Contribute to Temptalia!

Contribute to Temptalia!

We are in the process of reviewing applications.  We will update this post as necessary.  We received an amazing amount of outstanding applications, so the process will be quite difficult, and we want to ensure we spend quality time reviewing each applicant.

We are looking for fun, passionate, and savvy individuals who love beauty, makeup, and skincare! If you live and breathe the world of beauty and would love to share your experiences and knowledge with a community of beauty enthusiasts, this is something for you! We are currently accepting applications for the following contributors:

  • Skincare Enthusiasts: Whether you have the degree to prove it or are a self-professed skincare junkie who reads through ingredient lists like a pro, we want to hear from you! We are looking for two to five contributors of varying skin types and ages to provide different perspectives as skincare can be such a maze to navigate through!
  • Hair Care Enthusiasts: Are you a styling wiz? Have you dealt with the most unruly hair and conquered the beauty market to find the very best? Or are you still on a seemingly never-ending journey for holy grail hair products? We’re looking for two to three contributors to focus on hair care tips, tricks, and reviews.
  • Fragrance Enthusiasts: Do you have a nose that knows? Can you dissect the different notes in a fragrance and translate it into a review or critique? We’re looking for one to two contributors to focus on fragrance tips and reviews.
  • Industry Experts: Are you a professional esthetician, hair stylist,  makeup artist, nail technician, etc.? We would love for you to share your professional viewpoint with readers along with tips and tricks from that perspective.
  • Going Global to Go Local: There are so many beauty brands that are only available in certain parts of the world, and while we may be able to cover many that dominate in the U.S., we are looking for one to three individuals from other areas of the world to give readers access to non-U.S. brands by those who know them best—locals!

Contributors will be asked to write one to three posts per month within their subject. In exchange, contributors will receive exposure and experience—and hopefully have a lot of fun! Temptalia’s audience reaches 600,000 unique individuals each month, and on average, Temptalia is visited 60,000 times per day—1.7 million visits per month and 5 million pageviews per month.

If you are interested, keep reading for what we look for in applicants along with the application! 

Ideal applicants will:

  • Be passionate about their subject; they will be knowledgeable and have a thirst to learn even more
  • Be able to take quality photos/swatches (as applicable; for certain subjects, this is more or less important)
  • Be able to write clearly and intelligently
  • Be willing to interact with the community, including answering readers’ questions if left on a post they have written
  • Be self-motivated and communicative
  • Be critical, fair, and honest in any reviews written


At the end of the day, we are looking for driven individuals who can write well and love beauty; we want to get to know our contributors and have our community get to know you.  You don’t have to have writing experience to be an excellent candidate.  We want to see your love for beauty shine through!  If there is anything you think we just have to know about you, don’t hesitate to include it in your application or e-mail to us.

Phew! If you’ve read to this point, we hope that means you’re really interested!

To apply: Please fill out the contributor form (Word Doc), then attach along with two writing samples (each 300 words or longer; do not just link me to your blog) and send to [email protected] and [email protected].

Deadline for Applications:  Please submit all applications by June 15th, 2011.  If we are still looking for more contributors, we’ll definitely repost!

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We appreciate enthusiasm for new releases but ask readers to please hold questions regarding if/when a review will be posted as we can't commit to or guarantee product reviews. We don't want to set expectations and then disappoint readers as even products that are swatched don't always end up being reviewed due to time constraints and changes in priorities! Thank you for understanding!

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

wow, this would be freaking awesome Christine, I’d love to but I am so not expert on anything LOL I’ll stick to my sad little blog for now lol good luck finding people to be a part of your incredible team aka Mellan LOL

Hey, expert is all relative – ultimately we are looking for people who are PASSIONATE about their subject. Who are always reading about it, learning about it, trying to understand it all 🙂 Think about it!

I’m a beauty blogger from Brazil! Would you guys be interested? If so should I send the writing samples in Portuguese and English or just English?

