Beautiful Beginnings with Kiehl's

Beautiful Beginnings with Kiehl’s

What was the first Kiehl’s product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer: Though I may not review the brand very often, I actually use numerous products on a regular basis, and it’s one of the few brands I repurchase from. It’s an affordable, practical range of effective skincare products. Right now, I have a Kiehl’s body wash, Creme de Corps, body sunscreen, and tinted moisturizer all in rotation.

Share your first time experiences with Kiehl’s in the comments! 🙂


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Kiss & Make-up Avatar

I’m not going to be taken seriously anymore after this, but… I’ve never tried a Kiehl’s product. I know, how ridiculous is that?! I always tell myself to visit a Kiehl’s store next time I can, but I always forget for some reason…

Wwendalynne Avatar

I haven’t tried Kiehl’s either. I’ve got a mental block against their packaging which I view as a lame attempt to look like old fashioned apothecary products..but mass produced. Too much irony there for me. If I want this style of product, there are lots of much smaller guys out there I would rather support.

Louella Avatar

Just FYI – Kiehl’s began as an apothecary 160 years ago. It was a fully serviced pharmacy so the use of old style pharmacy labeling is actually incredibly authentic.

Monica Avatar

I am no a fan of this brand, I find the products somewhat pricey and the results meh…I got (and used up) the avocado eyecream, and it is not as moisturizing as I expected. I have the midnight recovery face oil, and I find I irritates my skin, when I purchased it I was told that it is not necesary to use another face cream afterwards, but my skin doesn’t feel supple and nice when I use it…What I do like is the rare earth clay mask, and the pore minimizer lotion. Since Kiehl’s is not cheap I much rather purchase products from other brands that I absolutely love, i.e. Nuxe

Amanda Avatar

Back when I was in high school (maybe 2002?) and lived near SF, Teen Vogue had a short 1-page special on Kiehl’s and listed a store in SF. So my Dad took me there and I picked out a few items, not knowing how much it cost. We were surprised when we got to the register and it was nearly $50! I felt so embarrassed, but very spoiled and lucky that my dad was buying me fancy stuff in this nice store. He bought me the #1 lip balm, a small bottle of Creme de Corps, and a bottle of shower gel. I felt so fancy using it. 🙂

Jennifer Avatar

I have tried various samples from kiehls but haven’t bought anything yet. I really like the Ultra Facial Cream. I think I may pruchase it once I finish my Origins moisturizer.

Mariella Avatar

My first experience with Kiehl’s was my daughter buying me a gift box that included Midnight Recover “oil” and I loved it. I’ve since started using their SPF 50 facial sunscreen and their body lotion as well as sometimes using their avocado eye cream and the panthenol face cream in winter-time. I really like a lot of their products.

Bree Avatar

I just made my first purchase with Kiehls during their friends and family sale. I got the panthenol vitamin e facial moisturizer and the rare earth masque. I love the moisturizer. You get a ton for the price and it makes me dry skin feel great. I have only used the masque once so far and noticed somewhat smaller pores. Hoping it helps to unclog my pores. I will definitely be purchasing from them again.

xamyx Avatar

I’ve never tried any of their products, although I read a lot of great things; it’s just another one of those brands that aren’t convenient enough to pick up, and with so many other brands available that I’ve had great experiences with, it seems pointless to go out of my way to try it. Also, I’ve recently found a skin care routine that I’m loving right now, so I don’t want to change anything (the best routine I’ve tried is actually the least expensive).

Jessica Avatar

I have only tried the lip balm – which I really like. The Creme de Corps has soy in it, which I am super allergic to, so all my samples go to my mom. I used to have a big pot of #1 lip balm when I taught Kindergarten and, instead of using it on me, I would rub it on the kids’ boo-boo’s and scrapes. It smelled nice, made the kids happy and protected the scrape.

Lauren Avatar

I’ve tried a few of the products and have mixed feelings about them. I find most of their facial moisturizers to be on the heavy side, even the oil-free ones, but the Ultra Facial Cream works well on my skin when it’s super-dry. I did like the Abyssinian Serum moisturizer, but it’s apparently been discontinued. I also tried the Foaming Nondetergent Cleanser, but it was extremely drying to my skin, even though the label said it was appropriate for combination skin.

