Have you ever had your makeup stolen?

Have you ever had your makeup stolen? How did you prioritize what to replace first?

I don’t think I’ve had to deal with that yet, thankfully! I would prioritize basics like foundation, powder, etc. and tools, and maybe I’d go with a couple of easy palettes to rebuild.

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Katherine T. Avatar

No, thank goodness. Brow makeup is absolutely my first priority because my brows are sparse, and my face looks totally washed out & nondescript if I don’t do my brows. I can get away with wearing nothing else, but I have to do my brows. Then lipstick because my lips are so pale. And after that, BB cream and powder. And that’s all I probably really “need”, but of course, I always want more, much more, which explains how I collected all of this stuff !

Heidi Avatar

I’d start with essentials. Mascara, foundation, one or two brush sets. I’d then add a palette or two. Honestly probably an inexpensive one like ELF that has lip and cheeks products as well because I’d then have the basics for cheap before I move on the the higher end goodies that is piece together over time as I can afford it.

Tova J Avatar

I forgot a foundation (it was L’Oreal True Match) in a changing room once and it got stolen. Not the worst that has happened because it didn’t work for my skin type anyway, haha. But I replaced it the day after!

Lotus Avatar

Omgoodness, YES!!!! When I was around 16 I “stayed over night at another’s girl’s house and she was having a lame party. I left my EXPENSIVE long time to buil with paren’ts help HG Skin & the only makeup I used, which all together was COSTLY back then! When I got back to that location the next day, I found it was all stolen and I cried!!!!! My parents were kind enough to help replace some of it while I panicked and the girls acted all innocent and bitchy.. Years later I learned who really did it.. The main two, and they distributed it, keeping most between the two of them, very dirty bad mannered girls.. Younger than I was, they were beyond ridiculous to invade my locked train case. It’s not as major as it sounds, but back then.. It was SO dramatic! I totally forgot about that! Haha! Wow.. πŸ™‚ <3

Veronica Avatar

Yes, I have had several MAC quads and some items from my backup stash stolen. At first I was really angry, but I realized I have way too much makeup, and some of the items were backups, so no replacing needed.

Still, it makes me angry, as one of the stolen items was my beloved and super rare Skinflicks quad.

Christina Duke Avatar

Heck yes I have! At a gas station! I won’t lie I started crying but they stole my large make up train case that I had in the car. The rest of my stuff was at home. Unfortunately, I had taking most of my holy Grail products and favorite palettes because I was to do my best friends make up for her wedding. Made a mad dash to Sephora to pick up a few essentials I couldn’t afford to replace most of it for a long time

GUSnail Avatar

No, but I do get anxiety when I have to check a bag at the airport that has make up in it. I always worry about the bag getting lost in transit, and never reappearing. I don’t stress the clothes-just the make up πŸ˜‰

Jennifer Avatar

I’ve never had makeup stolen, but I did once have my luggage destroyed while traveling. Unfortunately I had traveled with only my favorite pieces – a mistake I will never do again! I lost my favorite eyeshadow, which was so beloved it didn’t have a label on it anymore so it took years to figure out what it had been and replace (smashbox zoom). My two favorite eyeliners were in a similar well-loved state and I still don’t know what they were. (Silver barrelled, twist up crayons. One Blue/Purple duochrome and one Green/Gold duochrome. Bought in Nordstrom sometime before 2007).

Finding and replacing what I lost has led to my current makeup collection. Which is exponentially bigger. Oh well.

Sarah Avatar

Yes! And I’m still annoyed about it lol. I hosted a small St. Patrick’s Day party and afterwards noticed my Naked palettes (which I use every day), my Benefit High Beam and my LanΓ΄me Star mascara were all missing from my makeup table. I was so irritated that someone went through my makeup collection and selected items they found interesting. Also, it’s very unsanitary to steal used mascara! I had let one girl put her coat in my room along with a few guys and she was never a fan of mine and was very into makeup (so she would know how much each item was worth- the thief didn’t steal any drugstore makeup). I always suspected her but couldn’t say anything because I didn’t catch her in the act. Afterwards we noticed every time she was invited to one of our friend’s houses things went missing. Mystery solved.