Is there a minimum age for this? I’m a very sophisticated writer and a complete product junkie… but I’m sixteen. Would that be acceptable, or not? I completely understand if for legal reasons I couldn’t, and, of course, if you wouldn’t want a sixteen year old writing on your blog. I know a lot about makeup, and a decent amount about hair (I have 2 1/2 feet of very long, thick blonde hair). Anyway, I just figured I’d ask before I apply. Thanks for your time! (:

Over 14 (there are way too many crazy laws for for really young kids and teens) – if you post photos of yourself, I might need to put together a release form to get consent from your parents (I will look into it to see if that’s necessary, I don’t think it is), so it would just need to be good with your parents! 🙂

I love this! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to contribute. One thing though, I’m having trouble accessing the Word document (says page not found). Help would be appreciated, thanks!

I would absolutely love to be able to write for your blog! The problem is, my expertise lays in makeup and nail products. Is there anyway I could still apply or that these positions would become available in the future? Thanks!

Hi Kimmie!

Right now, we’re just looking for contributors for these areas, but if things go well, we’ll definitely consider other categories, too!

I am very, very interested in taking part in this but once I fill out the application, it is not allowing me to save it…at the top there is a purple bar denoting, “Please fill out the following form. You cannot save data typed into this form, please print form if you would like a copy for your records,” etc. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


Hey Audri!

I opened it up in Adobe Acrobat Reader and was able to save just fine. What browser are you using? PC/Mac? I’ll try to figure it out! Or else you can use the Word Doc file to fill out!

oh goodness, how exciting!

will we only be considered for the category we list on our application? would you consider offering a position in a different category to someone you liked, but did not select for the particular category they listed on their application?

obviously this is an incredible opportunity, and while there are one or two categories i feel more qualified for, i would be happy to write in any category if you liked my application and samples.

Hi Emory!

You can definitely add that you’re interested in multiple categories, too – or that you’d love to still be considered for X category if Y fills up. 🙂

Feel free to let me know in your email or anywhere on your app that you are also interested in a second category (but definitely let me know your first choice). Just these topics for now! 🙂

That is so weird! What browser are you using? I loaded it up in the reader and was able to save the data.

SO weird! I just tested it in Firefox (the latest version) and it worked no problem. It seemed like a few people were having trouble, though, so I just linked to the Word Doc and removed the troublesome PDF! All that fancy form work for nothing! LOL!

Wow! What an opportunity! Skincare is definitely my passion! Do you think you can use people of “color” to contribute? I’m Chinese/Hawaiian and Japanese and always had a hard time getting the right “formulas” to work with my skin (people of color tend to not necessarily scar more easily, but it takes a LONG time for dried up pimples and discolorations disappear than those of lighter skin tone! I’m always on the lookout for the NEXT BEST THING, WITHIN A REASONABLE BUDGET because not all of us can afford the 200.00 wonder youth cream! Do you have a lot of women of color asking advice? I’d love to give it a shot! When I wrote in college ( a lot) I was told I was quite erudite…but TOO honest! 😉

Definitely apply, Myles! I am looking for a really great group of people – and diversity is always appreciated. We’re really hoping that by adding contributors, we can help to round out our content with different perspectives and more content on some of the areas that I’m less expert in (like hair!) and things like skincare where you can really only review so many products (and actually test for six to eight weeks) – plus skincare is vast and my skin type is just one of many.

I’m feeling a little silly asking this, but is anyone else having trouble saving the file once its been filled out? My computer isn’t letting me save it with the entered text. Would it be okay if I re-typed the form into a word document file? I’m sorry for the trouble!

Hey Morgan!

I’m not sure why the form isn’t saving. I tested it a few times on my computer and it was fine 🙁

There is a Word Doc linked at the end of the post that you can copy and paste into!

