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No. It’s a bit like buying a cat in a bag for me, because from what I heard, they very rarely read the data you provide them anyway. :/ Not to mention I move between countries too much to bother with ANY kind of non-online subscription. ^^;

I get Glossybox and Ipsy, and I used to get Birchbox but I just canceled that after getting one too many mediocre boxes. I actually really like the boxes; getting a package in the mail is always fun, and I get to try new products and brands I might not be familiar with. There’s always at least one awesome item in my boxes (one month I got Argan oil from Josie Maran; another month I got a gorgeous Illamasqua nail polish), and as a plus, the Glossybox boxes are really, really sturdy and totally reusable. Plus with Ipsy you get a reusable bag, so…wins all around. I got BeautyBar’s Sample Society for a couple months, then canceled that to get Ipsy, and from what I remember the boxes were kind of eh. I’d recommend Ipsy to anyone, though, and Glossybox if you’re willing to pay a little more.

Yes. I’ve subscribed to Birchbox. I may not always be getting something I’m guaranteed to like, but it’s about the same as going to any store and buying a product that I may or may not get on with. Could find something I love, could find something I don’t love. For ten dollars a month, I’m willing to risk it.

Basically, you pay a monthly fee ($10-20) and they send you a box of products – usually travel/trial-sizes, maybe a full-sized item (depends on the box/company). The idea being you get to try things you might not normally try.

Thanks. It’s the way the question is phrased that threw me off. I am not great with writing English lit, but I think the question could had been posed better.

No, I do not subscribe to these boxes. If I go the dept store in person, they will give me sample galores or GWP. An example is Sisley…they will give you samples of what best for your skin or Clarins or Guerlain also. I dont want random stuff. It is like getting a Christmas present which you dont know what to do with it.

Nope ! I do prefer choosing my beauty products ( and searching for new brands on the web and blogs, websites ), many girls/women are disappointed by Beauty Boxes, others are happy with them, well not for me.

When they first started appearing, I was somewhat tempted based on a few youtube “reviews” I saw but I guess I’m like you, Christine. I mean, people were gushing over the wrapping paper and insert cards….um, I throw out or repurpose wrapping paper and stuff like that so those aren’t things I consider part of the “value”. Then subscribers seem to be becoming disillusioned. Here in Canada, the choices of subscriptions were considerably more limited and more expensive and overall, it just seemed a waste of time and money for me.

I know exactly what you mean, Christine! From the looks of it, most subscription based beauty products just contain a variety of deluxe samples. If you just wanted to test out new things to buy the full product later on, I think most people could get good sized samples if they get to know the ladies at their local department store beauty counters. Just not worth the money, imo…

No, I don’t want to waste money on random products I might not be interested in. I’ve seen lots of pictures of these boxes on different blogs and most of the time they only include products that I wouldn’t even consider trying. I’d rather save up for something I know will work for me.

I subscribed to Birchbox for 4 months… I did find a new favorite TheBalm but I was so disappointed in my Feb box I cancelled. Too many perfume samples which I don’t care for, and lots of products I wouldn’t ever use. I agree I would rather use my money for a full size goodie!

I have absolutely no interest in any of these. From what I’ve read on other blogs, and readers comments, these companies will ask for a profile, completely ignore it, and give everyone the *exact* same products, most of which seem to skincare. I’m very particular about the skincare products I use, and since most on the market contain ingredients I won’t touch, those would just get thrown away. Then there’s the fact the samples are so small, you really can’t use it enough to determine if it works. As for “color” cosmetics, I wear only certain shades, so I would be wary of that, as well. I also have a few brands I’m completely in love with, and I have no interest in adding any more to the list, at the moment, so these boxes have nothing to offer me. If I do hear of a product I want to try, I can always just go to a store or counter and pick up a generous sample for free.

