What beauty trend would you like to see retired (at least for awhile)?

What beauty trend would you like to see retired (at least for awhile)? Share!

I gotta tell you that I feel like the market is over-saturated in bright, fuchsia pink – like the neon, MAC Candy Yum Yum like pinks. I like that there’s variety, but there are other colors to release, too!

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Oh, my goodness! Thank you! I keep reading that “bold brows” are in for what seems like every season. I always thought they made people look very weird.

I totally agree MEME..I was just talking about that yesterday. It drives me nuts…lol…being Italian I’ve been try to tame my thick brows for years and it’s funny seeing people spackling on theirs.It reminds me of my grandmother;)

I have to disagree, I love penciling ON my eyebrows. I like unnatural makeup looks and my brows are extremely… Uh… Bold. But then again, it matches the rest of my makeup, which is usually heavy and bold.
But when it’s supposed to be a natural/toned down look, then it does look a little… Off.

I comletely agree! specially the almost neon ones.. it never looked good on any one.. I like good ‘ol corals and peachy pinks thank you! 🙂

Oversized, overly precise (obviously faux) Instagram eyebrows. Also ombre brows fading from a light inner portion to a dark middle and tail. It’s the reverse of how natural brows usually grow, lighter/sparser at the tail-end and fullest/darkest at the front.

I’m ready for heavy contour and false eyelashes to go on sabbatical as well. 😀

Yes to everything you said! There is a difference between painted-on brows and subtly enhanced/bold. Heavy contour looks ridiculous in daylight, only works in photography (and where the technique originated from anyway).

I do have to say about what you call ombre brows though, that is naturally how some grow. Mine are definitely sparser at the beginning (near nose) and then darken as you go towards the end, so it makes sense that some people fill them in that way (it shouldn’t look like ombre eyeshadow though, I see your point). Have noticed that this seems to depend on enthnicity somewhat.

Absolutely! My brows are super thin towards the head end and more defined at the tail end. If I fill in my brows heavier in the head it looks even more fake, because there is less hair making it harder to look more natural.

I know its the opposite of how brows usually grow but if you darken the inner portion and lighten the outer, won’t you look really angry? I do agree though about the really drawn on cartoon brows where the texture of hair is only towards the inner part. Looks really cartoony and unnatural. Then again, what part of makeup IS natural? Hahah =S

Extreme contour and highlighting! I see a lot of this thanks to Kim Kardashians m/u artist and really, who has time for that every day? It’s not just time consuming but it looks very unnatural during the day.

I totally agree.. It’s too much, looks so caky and fake.. Contour and highlight normally yes, but the extreme version..
(Sorry for the broken English, I’m french!)

Nude lipsticks that match one’s skin tone and bright fuchsia, lavender, and hot pink lipsticks. I see them everywhere on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and they really don’t look that great.

I would like the coral craze to retire. I just can’t seem to pull it off. I love the colors that have been introduced, coral is such a beautiful color, but I just can’t seem to find a coral that complements my skin tone.

YES!! I keep seeing them on celebrity photos as if making celebreties wear those things will make everybody else want them. I don’t think they ever were a good look.

Matte skin! I’m a dewey skinned babe for life. Oh and perfectly grommed, penciled brows. I love the look of a full, natural brow. Plus I can’t keep up with all that tweezing!

I’m tired of overdrawn blocked eyebrows. I wish this trend would go away! I also wish the brow highlight at the top and bottom would go away as well.

I agree. I’m sort of disappointed there weren’t a lot of variations of radiant orchid released by brands.

One beauty trend I’d like to see retired would have to be the typical smoky eye with gold or silver all over the lid and black in the crease. Why can’t there be another colour in the crease? Why BLACK?

bwahahaha! “booty hole looking lips” cracked me up. but now that you mention it, that is what it looks like!

I could agree more. The ombre hair was cute with fun colors (last year), but I always thought black hair and blonde ends just makes your hair look like it is a year grown out since the last color. Why do people still pay to have their look like it has just grown out?

