Beautiful Beginnings with Illamasqua

Beautiful Beginnings with Illamasqua

What was the first Illamasqua product you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first Illamasqua product you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  One of the coolest things about Illamasqua is that it’s one of the newer brands, so I get to say I was an early adopter!  The first products I tried were their nail varnishes, followed by their matte lipsticks and matte blushes.  I love the theme and aesthetic of Illamasqua, and they’ve always been a pleasure to work with.

Share your first time experiences with Illamasqua in the comments! 🙂

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Unfortunately, I have yet to purchase any Illamasqua products, though they are next on my list of brands to try (I like to “cycle” through brands- ATM, it’s NARS). I have tried some of the products I’ve seen on display, and from what I’ve seen, I really like them. The Sephora nearest me that carries it is a bit out of the way for me, and I don’t like to order online, if I can help it. Besides, I’m really trying not to buy any HE products until October, but after that I intend to dive into the world of Illamasqua.

My first Illamasqua product was their Rich Liquid Foundation in 105. I was looking for a product which I could use to brighten up Foundations as I’m very, very fair skinned and no brand I know of has a shade suitable for me. Well, also I’ve now switched to their Skin Base Foundation in 01 the RLF 105 did a really good job! Quite a few products sneaked their way into my stash after my first Illamasqua purchase and I’ve yet to be let down by one.
Furthermore the facts that Illamasqua treats make-up as a form of self-expression, openly encourages individuality and that they support The Sophie Lancaster Foundation greatly appeal to me, as I’m myself part of a subculture. It’s really nice to know that there is a brand out there who is so open-minded.
They’re now one of my favourite brands. So yes, my first Illamasqua product did pave way for a real romance! 😛

My first Illamasqua product was Jo’mina nail varnish which I bought based on your review. It is one of my favorite nail polishes but not just because of the gorgeous color, but also because the formula is amazing. Then I tried their matte blush in “Katie” which is the perfect pink. I’m also a huge fan of their brow powder. I use it everyday. 

I’d never heard of Illamasqua before your blog. Your raves influenced me and I ordered a lipstick called Scandal (pink coral) about a month ago.  Disappointing. Too creamy, not matte enough and, more importantly, it doesn’t have long coverage for me, though I love the intense pigmentation.  What’s worse is that this relatively brand new lipstick broke off near the base. I’ve only used it 4 times!!! I know you’d warned about that happening with the brand, but it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth, you have no idea. I have over 100 lipsticks and I truly cannot recall the last time that ever happened to me! I don’t care if there is an easy fix; it totally puts me off. So while I’m really tempted by the colour of Plunge, I’m dubious about their lipsticks now. Maybe their nail varnishes will be better.

My first Illamasqua product was Box lipstick.  Still hands down my favorite red lippie. I’ve branched out with the line since then but what I’m really excited for is hearing the line may be coming to my local Sephora!!

My first Illamasqua purchase was a couple of years ago when I bought a sheer lipgloss in Rouse and a loose pigment in Android.  I’m always interested when you review Illamasqua glosses, Christine, as you say that you don’t detect a scent, whereas I find that they smell of strawberry popping candy!
Illamasqua has now overtaken MAC in the battle for my affections, especially when it comes to foundation.  Their Skin Base Foundation is AMAZING (and their shade range easier to understand!).  I like everything that they stand for, and I’ve never been let down by their quality.

I only have one product .. Ore (Rich russet bronze pigment). I purchased this pigment after seeing a lisaeldridgedotcom holiday youtube video. I never did the look, so I’ve never even used this product (what a waste, I know!!).

I’m not too into Illamasqua .. it’s a bit too bold for me. I’m really liking Two Faced products at the moment.

The closest Sephora to me that carries Illasmaqua is a couple hrs out of town and since I’d rather not order online, all I can do is just stare at beautiful photos of their products on blogs. But just a month ago, I finally made my first Illamasqua purchase online from Sephora during their F&F sale! I got the powder blush in Nymph, and it’s true what they say, this stuff is amazing. The powder is soft, pigmented, and very long lasting. It is totally worth the price tag because their quality even beats out Nars in my opinion and I’m very dedicated to Nars blushes! I had originally wanted Katie and the cream blush in Promise, but they had sold out at that time. Nymph is still a wonderful choice, it’s a nice bubblegum pink :). I will be collecting more!
Though I would never wear a face full of theater makeup like their models do on their promo ads, I would definitely keep repurchasing the blushes and nail polishes at the very least. If anyone thinks this line is too bold.. just find the more natural looking colors is all I can say. A blush in Tremble or a lipgloss in Artifice is a good start :).