When would contributors need to start posting? In late September I’ll be heading to Japan for two years, but I’m currently America based. I’d be able to feature Japanese and maybe some Korean nail polish brands once over there, though. Should I apply or wait for another round if you do it?

Hi Kami!

I’d say apply now – you can note that on your application, and it’ll be fine. We’re serious but flexible! Depending on the amount of applications submitted, it may take a week to a couple of weeks to go through, and then introductions and the like – so I wouldn’t expect posts to get going until late July or early August. We’re totally willing to wait for the right person, and I can’t guarantee that if or when we’ll do another round. I’d love to have your application in the mix sooner rather than later 🙂

Thanks for getting back to me! I’ll take time and make sure my application is up to your standards. Thanks for offering such a wonderful opportunity! I’ll be in touch!

Are you interested in a beauty fanatic that is totally cruelty free? I use only cruelty free products (this includes 3rd party testing) and I would love to bring that knowledge and understanding to your viewers in a non-judgemental and fun way.

Hey Heather!

Super awesome! I’m vegan, so of course my makeup is. I’ve often thought about covering this issue on a blog but don’t have time to do it on my own. Maybe we could team up?

Otherwise, Christine, I would love to see vegan makeup covered on the blog more!


i use only cruelty free products too (including 3rd party as well) i’d love to see more people blog about products that are truly cruelty free, that they’ve researched and know for a fact that they are. i’d be interested in teaming up with you guys if you want help!

sorry for boycotting your comments page 🙂

Wow Christine! I’m from Hong Kong and I really love cosmetics, especially Korean and Japanese ones (although lately I’ve been into Nars and MAC). Ive always loved and I cant tell you how excited I am to hear about this news!!! I’ll go work on the application now! xx

I’d just like to say congratulations, Christine, on your graduation(s), and for the incredible innovation which you created called “temptalia.” This new phase is a wonderful opportunity for many gals with a passion for excellence and beauty. It only gets better from here!

Nope, not at all. The writing samples are really to show me your writing style, mechanics, etc. I want to feel confident that you can convey your thoughts intelligently! 🙂

This sounds like an amazing opportunity, Christine! I do have two additional questions, if you have the time to answer them?

Firstly, I’m wondering if you’re looking for short-term contributors, long-term contributors, or both. (I’d love to apply, but I don’t know if I’d still have time to do additional blogging come September!)

Secondly, do you know how much direction you plan on giving? (eg. “I’d like a skincare post” vs. “I’d like a post about silicones,” or “I’d like a review for product X.”) I’m all set once I get going, but I’m dead in the water when it comes to figuring out *what* to write >.<


Hi Rae!

Short and long-term contributors – I definitely expect that people will rotate in and out as their lives change or things happen! I’ll be giving more direction rather than less, but I won’t give SUPER SUPER precise topics unless that’s what someone wants. There will definitely be a lot of communication so we can work out ideas and talk everything through if you’re stuck, hate the topic, etc. For example, skincare contributors might be given “write about your favorite morning moisturizer” as a topic.

Does that help at all?

Wow! I was just thinking about how much I would love to do something like this! I am want to apply but cannot open the Word Doc – I have the 2003 edition of Office, may that be the problem?

Hi Christine, dying to apply for the skincare column, but I can’t access the form after trying all 3 links above. it will only let me save it over and over but does not open anything for me!

Both! 🙂 It’s not a big deal if not, since they all go to me – I just have both for double insurance! If you click the link in the post, it should automatically put both addresses in, though!

thanks! also, my word is ancient because i never needed to upgrade it for the sole purple of essay writing, lol! it wont open docx files 🙁 is it too much to ask for another copy of the app form in a different format?

I am so not confident in my writing abilities to apply, but I LOVE that you’re giving this opportunity to so many other people out there. Not to mention how exciting it is that your site will be expanding like this.
You do amazing work Christine, keep it up! =)

I think this is perfect for me! haha All I do is live, breathe, and talk makeup! Writing and creating art, whether it’s on a face or any other canvas, is my creative outlet! I hope I get this! haha I think it’s my calling! 😀

I’m interested in 2 categories. Submitting something now, and the rest, I will resend to you later today. Thank you for this opportunity.