@Tiffanooise, I opted for ombre because I used to bleach my hair blonde for years, and got tired of the upkeep. Ombre was a great way to get my hair a bit lighter without having to worry about maintaining it every 4 weeks. I can just touch up every 6 months now, and it feels amazing not to worry about my roots, haha. 😛

That being said, since my hair was bleached for years it didn’t hold onto hair dye as well, so I’d get some ombre after a while due to fading even if I dye my whole head black. Since I like the look I don’t really mind, though.

Moreover, while my ombre ends are darker than the blonde shade I used to get, I don’t really miss my blonde hair as much as I thought I would, so I think it’s also a great way to ease someone to go back to their natural color after having a much different hair color.

Not too sure of this counts, but I would like to see raunchy product names for the sake of being “edgy” retired – G-spot, Deep Throat, Orgasm, Better than Sex. Between that and Urban Decay’s drug references… I’m kind of over it.

Ugh! Agreed! I ended up getting a dupe of Asphyxia because even though I love the color the name was just too ewww.

+10!!! It’s just super awkward when a co-worker or stranger asks you what shade you’re wearing and you’re trying to think of any way NOT to say, “Why thank you! It’s called Dirty Hooker Romp.” I usually just say thank you and pray they don’t ask what it’s called!

Totally agree. Same with weird drug-inspired names from urban decay, “blunt” “half baked” “roach” along with nars blushes… “Deep throat”? Ugh…

Agreed–it just makes the brands look like they’re trying way too hard to appeal to ~the youth~. One of the worst offenders is Illamasqua: I’ve never gotten over “Load” for a yellow-white polish. That’s not edgy, it’s just gross.

YES!!! Totally over it! Never thought those names were cool, just awkward! I never have bought NARS Deep Throat because I think the name is feral…. >_< and I really don't want someone picking it up and cracking jokes at me. Not cool.

Hmm, probably overly drawn brows. Don’t get me wrong, I think people should wear whatever they want, but I’d really like to see more people embracing their natural brow shape.

Filling them in to enhance them is great, drawing blocky brows to compensate for thin brows is iffy. However, the worst one I feel is where you shave off part (or all) of your brows and draw them on. It’s a very common thing where I’m from.

If that’s the look you’re going for, by all means, rock it. But I really prefer if someone does something on trend because they actually like the look, not just because it’s trendy or expected.

Dramatic highlighting and contouring for everyday, I mean I like HAC as much as the next person but I think some people take it to the extreme daily. Also winged liner, I think when everyone wears it everyday it just gets boring.

Awww, I love winged liner. I’ve worn it for years, it’s classic. I don’t go crazy with it, but I have round eyes and it elongates them.

Okay, I see lots of winged eyeliner comments, I’m guessing everyone is referring to the dramatic winged liner. I wear winged liner everyday but more of 1940’s style, not winged out far, like Lauren Conrad, Angelina Jolie style.

I’d like to see the matte lip take a backseat for a while. It’s not that I don’t like mattes, I just find that the colours are less nuanced and therefore less original than when there’s a bit of shimmer (not necessarily a frost though).

Textured polish: I think that it rarely looks pretty (not to say that I find it ugly most of the time), and it might have been fun to try 2 years ago, but now let’s get over it please!

Hmm probably collections that, when they choose to just have one or two lipsticks in them, they only choose red ones. Like, I love a classic red lip as much as the next person, but it’s not the end all be all. I wish the beauty community would embrace some more unique or just throw back colours, like burgundy browns from the nineties.

The fake bake, overbronzed, Oompha Loompah look can disappear any time now. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little summer glow, but we pale folk need to accept that there were places our skin was not meant to go.

The “feature nail”. I’ve always found it a silly idea and, as with “feature walls” in decorating, when I see it, it just looks like the wearer ran out of the main nail polish colour (or wall paint, in the case of feature walls in houses). And the whole concept of “colour of the year” (or even “colour of the season) is another trend I’d like to see the back of. What ever happened to “individuality” as opposed to hordes of women walking around wearing orchid on their faces and bodies (or coral, because it’s “THE colour for spring”).

I’m a bit over to super high arched also photoshopped looking eyebrows that seem to be in at the moment. It suits some people are looks overdone on others.