I’ve not found any of their products to be “holy grail” products, so the prices are a little hard to stomach for something that is only so-so.

blueraccoon Avatar

My local Nordstrom’s carries Kiehl’s, and there’s a Kiehl’s store in the mall, but the last time I went there the SA was talking to one guy. I honestly don’t even remember if she did the ‘I’ll be right with you’ thing or not, but after about five minutes of getting no attention I just left. I wouldn’t have needed her attention but I wanted to ask about the tinted moisturizer and I didn’t see it anywhere in the store. Maybe I’ll try again another time…

Belinda Avatar

I’ve always wanted to try their tinted moisturizer because Christine always raves about it, but every time I look for it it is nowhere to be found. Has it been discontinued? 🙁

Gail Avatar

Love their midnight recovery serum for night and the one for eyes. SO reasonable compared to Chanel – I am now going to try the Artica eye and face cream – Got a kit from Nordies Anniversay Sale and ready to open it – Their Dark Spot remover and Line Repair are also excellent. Don’t know why it took me so long to try but I’m loving everything so far.

Inu000 Avatar

I purchased the Ultra Facial Cream from Kiehl’s before doing any research into it and guess what? I will never purchase from Kiehl’s again. The reason is simply that there are so many controversial chemicals in this so advertised “natural” brand that hypocrite does not even begin to accurately characterize the company. I know it’s targeted towards working women, but it’s best to look at what exactly you’re putting on your face before purchasing.

Wwendalynne Avatar

I have a theory, the more ‘natural’ they try to make the product look through packaging, the worse they are for containing unwanted chemicals. Clear packaging and clear product = kiss of death ;0)

Inu000 Avatar

That’s very true. Sadly, Kiehl’s marketing strategy is superb. The visuals are super attractive :T Recently I discovered an amazing natural skincare line called Simply Divine Botanicals. I’d love for Christine to cover the line, but they are definitely not well known so that may take a while 🙂

Barbara Avatar

The only Kiehl’s product I have ever used is the Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant which I could be the spokesperson for. It doesn’t irritate me, is unscented, doesn’t stain my clothes, and most of all keeps me odor-free. I don’t have a wetness problem, but I do stink when I’m stressed! I save it for my work days (hospital ER) in case that old-wives tail about getting used to a product is true because I can’t risk it not working for me! On my days off I use Avon unscented because that’s all I need. I don’t know why I haven’t tried anything else, maybe the price.

Lynne Avatar

I first bought Kiehl’s when the lip balm was “the” lip product to have. I couldn’t understand the fuss: it was thin, greasy and did nothing. Maybe 10 years later, I made my second purchase – I bought the avocado eye cream at the recommendation of my facialist…found it simply sat on the skin surface, turned into liquid and did nothing. But I do recommend the suntan lotion, which was an emergency purchase when I was headed to a last-minute beach party. If you don’t mind creams and don’t mind paying more than products from its competitors, it’s pretty nice.

JJ Avatar

I have acne-rosacea and their products works the best for me. Their Calendula toner is liquid gold. It really reduces inflammation and redness. Their Acai serum is a really good antioxidant. And their Absynne SPF is moisturizing but not to heavy. Love their Rosa Artica line. And if you use RetinA you can use their firming concentrate and have the anti-aging properties work double. Plus their Midnight Recovery oil is the only thing I put on my skin when its hyper-irritated.

Leigh Avatar

I have enjoyed most Kiehl’s products I’ve tried, especially the dark spot corrector. But my favorite without a doubt is the Original Musk fragrance. Working as a make up artist and esthetician, I have to be careful about wearing fragrance, but I’m a bit of a perfumista. The Original musk suites both my need to smell pretty and my need to not offend my clients.

Lily Miramontes Avatar

I love and recommned is the Facial Fuel scrub … Now i know its market to men but when you work graveyard it wakes you up with that minty feeling .