Nicole Avatar

I never had it stolen per say. But, when i was traveling once and they searched my bags and left my cosmetic bag unzipped along with a small part of the suitcase! So,several pieces were lost/broken. I was furious because it mostly was high end and favorites and I needed it right then because I was out of town. I had to find a mall and repurchase the basics and got some blush and liner at a local drugstore. There were some extras I had taken..like a spare lipstick and gel liners that I later replaced and was reimbursed way later by the airline. It was a late,long flight and I was traveling with my young daughter and myself alone..OMG..it really was not a good start!

Lisa Avatar

Well I had a lip gloss that I kept at the nurses station at work once and it was gone the next day. I saw another worker using what I think was the gloss but I didn’t look too close or ask. She needed it more than me I guess! It’s not that I’m a pushover, it just wasn’t worth a skirmish and I wouldn’t want it back. :ΔΊ

Amare Avatar

No but I have loaned friends and relatives lipsticks if we were having a night out together. But after not receiving them back (some claimed they lost it, others said it slipped their minds), I stopped doing so altogether. I have one rule- don’t touch my makeup! And don’t ask to borrow it! I would kindly do someone’s makeup in a heartbeat or give away (or buy them) something I think would look nice in them. I’m pretty giving but I still have to protect what I have invested my money in; especially limited edition items.

Denise Avatar

I’ve had my Mac Fix+ spray stolen, my friends younger sister stole it from my home. I told my friend years later and she was not surprised :(. Also my Heroine Lipstick was stolen at a nightclub. I refuse to replace it lol, I did purchase a dupe for it though.
If my whole stash was stolen, I would start with getting a bb cream, an inexpensive palette such as the WNW 8 pan pallets, drugstore mascara and some elf brushes and lip products.

Karen Avatar

I had forgotten until someone mentioned used mascara. I had my two LancΓ΄me mascaras -one new, one back up – and lipgloss taken at the airport. The agent looked through everything asked took some things out of my bag and said they were hazardous. I remember getting upset because they took my expensive new makeup yet let me keep my obviously open bottle of water which went on the plane with me.

Erin Avatar

YES! I’ve had two purses stolen, my sister used to “borrow” a ton of stuff without telling me, and my house was robbed once. Of course I’d just hauled about a year worth of expensive skin care and a whole bunch of new cosmetics after a huge promotion at work. I lost about 1k worth of products in that break in! It was all new still in the packaging! I bought it 2 days before the break-in! They also lifted my new clothes for my new job. As I was managing teams all over the world I felt like I needed to look the part. We probably lost close to 30k in stuff.

Lorena lopez Avatar

Yes… I was 9 months pregnant going in for my final checkup at obgyn. I had forgotten my wallet and didn’t have money for parking garage so I parked across the street and I guess I forgot to lock Mr vehicle. When I returned my makeup bag was gone all of it. I was so upset because I had just purchased some stuff from sephora the day prior it was still in boxes

LMM Avatar

I lost a cosmetic bag on the subway once about 10 years ago. It had probably $150 worth of makeup – a lot to me at the time, including a couple of high-end products I’d saved to buy. I remember specifically that I lost a Tarte cheekstain and an Anastasia brow powder. I was so angry with myself! I replaced it over the course of a few months – I’d buy one thing at Sephora and a couple of drugstore things at a time until I had replaced it all.

Anna Avatar

Luckily I’ve never had makeup stolen, but I have lost some of it (NARS blush in Sin where are you?). I would definitely spend the money to replace my foundation with a high end product since I have difficult skin to match and spend less money on items such as blush, eyeshadows, lipstick, etc. that can easily be duped. I would really have a fit if someone stole my brushes since I have almost the complete collection of MAC brushes that would be VERY expensive to replace.