Neutral/Natural Makeup, don’t get me wrong I love it a lot but goodness there’s barely any variety outside the neutral range on the market. I personally think this trend has taken over the market. It doesn’t give consumers a chance to step outside the box which is probably why some people are “scared” to wear any other colors

I don’t know, I think that’s more in reflection of the trends I’m seeing in people’s tastes (Correct me if I’m wrong!) – a natural, “my lips but better” look is so much less stressful to maintain than a powerhouse red. When colors are sheer, they’re less likely to bleed, leave marks on your teeth, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bold look, but I think that the natural look is easier to get away with, and that’s why people do it – I don’t think that its because we’re only being offered “natural” products.

I know it’s not really a trend, but I’ve seen more red lips the last couple of years than I’ve seen my whole life. I have not seen it a lot in real life (not more than I can count on two hands) and they’ve all been on somewhat older women, but online it seem like these red lip looks are blooming. I just hope it’s not turning into a trend with people seeing it on blogs and online and start wearing it all the time everywhere. Special occasions, fine, but not all the time.

I’m also really tired of the ones you mention, Christine. The bright pinks that are released by everyone these days. I think it’s time to make another shade popular, like coral, orange or lavender pink.

Oh, and also. I guess this would be considered beauty when it has to do with hair removal. BRAZILIAN WAXING!!! I’m all for keeping it clean, trimmed and nice down there, but when it’s gone so far that you’re considered “disgusting” for not removing every single hair, something is wrong. I have nothing against people who like it that way, but I feel like the majority of people and media in particular have started shaming those who don’t. I don’t want to look like a 10 year old girl down there. I don’t want my girlfriend to either, I personally think it’s a turn-off. Please don’t make me feel bad about it.

OMG, SO TRUE ON THE PUBESCAPING! LOL! Thankfully that demeaning Veet commercial in which a male wakes up to a female’s stubbly legs and shames her for it brought light to the fact that people forget that hair removal is a preference, not a requirement.

Couldn’t agree more on the brazilian. Nowadays people make it sound like it’s the norm. Excuse me but it’s not. Beyond the fact that it’s painful and expensive to maintain a lot of us don’t feel comfortable at all looking like a pre-teen down there. Unfortunately I think that this trend has a lot to do with the influence of pornography on what women are expected to look like. Another very good reason to reject it.

The extremely blown out highlight and contour routines using a pound of concealer five shades lighter and darker than your skin tone ALL over one’s face. Run away and never return.

The Tumblr/Instagram/Youtube aesthetic of needing to make every look Kardashian-esque. Full coverage base, lots of contour/highlight, very defined brows, winged eyeliner, false eyelashes, etc.
What happened to wearing a red lip with just a bit of mascara, instead of 5 different eyeshadows all blended together?

True, but I still love it as I don’t wear it often lol :)) some use it in unflattering combos, though, and it’s tacky then(bubblegum pink, too).

I wanna see the whole tan(fried) skin trend die, fake or not; bleached brows or bushy ones.

I would like to see the heavy contouring, and highlighting (particularly under eye glow) retired. Of course with any “new” look/skill acquired by laymen it’s just a matter of time before it becomes ridiculous. For the most part, women don’t need heavy contouring/highlighting; a light hand is imperative to avoid the masked look. Personally, I saw this being a bad thing when Ben Nye banana powder became a crowd favorite.

I’ve had enough of neutral eye palettes. I have Naked 2 and 3, plus various other neutrals from other palettes, I’m ready for some bold and colorful shadow!

Here’s a different view on tired trends. Bright fuschia pink: I never contemplated wearing the colour before now and find it is actually quite flattering on me. I had a acquaintance who liked bad fake tan and wore these shades of lipstick to death in the early 2000’s and I have to say I really hated it on her. I never said a word to her, she felt great and that’s what counts..how the person themselves feels about it. My opinion is meaningless. But for me, the combination of orange skin and fuschia lips turned me off the lipstick completely.. what I thought would be forever. So it turns out I’m very late the the party, but enjoying it this summer. It’s not a lip I wear everyday, but it is a great colour for just having nice skin, no eye makeup, groomed brows, bright lips. The End. 😀

I’m completely cool with having lots of trend options, tired or not.. okay, maybe a resurgence of visible lip liner would make me shudder. Ha!

