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Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Le Vernis (Nail Lacquer) Review, Photos, Swatches

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Nail Lacquers: Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert

Fashion’s Night Out with Chanel

In honor of Fashion’s Night Out, Chanel has put together Les Khakis de Chanel, a collection featuring a trio of nail lacquers. These will be available on September 10th at, Chanel boutiques, and select department store counters.  Each shade retails for $25.00.

Edited @ 2:42pm:  Added comparison photos of Khaki Vert against Sew Psyched, because I don’t think they’re dupes, but I’ve had a lot of questions asking if they are!  Pics or shut up, right?  I like Sew Psyched, too, but they are different enough on me that I wouldn’t call ’em dupes.

  • Khaki Brun is a deep olive green-tinged brown. It’s a rather murky brown with just this touch of green to it; it’s distinctly brown but in natural light, the olive tones are pulled out more. Just two coats.
  • Khaki Rose is a rose-tinged medium-dark brown. It has such a subtle rosiness to it that it’s almost not there, but yet you can’t say it’s not, because there’s something about how the rose warms up the brown. Two coats.
  • Khaki Vert is a grayish-cast medium green. Not really murky, but it’s not bright or happy either; a rather neutral green, I’d say. It’s not quite camo green, because it doesn’t have strong yellow or live undertones. Two coats.  I don’t think this is really similar to Essie’s Sew Psyched–this is much greener, while Sew Psyched pulls almost blue/teal in comparison.

The formula on these was a bit thicker than usual, but it didn’t make for difficult application–quite the opposite!  Application was nearly flawless with each coat being incredibly pigmented.  One coat would have almost been enough on each one, but two coats created that smooth, opaque look.  I always hate how these end up being B+ products, which is really due to the price, not the quality of the product (which is excellent).

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! 🙂

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: All three had fantastic pigmentation and applied flawlessly, so if a color catches your eye and you don’t mind the price tag of Chanel, I definitely recommend trying it out.

AVAILABILITY: September 10th @

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Nail Lacquers: Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Nail Lacquers: Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, Khaki Vert

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Brun Nail Lacquer

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Brun Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Brun Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Brun Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Brun Nail Lacquer (Flash)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Rose Nail Lacquer

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Rose Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Rose Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Rose Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Rose Nail Lacquer (Flash)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer (Flash)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer vs. Essie Sew Psyched (Natural Light)

Chanel Les Khakis de Chanel Collection
Chanel Khaki Vert Nail Lacquer vs. Essie Sew Psyched (Flash)


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Proenza Avatar

I love these and excited to track a set down. The price has never really bothered me with Chanel polishes, as you never really use the entire bottle and it lasts for ages. Their colors and formula are definitely favored over cheaper brands. These colors are so pretty!

cmferrets Avatar

not totally impressed w/ this, especially the price tag. . nothing i havened seen before in other brands. i think i like the esse green color better, the chanel green is too foresty. the kacki brun color really remind me of the puke green color of n/p that mac came out with last year in their f/f trend . remember? =_)_

Megan Avatar

kind of ADORING the vert…. holy crap, GORGEOUS. I just cannot justify the expense of chanel polish… otherwise I would have gotten paradoxal as well 😛

Cristina Avatar

Hello! Thx for posting these:) I’ve been waiting for your review. Which is your fav? Do you think vert is a dupe for Essie sew psyched? Thx!

Christine Avatar

It’s funny that I’ve gotten a few comments about Sew Psyched as a dupe, but I would disagree. I was actually going to put my Essie fall review up today, but I got these Chanels in the mail today and figured that since these come out on the 10th… better get ’em up. Anyway, that is to say that the Essie swatches will be up tomorrow.

Sew Psyched leans almost teal on me, in comparison to Khaki Vert. Like they look completely different next to each other on me!

aida Avatar

Totally, I was interested in buying the 3 but now after the photos I am not so sure I will ever use any, so great to see the colours before buying them as they are sooo pricey…thanks Christine!

Melissa (divinem) Avatar

I like that Khaki rose but not enough to buy it AND pay $10 shipping. If they run a free shipping code, I’d consider it. The others don’t interest me since I tend to wear jewel tones. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to put these up, Christine.

Lipstick Luvvie Avatar

Hi Christine,
Thanks for the great pictures and swatches. Which do you prefer out of these and the two varnishes in the Soho Collection?
I can’t decide which to go for, will have to be eBay for me as am out in the sticks in the UK, so they need to be pretty special colours to justify the huge prices!

baby in a corner Avatar

These looked completely different in the promo photos! khaki rose in particular looked like a warm pale pink but here it looks quite brown toned. I don’t like any of them to be honest – I like particulaire and paradoxal but this has taken the ugly tones too far imo.