Some other things
There dermatology line
Creme de corps
Amino Acid Shampoo
There olive oil shampoo conditioner
there creme de silk
And the SPF Moustirizer

Malia Avatar

I used to use their whole baby line on my son… smelled amazing and he never had any skin issues- dryness, rash etc. For me I tried the lip balm (hated it!) and sunscreen (basic!) but thats it.

krissy Avatar

I really love the Kiehls calendula herbal toner. It does wonders for redness (and also helps a bit with black heads.)

I also swear by their clay mask in the summer when skin can get oily.

stacey Avatar

Calendula Toner…pricey pricey pricey…no alcohol…was told good for acne skin…bought the first one in Washington DC in 1993…19 years ago…Kiehls was not everywhere like it is today….so I bought it from a drugstore type place. Never tried anything else…but looked at some eye products today…Funny when the product is available everywhere, not interested…

casey23 Avatar

Isn’t it true for every brand? When it is unavailable and if there is a hype, we go crazy to get that but when they have a store near us then we just let it by.. Bioderma Crealine H2O is a great example for this at the States 🙂

Laura Avatar

I got their tinted moisturiser in light after hearing people say it was good. It’s great for me in summer when I’ve git a bit of colour but in winter I look like a corpse and it’s way to dark/orange for me then. I’ve never tried any of the skincare things except in sample form when I bought the tinted moisturiser.

casey23 Avatar

I still have no stable opinion about Kiehl’s. MY first purchase from them was their avacado eye cream and plum tinted lipgloss. The lipgloss was very good, it both gives color and moistens my lips (which isn’t very often with lip products). The eye cream was so-so.. Later my skincare stuff is all finished, so I decided to give them a try! I bought their calendula toner (so-so), rare earth clay mask (super!), rare earth cleanser (good-ish) and yerba mate moisturizer (I believe it is discontinued-it made my skin too oily). This purchase was not good but I gave them another chance (like they need my approval). On the other purchase I bought amino acid conditioner (a blessing I am telling you!!!!!), mango lip gloss (useless), yerba mate cleanser (I don’t know what was I thinking!!), rare earth toner (it does contain alcohol but it was the only alcohol containing toner that didn’t irritate me and it was really good for my pores on the long run), also with this purchase they gave me some samples of ultra oil free gel cream (perfect!!) and midnight recoery serum (I don’t know what the hell it does but I am sure it does nothing for my skin other than making it sticky :S).
So to sum up, I will definitely go to Kiehls for regular skincare and their perfect hair conditioner but I am not sure if they deserve all the hype. But I do know that here in Turkey their price is very good compared to other brands, that’s why I will choose them again.

Sunshine Avatar

I repurchase the Olive fruit oil deeply repairative hair pak. I am on my third tub…love this stuff !. It has done wonders to my dry danaged hair. I did get generous samples of the creme de corps, artica cream and the midnight recovery oil….not impressed at all. I am sticking with the hair pak.

Tracy Avatar

I am one of my Kiehls counter’s top client ! I have everything. Some are amazing, some I won’t repurchase.

-Rare Earth cleanser: A-MA-ZING stuff, will repurchase until the day I die. Super texture, cleans well, but doesn’t dry out my skin.
-Rare Earth toner: A-MA-ZING holy grail toner, perfect for combination skin, my bf uses it for oily skin too
-Rare Earth mask: Good, really purifies skin
-Calendula toner: Amzing, makes skin dewy
-Creme de Corps: not smooth, liquidy enough for me
-Creme de Corps light: amazing for sensitive skin
-Hand and body lotion: have the pear scent, discontinued, amazing
-Midnight recovery serum: does nothing for me
-Midnight recovery eye cream: only eye cream that makes a visible difference for me ! It gives you the look of 4 more hours of sleep
-Photo-Age face cream: Good, but can be not moisturizing enough during winter
-Microdermabrasion exfoliator: good, not great
-Papaya and pineapple exfoliant: very mild, good
-Abyssine eye cream: no use
-Ultra facial oil free cleanser: perfect with my Clarisonic
-Ultra facial: a total miss
-Lip Balm: good, not sticky, a bit greasy

lily Avatar

creme de corps! the texture is unlike anything else i have, its like a light, fluffy version of icing that just melts into skin and smells divine!

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