ColourPop Sunflower Collection Swatches

ColourPop Sunflower Collection Swatches
ColourPop Sunflower Collection Swatches

ColourPop Sunflower Collection just launched at 10AM PT this morning, and here are swatches of the new eyeshadow palette, cream eyeshadows, pencils, and glosses. As always, you can use code TEMPTALIA for 10% off your order (which is an affiliate code, so I receive commission from orders that use this code).

Also, while copying in the ingredient lists, I noticed that Sub Zero was listed as not intended for the eye area — so heads up! The palette is also $14 and has cardboard packaging without a mirror (as opposed to the 9-pan monochromatic palettes, which are in plastic compacts and come with a mirror).

P.S. — After seeing a derm earlier this week, I had a chemical peel on Tuesday, as I had done a swatch-a-thon the weekend prior… so you have caught me on a molting day. After I rise from the flakes, I’ll get lip swatches + face photos up for the glosses (next week). So sorry! I really thought I was good for a few days of no mandatory photo-taking… but I forgot that ColourPop was back to their weekly launches so there is no such thing as downtime!

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I like that this is all matte, but I think they could have switched out a light yellow for a green, and a midtone yellow for a burgundy. Then it would be lovely and more unique.

Serious question for Christine (or anyone) that I’ve been meaning to ask for awhile. Any snark (intentional or otherwise) intended for ColourPop.

Maybe this is just my lack of imagination, but just exactly what would I do then and on what body part would I wear the thing that looks like an eyeliner, is marketed as an eyeliner, and appears on their website in the section called “Eyeliner”…if it’s not intended for use near the eyes?

And on the more serious side, I’ve really been wondering this about the increased volume of shades I have been seeing in palettes (and occasionally singles) that are clearly presented in a way that gives the impression it is to be used as an eyeshadow with very little indication otherwise (except occasionally some small print calling it a “pigment” instead of a shadow). Now I get that in some cases (or maybe all cases) they are things approved in Europe, but not in the U.S. and people in Europe seem no worse for the wear so this is mostly a CYA thing for the company, but I also think that the average person in the U.S. probably doesn’t know this. So…what does one do with these? Where else would I wear them outside the context of an editorial fashion shoot? Much like the pressed glitters from CP, I’ve mostly been avoiding palettes that feature one or more pigments not intended for the eye unless there is just some other absolutely stunning thing in that palette I must have because it seems like a waste of my money because I don’t know what else to do with them. Or does everyone else just go for it and wear them anyway? Maybe this can be the subject of a future post letting us know all the creative ways to use these pigments that I’m just not figuring out on my own.

If you can’t wear it on eyes, you could try it on hair, on nails, on body etc. for things like glitter, lip liner (for a liner that isn’t for eyes), powder products could be used as blush/bronzer! Some don’t use them, some use them as blush, and some use them on eyes trusting EU regulations.

Lucie, I know exactly what you mean. It’s a pet peeve of mine. I feel if it’s advertised to use on, lets say the eyes, then you should be able to use everything on the eyes period. If not, then why include the product!?!? Seriously, it’s maddening to me. I know that many brave souls use these anyway but I won’t risk the health of my eyes. I used to always assume that if an eye product was on the market then it must have passed muster and was deemed safe. Sadly, I’ve learned that this is not the case and it’s on the consumer to educate themselves about the products. Thank god for the internet and sites like Temptalia. I’ve learned a lot from the people here and everyone is so nice!I’m also at the point that I’ve avoided making purchases because of this very issue. It’s nice that we have a lot more to choose from these days. Well, at least CP isn’t using scent in their eye shadows like Too Faced but that’s another issue altogether.

Kind of a nice autumn take on a yellow palette. Am I nuts, or has no one else ever seen a gold liner that is not eye safe? Donโ€™t we all have five that are? Time for an ingredients check. Strange.

Some of these colors look to be very similar to each other (at least close enough that they won’t translate to different on the eye). That being said I don’t have any of these orangey/yellow or mustardy type shades so having a lighter and more vibrant of a similar tone wouldn’t be a bad thing for my collection. I also highly appreciate that these are actually mattes and there is not a glitter in sight. That means I would use every single color to its fullest. I am in need of a new brown liner and while I’d prefer their shimmery brown (c’mon CP bring back my favorite shade) I need a matte one and their formula works for me.

This is one of the few times I was expecting bright, warm yellows. What in tiamat is this? Where is the green shade for the stem and leaves? I bet Christine could build a better sunflower themed palette with random pulls from her collection.

I’ve got an earworm going on looking at these swatches; “Walking On Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves.

Yesterday, I paired some shades from Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette with ColourPop Yes, Please palette for a sunflower inspired look after reading your post about sunflower inspired eyeshadow palettes one could make with SG e/s’s. I went with the golden yellow with orange and deep reddish shades. I still really do love this palette, the SSS’s and the deep red-brown eyeliner!

I think Yellow 10 is the ingredient in Sub Zero which is not FDA-approved for eye use (although it is considered eye-safe in the EU). Why not use Yellow 5 Lake, like in the shadows?? The eyeliners also look like they weren’t milled/mixed completely…

I actually love looking at stuff super close-up in macro photos. The weirder, the better ? I have considered buying that ~$30 USB microscope Kristi used on the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks…

Did Colourpop intend for Sub Zero to be used to draw grills on our teeth or something?! Next thing you know they will come up with a lipstick that you cannot use on your lips. lol.

Christine straight up said a product macro looked gross. This is officially the final nail in the coffin that is my relationship with Colourpop ? I fit within their target, “nostalgic millennial” demographic, but I just can’t anymore. Too much plastic, both in their makeup and packaging–which other than one measly skincare product, have no distinct label on them that meets any local recycling regulations and therefore go straight to a landfill. The Green Dot symbol is unfortunately not synonymous with recyclability.

Sunnyvale is tempting, but I’d rather have it in pot form instead of pencil. Sub Zero is GORGEOUS, too.

All of these seem like great quality. Really cohesive collection!

Nope, nope and nope. It would have been lovely if there were a couple of good golds and a few greens/blues and purples for contrast instead of that muddy brown.

The palette looks gorgeous and Iโ€™m grateful they have released an all matte palette (or a palette without those dreaded pressed glitters!)
But since I have Paper Tiger, Tiki and Koi (as well as other brown neutrals) j can easily dupe.
The packaging will not get me this time!

So, I am not a huge Colourpop fan and own exactly one of their palettes, Going Coconuts. This one just grabbed me; I’m still confused why, but I’ve ordered it. I agree that a pale warm green would have been lovely, and a couple of those more yellowy neutrals look too similar. I have other palettes and singles I can mix in as needed.

It’s recommended not to be used in the immediate eye area. Just like it’s recommended that you eat x servings of fruits and vegetables. And wear a mask.

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