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Bite Beauty Shade 005 Limited Release Creme Deluxe Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches, Dupes

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick ($36.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “hazy lilac.” It’s a light-medium, muted lavender with gray overtones and subtle cool, pink undertones in a natural finish. NYX Playdate (P, $6.00) is cooler-toned. MAC Weekend 2 (LE, $16.00) is lighter, brighter, more matte. MAC Notice Me (LE, $16.00) is lighter. Tom Ford Beauty Olivier (LE, $32.00) is more shimmery, lighter. ColourPop Brills (P, $5.00) is lighter, brighter, cooler-toned, matte. NARS Dominique (P, $32.00) is slightly pinker, more opaque, darker. MAC Dodgy Girl (LE, $16.00) is lighter, brighter. Illamasqua Posture (P, $24.00) is grayer, more matte. MAC Nocturnal Instincts (LE, $16.00) is slightly darker. MAC Lavender Whip (LE, $16.00) is lighter. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Digitalis (P, $18.00) is lighter, brighter. See comparison swatches / compare dupes side-by-side.

The Creme Deluxe formula is supposed to be their higher-end, luxury-level lipstick, though I personally can’t say that these are better than their Luminous Creme lipstick (which is fantastic). This limited edition shade sold out quite quickly once released, but hopefully some of the dupes will help those who weren’t able to snag one. The texture is lighter-weight and thinner and seems a little less emollient in comparison to the Luminous Creme formula with this shade. It had semi-sheer to semi-opaque color coverage, so the natural lip color will come through and may make this shade lean pinker or redder, depending on what tones you find in your natural lip color. It applies somewhat evenly, and honestly, it looked even when I looked in the mirror, but the close-up shot shows that it’s not quite even in some places. On me, this shade lasted for three hours and was lightly hydrating over time.


LELimited Edition. $36.00.

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Bite Beauty Shade 005 (
Bite Beauty Shade 005 (“Lavender Thistle”) Creme Deluxe Lipstick

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation
  • Urban Decay Naked Loose Setting Powder
On eyes:
  • Charlotte Tilbury Marie Antoinette
  • Veruschka Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadows
  • Marc Jacobs Beauty In the Buff & Midnight in Paris Eyeliners
On lips:
  • Bite Beauty Shade 005 Lipstick


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Cindy Avatar

WOW- $36.00???? No thanks, I’ll pass….WTH, Bite Beauty? Your “Special Edition” shades warrant a Chanel or YSL price tag? I do believe I’m a little ragged from makeup houses’ “Special Editions” for an exorbitant amount of money. I do so appreciate the review, Christine!!!!

Christine Avatar

They should have changed the packaging, I think, to help justify the cost. Their standard formula is really good, and while I dig the concept of a monthly release (I don’t dig how limited they can be, though), it’s hard to justify a +$12 increase.

Wednesday Avatar

Or maybe NOT. I actually just this minute received an email from Sephora notifying me they have cancelled my order-(I placed this order about a week ago)- because this item is out of stock. I’m not even certain if they cancelled the remaining items in my order.

I spend rolls eyes..big dollars with Sephora. I think this is reprehensible. Bite can bite me as well. After the January debacle and now this. Nope. I’ll live without it/them.

Yep, I’m pissed and had to be a drama queen and vent.

Dee D Avatar

Very helpful review CHristine – thanks! 36$ for something that lasts 3 hours and is “lightly hydrating” and not even such a great colour to start with…for shame BiteBeauty for shame :)) I love their luminous creme lipsticks as well but it really irks me when a brand puts out something as LE or supposedly BETTER and its just ..meh!

Beti Avatar

The shade reminds me of Nars Dominique but a little bit lighter and less pigmented. I didn’t get it cause of that, cause I already have Dominique and after your review I’m glad I didn’t 🙂

Christine Avatar

Yep! Dominique is like the more pigmented, slightly darker, richer older sister. They look more different once you apply them, but they are similar overall. To me, Dominique is better at the price point – and a little balm + Dominique will give you a sheerer option.

Ginny Avatar

This looks amazing on you!!!!! It doesn’t have that white base that clashes with so many skin tones (including mine).

Jess Avatar

Your swatches make this look more wearable than I thought! I thought it was going to look more cool and stark than this. Now I’m a little sad I passed. Oh, well!

Lorrin M Avatar

I’m really glad I saw some swatches of this released early. I went ahead and bought Nars Dominique because of the pigmentation and I’m loving it! 🙂 It’s a shame this month’s release was so sheer.

Ashley Avatar

I had this in my cart at Sephora and wanted to get the free shipping so I continued to browse their website and when I went to checkout the lipstick sold out 🙁 I emailed Sephora and suggested that if an item is placed in your cart it should solidify that the item is available and ready for purchase. Sadly, beacuse of that I did not place an order and Sephora lost out on a purchase.

Katherine T. Avatar

This kind of color doesn’t look good on me, it’s great they came out with a more unique shade this month. Looking forward to next month’s color!

Tiffanie Avatar

I’m glad that I didn’t rush to get this one. It looks a little too gray. It might pull too ashy on dark skin. NARS Dominique has been on my “to buy” list for a while now so I may just go ahead and get that one. Thanks for all your hard work!

Cindy Avatar

I’ve seen it on dark skin. They made it sheer, but buildable, so it won’t look like chalk on dark skin. I wish people would recognize why they decided to make this color less pigmented than the others.

Christine Avatar

Dominique, personally. This one is a little easier to wear, because it is sheerer, but Audacious is a better formula, I think (though it’s not hydrating for me, so there’s that). I’d rather sheer down Dominique as well as be able to wear it opaque! Plus, the Audacious lipsticks give lips a really smooth look.

