Are there any makeup products you don't feel comfortable wearing?

Are there any makeup products you don’t feel comfortable wearing? Share!

Lash growth serums are a pass for me. I also don’t like to use any glitters and the like that aren’t eye safe. Dyes that aren’t eye safe (at least, not here in the U.S.) make me cautious as well, though I have inadvertently worn these shades where I know that I haven’t found myself having a noticeable adverse reaction.

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Katherine T. Avatar

Yeah, I’m wary of lash growth serums, even though my short, thin lashes need them! And false eyelashes, I’m too intimidated to try them yet but will someday. I’ll wear a little glittery shadow, but draw the line on glittery pigments. Or 6 different neon colored shadows on eyes, others can pull it off, but it’s too OTT for me.

Kelly Avatar

Katherine, I have to agree with you on the false lashes…..I love them and they look so beautiful on young girls who know how to apply them. I must own 50 pairs, and still have only used them twice. I wore a pair a few nights ago to an event…..ugh…..I’m an idiot! It took me longer to put those darn things on then actually putting my makeup on. I need to YouTube eyelash application, because I was so frustrated!

Katherine T. Avatar

LOL! It’s on my bucket list to try and master false eyelashes some day. I’m always running late while getting ready, and I can imagine the disaster while trying to apply falsies in a rush

Helena Avatar

Hmm…a lot of glitter on the eyes. I can handle some on the upper lid but I feel like products on the lower lid transfer into the eye more easily. I wore a super-glittery (and these were all products sold specifically for the eyes that I used!) look a couple of months ago and my eyes were not happy with me for the next couple of days. I also don’t enjoy putting powder on my waterline–very drying and there is ALWAYS fallout ON my eyeball. I wanted green eyes, but not like this!! lol

Áine Avatar

I feel like foundations & concealers that claim to have skincare benefits would be wasted on me. I like to use primer (mostly to help prevent oxidization–it’s very easy for foundation to look orange when you’re as pale as I am!) and I think that layer between my skin and foundation would prevent my skin from getting any benefit from a foundation with skincare ingredients anyway. I also feel like my skincare does its job best when it’s really worked into the skin, while I prefer my foundation and concealer to be patted on to better cover any redness or veins I might have showing.
On top of that, I worry that in the drugstore price range at least, adding something like salicylic acid might just be a way to add more appeal to a sub-par foundation.

Nancy T Avatar

Well, I’m right there with you on the glitter and such around the eyes! When I was a toddler, I accidentally got a piece of glitter ( the old fashion metal kind ) in my eye, my parents had to wrap me in a blanket to keep my hands away from my face and speed me to the Dr., I have some slight vision loss in that eye as a result. Don’t even like seeing others wear that stuff!
Other makeup that goes outside my comfort zone are cool-toned blues, everything from baby-blue to vivid cobalt and lippys with too strong of a yellow base in them. Oh, and anything chalky looking too!

Kelly Avatar

Damn girl! You’re scarred for life from that incident that happened when you were a child! Funny how things stick in your head when you’re grown….Don’t tell, but my husband won’t go to bed without covering his feet. He was told my his older brother that monsters under the bed would eat his feet if he didn’t cover them while he slept. Of course, he knows it’s absurd, but he still covers his feet when he goes to bed! Lol!

Maggie Avatar

Anything scented will have me hesitating before putting it on. Anything very emollient. Anything not safe for eyes–or just not safe. Anything with a huge list of ingredients especially if a lot of it looks unnecessary to me. Anything I can feel the sensation of heavily on my face like lip gloss or really dramatic strip lashes.

SharK Avatar

I never liked lip gloss. I have the need to eat the lip gloss. If it smells bad (cloying perfume) I stil wanna eat it, but then I get sick. I hate having something thick on my lips. This is why I prefer lip stains.

Ryou Avatar

Any fragranced face/eye products, heavy false eyelashes, heavy/full coverage foundations, soapy/flavored (and/or heavily fragranced) lip products, lip plumpers (even the minty kind), and anything that makes my eyes water, really. Obviously I’m not fine with any products with ingredients that aren’t supposed to be in the products themselves, like in Christine’s example, eye products with dyes that aren’t eye-safe.

