Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base Review, Photos, Swatches

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base ($48.00 for 1.0 fl. oz.) is a gold-shimmered light beige that gives more of a pearlescent sheen than a distinct shimmer/sparkle. NARS 413 BLKR (P, $30.00) is more shimmery. Illamasqua Aurora (P, $24.00) is similar, but it is a cream. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

It’s described as a “multiuse luminizer” that hydrates while illuminating. It’s a thin, liquid highlighter that can be used all-over the face, mixed with moisturizer or foundation, or patted on top of foundation for more targeted illumination. I find it is easiest to used mixed in with moisturizer or liquid foundation, and it will give your base a more luminous, dewy look that isn’t oily or wet. It is the type of product that I think translates better in-person than in a photo, as it livens up the skin and illuminates it without being flashy or obvious. It’s that “Did you change your skin regimen?” kind of effect. For the holidays, it is available in limited edition, gold-hued packaging, but the shade itself is available in the permanent line-up in its regular packaging (same price). I notice I get a slightly smoother application of my base products as well as a subtle skin smoothing effect when using this.

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Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base

Burberry Nude Radiance No. 01 Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base
Wearing Guerlain Parure Gold foundation all-over, right side (your right!)
mixed with Nude Radiance; no powder on either side

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Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation
On lips:
  • Revlon Petalite Lipgloss
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She has normal-to-dry skin with occasional dryness on cheeks and nose. She has a light plus skintone with subtle, warmer yellow undertones (view her foundation matches here).

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This looks promising for a range of skin types. I don’t usually do well with liquid illuminizers as I find that (with the ones I’ve tried) when I mix with foundation it messes with the wear and consistency of the bass product, but I’m excited that this one doesn’t seem to do that! 🙂

Christine, just a heads up that the dupe links aren’t working – the one in the body of the review takes me to dupes for Flirting Game liner and the one in the glossover says “do dupes found”.

That looks beautiful! My little sister and I were just complaining how we were unsatisfied with the luminizers that we were using, so last night we switched our products! I like how neutral this one looks, so it might go on the list for future consideration.

Also, I must say that I always admire your earrings….these are beautiful.

OMG, this is beautiful!! This could be my first Burberry buy. I’ve been looking around for a subtle, pearly beige gold highlighter that I can mix in with my foundations without looking like a disco ball. Is there any fragrance?

Okay, so FINALLY, I feel like I can answer this! I really can’t detect much, if any, scent, except if I smear one drop on the back of my hand and press my nose to my hand… then it smells… make-uppy, so a little powdery? at most.

Thanks, Christine!!! I found some Nordstrom gift cards, so I’ll be picking a bottle for myself. It’ll be my first Burberry purchase 🙂

Is this what your normally use to always make your skin look so beautiful? I’ve tried similar highlighters, and various ways of applying, including mixing in with my foundation, but have never had such pretty, glowy skin as you. Now I reaaaally want to try this!

I have this. Really like the fact that it gives a very subtle sheen to my face and made applying liquid foundation much more easier and smoother! In my country it’s available at $40 which is reasonable considering the good quality of this makeup base.

The Burberry No.1 Luminizer in the gold-packaging you recently reviewed arrived a couple days ago. It is so ridiculously beautiful, even in comparison to my other high-end highlights. I never knew Burberry nailed luminous products so well so I shall dream of this beauty too. Looks beautiful on you. I love the healthy glow.

The fragrance is definitely a bit too intense when you open the compact, but it faded well enough and looks more than gorgeous enough for me to not mind. The powder color is so unique and beautiful. Very candlelit on me. I know this must be great stuff since apart from your praise, I generally agree that most under-foundation luminizers don’t show their effect as well on camera vs. real life but here you totally have that, “oooo your skin is just glowing and healthy-looking today” feel.

This is just beautiful from start to finish. The packaging and finished result are just lovely! I love how it gives your skin a soft radiant effect.

This looks pretty. Do you think it could be used alone (without mixing with foundation or moisturizer)? If so, would it be appropriate to apply all over the face or is that a bit much?

I use it all over the face but only underneath a foundation. it has too much glow/shimmer to be worn all over the face without anything over it (and I adore shimmer have no problem with it).

No, no, no more highlighting products with A+ Temptalia Recommends! I can’t take it! Lol. I might get this, though. I need something to make my foundation look less flat, and I’ve been debating finishing powders, but maybe mixing in a liquid luminizer is a better avenue. This price is doable… but can you recommend any similar products that are good quality but a lower price? Doesn’t have to be the same color.

Wow! Pretty! I think this might be my Christmas present to myself! I think I could use this with some of my foundations that I find a little too flat during the winter.

I’ve owned the fluid base for a short time now and I’m very pleased with it! I use it mostly below the foundation and put some of it on my cheekbones as a highliter after I’ve applied powder and blush 🙂

I never envy you having to illustrate how products like this work in practice, since the effect can be subtle. That said, you did a great job. I can clearly see the difference it offers. Here’s hoping that Burberry becomes a little easier to get in Canada!

I was like, “how am I going to show this…..” I figured that since I’ve been using Parure Gold, which is pretty matte, lately that it might show the difference if I did half/half (easiest way to replicate lighting and positioning!).

