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Haha. If you have the mental capacity to graduate from law AND business school, I think you have the mental capacity for makeup ingredients!
I suppose your brain is already full to the brim, though…

Wow. This comment was not called for if you’re implying she’s stupid. Even as a chemistry major it’s hard to keep track of all the MSDSes and understand the exposure levels that are acceptable in addition to current research that’s always coming out.

Ignore this comment if you were just saying she accomplished a lot.

Mostly not unless it breaks me out (actually I just return it without checking). I do like to check that it’s oil free. I don’t really like talc too much either when I think about it (not often). I should care more. But I just don’t. That’s probably a bad thing, heh. Oh well.

Up until recently I haven’t cared much about ingredients. Now noticing the products I use and which ones break me out, I’m starting to try and put together If there are common ingredients that I can avoid to avoid the guess and check game of hoping a product doesn’t break me out. When it comes to “controversial” ingredients, that have been found to harm people, I guess I take the ignorance is bliss angle and stay uninformed, probably not the best decision, but its what I can do right now

kind of? Not really….Mineral oil is the one ingredient I usually make sure to stay away from… Other than that I don’t really pay attention…

Not really. I seem to be lucky in that nothing really breaks me out- at least not consistently. I tend to have whole product issues, not specific ingredient issues.

Yeah, I think it’s important to make sure that, to the best of your knowledge, the stuff isn’t too harmful.

Yeah, I think it’s important to make sure that, to the best of your knowledge, the stuff isn’t too harmful.

So which are the ingredients you watch?!? I always watch food ingredients (my step father has to eat gluten free) and now I’m starting reading the ingredients in all the makeup and skin care products I buy (and already have) but most of the time I have no idea of what they are!!

Yes, very much!! That is part of why I LOVE Sephora.com…because they list the ingredients in most products. I am very allergic to many things; such as certain fruit extracts, vanilla/vanillin, benzoyl peroxide and some fragrances. I used to think I had very acne prone skin, when in all reality the redness and bumps were from allergic reactions. So now, I research every pretty makeup item I want to buy!! NARS & Dior are very kind to my skin…haha, and they are AMAZING!! ;c)

I see people on sc/mu boards listing miles of ingredients asking if it will do this or that to their skin … frankly, if I buy it and I react badly, I toss it … I don’t dig down through the ingredients to see what “might” have been it. Its too exhausting to worry about.

Nah, I don’t pay attention at all. I don’t have any allergies, and I never break out, so no worries.

yes definitely! i always check for parabens, sulfates, etc. i like to know what i’m putting on my body!

For me, it’s only primers that I worry about. I cant use a primer with silicon or else it breaks me out

I didn’t… until I discovered it was long-term exposure to certain brands of eyeshadow that were making my eyes red and dry. Now I’m extremely careful about what I put near my eye area. Sadly, though, some of the damage done is irreparable – I’ll have two slightly yellow calluses on the whites of my eye for the rest of my life 🙁

If you live in a dry warm environment or have air con that is more likely to do it. I can say that with a high degree of conviction as the eyes are my job area.

No, I don’t worry about makeup ingredients. There are better things to worry about, like what you’re eating and what medications and supplements you’re taking. We don’t worry about the connection between diet and obesity and degenerative diseases enough in this country. Makeup is the least of our problems.

I do. It is almost impossible to keep in mind all the alphanumeric codes for colors in colored makeup (ie i still don’t know which ones are toxic but I assume they won’t put lead based colours in my eyeshadow!!), but I still read them. I absolutely read the ingred. list in skincare and lipsticks; I tend to choose skincare without parabens and mineral oils and pegs and possibly Sulfates.

