Chanel – Pin-up, Constellation, Scintillantes, Sundress, Equinox, & Sungold Review

Part two of the Chanel Glossimer experiment, and while I might not have converted into a Chanel-gloss-only kind of gal, I definitely wouldn’t pass them up when offered them! The six up for review this time around are Pin-up, Constellation, Equinox, Scintillantes, Sundress, and Sungold. Quick summary? Sungold is one of my favorite glossimers I’ve tried to date, while Pin-up gives me a great barely-there pale, pink pout.

Check out swatches and read an in-depth review…

Pin-up is a pale, glossy pink that has lots of golden shimmer and reflects a good bit of light. I found that it wasn’t too sheer that it only showed up as shimmer, because it did make my lips more of a cool, pale pink. By itself, this would be a nice wintery lip for running errands or just adding a touch of color to an otherwise naked face.

Constellation is a beigey gold with pink undertones, though it shows up as a very golden gloss. For the holidays, it is perfect. Otherwise, this isn’t a glossimer I’d use on its own so much as I would over lipsticks. It came out a bit too frosty alone on my lips, without any kind of color to keep it reigned in. I always find that this type of golden gloss looks amazing over red lipsticks, though!

Equinox was incredibly dark in the tube, but on my lips? Where did it go? Ultra-sheer with just the palest bits of golden and pink shimmer showing up. This one was not a favorite!

Scintillantes reminded me of a more beige-than-gold Constellations. It has a nice consistency, but again, I found it too frosty for me to pull off on its own. I need more color underneath via a lipstick to get this glossimer to work for my particular skintone.

Sundress is a pale pink, very luxe gloss that goes on very sheerly. If you have remotely pigmented lips, this would not be a gloss that would add much beyond shimmer and glossiness (which is all very well, but if you’re anything like me, you already have about two dozen glosses that do this). What is remarkable about Sundress, though, is that the shimmer is incredibly subtle, not at all chunky.

Sungold is a peachy golden coral-pink, and it is a fairly opaque glossimer considering the ones I’ve tried. I found that the tube was definitely brighter and deeper than the actual color once applied to lips, but I wasn’t disappointed with the results. I liked the bright coral-pink color it gave my lips and the peachy-gold shimmer that reflected light.