ColourPop Coming to Sephora in November 2017

In November, ColourPop will be available through Sephora, but in-store and online, according to WWD.  The number of physical locations that will carry the brand has not been revealed but there will definitely be some locations where you’ll be able to play with ColourPop before you purchase, which has always been a drawback for those who have been curious about a brand (but unwilling to purchase sight unseen).  The brand remains committed to its current pricing as their products roll out to Sephora.

It’s a big move for the retail giant, given that this will make ColourPop the most affordable brand that they carry, even beating out their house brand, Sephora Collection (where a lipstick will run you $12.50 compared to ColourPop’s Lippie Stix at $6.00, or their single eyeshadows at $10.00 and ColourPop’s Pressed Shadows at $5.00).   It’s also a contrasting move to Sephora’s recent full rollout of Tom Ford’s line, one of the more expensive luxury lines in the beauty industry.

It is unclear at this time what exactly will be available from Sephora; on BeautyTalk (Sephora’s forums), the official announcement spoke of an “exclusive line,” so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Does this make you more likely to check out ColourPop or give them a try if you can purchase through Sephora instead (whether in-store or online)?

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I have tried a couple of things from Colourpop already…and I liked that it wasn’t at Sephora..idk why? It won’t make a difference to me…will still purchase online. It’s good they are stayin committed to the current pricing for now..hopin it stays that way.

Same here, Michelle. It’s one of the reasons I’ve never purchased anything from ColourPop, even though I’ve liked lots of what I’ve seen here.

This is awesome news! Although with the rate of new products currently being released by ColourPop, it makes me wonder how up-to-date the Sephora’s stock will be or what the in-store product range will look like.

I don’t see how this is viable. I like colourpop, but how will it work if the brand itself doesn’t accept returns due to such low price points? Will sephora just absorb the cost of returns since their return policy is so generous? Do they think sephora customers will be less inclined to return colourpop items due to their low prices? I have a lot of questions! But I am glad I’ll be able to swatch a few colors I’m not inclined to buy just yet.

I agree. I imagine that they’ll start cutting corners on ingredients and manufacturing, since now they’ll have to share their profits with Sephora.

Because of the accuracy of your ColourPop swatches, and my being a longtime fan of their products as a direct result; this doesn’t change anything for me personally. Well, except that there wouldn’t be a “free shipping” minimum, so if I just wanted 1 or 2 items, this would be very nice!

Ditto. Think I’ll still order direct, bec of T’s great swatches and reviews. S is not exactly on top of new releases, and that’s CP’s stock in trade. Maybe S will have a CP for S dedicated line. This seems like a very odd move…. S probably wooed CP bec Ulta has made so many moves on high end cos. Reverse psychology. If S is going more affordable, they can go head to head with U even harder…play Ulta’s strong suit. I think it’s a tad bizarre. I would rather give the $ direct to CP. completely understand why they would want a b&m presence. But can they churn out the stuff at an even faster rate? Or is something with Kendo in the works? Very interesting.

Wow. It sounds that Sephora will not add on a lot of cost, which is promising — I’ve purchased many CP items just because it’s inexpensive enough to experiment relatively guilt-free, and quality enough that I keep going back for more.

Oh, I didn’t answer the question. If a local Sephora carries CP, I’ll be more likely to buy something, since I could test in-person. Big if, though, since our two local Sephoras are very small and carry a fraction what urban stores I’ve visited do.

Oh, I’m hoping this will be at a Sephora near me but I absolutely doubt it. If it comes here at all, it will be at one of their bigger stores, I’m sure – and I’m too afraid to take the highway to those locations!

I like that they’re broadening their price range, both high & low — this feels like a smart move to maintain some edge in the competition with Ulta. And I’d also rather order from Sephora than CP’s site, so I’m good with it!

I wonder how they will manage the testers of their items, like the super shock shadows, that need to be sealed up tight when you’re not using them? I’ve never tried to see how quickly one would dry out and what that would mean for the item’s performance, but I feel like shoppers are not going to be good about closing them back up and people unfamiliar with the brand will be checking out testers that aren’t performing the way the item normally does, and they’ll be thinking, “ugh this is no good.” They may have to cycle through new testers constantly. I’m excited for the ease of shopping, though. And good point about returns, Andrea!

I would not be surprised if they end up not carrying the Super Shock Shadows in the store. It would be a shame, because they are one of the more unique items the brand makes and I like them, but you really hit the nail on the head with how difficult it would be to keep good testers around.