Laurie Avatar

Yes, unfortunately. When I was in the hospital giving birth to my son, my elder son’s girlfriend at the time decided to help herself to about $50 worth of my stuff. I worked on replacing the limited edition bronzer she took first before I replaced the eye shadow palettes and blush.

StormyHiccups Avatar

YES. i had amounted a huge collection of MAC and was moving so everything was in a huge train case. i stowed it in my back seat and followed behind the moving truck. later that evening after hours of moving.. i forgot to grab the case. someone smashed my window and cleaned me out overnight. insurance company covered up a certain amount through homeowners (thank god it happened where i lived) but the value was nothing compared of what it was to replace it. they offered me about $400 to cover the losses.. however the amazing manager at my mac store printed out my 7 year history totaling over $2000 with brushes and everything. absolutely a ridiculous situation. i wouldnt wish it on anyone. i barely had enough to get foundation and some quality tools back. luckily a friend was a MUArtist and she gave me a ton of basics out of her collection to get me back on my feet. if it wasnt for her help, id have probably started with tools + foundation blush mascara & black liner. then id build in the basics and then push toward the quality items & exotic pieces. today there are so many more possibilities to fix this problem than there was when this happened to me in 2004. now a days you can survive off drug store mascara, sephora samples and a ud basics palette to hold you over to a paycheck… or even one of those catch all palettes they have now that include mini brushes and basics for an overnight bag. god i love this industry.

Princesa Avatar

Recently I had my makeup stolen by my soon to be goddaughter who went to visit at my house. She stayed at my house with her mom while I went to work. When I got back lots of my makeup was missing and new stuff too that I recently purchased during the holidays. Also she took some used blushes and brushes. But isn’t she fresh that she walked into my room and right into my closet? I can’t stand her ever since what she did. She can forget about being my goddaughter. I will never trust her again. What a loser! I haven’t confronted her but one day it will happen. I will make sure she gets embarrassed cuz others will know about it. You have to watch it with the quiet ones. Those are the bad ones. Hopefully she gets a rash for using makeup she never bought. Hahahaha!

Stephanie Avatar

Once in seventh grade during gym. A lip gloss and a powder compact, thankfully drugstore. Reading all the comments though, I’m seriously considering getting all makeup that’s downstairs into the master bathroom upstairs now! Most of my makeup is high end (with a few drugstore pieces) and I’d rather let the drugstore stuff go missing instead of the good things…but then again, most of my girlfriends aren’t really into makeup much. ONE of them is, and she and her husband just moved into a new house, so she was very appreciative of her Christmas gift from me (the Too Faced Everything Nice palette).

CharleyJB Avatar

I “lent” a bunch of makeup to a girl at my work cause she had wanted to try out some highend products.
She returned most of it, after me reminding her every few days over 2 months (when she said she only needed it for the weekend) but she “forgot” to return a few of my By Terry OmbrΓ© Blackstar Cream Shadow sticks and my Nars Duo Contouring Palette.
She left my work a week later.
That was 7 months ago now… There goes $270
BTW – I live in Australia, stuff is here way more expensive than it is in the States

Jeanette Avatar

I have, actually. My husband and I arrived in Miami, dropped our bags by the front desk of one of those cool art deco hotels, got a little tipsy, and when our room was ready my makeup bag was gone! I was not very happy. πŸ™

