Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick ($20.00 for 0.11 fl. oz.) is a medium-dark, blue-based red with an ultra matte finish. MAC Tenor Voice (LE, $16.00) is less matte. MAC Opera (LE, $16.00) is less matte, darker. Kat Von D Hexagram (P, $21.00) is darker, less matte. Kat Von D Underage Red (P, $19.00) is warmer. NARS Mysterious Red (LE, $25.00) is darker. MAC RiRi Woo (LE, $16.00) is darker. MAC Ruby Woo (P, $16.00) is darker. See comparison swatches / view dupes.

The Liquid Lipstick formula is supposed to offer “vibrant long-wearing color” in “one sweep.” The brand recommends to “swirl wand around tube to evenly mix color before application.” The consistency is thin, almost watery (without being runny), and spreads well. This particular shade applied with one-stroke color payoff and was not just intense, but it applied evenly right off the bat. I did buy a few shades, and a few shades looked streaky before they dried down, while this one always looked even. It dries down and sets in about thirty seconds. Once set, it clings to lips without feeling clingy or drying, and it has a lighter-weight feel. The formula gets drying after five hours of wear, which is really the only downside of the product, though it lasted for eight. It will easily last through drinking, but eating will depend on how much oil is in your meal, as oil will make it break down. I was a little bummed to see it only contained 0.11 fl. oz. (some brands, like Guerlain, Kat Von D, Laura Mercier, have nearly double, though other brands, like Hourglass and Stila, contain about the same).

See more photos & swatches!

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick
Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick

Makeup Look
On face:
  • Guerlain Parure Gold Foundation
  • Guerlain Medium Meteorites
On eyes:
  • (your left) Hourglass Obscura Palette
  • (your right) Gucci Tuscan Storm Quad
  • Urban Decay Scorch Eyeliner
On lips:
  • Anastasia American Doll Liquid Lipstick


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Becky Avatar

Christine American Doll looks absolutely lovely on you! I’m so excited seeing you review these liquid lipsticks–I’ve been really interested in Pure Hollywood and Lovely, but I’m a little worried about the former since I’ve been hearing some people getting concealer lips from it 🙁 Though, I’ve been seeing some girls of medium skin and yellow undertones rock it pretty well, and it appearing more pink on them!

abeer Avatar

Christine can you please review the Revlon just bitten kissable lip balm in the sahde ‘standout’ . pleeeeeaaase!!

Lotus Avatar

Heehee! I just got the Tuscan Storm Cloud and I can’t wait for it to get here! You look beautiful as usual, but I do think the lips look like vitality is being sucked out. 🙁 Is this similar to the occ lip tars in your opinion? So many formulas coating lips! I’m sure someone can make matte look healthy in a breakthrough formula! This reminds me of the kind that will pill up and aren’t user friendly upon mending it when it’s at that point. It must be comfortable to an extent with a great formula of something unknown as it garnered an A! I’m happy for all who love these but definitely not for me. I appreciate the Review! I never know… <3

Sarah Avatar

Ooo, this is gorgeous! May have to grab this one!

Btw your hair looks gorgeous! is it a bit darker than before or are my eyes deceiving me? Either way, it looks beautiful 🙂

Adri Avatar

Your hair looks great! I too, just donated 12 inches and while at first I felt incredibly naked without my long locks, I feel good knowing that my hair will have a new home and bring someone in need some comfort. I’ve never dyed my hair and knew this was something I’ve always wanted to do. Having recently lost a friend to cancer, I felt this was the most appropriate time to donate! I applaud you Christine. Cheers to rocking shorter hair and bringing a smile to someone else who receives the hair!
I invite your readers to join in and donate as well!

Nicole Avatar

Good for you! Wow it must have been super long! I cut ten inches off this past August to donate.Thatbrought mine to a chin -length bob that I have been growing since. It will grow quickly .Wear it up ,braids,etc. a lot bit and one day you will take it down and feel like it grew over night! It looks great on you! I knew something was different..I thought it was makeup..its your hair!I think it looks great on you that length..very flattering.