The overly contoured/bronzed/done face. I think most of us have stepped away from the full coverage, very matte look (myself included!) thank goodeness! I think the everyday full makeup face with contour is getting SO old. I don’t judge those who do, but I just wish more girls embraced their more natural beauty. For example, I love Lisa Eldridge’s style, so naturally gorgeous! To each their own, this is just my opinion.

I’d say the harsh Kim K contouring…. I’m seeing every possible MAU do that and it’s a thick layer of super light under the eye which makes a woman look so fake… I cringe!!!!!

As much as i love a good contour, anything inspired by any kardashian can go far away and never come back. Its just not aligned with my “makeup philosophy”.

I agree with candy pink lippie. When I discovered it, it was a revelaton but at this point, I’m like ahhh can we get different colorss.

Like purples.
All the purples.

Stiletto nails should retire and hopefully won’t come back. I’m scared looking at it, doesn’t look like it belongs to a human hand. I imagine it like a nail of a witch or monster or an eagle or some villain in a movie!

winged eyeliner! i like it every once in awhile, but i don’t like it when every woman you see is wearing it. it is so hard to get right and often it just doesn’t look very good. just because it is a “trend” doesn’t mean you have to do it! wear what you like, for yourself, don’t do something just because everyone else is. i think the beauty of makeup (that many people miss) is that it is a way of expressing yourself. if you like it, go for it and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks! don’t worry about being great at it or doing your makeup how “society” says you should.

Nude eye palettes and textured nail polishes. The nude eye palettes need to take a backseat because there are already so many of them in the market, and the textured nail polishes to me look like nail polish that got snagged on a blanket or something while it was still wet. Oops.

Nude lips as well, I mean very nude tone that matches skin color, almost like putting foundation onto lips. Not only don’t I look good with that, but also, who else could?! Mid-toned people look sick with that, so do pale-toned girls.

Yep. I call them concealer lips. Seriously, why do you want concealer colored lips? It’s not doing anything positive for you. It’s not cute, sexy, attractive, beautiful, fun, interesting, mysterious, intriguing, provocative, making a statement, avantguarde, frivolous, chichi, dramatic, bold, subdued yet still lecturing the area it’s on…and if it’s not any of these, then what’s the point of putting on the makeup anyway? Isn’t makeup meant to be at least one of those things (or dozens and dozens more)?

So many ! Bright pinks on the lips (I see this as the typical future ‘fashion faux pas’ you are ashamed to show to your grandchildren), corals, the extreme nude lips, the big brows, kardashian like contouring … basically we need to move on and bring on fresh and new stuff !

I’m ready for mascaras with ginormous wands to go. They’re way to big for my eyes! I’m also confused by the super heavily drawn in brow look. I love a full brow, but when it looks like you’ve filled yours in with a sharpie, maybe it’s time to reevaluate!

I can’t even go on Pinterest without seeing a ton of “HAC like a pro!” before and after shots. I don’t know a single person who does that to their face every day. Maybe for going out but it looks unnatural for daytime. So sick of it.

Im so over this “color of the year” thing.
I don’t know if this qualifies as a “beauty” trend , but Im so tired of overly inked skin, especially on women. Make up can help you express your individualism. It is cheaper, easier to remove to tailor to your mood or the styles of the seasons, and comes without risk to your health!

Can I say ombre hair or is that gone already? Either way … I think that trend needs to be retired!From a pure makeup perspective..ombre lips? lol. Yeah I think I’m done with ombre anything for a while. I’d like to say bye bye to neon nails too while I’m at it.

I would like to see Tanning disappear, It’s really hard to convince my 17 year old daughter of the dangers of melanoma when everyone is sporting an orange hue. I would also like to see the orange toned foundations turn back into regular skin tones. Not everyone IS faux tanned and it’s hard to find a neutral or cool toned foundation.