I only have one Illamasqua product, but it is fabulous.  I bought their matte eyeshadow in the shade “Intense” because it looked very similar to MAC Plumage.  I wanted a dark greeny teal like Plumage but didn’t want to buy Plumage because I’ve heard too much about how finicky it is.  Intense is just a dream.   I’d really like to try Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation since I love bb cream and their foundation shades are not so limited.

Thanks for the tip, Melody!  I have plumage because I love the colour too, but it applies rather streaky and doesn’t seem to have very good staying power.  It also has a pile of fallout and it is about the worst possible unattractive colour to be sitting below your eyes~  I’ll check out ‘Intense’.

Illamasqua might be my favorite brand right now! I think my first Illamasqua product was the lipstick Kontrol, which is definitely not for everyone (in that it’s purple), but what a FANTASTIC and flattering shade of purple! Then I discovered that they may have the best matte blush formula I’ve tried (Hussy is my favorite color so far, and Lover is next on my list!), and my most recent Illamasqua purchase is the Neutral Palette – turns out their eyeshadow formula is as good as their blush formula!

I first swatched their nail polish in “Muse” at Sephora and fell in love with it. It’s my favorite teal polish, even though recently it keeps pull more green on me than when I forst swatched it.
I also have “Force” nail polish, which looks awesome outdoors during the summer.
For their face makeup, I bought powder blush in “Panic” during Sephora FF sale last year and use it almost all winter before I got the cream blush in “Seduce” (thanks to your review haha). I even managed to force my mother to wear “Panic” when she visited me. (she is much lighter than me and it looks awesome on her)

I first swatched their nail polish in “Muse” at Sephora and fell in love with it. It’s my favorite teal polish, even though recently it keeps pull more green on me than when I first swatched it.
I also have “Force” nail polish, which looks awesome outdoors during the summer.
For their face makeup, I bought powder blush in “Panic” during Sephora FF sale last year and use it almost all winter before I got the cream blush in “Seduce” (thanks to your review haha). I even managed to force my mother to wear “Panic” when she visited me (She is much lighter than me and it looks awesome on her).

Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands right now.. from philosophy behind the product, design and finally the product(s) it is perfection. I never had bad product day with them. First item I got was their liquid metal, it was love at frst try! The only downside is the pricing, far too much for a student budget

I still haven’t tried it!! I love everything I’ve seen so much, but I’m so so poor right now, makeup is just not in my budget. Someday…

i just got 1 of their lipsticks as my first product from them… its dry and patchy and awful, going back & never buying from them again

I am a huge fan of Illamasqua products – love the colors and the deep pigments they offer. I especially love the blushed and nail polishes!

My first Illamasqua purchase was matte e/s in Can Can, a beautiful red violet color. I loved it so much I bought intense lipgloss in Belladonna and oh, words can’t describe how awesome this stuff is…very pigmented and opaque for a gloss. I also have 2 blushes, ambition and morale, which are terrific. And, one pigment in Beguile, which I enjoy using for special occasions or to change up a look. I couldn’t be happier with this brand, it’s simply awesome!

I am LOVING Illamasqua! I can’t recall first product, but I believe it was a blush. They have great blush, shadow, lipstick, eye pencils, etc. I also love Hollow Cream Pigment for contouring. Their medium pencil in Vow is the perfect brightening pencil for the waterline. I’m NC20-25, and it’s the perfect light tone to brighten with just a hint of yellow. Box and Maneater are a couple of my favorite red lipsticks. In addition, I like some of their false lashes, but more for special occasions since I tend to stick to half lashes. Also, Illamasqua has a FANTASTIC polish formula. I’m a fan of their brighter polishes, like Rare, which looks like I busted a highlighter or glow stick all over my nails!

I’ve only tried their nail polishes (Nomad and Lament), and I love the vibrant colors. I can’t wait to try their blushes and lip products, but there isn’t a Sephora around that carries them in store.

The first Illamasqua product I got was the liquid metals quad with blue, green, gold and red cream colour bases. It took me ages to work out how to use it but I bought it because it was too pretty! I just bought Nomad, Baptiste and Viridian nail polishes and love them all 🙂

I only have one product. The pigment in Ore and its gorgeous!  However, I have not purchased any of their other products because the packaging is a pain the butt.  Every time I use Ore I have to ever so carefully try to pop the top off without it getting all over.  Usually I am unsuccessful.  I am not opposed to trying other products but if I am spending the $ I dont want to waste the product just trying to open it.