Tigerlily Avatar

– Falsies, as I am afraid of them coming off…
– Red lipstick! So beautiful but also quite bold…
– Nail hardening base coats, as apparently formaldehyde is the only ingredient proven to harden nails and I am wary of that chemical.

Mariella Avatar

False lashes – they just look so FALSE. Contour, because on me, it generally looks like dirt on my face and if I blend it, it looks like nothing. And for the same reason, bronzer. I don’t want to look orange and I don’t want my face and neck mis-matched from the rest of me (and I don’t want orange or brown stains on the necks of my t-shirts, shirts, etc., which is what inevitably happens if I bring it down onto my neck so that my face and neck “match”).

Victoria Avatar

I no longer feel comfortable buying products that aren’t cruelty free. I have a lot of cats and I can’t stand to see them in any discomfort, so knowing that makeup is tested on other animals makes me feel sad and uneasy, especially as there are already great brands out there that don’t test on animals.

Summer Avatar

I’m not sure if the question is referring to shades of make-up or items that could be deemed ‘unsafe’. But: I’m also uncomfortable wearing products that are not eye-safe, any type of peel/skin refinisher, and anything gimmicky. And shade-wise, I’m not comfortable wearing super acidic, bright, electric shades. I’m getting more and more comfortable wearing bright red lipsticks. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to make-up, probably due in part to my office environment.

Sarah Avatar

Lash serums, fake eyelashes, anything with glitter, fake/instant/gradual tan lotions, anything with hydroquinone, cosmetics that are made in China or other countries that have questionable regulation practices.

Karen Avatar

Bright or neon eyeshadow and especially red or any dark lipstick are way outside my comfort zone. I have challenged myself to find the right red and wear it outside the house, but every time I try one it looks so wrong.

Katie Avatar

I still don’t feel comfortable wearing false lashes, but to be fair, I’ve only really tried them once, and with subpar lashes and glue. I also have no idea what to do with eye pigments and I’ve never been able to embrace the bright eyeshadows.

Rachel Avatar

Honestly, I don’t like the look of eyeliner on myself. I think it’s because my eyes are sort of hooded, so the liner becomes the focal point of my eye makeup.

Remy Avatar

Blue lipstick. I really like the way it looks on other people. But I just do think I can dare wearing it. My husband already told me I’d look like I’m hypothermic.

fancie Avatar

Definitely dyes that aren’t considered eye safe. I took a chance with the UD Electric palette and some of the shades irritate my eyes. Luckily, it’s nothing extreme. Just some mild stinging (probably due to fallout) but since then I’ve been careful when it comes to that.

alexa Avatar

Texture is unfortunately really big and specific for me so a lot of foundations/concealers have me cringing and thinking about the feeling all day so I’m unable to use them. Same thing with lip gloss (although to be fair I just don’t like it 90%), ESPECIALLY eye glosses, and day/night creams that don’t sink in to the skin right away. I cannot stand the feeling of eye glosses. I also stay away from glitter liners, as much as I want to play with them, I tried one for Halloween on my cheeks for theatrical makeup and I got a chemical burn. so I just stay away from them 🙁 I haven’t had too much of a problem with “unsafe” eye shadows though.

Brandi Avatar

I don’t feel comfortable wearing red lipsticks. I just think I look weird. I’ve tried many different shades of red and I think they all make me look yellow.

Rachel R. Avatar

Non-cosmetic grade glitter on the eyes. Tanning products. Cream eyeshadows (allergies, creasing). I’m wary of mascaras, liquid eyeliners and falsie adhesive (allergies). Heavily scented face products (allergies). I will wear pigments (eyeshadows) that aren’t approved for eye use in the US, but are in Canada or the EU. I have sensitive eyes, so I’m used to testing eye products and looking for reactions anyway. I use L’oreal Lash Boosting Serum and love it, but I wouldn’t buy the really expensive brands. I can’t imagine the more expensive brands would work much better.