HS Avatar

Yes!! 1981 at 7th grade church camp of all places!! My slick brand new Avon makeup (mom sold it). i had to share a tent with the “bad girls” and yes I am still bitter!!!! What the heck was I thinking though? A 7th grader in a tent in the woods with a bag full of makeup….Diva

lisette Avatar

Ugh. My boyfriend (ex) stole THREE of my lipsticks including YSL’s Fetish Pink (the most expensive one I owned), MAC’s Asian Flower, and a cheap NYX one when I told him I refused to be with him anymore since he did nothing for me and was so selfish. I’m sure he took them from my room when he claimed to go to the bathroom, and I didn’t find out they were missing until about 2 weeks later. He finally admitted 4 months later while he was begging for me back, and I couldn’t believe my ears that he could destroy my property. He knew me too well, and taking my lipsticks was a home run at breaking my heart, bc I love my lipsticks (over 100). He ended up sending $80 to replace them, but after something like this, I will NEVER forgive him. I deserve someone way better.

xamyx Avatar

In HS, I left my purse in the bathroom, and when I went back 10-15 minutes later, I found my purse in the trash. Everything was still in it-cash included-, but my makeup was gone… The purse itself was pretty pricey (about $50 in 1990), and I was happy to have gotten that back. The makeup was just a few DS pieces, and I either had backups or didn’t care much for them anyway, so I wasn’t too upset.

Some 10 years later, I had my purse stolen at a club… I literally tripped over it leaving, as it was laying in the middle of the floor, LOL! Again, the cash was left, and most of my makeup (I don’t carry more than I’d need for touch-ups), and the only thing that I felt a *need* to replace was my Lancome Le Poudre Khol eyeliner in some black shade… It was one of those items that always seemed to be out of stock, so it took a couple of months to replace-we didn’t have online shopping options back then! Ironically, it was DC’d not much later…

Oh-I forgot about a time in between when my friend was holding my lipstick & ID in her purse, and it got stolen. It was some cheap, off-brand matte red lipstick I paid $1 for, but to this day I have never found a more perfect lipstick. I was more upset about that than I was my ID which I had to deal with the DMV to replace, LOL!

Tiff Avatar

I haven’t had my makeup stolen (knock on wood) but this is a bit related and it is probably more bizzare. Someone stole my Salux cloth at the public bath. Like legit took it out of my pail after I had used it. I looked everywhere and it is really difficult to hide seeing as it is long, bright yellow and everyone is naked. I tried to replace it ASAP, but yeah.

Brooke Avatar

This is kind on gross, not really stolen but I felt like it was. A friend came over and asked for me to do her makeup. She had a special date that night. I just bought the makeup forever flash palette. I mixed up a custom lip color for her when we were done. I left the room and she was double dipping and applying colors onto her mouth and mixing around, really getting into those lips. And back into the palette with the same fingers!! It was horrible. I wiped everything down real good and didn’t think much. Alcohol and all to clean it. She was a friend for years we shared drinks some times..no biggie right!? Wrong! A few days later she comes over crying and telling me she has herpes and her first outbreak on her mouth.she had them for a few months in other areas.. I see the massive herpe on her mouth, blistered over.. She was asking how to conceal it. Omg I freaked out and remembered her smiling and applying my new pallete all over those lips! Trashed it. I felt like it was stolen from me. Why would you do that knowing you have herpes! I hope you don’t read this blog! Lesson learned.

Stacey Avatar

It is more than gross. Absolutely horrid. I am a germ phobe. I would had Lysol every place that girl touched. Herpes never go away…..the episodes reoccur. Yes, I am in the health care profession. Good you trashed it. I don’t share food either.

Melissa Avatar

Yes, my crazy ex broke into my house when I was at work. He took 1/4 of my clothing and 1/4 of my jewelry and all of my makeup. I went to Macy’s to try to get one of those deals where you spend a certain amount and you get a free bag with an eyeshadow, mini mascara, etc. The girl that was helping me was making conversation so I told her what happened. She ended up pulling out some items leftover from the last promo and gave them to me to add to what I bought so I could make a “complete” face. I will never forget how kind she was.