I don’t check so much for makeup, but for skincare (shampoo, body wash, etc) I have to check if they contain SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates) because it breaks my skin out like crazy. It’s sad because most shampoos/body washes (Bath and Body Works, Philosophy…) contain these ingredients, so I can’t use them anymore 🙁

Yeah, I try to! I try to stay away from mineral oils, especially in skincare since I think it’s crap of the big companies using that simply because it’s cheap. I also don’t like when eyeshadows and blushes and stuff contain wheat starch since bacterias love that = itchy eyes and skin :S
But yeah, I’m with you Christine, it’s hard to keep track of all stuff that goes in makeup and skincare…

I do worry! Yes there are a ton to keep track of, especially when there are only slight spelling differences between ingredients, but they are totally different (supposedly). I have to watch for silicones, palm oils, other kinds of oils, sulfates, etc.

I definitely worry. What you put on your skin is absorbed into your skin, and is often absorbed into your bloodstream. Do you really want toxic chemicals being sucked into your body? Lately I’ve been purchasing only safe products. Not necessarily “all natural” (you REALLY have to read the fine print to see if it’s really all natural or not), but formulated without any harmful chemicals. I already see a huge difference in the quality of my skin. HUGE difference.

I just really wanna try to buy products NOT tested on animals. I did a persuasive speech in my speech class about buying products not tested on animals. I knew some things based on common sense but when researching, I found really terrible info and was rather disgusted. So yeah! That’s my two cents

Yes. I’ve learned that my skin won’t tolerate bismuth, so I always check for that. I have food allergies, too, so I have to check for products that contain any sort of peanut(oil, nut, etc) as well as soy.

I think about it every time I put makeup on! Mostly parabens, phthalates (DBP is mostly gone, but different phthalic compounds are in a surprising lot!), and methylchlorothiozone. The book Secret History of the War on Cancer was scary – but it really showed how lots of businesses in the distant and recent past know that ingredients are not totally “safe” yet they still use them. I imagine that still goes on.

I don’t, but if I had an allergic reaction, I would. (My skin isn’t hypersensitive, but I’ve had a few non-makeup things break me out before.)

I do pay attention to notes in scented items, though. Most traditional perfume doesn’t get along with me, and even stuff just based on some floral oils doesn’t sit well with me.

Not really, as long as the product is well reviewed. I don’t think I’ve found an ingredient that I’m allergic to, and I’m a bit lazy to research on what ingredients I should avoid. Maybe in a few weeks…

I stay away from mineral oil, bismuth oxychloride, and talc in anything that’s going on my skin, and make sure my hair care stuff is sulfate-free so that my color/highlights don’t fade as quickly. I’m obsessive about reading food labels and avoid a lot of stuff, but I’m nowhere near as careful when it comes to beauty products. As long as I avoid those four things, I’m generally happy.

Yes, I check ingredients of Make-Up and care-products, but also I check lists of food ingredients.
I learned some years ago that most of the chemicals used in MU and care-products were put on the market when there were not yet in practice all the tests for safety that are now obligatory. The EU-Reach-programme tried to change that but it was weakened by the chemical industry. The original aim was to test everything that was on the market and only with safe results should be allowed to stay on sale. Industry influenced it so that this aim was moved far to the future and thus keeps on providing ingredients that were never tested. In theory this is only affecting the EU, not the US, but seeing that products both produced in EU or US pretty much have similar ingredients, it seems the FDA has the same troubles as EU-regulations.

I avoid paraffines, too much silicones (can’t avoid completely as I can’t use purely mineral make-up, it does not work for me), SLS/ALS, phtalates, methylchlorothiozone and similar conservation agents that can release formaldehyde, potassium sorbate (not poisonous but my skin does not like it), I prefer big-3-free nail polish, and I also check ingredients list for whether they can even match the product claim (sometimes it can be seen from the ingredients that it won’t be possible) or whether there are for example the “good ingredients” listed after the conservation agents and colours – meaning microscopic amounts of “plant extracts” but which make the headline of the product claim. I also check for a match of ingredients and product price – famous example is the paraffin-laden creme de la mer – very cheap ingredients, maybe it´s a good cream to some people, but totally overpriced nevertheless.

If I could, I would switch totally to “natural make up” (meaning the kind with a valid certificate, not made-up “natural”) such as from the brand Dr. Hauschka, but first of all of course they do not have a colour match for my skin tone and then also natural make-up does not perform well in hectic long days and various weather – at least not for me.