Wow. Yeah. Horrendous visual. My local big S looks like the town dump. Super Shocks would be everywhere, filthy, dried up. Ga….ross! S has higher free shipping costs than CP and never drops them for special, holiday, whatever. For the few m u addicts that don’t get free shipping, it could be a factor. To me, associating with Sephora would be a very mixed blessing. It also stamps CP as more ordinary and less unique, bec I feel that S has gone steadily, or stair step, downhill.

I respectfully disagree about shipping being cheaper at Colourpop. If you pay $10 for flash shipping at Sephora you can get free shipping on any product, no matter the price total in your basket. If it is 10 vs 25 vs 75. However, at Colourpop most of the time you have to spend $30 for USA free shipping. So I can buy singular products from Sephora now with no shipping. Sounds GREAT to me.

I am really surprised by this! I guess I was under the impression that Colourpop’s development speed and price point hinged on their choice not to go into retail… I like their brand though, so I hope they do well with a large retail platform like Sephora!

I recall reading the same thing! That they were committed to not being in a brick and mortar store to keep their costs low. But Sephora is also committed to helping companies expand it it could mean we see a lot more coming out of CP in the future. I kind of liked that they weren’t at Sephora but I haven’t bought anything from them in probably a year.

As long as quality doesn’t go down, I’m happy about it. I’ll still purchase from but also plan to buy the limited items from Sephora.

I’m betting they’ll have the ready made palettes and not the full range. It seems like it would be too much competition between Colourpop and the Sephora house brand. We’ll see! I hope this only leads to good things as I love Colourpop.

I love Colourpop and prefer buying my makeup in person rather than online so news really excites me, but Sephora seems like such a strange partner for the brand. Target or Ulta seems like they would be a more natural fit.

Yes, Ulta would be the perfect place for them.

I love the idea of being able to buy one or two products without worrying about the cost of shipping or having to wait days to receive it, which is the worst part about ordering online.

To me, being able to swatch things on my own skin is the big draw. Online swatches are great, but colors can look so different on different skin tones so it’s often hard to tell if a color is likely to work on me without being able to touch and play with it myself. So I’m very excited to be able to start trying before I buy with colourpop!

From what I’ve heard, this won’t be the full range. Just some holiday releases, and then only at select stores. Has anyone heard for sure?

That’s what they said on their Instagram story. Not the full line for sure, and it sounded like possibly only an LE line for Sephora, rather than the regular range.

Yeah.. this line here makes me think of what other Indie brands are doing.

It is unclear at this time what exactly will be available from Sephora; on BeautyTalk (Sephora’s forums), the official announcement spoke of an “exclusive line,” so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Velour Lashes and House of Lash created styles that are exclusive to Sephora. The price point does have an increase of $4 and $2 on their products respectively compared to their online shop’s prices as well. I’m expecting that small increase in Sephora products because that’s their share of the profits, while other brands already have resale prices in their lines (and why their online stores can do 30% to 40% sales that are higher than Sephora’s 20% off).

Count me among the skeptics who think the prices will go up, but otherwise I think it’s awesome! I have felt that Sephora has been going in the opposite direction lately and dropping their mid-range brands in favor of luxury brands, while Ulta has been bringing in cool online companies like Dose of Colors etc. I think this was a smart move for both parties, and I am super excited to be able to use my flash shipping for this! One other thing I am worried about though, is their contant hype/launch/sell out business model. I hope they are ramping up production in preparation for this!

I really hope this means that it will be available on too! It’ll be so much easier for me to order Colourpop if that’s the case!

Seems like a mismatched pairing! I would expect Colourpop at Ulta since they offer more variety in products… especially since they have recently acquired a lot of awesome brands from MAC (mid-range) to Dose of Colors (indie) to Wet n Wild (drugstore) to Sleek (UK brand). Sephora always seemed like they wanted to maintain an image of providing more prestige items with mid to luxury offerings.

Plus, I think Colourpop products are of a much better quality at a much lower price range than plenty of brands at Sephora, so why introduce that sort of competition? I would easily bypass an inconsistent Sephora brand palette for a Colourpop one.

In any case, for me, there are tons of positives: Better return policy (Colourpop has NONE!), I would love to swatch before buying and I’d like having the points added to my account!

I reckon I’m on the fence. My first thought was wow, Sephora is really cheapening out their image. I wouldn’t be so surprised if this was Ulta. But on the other hand, I LOVE COLOURPOP and this will likely only increase my spend!