I love this brand.  I did not try anything before ordering from Sephora – no displays in any of the Sephoras I visited.  I think the first item was the matte eyeshadow Heroine – for my coloring, the most amazing contour shade ever – it looks like natural shadows and contours on my eyes.  I adore the incredible themed collections with the fantastic looks, unusual colors but they also have many very wearable colors for everyone.  I think they truly understand both the fantasy and reality of makeup.

I wanted so badly to love Illamasqua, I ordered several products in the brand’s first year. Sadly, their lipstick gave me an allergy, the undereye concealer is the worst I’ve ever used (it accentuate fine lines like crazy), the cream eye shadows are awfull, the lipglosses start to taste funny after 4 months, the primer is so so… 
So, as much as I like the concept, the products are a big no for me. MUFE and Inglot have much better quality. 

My first ever purchase was the Skin Base foundation which the SA matched me 2 shades darker. I returned it because it accentuated my dry flakes and did not blend well with my dry skin.

My first Illamasqua product was their shimmer blush in Ambition, which I love. Then I went into the deep end I purchased Ore pigment, Precision Liner in Glister and Fume Intense Lipgloss all within a few weeks. I also ordered the Queen of the Night pigment from their website. I love how pigmented their products are and their campaigns are truly art. I am very happy with my Illamasqua purchases and I have a long list of things I’m lemming for from them.

Recently did some research because I’ve only been able to admire Illamasqua from a distance..  Sephora does not allow their products to be shipped to Canada and my nearest Sephora store does not carry the brand.  In any event, great news:  Illamasqua sells worldwide from their U.K. website!  Giddy up!!  I’m obsessed with everything green at the moment and they have the most amazing green eyeshadows and nail polish!!!

my first Illamasqua is lipstick in underworld but I have never used it. I only just bought it for fun.
and one of my favorite eyeshadow is Savage. It is a bit powdery and not super easy to blend but I love the colour too much to care.  
I think this brand is very good if you are looking for special and bold colours.
but many of the colours on their website has nothing to do with the real colours… 

My first Illamasqua product I have tried and purchased was the blush in Katie. It’s a matte very light pink. I like it ok, when I use it, I need to pack it bit on  a bit for the color to show a bit, which looks nice but a bit powdery. I would probably try more colors of this blush in the future since I always hear great things.

My first was a lonnng time ago, the brand was still pretty new (to the point that my online order didn’t go through about 3 times – but it didn’t put me off!) I bought Intense Lipgloss in Drag and a red lipstick (that either the name has rubbed off or it was bought before names were printed on the tube). Totally fell in love the colours and quality from day one.

The first illamasqua products I tried were a cream pigment in delirium & a powder pigment in static. Since those first purchases a little over a year ago I have pretty much replaced everything in my make up kit with illamasqua products. I work very close to their flagship store in London & am always popping in to buy more stuff & to have make overs. I cannot get enough of this brand 🙂

I just recently bought their cream blush in Rude and I absolutely love it.  Will definitely be trying some other colors in the future.  I want to try some of their nail polishes, but I just can’t justify the price to myself at the moment.  

Does anyone know the names of those two nail polishes?? They are gorgeous! I tried looking through past Illamasqua nail varnish posts but couldn’t find a post about either of them.

@Kate, I’m almost certain the one on the left is Viridium, which is a dark, metallic teal-ish green. I just ordered it a few days ago from Sephora. I think Christine did a swatch post on it a while back, so you may want to check the archives.

I first stumbled across Illamasqua when they just opened their first counter at Selfridges in London. Started small with their excellent concealer and pressed powder and a nail varnish. I got addicted pretty quickly and I attribute it to their beautiful artwork and campaigns that I started to really enjoy experimenting with my make-up and using it to really enhance the features of my face I like. 

I think my first Illamasqua product was their matte lipstick in Faust, which I loved. They have the best matte lipstick formula, long lasting, highly pigmented and dry without being drying. I’d previously gone to Mac in search of boldly coloured lipsticks, but I’d found everything that suited me and was frustrated with new products only ever being limited edition products, plus I found their matte formula too drying and the colours too limited. so I essentially transferred my lipstick addition to Illamasqua and haven’t looked back. I also particularly love their lipsticks in Atomic and Box; their lip glosses, which are the first glosses I’ve really gotten enthusiastic about; their eyeshadows and medium pencils and pigments… the list goes on. I do really like the general attitude of the brand as well, the commitment to individuality and creativity… and it helps that the people working at the Sydney counter know me (not a surprise really) and will stop me to see what I’m wearing on my nails… speaking of which, their nail polish! which is the only brand I buy in store (in Australia cosmetics are so overpriced that we pay $15 for Revlon and $20 for an OPI, so normally I order online instead), they have amazing colours and a wonderful, long-wearing formulae. 

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