Lurique Avatar

I really like all 3 of them. I was on Chanel boutique Amsterdam’s waiting list, unfortunately I am not one of the lucky few…
You thought BOSIII sold out quickly in the US? These polishes were sold out in the Netherlands before they were even officially released:-(

Noelle Avatar

I just got Essie’s Sew Psyched and I like it much better than the Khaki Vert. I recommend that one instead…the price is a lot better too 😉

Emily van der Hell Avatar

I could get these polishes just on one day (9.9.) in germany (Berlin). That’s so sad. I really like the Khaki vert nailpolish. Now I saw these wonderful pics and I like it even more! And khaki Brun ist so beautyful too. It’s a bit greenand I really like that! But what should I do? It’s sooooo saaaaad!!!

CeeBee Avatar

Nope, I don’t like ’em either.
I do “get” the whole ugly/pretty thing (really! At least, I’m pretty sure I do :-p) but these are just… well… fugly, to me. :-/

lily Avatar

hi Christine, you tweeted about the MAC VV unveiling @ Valley Fair, were you serious when you said to call and say “Temptalia sent you”? I didn’t get an invite and really wanted to go but I’m so shy to call 🙂

GretalovesMAC Avatar

I was so excited for these, the ad made them look so much prettier! Thanks, Christine you just saved me $75.00 and I think Sew Psyched is way prettier!

Roberta Avatar

Thank you Christine for the swatches. I was so interest/couldn’t wait until these came out. But now I’m not so crazy about them and that will save me so mich money. Thanks!

I will check out that essie colour though, even if not a dupe.

knownever Avatar

Wow these look really different than I expected based on the promo photos of the bottles. Also, for some reason the different between the colors in natural light and using a flash is very noticeable. I definitely thought the difference between the three was going to be much subtler. like that they would be variations on the same note, but i’m not getting that vibe from them swatched. hmm…the magic of photography I guess.

Nancy Avatar

I was so sure I would get Khaki Vert ! but these are not exciting to me. I think I would feel down if I wear them. I love bright and happy colors. I’m really bummed because I wanted to Love them.

Rebecca Avatar

I always swore that I would never buy a Chanel nail polish because of the price but Khaki Vert is gorgeous! And now I’m gonna have to track down the Essie one too. 🙂

AnGeLwInGz Avatar

I gave my Grandpops a list of Chanel stuff I want from the boutique on Friday (he lives near SoHo). I’m glad I put Khaki Vert on there, the other colors look icky.

Rhonda Avatar

Love, love, love these shades! I’m assuming you’ve not found the perfect dupe for Khaki Vert but your close.

Do you have any swatches of Chanel Teint Innocence compact foundation on this site? I cannot tell what they look like from the Chanel site.


devon chrisley Avatar

I REFUSE to pay $25 for a nailpolish!! That is crazy and they aren’t even that pretty. I do love your reviews and this was a great job as usual! 🙂

indieamazonprincess Avatar

Love Vert and Brun – Brun is the color of my living room walls – they look brown or olive depending on the light…sometimes a bit golden too, like hazel brown eyes. I think these colors fall into the “ugly pretty” category – love or hate! I think I have to have both, and I’ll probably cave and get Particuliere, too. 🙂

Sarah Avatar

Christine, I’m surprised at how green the khaki brun looks in natural light. Is that accurate, would you say? I’m guessing it is, because your swatches always seem to be pretty accurate to me!

I think I “get” the ugly/pretty thing…I LOVE Deborah Lippman’s “Waking Up in Vegas” (which is like a cement/putty color). If you’ve used that polish, would you say the opacity and level of pigmentation is comparable between these Chanel Khaki colors and that one? One of the big reasons I love that polish is it almost only needs one coat – I hate VNL (visible nail line almost as much as VPL! lol

Christine Avatar

It definitely pulls a little olive-y, BUT it is most definitely a brown. I did a video of these, too, so you can see them “in action,” and with less light on them, the browner they look.

I haven’t tried Waking Up in Vegas, but all of these were two coats, and they were nearly opaque with just one – definitely very pigmented for me. I *think* I showed what one coat looked like somewhere in the video.

Sarah Avatar

Awesome! Thanks for the reply Christine, I’ll definitely go check out the video! I’m thinking the Rose and Vert might be in my future! I haven’t used Chanel’s nail products before, and I think these colors are unique enough to justify it!

chris Avatar

I LOVE EM!!! LOVE EM, LOVE EM! already ordered soho last week!!
Brun almost reminds me of last years MAC “dry martini” but it wouldnt matter to me if it was close, I would, & AM going to be on chanel’s site @ exactly midnight the day of release to get all!

thanks for doing all of your swatches.

Christine Avatar

I actually really like these colors, specifically because they are unusual and unique. I’ve got enough basic colors…give me something different! I love the military edge of these colors. Khaki Vert is my favorite of the 3, but I’m not sure about $25 for a nail polish. I may just go with the Essie polish instead strictly because of the price issue.