Too much makeup! I like to see more of a natural look with makeup. Natural brows grow them out and just if necessary add a little pencil. When you see too much makeup that has been overly applied to someones face it looks like a mask. You still want to see the real features of a person. Makeup should accentuate your positive not totally change your features. That’s just me.

Uber-contouring badly and overbronzing. Other than that I pretty much say BRING ON ALL THE THINGS. ALWAYS.

I’m ready for the trend of filtered/edited photos to end. I really feel its out of hand. It doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in me about a persons makeup skills if the photo has been retouched to death. I understand the pressure though: people would have to stop nitpicking each other apart. Stray eyebrows, visible pores, that fine peach fuzz hair every human being has…its just a little ridiculous what things people will criticize.

Totally agree on the overdone eyebrows.

Wacky nail painting including decals, trims, crackle, sand texture, “accent” nails, etc.

Shoes you can’t walk in safely, super-short skirts.

Heavy duty contouring! Urgh! I feel like it can get so unnatural looking. I like the occasional highlight & contouring but enough is enough!

No Hun I agree. Tired of Every other person doing winged liner. Just because a editor at magazine says it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to do it. Just be your own person..!

Kardashian undereye highlighting that’s three shades too light on the face. I’m ALL for people doing whatever the heck they want no matter how “crazy” it looks, but it’s just a pet peeve of mine when I see it.

i agree christina ! i love fuchsia but seems like its everyday they are making a new one in a different brand or so many from the same brand named different ! shiny skin, yes i am guilty but what happened to the matte finish ? lol you do everything possible to control oiliness just to slap on shine once you are done lol …cat eyes, gorgeous but once again its been around too long now…drawed on brows, only should be if you dont have any..just keep them groomed well..and in my opinion too many bronzers on the market as well..its great to have options but how many browns can u make ? …there is my rant lol

I’m tired of the heavy makeup/ contouring/ super fake makeup look. Makeup should enhance our natural beauty not turn us into Kim K lookalike robots. I’m also sick of MAC constantly re-releasing red and fuchsia pink lipsticks, how many of these do we need?? And I’m sick of everyone spouting orange and coral as the freaking best color in the world on every skin tone. Can coral really be a summer “trend” if its a “trend” every spring/summer? Its just so predictable these days.

Get rid of the bright pink lip. I love extreme highlighting & contouring & it actually only takes me an extra 5-10 minutes. It can really enhance a girl’s face. I’m sure it will be around for a long time because HAC seems to be getting bigger & bigger.

MAC eyebrows – the overly drawn in type topped off with tons of concealer. I love bold dark eyebrows but those don’t look natural whatsoever.

To give a brief and highly opinionated list (and obviously this is heavily biased toward things that look bad on me personally):

– Super orange fake tan (no human is this colour – you are not fooling anyone, and the companies that make it should be ashamed of themselves). Super orange bronzer goes in this category, too. Also: never let anyone make you feel bad for being super pale!

– ‘Concealer lips’ nude lipstick, or any other extremely white based pastel shade of lipstick outside an editorial. I want the ‘MLBB’ concept to come back for ‘nude’ lips!

– Brows that have been drawn on heavily with a thick opaque brow paint, usually where the natural brows have been shaved off or plucked down to nonexistence. Natural brows are lovely! By all means maintain the edges to keep them in check, but don’t pluck them all away. If you have done, I think feathery strokes with a brow pencil are a better bet. If you have super transparent, delicate brows (but there is hair there) then I think an appropriately coloured eyeshadow stroked through them is a much softer, more natural effect :-).

Obviously, people should do and wear what makes them happy. But if we’re asking for opinions here, those are a few suggestions of mine for things that most people would look better *without*, regardless of how much makeup they are or aren’t wearing!

Oh, also: the world does not need another ‘neutrals’ palette, at the moment. Companies, please stop milking this trend. You *all* have at least one neutral palette now, Stick with that and make something new and interesting!

I’d like to say goodbye to neon lipsticks, overly dark mega brows, pastels and huge mascara brushes. And, stiletto nails.