Hi, I would love to apply but when I click on the link to the Word Doc, the document comes up unreadable 🙁 Anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? It gives me an option to change the encoding to make it readable but none of the options work. Thanks.

Hey Christine I am so excited!! This would be a wonderful opportunity and I’m definitely appling asap. I just wanted to ask you, can I submit one writing sample from my college dissertation (subject: chinese film&anthropology) and one piece from my beauty blog?
Thanks so much! xx

Hi Maria,

If your dissertation is hundreds of pages long, just send me a page or two, but that is fine! 🙂


I am very interested in applying but my questions are as such: Must the products that are being blogged be products the blogger purchases? If so, that can be quite expensive especially since some of us are poor college students (ME!). In addition, will you be reviewing the writing that must be submitted to

Hi Summer,

I’m not expecting or asking anyone to go out and purchase products specifically to review. It’s actually far more important that each contributor is able to establish their sense of self, writing style, tone, and credibility first, which is less about writing about products they’ve never tried as it is sharing their experiences in finding products that work, holy grail products they’ve found, ones that totally flopped along with various editorial themes.

As editor, everything will go through me, so I will be reviewing and editing as necessary!


so i took my chance and send you an email, i hope you got it. I hope you are prepared for all the emails you are going to receive 🙂 Good luck finding everyone

Hi Steph,

Each person’s focus is not on new, new, new. It’s important that each contributor establish themselves on the blog first, which means writing about products you know and love (and know and hate) to provide a view into you, what things you like, what has worked and what hasn’t. I think it is a common misconception that you need to go out and buy more products when you’re already a beauty junkie who’s bought a ton of products in the past. I do not expect or want anyone to go out and buy a bunch of products!

WOW! I’ve been waiting for something like this!
I’m a journalism student, needing some experience! ..So I’m definitely going to apply for this!

Hi Christine,

As an avid reader of Temptalia, I think the evolution of the site is going to be really exciting. Looking forward to great things!

I’m so glad, NeenaJ! 🙂 I’m excited, too – because these are areas where I’m certainly not an expert in but would love to fill in those gaps of content with posts from those who know it better and love it more.

I think what you are doing is extremely smart and suppoetive. Specially for those who want to express their opinion but are not sure how to start their venue. Thank you once again for showing appreciation towards your readers. This is why Temptalia is the one site I read everyday.

I will definitely apply if reviews on LUSH or nail polished are needed since I’m an avid consumer of both.

Good luck to everyone 🙂

Thank you, Claudia! You see so many people leave such thoughtful, well-written comments and wonder, “Hey! Why aren’t you blogging?” or even on review websites/retailers, you’ll see some really excellent reviews from people who clearly know their stuff!

LUSH is skincare, so! 🙂

Ohhhhh you are right it is! *evil laugh* Do you think LUSH and Clarins (I use a lot of their products as well) would be enough brands to do multiple monthly reviews? I will be honest that I do not try anything else on my face because of it’s sensitivity and my dermatologist would be disappointed if I did and then went back to her with more issues lol. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and if what you are looking for is a person who will try a lot of different brands please let me know. If so I won’t participate but if two brands would be enough (I use all LUSH items on my body – mostly lotions, shower gels and massage bars- and only Clarins on my face).

It’s funny how many typos I had this morning writing from the phone which is why I never send out work e-mails from it!

Sorry for the long post and thanks again for doing this 🙂

OMG! I really want working for temptalia! I work as Hostess for some cosmetic houses and I’ll write my “sample” as soon as possible! Please, let me know if you accept Italian candidates!

Good luck to everyone who’s applying/thinking about applying! ^_^ I’m no expert in any of these areas, so I’ll just retain my status as a commenter. 😀

Hey Christine, I’m Irish and I’m thinking on applying for the Go Local, what type of writing sample should we submit? Should it be a product review or anything specific?

