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To be completely honest, I do. Silly, considering that it’s the quality of the ingredients and their ratio that determines the final outcome of any and cosmetic products. Also, that when you go HE , much of that thrill is the name and higher grade, more elegant presentation and packaging. And yet I still do expect better, more top notch goods out of them!

Yes. If you’re going to charge more or more specifically claim to be luxurious, there should be justification for that. You shouldn’t use cheap ingredients but charge an arm and a leg bc you have a certain label and backstory plus lofty claims ahem LA MER

I don’t think that I do. I know that drugstore brands are mostly created by brand names that have almost limitless funding behind them and so I expect them to create products that do what they say they will the same as a high end product. I understand and accept that not all products will work for every individual given different skin tones, skin types and preferences but when a foundation says that it will provide a dewy or glowy finish then that is what I expect and I have found foundations from both ends of the spectrum that promise that and don’t deliver. Here is looking at you Nars Sheer Glow!!

Yes, I have higher expectations for higher price point products. The product should have good pigmentation, good performance, not cause any irritation. Luxury brands sometimes use a lot of fragrance, so I’m cautious of irritation.

The packaging has to be solid and well-constructed. One short drop on the bathroom counter should not shatter the powder.

Also, if I I spend more for a product, I am more likely to return or exchange it if it doesn’t meet expectations.

If it’s inexpensive like ColourPop, I’m not so worried about buying items that are not returnable. I’ll try it for a few days and if I don’t like it, I’ll give it away.

Absolutely, and I think I’m in good company. You only have to look at how frequently comments like “At that price point, I expect an A rating” turn up here in response to poor ratings from companies like Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford. I hate wasting money, period, and want value for money no matter how much an item costs. So I am disappointed if even a $10 product performs poorly. But I think high end companies have chutzpah to charge $50 or more for a product that doesn’t perform well (especially when it can be both duped and bested by something costing very much less).

Definitely, otherwise “why pay more?”. If they do not surpass drugstore products, then what’s the point?

I expect higher quality ingredients, nice packaging, if it is a color product, I also expect that the color is flattering, blends well, etc.

Certainly! A 40$ lipstick has to give me something a 10$ lipstick can’t or otherwise I won’t buy it.
That something could be excellent costumer service, high end quality, sturdy packaging… Or everythibg combined.

What you said. But there’s no room for design flaws or packaging glitches either. Like lids that won’t stay opened, etc. A dud is not acceptable….and HE does produce duds. That’s one of many reasons we read Temptalia. Color goofs are often attributable to online color (mis)representation. My bad, not theirs. Those usually get regifted. unless, like the mufe concealer that should arrive today, I swatched after ordering (duh!). Then it is returned unopened. I do admit to thinking that DS is more of a workhorse, and HE should provide a more exquisite experience. So, in a way, yes.

Yes, I do. While I’m learning more about the business of cosmetics — so my view has moderated (like, they need to meet product and brand promises versus every product being best in class) — I really do expect more from higher/luxury brands in terms of quality, consistency, and customer service. It’s just reality my purchases from a luxury brand are conscious, often researched, thoughtful step so it disappoints more when something falls short; whereas when I buy from Colourpop or another lower cost line my approach is less intense and more about experimentation. So when CP outperforms a luxury brand, that can well set how I go.

Absolutely. The company should justify a high price with the best quality. Of course, this is why I never buy super-expensive things because from most reviews I read, a $120 palette is not six times better than a $20 one. I don’t have money to waste like that.

I expect all products I spend my money on to live up to the claims they make. However, more expensive products normally have loftier claims (blendability, pigmentation, lasting power, skin benefits, etc), and I’m more likely to be critical of it if it doesn’t strictly adhere to them. Basically, the less I spend the less I’ll be upset if it’s less than stellar (but I’ll still probably be a little perturbed, because, ya know, that’s my money).

To me, this is a trap a lot of people fall into. Consumers are more willing to be forgiving of a brand or product that falls short of it’s claims because it’s cheap and they can throw it away if it doesn’t work. But if you stop and add up all those fails at $10 a pop, it adds up to the equivalent price or more of the high end brand. I think the expectations should be the same – does it do what it claims, does it perform well, what are my options if it doesn’t. I think we have a lot of good money going after bad with folks buying 12 $10 shadow of crap quality versus a high end palette for $120 because you get “more” and they’re “cheap.”

Yes I do ! As others have stated why pay more?

I do love seeing companies like Colourpop and The Ordinary do well and put out great products.

It shows how we’ve been getting gouged by the industry. Can’t wait to get The Ordinary foundation!

The only thing I would say about The Ordinary is this – yes, they’re offering targeted products at a cheaper rate, but you need to understand how they’re able to offer it at that price point. Deciem is a perfect example of how it works – they have their top shelf line (first pressings of ingredients, highest quality, most potency), brand (second pressings, good quality and potency) and rail (third pressings, lowest quality and potency – not low quality, but lowest of the available offerings). First pressings give you the biggest bang for your buck and because the strength and potency are at it’s most effective. It’s like the first squeeze of an orange to make orange juice versus the third squeeze – it still tastes like orange juice, but you’re not getting the same vitamins and potency as the first glass did.

I’m more likely to have higher expectations of a more expensive product. lm also more likely to hold it to its claims!

If I pay the $23.99 for a l’oreal foundation, expect it to last, and not be crappy. If I’m paying $8 for a hard candy foundation I’m less harsh/angry if it fails.

Yes. If I’m paying more for a product, I expect better quality, performance, packaging, and customer service. Or something truly unique. That’s the whole point of paying more, IMHO.