I’m not a fan of sls or parables. Also don’t like animal by products in makeup but thankfully the European Union cosmetics directive forces manufacturers to use a plant derivative if it’s available as an alternative.

I don’t like it when products contain aluminum. However, Laura Mercier’s TM contains something-aluminum-something and I still buy it because I love it. Hopefully I don’t get alzheimers when I’m older..

big ones i tend to watch for are parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate…
i’ve switched most of my face and body skincare to botanicals, but makeup’s been a bit tougher to do!

I usually check the Beautypedia website to see if something has harmful or irritating ingredients. I worry about skincare, but not makeup as much. I always check it before I buy something new. It is important to know if something will live up to its claims, is good value (i.e. a high end product with a huge markup for really cheap ingredients) and it couldn’t potentially irritate the skin.

I don’t really wear makeup, but for skincare I always watch for SLS (sulfates). Since I have eczema, those kinds of ingredients further aggravate my condition. I also don’t like skincare products that are overly fragranced or that have dyes and preservatives in them.

Just in general I try to steer clear of products with LONG lists of ingredients because usually a lot of that stuff is just filler.

Yeah, if I see the ingredient mica in a facial wash I stay clear away, it breaks me out really bad! I rarely have any other problems with it in anything else. However E.L.F eye shadows have something in it that make me feel like I have a scratched eye so I don’t buy their shadows anymore. I never looked at the ingredients but I wouldn’t doubt that it contains mica but it has not bothered me in any other shadow. Might be less of a refined grain or something. I’m also trying to steer clear of parabens in everything which is becoming easier as brands are seeming to eliminate them in products recently.

I think that remembering all of the “watch list” ingredients is a makeup lovers buzz-kill! I am very concerned about the ingredients that are in the products that I use and eat. I read labels carefully, and am particularly careful with skin care products. However, I contradict that when I apply most of my beloved makeup (MAC and Chanel primarily). I cringe when I read the labels because so many of the ingredients are on the no-no list. When I started visiting the Skin Deep database (http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/)it really made me rethink the products that I was using because of harmful ingredients, but somehow I am such a lemming for MAC and Chanel products that I just can’t stop myself from using them! I do, however keep away from mineral oil, petrolatum, silicone-based products, parabens, phthalates etc.

Being I am a clinical chemist, I know what all that ‘stuff’ is on the labels. Some of it I am not concerned about at all. Others I try and look for a more ‘green’ brand at times. I really stay away from products with mineral oils, parabens and some petro-chemicals that just are not necessary to be ‘in there.’ I know my skin will breath and be a lot more healthy without these things in them.

I’m actually really curious about ingredients in cosmetics/skin care. But the problem is I just don’t know what the things are and what they do. I’m actually hoping to study biochemistry at university and maybe find a way into the cosmetic world.

Sometimes. If I buy high end makeup I’m not as paranoid since I know they go through a lot of tests to make sure that their makeup is safe, but with lower end makeup (with the exception of popular drugstore brands like L’Oreal or Revlon) I really read the label or search for the ingredient list online

I have a severe allergy to coconut so i am extremely careful about the ingredients in all my makeup.

I read the ingredients, but I don’t pay too much attention.
I try to avoid parabens & buy oil free if I can, but it’s not always possible & there are always exceptions.
Life is too short, and while we can be more careful of what we choose to put on our skin, we still can’t protect ourselves from everything we’re exposed to. There’s a bunch of pollution in the air and chemicals in the water. We’re constantly bombarded.

I watch out for parabens mostly, I like the Korres foundation because its parabens free. I wanted to try Laura Mercier, but I read it has parabens. I just don’t like the idea of putting potential cancer causing ingredi

I watch out for parabens mostly, I like the Korres foundation because its parabens free. I wanted to try Laura Mercier, but I read it has parabens. I just don’t like the idea of putting potential cancer causing ingredients on my face.

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