Christine Avatar

Very nice, Nicole! It is such a great thing to donate. I was very lucky to have a great stylist who suggested cutting multiple small ponytails (to keep as much length while donating the most useful hair) so it’s not super, super short. I definitely look forward to it growing out a bit! My hair grows fairly quickly, but once it gets to about my waist, it gives up, LOL.

Marvienne Avatar

Waw it’s so pretty!!! I definitely will get this.
Christine, do you have tips on how to apply liquid matte lipsticks?
I am always doing it wrong and I never apply it evenly.
Thanks 🙂

Christine Avatar

Work quickly to get a good layer on top and bottom lip, and make sure to apply towards the inner portion of the lips (where they meet/close). A lot of times even when they look a little streaky, once they dry down, it seems to level in a way, so it’s not as apparent – so if it’s not 100% perfect, just let it dry down without continually trying to even it out. (American Doll was so pigmented that evenness wasn’t an issue, thankfully!) I would say the most important thing to do is let it dry and leave it alone – don’t press your lips together until it sets. Most formulas feel tacky while they’re drying down, and this will lift the color in places or make it look uneven.

Lisa Avatar

So glad you reviewed this! I’ve been waiting to buy any until your review. American Doll was one of the ones I wanted, but now I’m not so sure. I tend to prefer darker reds. Does anyone know if these will make their way to Sephora soon? It’s so much easier to make a decision if I can see it in person.

Lisa Avatar

Hm. I think I’m just going to have to wait until I can order all the colours I’m interested in at once, then return whatever doesn’t work. I am basing my choices on MannyMUA’s swatches and I know that just because they all look so great on him, doesn’t me they’ll look the same on me.

By the way, your hair looks gorgeous!

12ose Avatar

it looks great on you! I was really excited for these liquid lipsticks but the formula just didn’t have the staying power I expected after all the hype. I got Potion and Sad Girl. What I didn’t like what the color payoff of Sad Girl. I also didn’t like how when I did a rub test with a finger after it dried, I would get the product coming off as powdery. I still love the products! But just not what I expected after the hype =/

Nicole Avatar

I agree, They were really hyped up on instagram and youtube. And put on all these gorgeously somehow all very voluptous is frustrating. I bought the hype and stalked the site and bought almost all of them. I am kind of regretting it. I don’t think it is something i will be wearing daily because of the dryness. I just don’t think there is a way around not have dryness in an ultra matte formula totally.

Ginny Avatar

Looks great! I don’t need another blue-based red, though. I’m more drawn to the KVD ones because of the color choices. You think the KVD ones are less drying?

Christine Avatar

KVD has almost double the product, too. I haven’t tried enough from this formula to tell you if one formula is less or more drying. Some of the KVD ones I have tried do get a little drying towards the end (in line with what I experienced with American Doll).

Jocelyn Avatar

I’m a little wary to order these because almost every review (on YouTube) I’ve seen of these shows the lipsticks to be a different shade. I know it can be due to lighting, and people’s coloring makes shades look different, but I’m afraid that I’d order an ABH liquid lipstick and the shade would look totally different than I expected! I think that’s a really great color, but I’m not sure if I could deal with wearing something that matte. I worry that lipsticks like that would come off super easily on me since my diet is basically 50% oil, LOL 🙂

Christine Avatar

LOL! I think if you had a salad tossed with olive oil, you’ll find a lot will come off on the fork, napkin, etc. If it’s maybe more like a piece of fried chicken, you might get more fading but I don’t think it’ll come totally off 🙂

But all of these liquid lipstick formulas give off that very, very matte/flat finish.

Katherine T. Avatar

I like your hair down! You look totally gorgeous and so does the color! But I think it looks kind of drying on the lips. Many brands have a dual ended product ( lipcolor and a gloss) and the gloss allows you to refresh and rehydrate the color if it gets dry (MUFE Aqua Rouge, L’Oreal Pro Last, Rimmel Provocolips) but this doesn’t have that option, and a regular gloss would make this break down. Are there any glossy shades?