OMGoodness!!!!! I’m so excited about this opportunity. I am all about skincare and hair products right now. I am filling my application out asap! Thank you so much Christine!

Hi Christine, for some reason I can’t get the contributor form to open. ): Is there anyway it could be emailed to me? Please? 🙂

Hi, this came quite timely for me. I am a young stay at home mom who lives in a very small town in Montana. I came from a bigger city and wanted to peruse a career in the beauty industry. There is not much to offer here in that field and it has been getting me down. I know this is what I want to do and it seems there has been so many stumbling blocks. I have the time and motivation it takes to put into this. I have the passion for beauty and knowledge in makeup products and skincare. I am always researching and experimenting products. The other day I paused our DVR on Tyra Banks and was pointing out Tyra Banks contouring and highlighting to my husband and explained how its done and what brushes you use! LOL! I was made for this. Thank you for the opportunity, I am sending mt application and articles right now.

Hi there Kimberli Anne,
I think you actually have an awesome opportunity with where you live. If there arent any opportunities for beauty, then you could open up shop and become THE beauty expert in your community. Women everywhere, no matter where they live or where they are from, love to play with makeup and hair stuff and do things that make them feel pretty. Also, people are always getting married and want makeup artists- you would be perfect for that! With your industry knowledge and background, you could really make something of yourself and bring something the world of beauty to your community. Especially if you, as you say, have the time for it. I would give ANYTHING to have more time to build my makeup artistry business…..

Good Luck!

Hi Christine. I am a makeup artist in Cincinnati, Ohio and I would like to apply to for an industry expert writer position. I also have an MBA and have several writing examples from school that I can submit. Will this be sufficient or would you prefer I submit samples that are specifically about makeup? Also, I can’t download the word document application. I saw below how you said it should be fixed now, but I am still not able to open it.

Thank you,

what an amazing opportunity! i’m a food writer mainly, but i worked for sephora for several years and lush cosmetics for a few too – i’m crazy about beauty, especially skincare and fragrances. i think i’m going to be too busy to be able to submit anything regularly so i won’t be applying, but i can’t wait to read all the new contributors’ posts!

Hi Christine,
I am considering applying. I am a Neuroscience PhD Student… but I have a lifestyle type blog and have been following your blog forever. Can I send you a writing sample from school? It’s a seminar write up. I was also going to send you a review I did for a satchel I bought… but I can’t figure out if I should include the pictures or not. What do you think?

Hey Christine,
I would love to apply (I’m 15 so I just made the age minimum yay!). I’m having trouble opening the application though. It keeps coming up in all of these symbols and no words. I’m not sure what to do.
xo Liza

It’s amzing to see how is expanding. It’s definetely a good response for your hard work on your site. I would love to contribute and I’ve just sent you my application =)
Hope you can find everyone you need!

I’m definitely going to apply as a hair care enthusiast! As a natural redhead with thick wavy hair I’m obsessed with hair care treatments and tools! Plus I’m planning on majoring in journalism as a freshman in college next year so this would be a great start to online reporting!

I am an military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan so I applied for the local portion. Is that ok even though I’m not technically a local? I would really like to help out with this.

Ummm, sounds like fun. I have never blogged, but I am by degree a clinical laboratory scientist. I work now part time as a screen play analyst. Who would have ever thought I would first do tech. writing and now editorial work? I tried to avoid writing courses in college best I could! Curious if we would be reviewing product or what?

It depends on the category – some may be more review-heavy than others! It is also something flexible enough that it can be more/less reviews based on the person, too.

Hi! I’m an American reader but in about a month I’ll be visiting Australia to see my boyfriend for a few weeks. I’m a crazy makeup fiend and will probably pick a few becca items as well as a few of local drugstore brand items. would that count as a more global review? I’d absolutely love to contribute!