I haven’t. In theory it seems like a great thing but in reality I imagine it being much like the sample bags you get from places like Beauty.com…where it can be hit or miss if you’ll get items you will really be able to use. Like Christine said, I’d rather use the subscription fee towards one product I know will fit my needs/wants versus taking a risk. I’ve heard of some amazing finds but I have bags of samples (packets, deluxe sizes…and in the case of Beauty.com quite a few full sized “sample”) right now that I can’t or haven’t used so I def don’t need to add on to that lol

I get Glam bags from Ipsy. I used to be on Birchbox but then it wasn’t worth it for $10 after awhile, they started sending smaller and smaller sample packets and food and the full-sized stuff was usually beyond what I could afford. But Glam bags are great, the bags are cute and almost a bonus to the makeup/beauty items they send which are of a size where you can actually get some use out of it. Plus, it curbs my spending stopping me from buying more and more stuff because I know I can’t even get through finishing some of these samples I get (like shadows)…

They kind of sound like those services where they send you the stuff that sells poorly in stores. Needless to say, I am not subscribed and don’t think I ever will be. I recently watched a rant by Bentley Blonde on Youtube and they sent her a piece of string! I laughed so hard! Poor girl.

No way. I’m very picky about what I want to spend money on and I’m not big on surprises. Also, the new trend of samples being valued as something more than what they are is very disappointing to me. A sample is free. It’s a sample. wtf?

Ipsy and Glossybox! I have only received one GlossyBox so far and everything in it freaking sucked… But since I paid for three months up front ($60) , I’m crossing my fingers that March’s box will be better! Also, GlossyBox takes foreeeeeever to arrive… I didn’t get my “February” box til March 7th.
Ipsy, so far, hasn’t been too exciting, but for $10 a month, it’s much more reasonable for what you get – out of the first box, I used the Josi Maran Argan Oil, Pacifica Blood Orange Lotion, and am working my way through a gorgeous red Nailtini polish that wears a surprisingly long time (I literally forgot what the other two products were because they were so boring). Last month Ipsy was terrible, though, sending out “Lash Cards” (totally useless for everyone subscribed over the age of fourteen because WE OBVIOUSLY KNOW HOW TO APPLY MASCARA), a flimsy plastic teeny-tiny four pack of Coastal Scents eyeshadow (the shadows were awful with no color payoff, not easily blended, and muddy), some cheapo Pop mascara sample, gross primer, and the one decent product – Mica Beauty gel eyeliner. If this month’s Ipsy isn’t awesome, I’m cancelling my subscription.

I subscribe to Ipsy and Julep. I don’t mind Ipsy because it’s just $10/month and I generally like the things I get. Not sure how long I’ll be subscribed to it though because it’s generally not stuff that I actually need.

However, I do love Julep. It’s $19.99/month and you only get full-sized Julep products. Also, after they announce what is in the boxes, you have the option to opt-out each month. I wish more companies did boxes like Julep. It’s like, “Hey, we can send you some items at a great deal. Do you want them?” And you can say yes or no. Also, every time you get a box you get “jules” which are like reward points that add up to you getting free things. I got four polishes this month and a lip balm for $19.99. Not bad considering Julep Polishes are $14 @ Sephora. 🙂

I’m subscribed to Ipsy, Julep (although I skipped the last several boxes) and I just subscribed to Lip Factory Inc. I really like Ipsy, it’s cheap ($10/mo) and I have fun trying out the new products. If I don’t like something that I received, I either sell it on eBay (unused of course) or give to a friend or my mom. They have sent out some really great products that I ended up loving, like Josie Maran argan oil, Nailtini polishes, Bombshell eyeliner, etc, plus stuff that I already love, like Urban Decay liners. Julep is $20/mo but I haven’t really liked the colors/products that have been in the monthly boxes so I’ve been skipping them. Lip Factory Inc is $22/mo & I just got my first box from them a couple days ago & shipping was FAST! Every 4 months they do an all lip box, and that’s what I got this month. It had 6 full size lip products (Korres liquid lipstick, Bombshell lip gloss, NYX Jumbo lip pencil, Designer Skin lip shimmer, OFRA lipstick, LA Splash Diamond lip gloss) plus a full size lip brush & a sample of Dermologica Renewal Lip Complex. Not bad for $22! I can see why subscription boxes might not appeal to some people, but I really love them & get excited every month to see what my boxes will bring me!

Been subscribed to Julep (nail polish) for just about 1 yr. now; like because you can change/cancel box if you don’t want/need it. Subscribed to my 1st real “beauty box”, Ipsy (formally GlamBag) 4 mo. ago. Needless to say, I’m already ready to cancel; 2 were OK & 2 were lousy.

