all that maintenance worked for me. If your hair is fine in those places, the stubble doesn’t come in like leg hair stubble, or guy stubble. You feel it, but not the same.

So, bottom line, I certainly understand facial hair issues, but I pluck strays, bleach the rest. Lazy girl.

Hi!! I’m 53 & I’m just past menopause. This might sound crazy but I shave my face every day!! I have been for about 3 years…prior to menopause I shaved 2x/wk.
I use retin a & vitamin c serum on my face. I also use Elta MD sunscreen. I find the most important thing about shaving is the type of razor & the type of shaving cream. I use a sensitive skin 3 blade razor & Nivea Men sensitive shaving gel. I use a razor for 2 days only. I save the razors & shave my legs with them. Hope this helps!!

Also after reading some other comments I’d like to provide so more information. Waxing can damage & irritate our skin. Cream hair removers can cause reactions & burns. Shaving has NOT caused my facial hair to become more coarse nor has it caused it to grow back more quickly….menopause does that!!:( A bonus to daily shaving is how beautiful & flawless your makeup will look. On days when I don’t wear makeup I don’t shave but I do always wear sunscreen!! Tough being us!!

Elizabeth – I agree with you, waxing can cause damage when not done properly. I always recommend a reputable salon that will test your reaction to the wax they use and the reaction following removal. Then they should start in a small area and have you apply ice afterward to help with any redness. Do this until you’re ready to do more removal. The temp of the wax should never scald or leave blisters. If it does – get out of there.

Now I’ve learned how to do my own waxing at home. I work in small sections and constantly monitoring the wax temp. I’d rather have to redo an area because the wax didn’t grip then get the wax so hot, I hurt myself. As to the comment that waxing causes wrinkles. Life causes wrinkles honestly. By working in small sections at a time, when the wax is ready to be removed – take 2 fingers anchored at one end of the wax and your hum bat the other and put pressure on the surrounding skin. Use opposite hand to remove wax against the grain of hair growth.

Just find out what works for your face, your convenience and time commitment. We notice the so called flaws that trouble us more than anyone else does. If they bother you, then do what it takes to stop that unnecessary frustration. Life is too short to worry if anyone can see your peach fuzz or lack of it. Just let yourself feel happy and pretty.

I actually pluck my upper lip with a Tweezerman tweezer any time I see even a few hairs. It was painful at first but it has been quite a while now and I have grown accustomed to it. I also pluck my eyebrows, my chin and any hairs I spy on my cheeks (they shine in the right light). Very rarely, I run my electric shaver over my face to remove the fuzz.

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