Reminds me of Stila’s luminizer! Very pretty! Im also loving the way that lipgloss looks. What did you think of these new “HD” glosses/lipsticks from Revlon Christine ?

I’ve been wrestling around for months trying to figure out what I wanted to purchase from Burberry Beauty first, and this review totally has me convinced. I may get one of the lip balms from the spring release, too; I’m a total balm junkie and I feel like it’s my duty to try every brand at least once. Right now I’m loving Chanel Rouge Coco Baume and Lancome Baume in Love (Rose in Love). Still unsure about getting the Burberry balm, but I’m definitely grabbing up the fluid base! Thank you for helping my indecisiveness yet again!

OH my gosh, that’s difficult haha! Both are relatively new to me but I have fallen so madly in love with both formulas. I love the Chanel since it’s almost like a solid form of OCC Lip Primer, and the Lancome is so soft and buttery that it melts into your lips.
I guess my overall, all-time favorite would be a toss up between three:
1) Chanel Rouge Coco Baume
2) Burt’s Bees Refreshing Balm with Pink Grapefruit
3) Givenchy Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick

I know #3 is sold as a lipstick, but it’s so ridiculously hydrating and sheer that I use it as a balm. It’s probably the only product I have that I’ve bought back-ups of. I was scared at first since it goes on black, but it gives a very sheer MLBB berry tint that I can wear and it NOT look unnatural. I’m extremely careful about what I use because I’m a male living in Tennessee and men wearing obvious makeup aren’t exactly appreciated around these parts haha.

Anyway, you asked a simple question and I gave a long rant. Story of my life :-P. Hope your weekend was wonderful!

Pearl is a lot whiter – it’s more like a shimmery white without much warmth. It’s a little more shimmer than sheen in comparison (but I don’t think you’d notice unless it was worn on bare skin).

The powder or liquids? It is similar to the liquids. I find that it’s REALLY hard to tell one from the other once applied, since it is usually mixed or layered with other products and ultimately is a sheerer application (vs. a full pump out of the bottle in a swatch).

I already own this in their regular packaging and yes it is an amazing luminizer! Especially for mixing with foundations because the effect is subtle: slight shimmer and it doesn’t look like oiliness. It’s lightly moisturizing (but not greasy on my oily skin) and didn’t break me out so, honestly, I think it’s HG status, since I don’t feel compelled to keep looking.

But I agree with the “better in person” part. I’m looking at your picture here and I barely notice the difference, but when I use it I can tell the difference between wearing it and not.

It is subtle – it’s something where I don’t think someone else notices you’re wearing a product, but it is just a little better.

I got quite excited when I saw the bottle, because it looked like a foundation that might actually be vampire coloured! LOL, makes sene it’s a highlighter 😀 It looks absolutely beautiful in the swatch and on! I’m trying to find the word…it’s like the surface of an antique marble statue when the light hits it obliquely….

It’s more apparent in person, I think, as the way the light reflects and moves on the skin (since you move), but I can tell a slight difference in the photos (slightly softer, a little dewier) on the right!

I think I mentioned it in the review, but it is a subtle difference more apparent in person (but that being said, I do see a difference, probably because I’m hyper-aware of my skin in photos due to posting on the internet, myself).

Omg! That foundation is gorgeous. We have the same skin tones and I was wondering what color the Guerlain parure gold foundation color is? I absolutely must have it! It’s flawless!

I haven’t! I think anyone could wear this (it doesn’t seem white or chalky to me), but you may find a warmer, more bronzy color is more up your alley.

I love products like this. What does it say about pricing today that $48 seemed really reasonable to me? haha. I feel like Burberry still has sensible prices for a luxury brand.

I’m a sucker for any kind of highlighting product. Powder, liquid, subtle, intense. You name it, I want it. However, I have Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl and MAC Strobe Lotion. I’m trying to think if I’ve got anything in a similar colour but the only thing that springs to mind is MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, and that’s a cream product. It seems more toned down than that at any rate. I’m not at home so I can’t check the through my collection to see what I’ve missed. What I’m trying to ask is whether or not this is different enough from the products I mentioned to warrant purchasing. :/

It’s my face… the same face? The angle and how tightly cropped the photo are both different, but I don’t see anything different about my actual face. I have gained some weight in the last year or so, so maybe you’re just seeing that? My weight has always been an issue I’ve struggled with, so it’s not something I’ll address further.

Np Im sorry I didn’t look that review was quite a while ago! didn’t mean it in any rude way. Yep the angle and the lighting I’m sure make the difference!

I need to get a tinted moisturizer my skin is too dry in the winter and I don’t need much coverage, Do you think it would be good using this under or would the tj not be enough coverage with it? Thanks

Do you prefer this one to Tom Ford’s Fire Lust illuminizer? Is this one better for mixing with foundations or can you do that with TF’s as well? Thank you so much!

This looks amazing! What range of skin tones is it most likely to suit? I have been looking at this in the shade no.02, and am not quite sure which one to pick. I am an NC30 for reference, and as availability in the UK isn’t that great, it’s not as simple as getting myself down to a local beauty counter to try them out!

I think it will work well on NC30, but lucky you, I think you can work either. If you want more radiance but less color, go No. 01. If you want more warmth and color, go No 0.2

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