Contribute to Temptalia!

Contribute to Temptalia!

We are in the process of reviewing applications.  We will update this post as necessary.  We received an amazing amount of outstanding applications, so the process will be quite difficult, and we want to ensure we spend quality time reviewing each applicant.

We are looking for fun, passionate, and savvy individuals who love beauty, makeup, and skincare! If you live and breathe the world of beauty and would love to share your experiences and knowledge with a community of beauty enthusiasts, this is something for you! We are currently accepting applications for the following contributors:

  • Skincare Enthusiasts: Whether you have the degree to prove it or are a self-professed skincare junkie who reads through ingredient lists like a pro, we want to hear from you! We are looking for two to five contributors of varying skin types and ages to provide different perspectives as skincare can be such a maze to navigate through!
  • Hair Care Enthusiasts: Are you a styling wiz? Have you dealt with the most unruly hair and conquered the beauty market to find the very best? Or are you still on a seemingly never-ending journey for holy grail hair products? We’re looking for two to three contributors to focus on hair care tips, tricks, and reviews.
  • Fragrance Enthusiasts: Do you have a nose that knows? Can you dissect the different notes in a fragrance and translate it into a review or critique? We’re looking for one to two contributors to focus on fragrance tips and reviews.
  • Industry Experts: Are you a professional esthetician, hair stylist,  makeup artist, nail technician, etc.? We would love for you to share your professional viewpoint with readers along with tips and tricks from that perspective.
  • Going Global to Go Local: There are so many beauty brands that are only available in certain parts of the world, and while we may be able to cover many that dominate in the U.S., we are looking for one to three individuals from other areas of the world to give readers access to non-U.S. brands by those who know them best—locals!

Contributors will be asked to write one to three posts per month within their subject. In exchange, contributors will receive exposure and experience—and hopefully have a lot of fun! Temptalia’s audience reaches 600,000 unique individuals each month, and on average, Temptalia is visited 60,000 times per day—1.7 million visits per month and 5 million pageviews per month.

If you are interested, keep reading for what we look for in applicants along with the application! 

Ideal applicants will:

  • Be passionate about their subject; they will be knowledgeable and have a thirst to learn even more
  • Be able to take quality photos/swatches (as applicable; for certain subjects, this is more or less important)
  • Be able to write clearly and intelligently
  • Be willing to interact with the community, including answering readers’ questions if left on a post they have written
  • Be self-motivated and communicative
  • Be critical, fair, and honest in any reviews written


At the end of the day, we are looking for driven individuals who can write well and love beauty; we want to get to know our contributors and have our community get to know you.  You don’t have to have writing experience to be an excellent candidate.  We want to see your love for beauty shine through!  If there is anything you think we just have to know about you, don’t hesitate to include it in your application or e-mail to us.

Phew! If you’ve read to this point, we hope that means you’re really interested!

To apply: Please fill out the contributor form (Word Doc), then attach along with two writing samples (each 300 words or longer; do not just link me to your blog) and send to [email protected] and [email protected].

Deadline for Applications:  Please submit all applications by June 15th, 2011.  If we are still looking for more contributors, we’ll definitely repost!