Audrey Avatar

I actually quite like this shade and the semi-sheerness of it. I considered picking it up since my birthday is this month, but these lipsticks sell out SO darn fast! I don’t feel like it should be necessary to hover over a computer waiting for the second that this in order to purchase it, which is kind of what it feels like these monthly releases have turned into.

Nicole Avatar

I think this is really pretty and I am still very disappointed in the way Sephora handled the release. it was released on Tuesday for some to get somehow. I got this email in response to a comment on the that I made;
Dear Valued Sephora Client,
We’ve received your feedback regarding the Bite Beauty Lip Lap Limited Release Crème Deluxe Lipstick via the Ratings & Reviews section of Due to a technical error, the lipstick was incorrectly released, but not available for widespread purchase as it should have been. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and want to ensure you that we are working to resolve this issue for future releases! Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the issue, we appreciate your understanding.
I am glad that they are listening to the reviews. However. I am not glad that this is not the first time they have messed up( not sending VIB events to all the VIBS,etc) .I think they should be restocking it for the reason stated n the email. It got a B- and the wear time makes it not worth the cost to me and makes room for other stuff in my wallet. Plus, I have a couple of the dupes. so, it’s not a big deal that I didn’t get it. The big deal to me was that I literally made a point to set the $ aside prior to even seeing the shade, checked the site at least twice daily since the end of April to see if it was up because you can’t rely on their in stock emails, and then all of a sudden I go to a work obligation for a few hours and it sold out..what? I could by a Chanel, or Nars for less that that, a Tom Ford for $12 more which I would I think I am done with these ( I think :)).The hassle is too much.


Sephora Client Services

Christine Avatar

If you have NARS Dominique, I really think you’re covered, and you could try adding a little lip balm to give it a shinier, sheerer look. And if you don’t have it, then that would be the most comparable dupe with a really high-end/luxury-like formula 🙂

Tracy Avatar

Upon seeing this shade my initial reaction was that it may be a dupe for NARS Dominique since it’s so hard to find and always out of stock. It’s close but not enough for me to want to run out and get it.

Carrie Avatar

I’m totally willing to splurge on this! Nocturnal Instincts is one of my favorite lipsticks (as well as one of my favorite finishes) and i love the similarity

Shontay Avatar

I have this and love it. It’s a color that doesn’t usually work for me. Still, it is definitely overpriced. It shouldn’t be more than $25.

Celia Avatar

This is the only limited Bite Beauty release I’ve purchased so far (don’t like the system, the pricing, etc) but when I saw it was going to be a lavender-gray I of course picked it up. Should be arriving today so I’ll update with thoughts. I can never have enough nude lavender gray colors *sigh* Someone nicked my tube of Posture so I have to wait for it to be restocked at Illamasqua, but I am interested to see how it works versus all the other lavender-grays in my set since it is my all-time favorite (non-red) lip color. Don’t think anything will ever beat Digitalis, Dominique, Posture, or a mix involving Sebastian/Digitalis. But a woman can dream 😉

Looks lovely on you, Christine!

Celia Avatar

I’m almost a little annoyed they made such a “me” shade that I gave into their system because it really isn’t something I want to support. It’s frustrating to have to stalk and deal with the misinformation. Plus I always feel badly for those who wanted it and missed out on the blink-and-you-miss-it quantity. The color arrived and it is absolutely lovely and I’m glad to add a sheerer lavender-nude-gray to my stash, but happily I think you recommended excellent possible dupes and anyone interested who missed out will be very happy with any of the gorgeous permanent options you listed. Digitalis sheers out nicely and mixes so easily that I’m sure many lovelies out there wanting to recreate Lavender Thistle could produce some awesome dupes!

Wednesday Avatar

Hi Celia: I have Dominique in my stash and I’m confident I can dupe this Bite number without too much difficulty. I was really interested due to it’s sheerness and the fact it is paler, less dense.. with colours like these, I like them to be more casual less structure on my lips. Just my taste. Thanks for being kind. This experience, reading frustration from other people, in addition to the lousy quality January lipstick has turned me off the label. I won’t fret about it 🙂 There is always other great finds to be had. Thanks for the suggestions.

Celia Avatar

Dominique is truly the superior product so I’m happy you have that one at least! I agree that the system here is a pretty big turn-off for the Bite brand in general.

Pami Avatar

It looks very close to MAC’s Nocturnal Instincts which I already have, and if it runs out (and even maybe if it doesn’t), I can get NARS Dominique, which I’ve wanted anyway. I kept checking Sephora from the beginning of the month, and could never catch this in stock. Now I don’t feel too bad seeing how close they are.

I’m really tired of these LE releases that sell out ASAP (do you hear me MAC?), and I think I’m done with the Bite LE’s too, unless they come out with something so unique and wonderful I can’t resist.

Blue Avatar

I think this is a pretty impressive interpretation of a tricky color, but I agree with everyone who pointed out that the price point still seems a bit much. I actually really dislike it when brands offer siginificangly more expensive limited edition releases unless the packaging is blatantly much more luxurious because I think it reflects poorly on their permanent line and kind of undermines it. I feel like it suggests that they think thir products are sub-par or somehow a budget compromise. I don’t want to feel that way about a $17-23 lipstick!

Lotus Avatar

I’m glad I decided against purchasing this although you are wearing it very well in many pictures on here! It’s very nice on you, more so than in the review! 🙂 I’m curious what color is similar in their Luminous Cremerange? The more I see this, the more I like it! I do have Dominique, though it’s a much heavier weighted layer by the looks of it. 005 looks fresh!

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