Nicole Avatar

You look Stunning in this picture (even with two different eye looks which I didn’t even catch until I read the look caption,lol)! I am loving these lipsticks. But,you are right . They do get drying. Another thing i don’t like is that they are only online. Supposedly Macy is supposed to get them in at some point. I went bananas and ordered a bunch of them because I knew they would sell fast and they did. I do like all of the ones I ordered though fortunately. Some of the brighter colors are way brighter than they appear on screen and will be more suitable in spring and summer.

Nicole Avatar

Wanted to mention as well..for those bright ,hard to pull off shades( for me) sheer them out I have put less on and used my finger to spread them evenly,let dry and then put a clear gloss over, they stay on and work fine ..just less intense and glossy.

Nicole Avatar

I just reread my comment and your question. For the opaque,bright ones that I feel I can’t pull off right now at that level or even once i got int one and realized it was going to be more work than I could deal with at that time. I smoothed it out with my finger and put a god coat of gloss over. Yes, That way does decrease the wear time imo. The other way is when i am trying to keep the matte look. But, the dryness gets to me.

Nicole Avatar

So far, I have only used Nars clear gloss ( Triple X) and the Mac lip glass from the alluring aquatic( clear water?). I let it dry and then some without touching my lips together or I will just wait until the dryness bothers me if I am going for the matte look. So, I’ll put the gloss on in the car or right before I leave or whatever works. I fan it with my hand a little..really silly looking, face,fanning! Once I am sure it’s a dry as it can get, I just lightly touch it to the center of my lower lip and touch my lips together(not rub). It seems okay. It will transfer a little if I drink something. But, they do that without a gloss for me too. I have never made it more than 4 hours without putting the gloss over because of the dryness factor. They still continue to wear solid at least 4 hours with a light touch of gloss..probably more depending on what i am doing,drinking,eating.

Nicole Avatar

You are welcome!I don’t think a full coat of gloss would work. I also have a makeup forever aqua rouge which has the gloss attached (as I am sure you know) . But, I cannot stand it! It feels like that kid peel off finger nail polish on my lips and the smell..gross.. I keep it only because it came in the Fifty shades of Grey set with a the gorgeous Berry Liner and gloss and it is basically free. I will probably give the aqua rouge away.

Nicole Avatar

I basically now have 18. I have all except Milkshake and Bambi. I don’t think Bambi has been released yet and Milkshake I was iffy on the shade and then it sold out. So, I may wait until it hits Macy’s as the one’s I have I am finding are hit and miss sadly. I really just got most of them this week and then end of last week. And honestly, with the medicines they have me on, messing with these fussy lipsticks have not been high on priority list. They all are great swatched. I sloppily put most on and can tell the brights are intensely bright (brighter than they appear on a computer screen) and may not see daylight until spring.My favorite and most wearable and easiest to get on is is just as it name implies with a shot of dryness on the side. I am so far, pretty saddened by Sad Girl..such a gorgeous color on the swatches.I tried it a couple times to just get mad at it. It is gloppy and I don’t know what to do with it honestly.

Nicole Avatar

Funny thing you posted that. I read your reply to another comment on tips about applying these liquid lipsticks. There definitely is a learning curve to master. It gets frustrating. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term “fussy” . I was just losing patience with them. I shook them last night and stored them upside down in a cup last night. They all had been lying on their sides since I have had them. I had a funeral service this am to go to and I wanted to wear something that I didn’t have to fuss with and more than a gloss. So, I have Sad Girl another try. I did swirl it around , applied from outside down and in to center..that helps al ot! I am so used to a lip liner and lipstick. So Not having that liner is hard to get used to. It went good! It dried down even. It is still on . I kept it matte ,so a little dry feeling. It is about 3 hour and 15 min after i put it on. The wear is only coming off a little in the middle wear my lips meet. I only had some water to drink from a cup and talking. I can say the way it kinda crusts up when it wears off is a little unappealing. But, most lipsticks wear there first anyway and it;s not noticeable to most people I would say.

Olivia Avatar

OMG OMG OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THESE! Yay! As if I need another red… But mattes have always been my favorite finish so this is right up my alley! So glad that they are temptalia approved, haha. Or, well, at least this one is!

Olivia Avatar

Neon Coral and Persimmon. I love the look of Pure Hollywood but I just don’t know if I could work that color… I will have to go to Sephora and try it 🙂 Can’t wait to read your other reviews!