Valentina Avatar

It’s not technically makeup but I don’t use makeup remover wipes. All irritate me or smell horrible. Once I rinse it off, my skin feels dry. It’s not worth it to me. Too many other ways to remove makeup.

miekogirlie99 Avatar

green or blue or black lipstick…it looks pretty on others & fun to play with but can’t see myself wearing that out in public. unless its halloween or something. I’m on the fence with purple lipstick, depends on how bold it is. Im also so-so with false eye lashes. they look so pretty but uncomfortable to wear

doroffee Avatar

I just cannot get myself to wear false lashes… the whole thought is intimidating for me. The same with crazy colored lipsticks, any kind of sparse glitter, really jelly lipglosses.

Daniele Avatar

I have SUPER OILY skin and I’ve never found a face primer that I’ve liked or that has worked, so I do not believe in face primers, however – eyelid primer is a MUST!! (go figure) Due to the oiliness, I don’t really like cream blushes or eyeshadows and NOTHING shimmer on my face. And as much as I LOVE cheek highlighters, if they have ANY shimmer in them, that is also OUT. I also do not care for any makeup that is scented. I’m very sensitive to smells of any kind.

El Avatar

Anything on my waterline, top or bottom, is a huge NO. My eyes are far too sensitive. Related, I have an eye sensitivity to black pigments, so there are very few black eyeliners I can wear, and I only ever wear black mascara if it’s over a lash primer.

And lip plumpers. Hate. Plus, I *have* nice full lips – my best feature! – and even if the formula didn’t irritate my skin, it would make me look a bit like I’ve been smacked. Not really what I’m going for…

Oh, and skincare wise, snail or starfish cream. Just, no.

Sarah Avatar

I cannot find an eyeshadow primer that won’t make my eyes have some sort of allergic reaction. I eventually figured out that sensitive/unscented lotion works pretty well so I use that.
Also, I feel weird wearing foundation or concealer. It feels too heavy plus, I have a ton of freckles so I feel like it makes me look dirty.

kellly Avatar

“Spackle”. I don’t care how great a product it might be, when I think of spackle, it makes me think of “applying makeup with a trowel”, meaning overdone, caked on foundation and garish colors. I just can’t get my head around the name.

Nikki J. Avatar

I’m not a fan of contouring and highlighting products. I’ve used them before and felt like I looked like an entirely different person when I looked in the mirror. It just looked so unnatural to me so I avoid them at all costs.

Lorraine E.R Avatar

Lip gloss! It looks nice right after application but I drink water constantly and I’m a smoker also so lip houses and liquid lipstick won’t stay put for me. it either fades or smears right away!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I will wear products made in the U.S., GB, and Europe. I will not purchase plexiglass in China. I DO use lash growth product; Latisse© because it is the same medication used for decades for glaucoma but with a less invasive delivery method. It’s a long existing, well tested medical product that works for me. I haven’t explored other lash serums.

Ceil Avatar

Frosty coral lipstick, silicone primers, also I love dramatic winged eyeliner…but I think it ages me. I wish I could pull it off….but I think I just look like I’m trying too hard lol! If I do a wing it’s quite conservative.

Kelly Avatar

No! I’m up for anything! I don’t have sensitive skin, or allergy-prone skin/eyelids, so I’ll try anything! I’m probably too old to be doing it, but I love experimenting. I’ve just recently within the last two years been playing with makeup, found my favorites and not-so-favorites, and been having a blast playing with makeup! Put it this way…..within 8 months after discovering makeup and finding Sephora, I became a VIB Rouge customer. (I’m so ashamed……). I haven’t had any issues with red dyes or glitter.

Genevieve Avatar

Yes, like you Christine, I am very cautious about what goes around my eyes. Glitter is a big irritant and quite dangerous at times for eyes, so I don’t wear glittery eyeshadow. I think lash serums are a bit of a take too.
I don’t use toners because I think they also irritate the skin and I am very careful about what is in moisturizers and cleansers – no perfumes for me.
Face cleansing towelettes – too drying for my skin.
I don’t use eye pencils on my water line either – under my lashes yes, but not my water line.
I also don’t use or like lipglosses – have tried a few, but hated the way they made my lips feel (sticky) and afterwards they are so dehydrating.
I don’t use false eyelashes because I think they are often overdone and besides, I wear glasses.
Overly contoured blushes
I like my brands to be cruelty free.
Bright pink, nude, green, black, blue coloured lipsticks – end up looking unnatural or unfinished.
I think that’s about it. Great question Staci!