I think this is an amazing decision for both Colourpop and Sephora! It gives Sephora a super affordable range that has a huge social media fanbase. It gives them the appearance of being a store that caters to and brings in all people (young teens to older women, people on a budget or willing to splurge) . It’s honestly not much of a risk to Sephora since Colourpop’s existing fans are there, plus new consumers who didn’t buy before because of the inability to swatch+no returns.

It also gives Colourpop a sense of legitimacy beyond an instabrand and Kylie Cosmetics’ sister company.

I don’t think returns will be a big problem because, even though allowing returns brings more customers, people usually don’t return products with such a low price point. I find that they’re usually more willing to absorb the cost for a disappointing product when it’s $5 vs. $50.

I’m curious to see how this plays out! I am surprised Sephora would bring on a brand that is so far below the average price point in their stores. I wonder what products they’ll be carrying, and how much space they’ll dedicate to them?

I do like the idea of being able to use my free 2 day shipping and get VIB points for my ColourPop purchases, though. And this may be a good way to occasionally get things from the brand without getting totally caught up in their hype. I had to unsubscribe from CP’s emails because I was sick of being inundated with new launches.

Oh dear. This is concerning…
Smart move on Sephora’s part. Like others have mentioned, it gives them some lower priced merchandise to compete against Ulta’s acquisitions. But at the risk of cannibalizing their own sales of their house brand.
I really hope Colourpop sticks to its ethos, pricing, and philosophy. I haven’t tried much from them yet and feel pressured to stock up before the move.

I wonder if they will have the full range. I feel like it may end up only being liquid lipsticks and the pressed palettes, but I’m not sure why I think that.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I shop at Sephora a lot and sometimes there are only one or two things I want at ColourPop that I don’t feel like placing an entire order for with them. So it would be nice to be able to just toss that into a basket (real or virtual) at Sephora if I’m shopping there already. However, ColourPop has a low enough price point and enough blog and youtube reviewers out there that I really don’t feel bad taking a chance not seeing things in person and I wonder if being carried at Sephora means less ColourPop promotion sales because they wouldn’t want to undercut Sephora and the partnership there. I really only purchase at ColourPop when there is a promotion of some sort and I think I’m likely to purchase less overall if those go away. Plus, I’ve experienced when small-time companies start getting mainstream coverage and unfortunately wait times and customer service have suffered as a result, so I’m hoping that doesn’t happen here. So, I’m cautious about it.

I would love to have CP at Sephora in Canada. I really like CP but I have stopped ordering because of high duty charges on top of shipping and exchange rate, long wait for shipment, as well as 1 item broken in each shipment (all were replaced without a problem).
It seems like an odd partnership for Sephora but I am excited if it makes it easier for me to buy it.

Same here. I don’t order ‘economy-priced’ products from the US for all the reasons you mention. I recently ordered a tube of $8 moisturizer from ELF Cosmetics, and it ended up costing me $26.95 total ($8.00 US + 4.95 US Shipping, then multiply that by 1.25 for the US-CAD exchange, then 5% GST of .81 when it hit the border, plus $9.95 for FedEx to calculate the 81 cents in tax!). It was absolutely ridiculous. I love CP eyeshadows, but as cheap as they are, they’re still too expensive for me when you add in all the crazy extra fees.

If CP hits the Canadian Sephora outlets, I’ll be shopping my brains out! 🙂

I will definitely be checking out things from colourpop now. They seem more in line w Ulta’s pricing, and I’d rather buy from Ulta, but oh well.
I personally think it was a bad move going for Mac in stores. They should’ve gone w colourpop.
I’m one of those rare people that would rather buy in store.
Hope they really do follow through with keeping the pricing the same.

I will be so happy to deal with Sephora CS and shipping instead of ColourPop. If I can get the same thing for the same price on multiple websites, I will always choose Sephora over anyone else.

I’m super happy about this- I’ve ordered many lip products from Colorpop and I don’t love a single one, because the colors are always slightly different in person (from the ones I’ve ordered- they’re brighter). I’ve had a lot more luck with buying their eyeshadows sight unseen, but I haven’t ordered any lip products from them in about a year because of that experience.