Jess Avatar

That headshot of you is really pretty, Christine! This is a nice colour but it does look kind of drying on the lips. My lips are naturally super dry, so I think I’d skip this formula.

Quinctia Avatar

If I remember, though, your hair’s thick like mine–so I bet you feel a lot lighter! Sometimes just that is worth it.

It’s still super cold out here, I’m just waiting until I don’t need my hair for warmth and I’m gonna chop it off again.

Satinder Avatar

I really wish i could buy these from Sephora in Canada. They look amazing, long lasting colours, matte, and beutiful range of colours. I’m really feeling the liquid lipstick trend. I hope Sephora starts to stock them!

Lauren Avatar

I love the shades ABH is offering in this formula but do you happen to know if there is any plan to sell them in stores (Sephora, Nordstrom, etc.)? I really have a hard time buying lipsticks sight unseen!

In an unrelated note, I love your hair down! Gorg as always!

Nikki Avatar

Oh my gosh, I am SO EXCITED you’re reviewing these, Christine! I’d been waiting for American Doll, Potion, and Sad Girl in praticular, so I am psyched that you opened with this one. 😀 I’m actually not wild about that finish for red, but I’m still looking forward to seeing Potion because blackish lip colors usually apply/wear so poorly.

Emily Avatar

Out of the shades I bought, this one is def my fav, which really surprised me. I was so excited for these but some of them are so sticky. Like they don’t dry down? Especially Pure Hollywood and Lovely. Although I love the color of Pure Hollywood it does settle into the lines of my lips. Still love it though.

Lisa Avatar

This looks more like an onld-fashoined matte finish. It looks like all the moisture is sucked right off your lips! Aside for the finish the color is great. It just smacks of retro to me.

Rachel B Avatar

Sephora brand has a formula that is almost exactly like this. It would be helpful to know how this one compares to that.
Thanks. This color looks great on you!

Julia Avatar

I’m loving this shade on you!! Such a cute name too.

By the way, I’ve heard that Anastasia has a 1 year contract with Macy’s to sell the liquid lipsticks exclusively there. So I don’t think Sephora is going to sell these anytime soon 🙁

sophia Avatar

Gorgeous on you but unfortunately I know this finish is too matte for my lips! I tend to have more luck with matte formulas that are in solid as oposed to liquid form.

Irene Avatar

I had very high hopes for Anastasia’s liquid lipsticks, but if they’re drying and half the amount than KVD’s, I might try Underage Red instead, if anything. I love matte finishes, but my lips get very dry during winter, so the only matte I like wearing right now is Bite Cashmere Lip Cream in Rioja, or maybe MAC Russian Red. I’m going to wait for reviews on ABH Bloodline, Heathers, or Sad Girl, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever purchase this formula unless any of the shades wow me!

charlotte Avatar

Do they transfer? I’m always looking for good neutrals/wearables in that matte longwear formula, most of the brands only have a couple and the rest are brights/darks.

MichelleChefNYC Avatar

This looks beautiful on you Christine! I have seen everyone giving these a ton of love on Facebook. I was waiting for your review to make a decision. Based on your pictures, I think that these are too powdery looking for me. I like my matte lipsticks to have a less dry looking appearance.

Ruth Avatar

These long wearing lip colors are my go to’s for work. Christine, how would these stack up to MUFE’s Aqua Rouge/Chanel Double Intensite and MAC’s Prolongwear lip color? Thanks in advance! (Loving your hair, really considering cutting mine now!)

Rikki Avatar

It is a pretty colour. Though, I know Mai posted a picture of another brand making these products, same ingredients (or nearly identical) even in order on the list, similar packaging, and for a little cheaper. I don’t remember the brand, but I’d rather just buy it from them.

Christina Avatar

I bought two shades from the collection and both of them feather/bleed after just an hour of wear. I’ve primed my lips, applied waterproof liner around and on my lips and nothing seems to work. I was wondering if anyone else has been in experiencing this. The colour goes on just like the pictures but once I wear it and start talking and whichever it looks like a mess. Any tips?

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