I’m subd to ipsy and Julep. I can’t remember the last time I opted in for a Julep box, I just stay a maven to get the better price on nail therapy. ipsy is very fun imo, I love that the girls make videos with the bag products and I’ve had some great finds in them that I would have never purchased on my own, big sexy hair comes to mind!

Not anymore. After many rave reviews I subbed to glossy box. I received 3 boxes all a let down. Other then a tiny packet of moisturizer sample I didn’t use other item. Definitely not worth $21!

I thought about beauty bar’s box. They give you $15 off if you buy a full size version of something in the box. And the box costs that much so if you find something it pays for itself, of course you do have to find something worth buying. I only considered it because I live somewhere rural and everything has to be bought online. I have crazy sensitive skin and have to try everything. So they would save me from shelling out for full size items and then dealing with the hassle of sending them back. But I think I’ll just stick with my current system. Buy the same old stuff on Sephora (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, wherever) and get the tiny samples. I really only have to use something once or twice to know if I can’t use it and those little ones are plenty big enough for that.

I had Ipsy for one month. One! The box I got was full of cheap, junky stuff. I get better stuff from my 3 free samples at Sephora. Maybe Glossybox or Birchbox are better, but I was really disappointed in Ipsy.

Yes, I’m subscribed to Glossybox, Ipsy and Julep. I feel like Glossybox is the best – really amazing value and they really mix it up with the products they offer. One month I got a full size Aveeno tinter moisturizer AND a full size Aveeno calming moisturizer. Considering I already use that exact tinted moisturizer as an everyday product, it was a wonderful surprise to be gifted with a backup and a related product to try. Plus, that’s like $60 worth of product right there.

I actually used to be subscribed to Glymm but I quit because I felt that their boxes weren’t very well curated and they were mostly geared towards selling products through their website. I still get tons of emails from them about sales on their site. After quitting Glymm, I subscribed to Ipsy, and I like it a lot better. They seem to go out of their way to find interesting new things.

My Julep subscription isn’t long for this world. I don’t find it’s worth it and I hate that you have to call to cancel it – makes me feel like it’s a scam. So I’m going to call and cancel it very soon 😉

I don´t really like the idea of paying for some products I don´t care about and might not even like. Not to mention they are sample sized as far as I have heard so it doesn´t make sense to me, to buy some samples when I can often get them for free from a counter when I buy a product I actually really like and care about.

I subscribe to Birchbox but have been less than impressed and will opt out when I can! No more ‘sample’ boxes for me.

No, I am not interested to receive samples someone has picked for me. Nowadays, we’re overloaded with information about the products, as well as with offers on them, so I’d rather do my own research, analyze the products and then buy what I like.

I have a year-long Birchbox subscription. It’s nice to get something fun in the mail. However, I’ve been underwhelmed with most of the boxes. I don’t feel like it’s a ripoff when you factor in the points system (I bought a tinted moisturizer for just 40 cents), but I’m not going to renew. Like you, I’d rather use that money for something I’m actually interested in, rather than keep receiving endless tiny vials of perfume and foil packets of moisturizers that aren’t right for my skin type.

I considered signing up for boxes at one time but had a horrible flare of Rosacea lasting 3-4 weeks. I now limit what I put on my face to avoid another flare. The boxes I saw seemed to have only drugstore products anyway.

So far, I’ve only tried Julep Maven only because I had a coupon code to try it out. Personally, I can’t justify spending even just $10 for tiny samples that I can easily get with my Sephora orders. I’m the same as you. I’d rather save that $10 per month and soon I’ll have enough to buy several full size products.

I agree too. These are samples that you can get from counters if you need or just by walking into a store to ask. I think what people are paying is the idea of being surprise, the act of receiving something from the pos & probably the part where they like pretty boxes.

We’re literally paying people to surprise us. The money can be put to a good saving or charity.

I’m subbed to a variety of beauty and lifestyle subs as well as a pet subscription box. It’s a great way to discover high end products, and services like Wantable even give you all full size products each month. I cover all the major beauty subscription boxes on my website at Subscription Box Talk.

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