I no longer hesitate to buy any product unseen as long as it’s been reviewed here. The reviews are so thorough and the dupes so helpful that I’m confident in my decisions to, or not to, purchase. Even if there isn’t a dupe that I’ve seen in person i can always use the compare swatches feature to judge against other items that I have seen in person. Hasn’t failed me yet! Thank you Christine!

lol, I submitted a comment then forgot to actually mention anything about this post! I could not care less if it’s in stores. My Sephora is messy and cramped and I rarely go in. Besides, I no longer hesitate to buy products unseen because (continued in other comment)…

I’m excited for this! I agree that this moves seems like a bit of a mismatch, as I would have expected Ulta begin carrying ColourPop rather than Sephora, as Ulta seems more focused on offering products over a vast price range, while Sephora (especially recently) has shifted its focus to more and more prestige brands. But I’m not complaining! This means that more people will be able to try out their products in person before purchasing, and it means I can earn Beauty Insider points for my ColourPop overindulgences! 🙂
On another note, I’m a bit confused about the prices listed in this post for the items — the Lippie Stix retail for $5 (not $6). I assume that was just a typo, but thought I should bring it up in case anyone else also noticed the discrepancy!

I purchased from ColourPop blind and wasn’t disappointed with any of my buys. I started with their Sculpting Stix in shades Castle and Often as concealer and brightener for under the eyes which are fantastic and then proceeded onto their Pressed Powder and Super Shock shadows in predominantly matte shades and my heart was won. I’ve purchased several of their empty palettes and they are very good. I currently don’t live near a Sephora location, not even close, but am glad that I no longer do because I’d be in trouble (LOL). If they stay with their current pricing, the competition is going to have their work cut out for them.

This is great. I recently bought 6 eyeshadows. I like some better than others tho all are OK. I bought that many to reach the price required for free shipping. However, I’m unlikely to buy 6 more of anything else and I don’t want to pay the price to just have, and try, one item. I’ll be glad to try them in person first.

I mean what slowed my Colourpop purchasing wasn’t not being able to swatch. It was the constant releases. I felt like I could never keep up. I bought some singles about a month or so ago. But before that I hadn’t bought anything substantial since the Kathleen collab with Alyssa, November and Point Zero.

I hope this means that Colourpop has worked out their production problems. They delayed launches recently because of an inability to meet and fulfil prior orders. They’ve also not made any fans by selling out of their new products in single digit minutes and pulling items out of people’s carts as they were checking out. Folks have also been unhappy with their “limited edition” products being restocked 3 and 4 times.

I have quite a bit of their stuff and I like it okay. I felt like the quality slipped as they became more popular. After a couple of rounds with the customer service (which is nearly non-existent) over items that arrived broken, I cooled on them quite a bit. I get that for the price, one can only expect so much. But actually having the product for more than 5 minutes, fulfilling orders in a timely manner (i.e. less than 10 days, and this was not in the middle of a campaign), having items arrive in one piece, and refunding one’s money if they don’t aren’t a high bar. Obviously, if it’s bought through Sephora, some of those issues disappear. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I hate to see how many of you have bad Sephora stores in your area. Ours started that way, but new management took over, and it’s amazing now. Even with a change after that, it stayed at that high level. Clean, well layed out, fully stocked, plenty of places to swatch/clean off – it’s really great. The staff is equally good. I wish y’all all had one like this. It makes makeup a whole lot more fun for more me, and now my daughter as she’s begun wearing makeup. RIP my bank account! :’)

I love Colourpop and a huge fan of their products. This is a win for me provided they keep their current price point; free shipping and points through Sephora.

Good news that an inexpensive, but high quality brand is coming to Sephora. I only hope their prices stay the same for all their loyal customers.

I only my have two sets of Colourpop the super shock eyeshadows and boy! Do I love them they are beautiful and to top it off their shadow cover design with like fish scale just gorgeous! So far I’m very pleased with their eyeshadows need to experiment with their pressed powders. I won’t go into the rest such lipsticks since I have so many or blush and highliters but I’ve heard they are all good. On the other hand, I can get my hands on Blow Me Away or the new pinkish She palettes so that has been frustrating they are all sell out super fast. I rarely enter a Sephora i fear it like hell! Lol! To me it doesn’t matter but I think I still will refuse going to a Sephora to try them. I hope they do not loose quality or raise price. It sure sounds an interesting deal Colourpop being as cheap as WetnWild competing in Sephora. Will they be able to keep up with demand? Huh? Interesting we’ll see. I do love their eyeshadows so far.

Oh awesome! Glad we can finally swatch CP stuff in store, but wish they were in Ulta instead so we can use Ulta reward dollars. And yes, kind of strange they chose Sephora, as Sephora is more ME and HE, and CP will compete with Sephora’s in house brand. I hope competition from CP will slow down the price inflation we see from other brands. I mean, why pay $25 for a single shadow, when you can pay $5?