There is such a mark up on HE cosmetics that absolutely yes I expect it to be awesome all the way around but and have tried many that weren’t so I rarely buy HE, mostly medium priced like Mac. etc!

YES. Higher the price Higher the expectations that it will be also of better & higher quality. If not it should be also the higher the price the better the packaging but mostly the higher quality as to be expected of the ingredients, performance and in general as a whole.

Absolutely! I expect the packaging to be luxe/stylish or at least clever. I expect the most current available and best ingredients used. I expect them to perform better, and with skin care show optima results.

I to hope that the product will live up to its claims and work better than the average to lower priced products. More bang for the buck is appreciated.

I use mainly high end, and I’ve only had one true dud from Tom Ford, those awful lipstick and liner combos, The rest of the line works well for me. It’s many of the what would be labelled “better brands” like Urban Decay and Too Faced, that would not really be considered high end, but have a heftier price point than drug store, that to me have very poor quality control, and this is where a great deal of money is spent. I presume people have lower expectations in this market.

Yes, and not only for the product but also for the packaging. If I have splurged and bought a high dollar item, it not only needs to do what it says it will but it must also be right for me-otherwise it is going back. This is especially true with items purchased online that I couldn’t see or test. I make sure that expensive, “new to me” items come from sites with forgiving return policies.

Yes. Even if part ofnthe expectation is in the packaging. I bought a YSL sheet lipstick that didn’t impress me but it was gorgeous packaging and it was good enough. I kept but wouldn’t splurge again. I think backwards, though. When I buy drugstore, (which is not that much at all any more) my expectation is low. An example: Maybelline Fit Me concealer was not similar to NARS creamy concealer as a dupe but I didn’t have high hopes. If I have a $7 product that fails, I may not even bother to return it. Depends if I am going to that store or not. It sounds stupid. I won’t spend $15 of my time to go return a $7 item. Too many of these are why I stopped shopping there.

Awesome question! I’ve heard a lot of people say the infamous phrase, ” You get what you pay for”! Whether it’s guys talking about cars, ladies talking about makeup, and people talking about health insurance. Stating a “fact” about “you get what you pay for”..bugs the heck out of me! Example.. I brought up health insurance, because I am a nurse. And I can tell you from MY environment.. I don’t care if you are a billionaire or a person who has no insurance at all! I will do everything that I can and then some to treat you when you are hurt or sick and get you back to health! Now with that said, My answer to the question is, I expect a product to DO what it “claims” to do. Nothing less. Companies bs you with bogus claims, and this is where you as a Consumer need to know the product before you buy it. That’s where the internet comes in, or word of mouth, or even having a great return policy! I personally feel that other people’s personal opinions come to play in making the last stitch to finishing a quilt, sort of speak. I use many analogies of logic to get my point across, L..as you can tell by now! I’ve tried MANY “supposedly” top of the line products, that didn’t do anything that the Company “claimed” it did. Yet, a drugstore brand “did” or “has”. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve tried everything on the high end level or the drugstore level, for that matter. However, in MY Honest Opinion, just because you pay more, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting more or better quality for that matter. But, keep an open eye with false claims and that’s how you can help yourself as a Consumer, between what you get and what you were supposed to get..and that’s called, satisfaction.

If they want my money, you bet I expect a pay off. Make up is my jam, I expect them to live up to their claims. If it doesn’t happen, back it goes. If it happens more than once from the same company I won’t buy from them again, unless, the reviews are spectacular.

So agree with you. I will return even drugstore items if they fail to perform or give me a skin reaction, redness, driedness, etc. I think as customers we should do the companies react to it and improve especially HE makeup & skincare but both the same. Why not?

I certainly do! I expect the product to be as claimed and perform really well over time.
More expensive to me also means better quality ingredients and a degree of uniqueness.
Cosmetics are already so expensive here in Aus. and I don’t want to end up with a poor product.

When I was younger (in my 20s and early 30s) I did have greater expectations from pricier products. After trying different bands and products and experiencing many disappointments, I came to realize that price was not a determining factor in how a product would perform. There were some very high end brands I vowed never to purchase again after being disappointed with more than one product in their line. Experience, samples, research and some “drugstore on a whim products” led me to the products I knew I could depend on.

Yes, I certainly do. If I’m going to pay more than average, I expect high quality packaging and good performance from the product itself: pleasant texture, quality ingredients, living up to claims.

Oh! Yes! Oh! Yes! For all the money they are charging the products have to perform at least as promised if not better and I expect much more beautiful presentation too. I’m quite happy with my drugstore purchases I may say. What these companies are charging for something not really needed is insane. I stopped falling for all that hype years ago although a few names still remain excellent. NARS is up there.

I do in that there would be little-to-no room for fault in texture, pigmentation, longevity and housing for the product. I expect better product and performance, including how a compact/packaging is designed, commensurate with the higher price.

Yes. I feel like if I am paying $36 for a lipstick it better perform better than my $7 lipstick or we have a problem. However I know for a fact that I have $7 lipsticks that perform better than $36 lipsticks so it’s a matter of what works best for my skin as another person’s skin may like the other product better; it’s a toss up. I’ll swatch the expensive first for sure tho.

I have reasonably high expectations of higher end stuff. The pigment, performance, and ingredients should be superior for the price. Not to say the drugstore or mid tier doesn’t turn out excellent products!

When I am buying a high end product, I want it to perform as promised. I also expect it to be quite a bit better than a DS product. I don’t want , or expect an average product if I am paying a higher price point. I am paying for quality, and that is what I expect.

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