Alecto Avatar

Not sure you can call it makeup, but false lashes (lash extensions, or anything involving sticking something to the rim of my eye) seems like a recipe for disaster. I know it’s done every day with no ill effect, but I feel certain I wouldn’t be so lucky.

Cat Avatar

False eyelashes. I can feel them the entire time I’m wearing them and I hate that. Also, red lipstick makes me way too self-conscious. I can wear wines and burgundies, but not red.

Lisa Avatar

Red lips. I feel like I’m wearing a giant billboard on my mouth.
And false lashes and winged liner — they can look really nice, but so frequently they are so overdone and fake looking. Plus, I’ve tried about a million liquid liners, and all of them claim to be waterproof, and NONE of them actually are.

Brittany Avatar

– Silicone-based primers. They always make my face feel uncomfortable like I have too much heavy makeup on even if I don’t, plus it makes my face feel greasy extra fast. I never understand how so many oily people have raved about primers like Smashbox Photo Finish or Porefessional because it just feels disgusting on my skin. 😛

– Wearing bright red nail polish. They’re beautiful on so many people, but I never like it on myself. I’ll wear about any other color polish imaginable, but I avoid fire engine red.

– Wearing black lipstick in public (though I love wearing it around the house!)

– “Tingly” lip products that feel so cold that it’s painful (like those Burt’s Bees tinted balms or Buxom Full-On Lip Cream)

Lauren Avatar

This may be a dumb question, but why no lash serums? A lot of people in the comments won’t use them. Is there some specific info that keeps you away or is it just the sort of creepiness of the concept? I’ve had great results with the old RapidLash formula and now RevitaLash without any side effects, but maybe there’s some important information I don’t know/have? Thank you!

Christine Avatar

I don’t know about those particular ones, but side effects I’ve read about have been dry eyes, skin darkening, redness, and potentially changing of the eye color. I already have dry eyes that are prone to redness and am prone to irritation along my upper lashline and a strong family history of eye problems, so I have no desire to take chances personally. It’s just not something I’m willing to risk 🙂

Lauren Avatar

That all makes sense. And it does seem like a deeply unnatural thing to do! I’m protective of the color of my green eyes, but I’ve been lash obsessed for so long—mascara was my first and only cosmetic for a long time—that I gave it a go. I try not to think about how very probably carcinogenic it is. 😛 Especially because it works! My husband, a very smart, well-educated idiot who notices nothing (including, once, full on blunt bangs!), looked at me closely one day and said, “What…? Wait, WHAT is going on with your eyelashes?!” So, yeah, I’m deciding it’s worth it though I can see why others may not!

Kirsten Avatar

I don’t mind lash serums. To me they’re just like transparent eye liner. But I can’t stand glitter eye liner. The one I tried just dried and cracked and flaked off totally unevenly. Would never wear that stuff again. I also don’t care for really unnatural lip colors– blues, greens, etc.

Marissa Avatar

Maybe glitter bc im afraid of fallout, lash serums as well bc sometimes make your lashes very clumpy when you aplply your mascara… And i dont like to use lipgloss very much bc sometimes it feels very thick and gluey and it’s very unconfortable to wear idk.

Dreamer19 Avatar

False lashes, red lips (or other unusual lip colors, e. g. black, green, blue or yellow 🙂 )
I almost never wear bronzer + blush together. Only one or the other. (Just looks too muddy on me, I think).
Contour. (I just use bronzer.)

Marissa Avatar

False lashes and majority of foundations are uncomfortable to me. I only use both for special occasions, aka weddings, parties, etc. I just notice the false lashes and foundation on my face and I don’t like the feeling of them. Trust and believe I have tried multiple foundations and this is always the case. I usually just wear concealer and powder.

Kimber Avatar

I do not attempt to wear false lashes, overdrawn lips, or really severe contour and highlight, like Kim K. I just feel it is too OTT for me! Obviously, some people can definitely pull it off, but not me!

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