I just applied late last night. This would be my dream job! Good luck to all the applicants. It must be tough, Christine, trying to pick just a few from so many entrants. I don’t envy having you make your decision. 🙂

I’ve just sent in my application and I’m keeping my fingers crossed 😉
Thank you Christine for the wonderful opportunity!

Thank you Christine for this opportunity, I just sent my review of a Middle East Makeup company, finger crossed, hope you like.

Hey, I am having trouble opening the file also. I am using a MAC and the Safari Browser to download it and when I open it in Word it is all hieroglyphic symbols. please help!


I paticilarly luv going local,going global idea!
Many loved brands f.e.Mac,Nars,Korres are available to me only via online orders.Have to rely on swatches,I check Yours always:).Need more places to shop from!

I really want to review foreign make up products, thing is I actually live in the US. However, I am a descriptive writer and actually use many asian cosmetics such as mandom gatsby (hair), etude house (korean/makeup), koji (makeup). I myself am not asian, actually. But would I still be able to apply for ‘Going Global to Go Local’? Thanks!

You don’t have to be Asian, though exposure/accessibility to Asian products would be the important factor 🙂

i live close to many asian markets/malls so finding Asian products isnt a problem & my boyfriend actually visits japan quite often and he usually gets me newly released cosmetics 🙂
plus, i have many products already
can i still apply? 🙂

Oh gosh, I would TOTALLY love to do something like this. My internship with College Fashion is ending at the end of this month and I don’t have another writing internship/job lined up, aside from some increasingly desperate attempts at freelancing. Alas, earwax; I’m not an expert in any of these fields, nor am I going to fool myself into thinking I’m passionate enough to start trying haha 😉

If you ever need someone to write about health, wellness, body empowerment, etc… I know I’ll apply within seconds 😉 That’s sort of my “niche” in the fashion/beauty journalism sphere. I wish everyone luck in their application processes! 🙂

hi, sorry to bother you but along with the writing samples should I attach the accompanying photographs? I don’t want to clog up your mail box so thought I should ask first many thanks x

Well, I’m excited! I sent my application in just a moment ago!

I am going to have every availably body part crossed that I get this until the contributors are announced/notified.

Thank you, Christine, for this amazing opportunity!

Hi Christine this is so exciting! I work 3 jobs (office job, hair stylist and make up artist on the side) so it is hard for me to maintain my own blog but I would love to be a part of yours. I’m trying to access the word document but I’m having difficulty. Let me know when you receive my application. Also, the 2 writing pieces, can they be 2 examples of something that interests us, like a specific topic?

Hi Taran!

You can also email me for a copy of the application – it is so weird (and frustrating!) because it works for some but not all.

The writing samples can be of anything, it doesn’t have to be about beauty or the topic you are applying for!

I sent it! I also sent a second email to include the link to my blog since I forgot it in the first email. Let me know if you can’t open the word files!

Hey Christine! I have an idea for Temptalia that isn’t listed as one of the contributing positions and isn’t something that I’ve ever seen on the website. Would it be okay to propose it in my application?

hi christine, i just noticed this post while going through your older posts, what are the chances you will be reposting this for more applications?

Christine- I hope you’re still checking comments on this! I was just reading over this post again and I think I misunderstood (or overthought!) the part about the writing samples and such. I read the “do not just link me to your blog” part as meaning to not simply say “this is my blog, read it for my writing samples”. I sent links for specific posts, was I supposed to have sent them as Word documents?

Ah, I feel a bit silly now 😛

Hi Chloe,

Don’t worry about it – that’s fine. I didn’t want people to link me to their blog and expect me to read through the whole thing 🙂

We try to approve comments within 24 hours (and reply to them within 72 hours) but can sometimes get behind and appreciate your patience! 🙂 If you have general feedback, product review requests, off-topic questions, or need technical support, please contact us directly. Thank you for your patience!