ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches

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ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches
ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches
ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches
ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches
ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches
ColourPop Amoureux Collection Swatches

ColourPop Amoureux Collection released last week and includes two palettes, four lipglosses, and two blushes. Here are swatches of the new collection!

P.S. — Both palettes contain Pressed Glitters (Menage a Muah contains two), which contain plastic (PET) glitter.


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Z Avatar


Whew, I know that was aggressive, but I seriously mean thank you. Sometimes I get caught up in how pretty a palette looks without stopping to notice the glitter right away. I’ve known several people in real life to have eye infections from glitter in eyeshadow. No. Fucking. Thank. You. Does Colourpop want us to lose our eyes? Because this is how we lose our eyes.

I will not purchase an eyeshadow palette with glitter. If there wasn’t pressed glitter that Boudoir Noir palette is a great color story and I’d snatch it on my next trip to Ulta.

kjh Avatar

I think CP is looking daily for the ever younger demographic. CP has only been around since 2014. Six years may seem long to some of you, but from my perspective, it’s an eyeblink. I was quite psyched at a new line with good quality, budget price. They exploded like a volcano, and those of us who have been there (and done that) are now feeling CP is the brainchild of H&M (fast fashion) and Sherwin-Williams (cover the world.). After a while, it’s tiring to keep up with so many similar shades in different releases. S.t. a CP shade has 5 CP major dupes. (WTF?) I get that they’re safer with their ‘trademark’ shades, and that palettes further out on the limb don’t sell as well. CP wants sold out in 2 hours and a demand for restock. Doing the same old, same old with different themes and packaging does not cut it. Neither does PET glitter. The young’uns who disregard PET glitter probably overlap with those who eschew masks. Young and immortal, we do as we wish. Probably not a good idea for either.

Alexandra Avatar

I wear the CP glitters, and I also wear masks because I would never do anything to harm others. I think that’s a bit of an unnecessary comparison to make, one is a personal choice and the other is complete disregard for other peoples health.

CeeBee Avatar

I bought both of these, plus the new Star Studded glitter only palette. I love Colourpop glitters, I think they are fantastic and I’m 42, for whatever that’s worth.

There seems to be a “I Hate Glitter” bandwagon and Colourpop in particular seems to draw a lot of ire that I don’t understand – other brands (some of them quite beloved by the community here) also sell glitter eye products and no one seems to make a peep about that… I get that it’s completely personal preference, no one is going to force you to put glitter on at gun point and it’s hardly the same as rubbing aqueous arsenic into your eyelids or anything but I personally would like to enjoy a little bit of extra sparkle without it being equated to war crimes or the downfall of humanity.

Mostly joking here, but equating liking glitter eyeshadow with a disregard for health and hygiene seems unfair and a tenuous implication at best. 🙁

Z Avatar

Everyone loves glitter, it’s sparkly and pretty, what’s not to love? But it looks like you and Alexandra have misinterpreted the valid concern over “PET glitter being used in eyeshadows in a pressed eyeshadow palette when it’s not safe for use in the eye area – even according to the packaging of the palette itself.” with “I hate glitter.”

PET glitter is plastic, can damage our eyes, and is yet more plastic trash companies are manufacturing to litter the environment with. There are vegetable-based glitters out there, but for the sake of the dollar many companies (Colourpop obviously included) choose to not use them. Profit is more important than human or environmental health. That’s the point we’re making when we voice our exasperation with PET glitter in eyeshadows. All we can do as consumers is educate ourselves, and others, and use our own dollars to tell companies what we want more/less of.

As an aside I do, in fact, have an issue with all PET glitter in eye products. I’ll bet the rest of us voicing our concerns do too.Someone I know personally damaged their eye with a glitter gel from another company (UD). It doesn’t belong in products near the eye area. It’s weird in our current climate everyone who speaks about a topic must also ramble on about all others or else they’re a hypocrite. “I like bananas.” “Wtf, dude, mangoes aren’t trash – take it back!!” Weird and jarring, right?

CeeBee Avatar

I haven’t misinterpreted anything, thanks.

I work in an environmental science laboratory and have for over 20 years and I’m very well aware of plastics and their compositional aspects. Also, just because cosmetic grade glitter isn’t approved for certain uses in the USA doesn’t mean that includes the rest of the world, same for certain red and purple pigments. And someone above this thread literally wrote that they despise glitter, so yeah, it’s pretty clear that some people do hate glitter. And they’re entitled to do so, personal choices, you do you, whatever. Just because someone has a different opinion doesn’t mean they’re misinformed.

You’re allowed to have issues with glitter, animal testing, palm oil deforestation, parabens & sulfates, overuse of antimicrobials, whatever you like. Just don’t purchase it, problem solved.

I’ll just be over here buying all the glitter by myself, it’s fine. Have a nice day.

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