The nude lip. It makes almost everyone look ill. Way too much black on the eyes i.e. black liner, black shadow, false lashes, 49 layers of black mascara, ugh. Looking like a stripper is not classy.

Comical, razor-sharp, clown eyebrows. “Instagram brows.” It doesn’t bother me really… as long as you know that you don’t actually look pretty that way. You DO know that right?? LOL! I mean, do what you want. I LOVE drag queens! But don’t do it and think it’s like… subtle or anything.

I do love Fuchsia and Orange lips a lottttt but guess there are so many choices and it needs to stop somewhere 🙂 for a makeup addict of course 🙂
need some great innovation in eyeshadow finish and texture 😀 😀

The belief that concealer is essential. All these YouTube videos etc where a young person chucks on a tonne of it yet they looked fine without. I just don’t get it. I’m 46 and I hardly ever use it. I think that having the people who are watched by thousands of young fans saying concealer is essential is giving another of those false perceptions and insecurities.

White eyeliner to “open the eyes” has always looked weird to me.
Extreme “brightening” under the eye
Ombre hair
Ombre nails
Ombre ombre
Stiletto nails forever & ever

I would certainly like to see nude lipstick retired for awhile. I think this lipstick makes your face look unfinished, unbalanced of colour. I have seen some women wear it and it actually makes their face look drawn and pale.
Hot pink lipstick is another shade that does not suit many wearers.
I also agree with other bloggers here re eyebrows. Some very fake looking ones around.

My choices:
-the fake Instagram brows
-the tan mania overall – sometimes it is getting challenged, but still, a lot of people tan religiously, and that is not even good for the skin, no matter what technique they use, not to talk about everyone is getting the same boring beach babe look
-heavy contour and highlight
-the matte bright / red lip look… especially when kids are wearing it to school or people sport it at occasions where it is not appropriate… not to talk about that they do not look good on every single person
-mint nails – it is not ugly, but I am tired that every time I see a non pink / nude / red / black / purple nail, it is mint… get more creative, ladies please, mint is not the only color out there
-obviously straightened hair… making people looking like unoriginal clones, and sometimes, the wavy hair would look a lot more natural and pretty
-too defined waves and curls for daytime
-beachy waves – I only know a handful of people who look good with those raggedy waves outside of the beach itself… lay down that sea salt spray, please…
-way too sweet, foodie perfumes – I almost always wanna gag when people walk past me wearing tons of cotton candy or chocolate scented perfumes…
-hair that is shaved at one side… it only looks cool on few people, who have the style to pull it off… otherwise it looks horrid and as if a wannabe person wanted to act cool
-non natural looking ombré – welcome to the world of looking like someone with seriously un-touched up roots
-frosty highlight and way too much white in the inner corner

I think after reading and laughing I agree with the majority, and it’s mostly because it either doesn’t suit me, or i can’t do it properly.
Superpale “nude” lips and heavy contouring. I’m also over big, huge drawn on eyebrows.

Fake tan.
Overly drawn on/ombre brows.
Fake eye lashes with EVERYTHING.
Winged liner with EVERYTHING.
Super pale-pink lips on overly tanned skin.
Nude lips on overly tanned skin.
Pastel lip colours.
Dramatic contouring for every day.
BB/CC Creams.
Neutral/Natural make-up. What happened to the fun, bright colours?
Ridiculously fake long nails.
All the Sigma/Whitening Lightning/Bellami/ETC sponsorships.

Apparently I dislike quite a lot…

The thick penciled in brows/highlighted by concealer brows!!
If you don’t have naturally thick brows, please stop coloring them on your face LOL
Also stop tracing them with concealer…always hated the way this looks!

You know what’s so ironically funny, Doll? And I LOVE you, but when you Google MAC Yum Yum, there’s a picture of you wearing the same lipstick you are now. It’s a different picture however the shade of lipstick matches Yum Yum! Was that on purpose? Your totally pull it off by the way. I have always thought beautiful women with your coloring could pull of bright tones and colors in makeup and clothing too. Lucky!