I have tried the cream like eyeshadows, blush, highlighters, as well as a couple lipsticks, lip and eyeliners but that is where my color pop investing quit. If I could see and play with the powder line I know I would be much more inclined to purchase. At this point I feel like so many shades would dupe what i already own that I would really need to see them and have them be special in order for me to purchase even at their low price. I am concerned that the line will not show up at any of my nearby Sephora though…i do wish they had said it would a nation wide rollout…but baby steps!

I’ve tried the brand and honestly you get what you pay for it’s cheap it’s not good I don’t get the excitement about it but eyeshadows didn’t last they were smeary the lipstick looked dry & waxy. No interest at all.

I’ve used a number of Colourpop products and find them really poor quality. You get what you pay for. Wouldn’t buy them again online or off.

I’m really excited about colorpop being sold through sephora. I find is Canadians get the short end of the stick when it comes to these things so it’s nice to see it’s more widely available. Although it would take away a bit of exclusivity about the brand, I hope they plan to stick to their affordable price point for the long term.

I’ve tried a few of their products and they are exceptional. A few people mentioned how accurate their swatches are online, so even though physical stores won’t offer testers, I feel the price point won’t be a big deterrence for people wanting to purchase them.

I like that Sephora is offering different price points for brands under one roof. They clearly are trying to be the go to when it comes to getting everything in one place. I just hope they are hoping to improve in other aspects of the company, like offering better points rewards.

if released outside the states this will be a game changers for international shoppers. Shipping to Canada with Colourpop is insane as they do it by weight (correct me if I’m wrong), I’m pretty pumped about this news 🙂

When I first heard about this yesterday I was immediately excited and scared. ColourPop is one of my favorite brands and I buy from them all the time because their prices are so affordable. I kind of liked that they were online only and that they weren’t affiliated with Sephora or any other retailer. They’re not so indie that no one has ever heard of them, but they weren’t mainstream either and I liked that about them. The benefit of no minimum for free shipping if you’re VIB or have Flash shipping with Sephora is a perk and the ability to return something is nice too. I really hope this doesn’t change ColourPop as a brand because I really do love them as they are. I understand they’re still a young company and growing quickly, I just hope this is a good move for them.

Honestly, the fact that Sephora will be carrying CP doesn’t impact me as the nearest Sephora is 2 hrs. away. I have been and will continue to purchase directly through the CP website. Colourpop is super affordable and has wonderful products. I have been wearing CP almost daily for the last several months as I really like the quality, especially for the price. It is not a big deal for me to buy without having touched or seen the items in person. I do a lot of research, specially relying on Temptalia for reviews, plus watching YT videos before I commit to a purchase. So far, CP hasn’t disappointed me yet.

This is very odd to me. I could definitely see it coming to Ulta but, Sephora, it’s off for Sephora’s brand. They make be trying to one up Ulta for their recent brand additions.

Nah…I don’t care at all if I can try a product out. The closest Sephora is over an hour away so I’m not likely to care if they are at Sephora. Now if they came to Ulta, with two locations near me AND a kickass point system, I would be more likely.

I saw a post on Instagram today saying they were coming to ulta also. I have no idea if it’s true but there was a tweet from ulta saying they would be confirming this soon so you could keep an eye on their Twitter account for news.

I would definitely purchase more Colourpop if Sephora carried them. I get free shipping with every order from Sephora, but feel the need to spend thirty every time I order from Colourpop to get the free shipping….it’s a low threshold, but still, it’s easy to spend five here, ten there, fifteen, etc… a few times a month. I’ve only purchased from Colourpop twice just because thirty is a weird mental hangup.

As a Canadian, this is promising if for no other reason than I can buy in CAD, not pay shipping, and don’t get screwed with import tax. I haven’t ordered any of the newer products simply because it’s not viable to order cross border for something I can’t try. :S

I agree with posters above talking about the Super Shock probably not being in stores because the testers would be a disaster. I’m super curious to see how this works from a marketing perspective on both Sephora and Colourpop’s ends…

(Of course, this is assuming they make their way up here. *siiiigh*)

wait i’ve always bought colourpop lippie stix at $5 and their super shock at $5 as well so why are they now bumping it up to $6 and $10?!?!?

They are going to have to seriously step up their game. I often can’t buy products as it is off the site because what I want is always sold out. It’s been very disappointing as a customer since day one. On the flip side of that I hope it doesn’t affect their pricing or quality.

I don’t order makeup online anymore hardly ever so I’ve never tried Colourpop. If I could buy in my local Sephora that would definitely make all the difference. If it’s available locally I will be buying some stuff from them!

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