Gen Avatar

these definitely weren’t as pretty as the promo images led us to believe! i had my eye on khaki vert but it looks nothing like i thought… i hoped that it would look like it does in your pics with flash…and even then, a touch lighter and milkier. ah well, at least my wallet is happy!

ak Avatar

I love all of these colors, I don’t see what’s wrong with them. These types of colors match and/or go along with the darker, more sombre colors that people wear in the fall(autumn) and winter. They are perfect for that. I love that the Khaki Rose is more brown as it will match me perfectly and I think it’s great that the Brun one has a lot of olive tones.

The Vert one is great because at the moment I have an infatuation with olive and khaki colored EVERYTHING even more than my love for burgundy things.

grin Avatar

Dear, Christine could you please compare Chanel Khaki Vert with Essie Sew Phyched and RBL Diddy Mow? It would be geat to see this kind of swatch

Regina Avatar

Only one I was really interested in was khaki rose and I am not really loving it after seeing your swatches. It’s so great to be able to see the actual products on a real person because it has saved me money many times!

Janet Avatar

I went to Bloomingdales today, and I checked them out. I totally agree with you, Khaki Vert is the best. But how’d you get them so early? I could only pre-order them :[ Did you order online or get them at a CHANEL counter? Thanks

Linda Avatar

I bought these at fashion night out in London and they are amazingly gorgeous, using the khaki green and its really fab, deffo recommend this product

Inês Mariano Avatar

Hi there Christine… You have beautiful hands and nails 🙂

Could you tell me were I can buy on line? I’m not if they are coming to Portugal, does anyone know if Sephora as this nail lacquers??

Thanks 😀

Proenza Avatar

Wow, still no luck after two hours on the chanel website. Going to head down to Nordstroms for tonight’s launch instead. shows stock, you add it to your cart, and it is empty. Quite frustrating, their server’s should have been better prepared. Oh well, lovely colors, worth the stress in the long run I guess.

nicci Avatar

My friend said she tried Saks, Neiman Marcus, BG and wasn’t able to access…she got a “404 Not Found”…I don’t think Nordies has it up yet either. Another purse said she kept trying on the site to checkout and it finally did after trying well over an hr…

paige Avatar

I don’t post comments often but I just want to let you know that this lurker appreciates all the hard work you’ve done in providing us readers honest reviews and photo swatches. It help me (and I’m sure others) tremendously with making a purchase decision. I stumbled here after googling for some MAC swatches and since then I stop by and check this blog at least once a day.

I wish Khaki Rose would be a tad bit more rosier. I was looking forward for this one but now, I don’t think I’ll get it. Khaki Vert is a very unique color and the Chanel collector in me wants to get it. However, I don’t really love it and after I spent money on the two polishes from the Soho collection (in which I received them a couple days ago and they are gorgeous!), I don’t really feel the urge to buy any more polishes at the moment. So I guess I am going to pass up on this collection.

One question, did Chanel increase their price for nail polishes from now on or just for this collection? I remember I bought the polishes from Soho collection for $23/each but the polishes from the Les Khakis is $25/each.

Christine Avatar

Thank you, Paige! I also appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂 It is totally my pleasure and really a joy for me to be able to do what I do!

I thought Khaki Rose would be rosier, too — it’s a little… you know, khaki, haha.

I think it’s *just* for this launch, not that I have any idea as to why.

Tanya Avatar

I really wanted to get all 3 nail polishes. I was able to place an order yesterday, but I just checked my account and it now says my order was cancelled. Oh well…

Nancy Avatar

I have been wearing Khaki Vert for Two days now. I Just don’t like it on me. It’s not a happy color if you know what I mean. I really wanted to Love it but I don’t.

Liz Avatar

U-G-L-Y is exactly what all these three colors are! The Rose and the Brun, look exactly like, I’m sorry, but baby poop! haha Essie’s Sew Psyched is my new favorite fall color, and it was a lot cheaper than Chanel. I do have Paradoxal, so yes, occasionally I’ll splurge on Chanel, but won’t waste my time on this collection. You’ll only wear the colors a few times anyways, and then it will be on to something else that they come out with. Why waste your time? Seriously! I think the Vert will only look nice on someone with Olive under tones in their skin color, definitely not for a lighter skinned girl like me :0)

Nollaig Avatar

My first time here…. I just love the Khaki Brun. I have a blouse this color and it is labeled as the color Sage. The blouse makes my eyes pop green and I get all kinds of compliments on my eyes with this blouse. So, I got the Khaki Brun (2 bottles) and love it in natural light and in soft evening light.

It doesn’t look pukey at all. It is really rich looking with two coats and Lippman’s Addicted Top coat makes the finish look wet and shiny.

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