I look tarty and silly or like a little girl playing dress up in that color! I remember the first makeup I ever had, I was 11, and it was a Jordana lip liner, back when they were SUPER long, like Wet n’ Wild still is.

I had spent so much time looking at them with big, longing eyes everyday after school, at the store on the way home from school (think glorified Bodega, a precursor to today’s 99 cent and dollar stores) that the man finally said, an amused smirk on his otherwise always unsmiling face, “Choose one, Honey! Go on, take one”.

I knew nothing about makeup, save from what I’d seen my mom do, use a pink tune with a green top for mascara after curling her lashes a LOT, many times, and putting on shiny maroon lipstick that always got in her teeth. This was the mid 80’s after all!

I wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup, not even glossy lip balm, and had no money to buy any, soooo what color did I pick? That’s right. A bright fuchsia, the kind that stains and won’t rub off for nothin’! Lol. I was so flustered when he said I could have one, I just quickly grabbed one and said, “Thank you!” And fled the store before he could change his mind, thinking of where I could hide it from my hyper religious mom, my face burning and heart pounding.

Thanks for the memory!

I already posted what trend I would like to see gone (ombré ANYTHING, especially hair and lips, which look like an anus, however, I’ll post another, after that rather long story: ridiculously long eyelash extensions, especially those that are poorly done or when the wearer does not maintain them and they have like 3 SUPER long lashes left in the middle, making them look ridiculous. Enough already!

Overdone contouring and blush at ONLY the cheeks… And ombre lips and textured nail polish. Different from a lot of the other commenters, I love defined eyebrows! But of course, it has its limits…

I have two picks:

1. BB creams– aka overpriced moisturizers that have limited shades for deeper complexions.
2. Products that are marketed as anti-aging. Isn’t anti-aging, pro-death?

I like them all trends as described above…the orange, the re- releases, the high brow, the fake tan, the winged out liners, the bronzer and contouring, the smokey eye, the spider lashes, the fuschia, the bb n cc creams, the nude lips…….all that make applying makeup so unique. And there also is a MAC look.
I just love looking at these looks….I may not apply makeup this way or even walk out the door this way
But I love them all….esp….at looking those who think they look hot when they don’t.
I just love makeup. Think of it this way…the majority of men don’t use makeup or don’t have this luxury….except maybe that fake tan the sport. So happy to be a girl n would never change it for the world.

I’m probably in the minority, but what is with the ‘bronzer’ ? I won’t be sorry to see that trend disappear. The eyebrow highlight and extreme contour can take a hike as well.

It’s really funny seeing everyone’s comments! Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder hey Christine? I don’t really have a trend that I am completely sick of…I can understand they all have a time and a place.

One thing does annoy me though, Wayne Goss once did a video about not placing blush on the apples of cheeks because when you stop smiling your whole face droops with the blush. And people still insist on making these big apples on their cheeks with blush =S

None. Not a damn one. Sure, there are looks I don’t prefer…and that’s why I don’t do them, lol. The fun of makeup is being able to do as you please with it to create the look you want. Some of these comments are just too over the top for me, lol. If you like a product, use it. If you like a look, do it. If you don’t then don’t. I wouldn’t ever want to retire a product or look just because I didn’t like it or was tired of it. Pretty sure someone would lose an arm if they tried to snatch my highlighter or fake lashes from me. 😛

Nude lipsticks and fake eyelashes. I’m sorry but I think nude colour in lips is completely unnatural. I believe make up must enhance your natural colours not removing them. Nude lipsticks are unflattering whatever the shade and some of them make people look like corpses. Regarding the fake eyelashes…. eeeewww they make people look drag queens and very cheap!

all new MAC LE collections! I’m thoroughly sick of them coming out so thick and fast all the time. Don’t they EVER run out of ideas after all these years?

Man I sure do wish more people here in the comments could have found a way to vent frustration with products available instead of bash other women’s aesthetic preferences.

I’m over the neon lip trends. All of them. Pink, orange, purple, ultra-coral. I’m done. I miss even remotely natural lip colours. I’d love to see MAC bring back the colours from Spring forecast 2010. That’s the last set of lip colours I’ve actually wanted to come back.

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