Meghan Avatar

I don’t think I’ve had makeup stolen! I don’t know if I’ve lost more than a lipgloss or mascara. One thing I really wanted to keep from a trip to Europe was a Chanel gloss, the first thing from Chanel I had ever bought. I think I lost it though πŸ™

There are a couple real horror stories though! Jeez… I’d start over by getting Makeup Geek shadows & blushes, a tinted moisturizer, eyelash curler, drugstore mascara… and Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders πŸ™‚

Celery Avatar

Unfortunately yes, I have a friend that’s a bit of a klepto. She’s stollen a few of my luxury makeup items, money and clothes. The sad thing is that I give my friends makeup and clothes all the time without them asking, but she just takes it and thinks I don’t notice. And it’s not like she’s broke, she’s got plenty of money but still chooses to steal πŸ™ I’m just hoping one day she’ll realize it’s wrong.

charlotte Avatar

No but I have given serious thought to insuring it, not only for theft but in case of fire or other catastrophe. I have a LOT of money invested. Anyone know if there is such a thing as a “cosmetics policy” or have any experience actually doing it?

Xan Avatar

I’ve never had make-up stolen, but I think if I did, I’d take the opportunity to re-establish a more streamlined collection with a few curated favourites rather than everything I ever wanted to try — probably focusing on lipsticks and mascara. I’d still be pretty upset over my belongings being stolen and all that time and money down the drain, but it’d be a good chance for a more organised (re-)start as well!

Telesilla Avatar

I think the last time I had my makeup stolen was when someone stole my watermelon Lip Smacker back in Jr. High. πŸ™‚ If it happened now, I’d replace the basics first and go from there, but honestly losing my perfume would be the bigger heartbreak.

Veronica Avatar

Oh sure, but nothing serious. More like a mother and sister who would occasionally make off with one piece here or there. Most of the time, they’re wise enough to avoid the expensive stuff.

Jennie Avatar

I’ve never had my makeup stolen, mostly because I never bring much with me, I always do my makeup in the morning at home. And the one or two lipsticks/lipglosses that I bring with me are somewhere in the depth of my bag, even I myself can’t easily access them, let alone a thief. But then again I think it’s also because I don’t really go out clubbing much, or lend anything to anyone, because I can lend you clothing girl, but not makeup. If I lost my entire stash (which is impossible, as it is impossible for the thief to find everything or carry everything LOL), I will replace foundation and eyebrow products first. Then maybe eyeliners, eyeshadows, and lips. I’d definitely replace blushes last. Though I love blush, it is not the most essential in completing a look I think.

Gillian Avatar

I’ve never had my makeup stolen but if I did and had to start my collection again then this is what I would go for:

Matte foundation primer
Medium coverage liquid foundation
Full coverage concealer
Finishing powder
Warm pink blush
MLBB lipstick
Bright pink lipstick
Red lipstick
Eyeshadow primer
Neutral eyeshadow palette
Black pencil eyeliner
Volumizing mascara
Dark brown/black eyebrow pencil

For me that’s what I would go for to get a whole variety of looks for any occasion. I included the eyeshadow primer because my lids get oily but you can skip it. And I guess the brighter lipsticks aren’t necessary but I need something to make a statement! Love my lipstick. πŸ˜€

Jencendiary Avatar

I haven’t had staples stolen, but last spring I was the victim of a home invasion robbery. The burglars must have felt lazy that night because all they took was my massive flatscreen TV (it was a gift from an elderly friend who had to move into a smaller place), a cup of change with about $50 in it, and a bag of LE seasonal stuff I’d chased all around town for.

I was so mad. The gall.

Stacey Avatar

No. And those who steal makeup from others is just being gross. Who wears other people’s makeup? I can never buy makeup at blog sale no matter how hard it is to get that item.

Veronica Avatar

I don’t mind trading certain kinds of makeup with close family and friends, particularly if they’re powder products. Things like mascara and eyeliner are a different issue, though.

Stacey Avatar

Yeh, but that is with people you know and know how hygienic they are.
It is like eating off from a plate of food left lying there.
Who know where the makeup has been and what disease that person may carry? Besides stealing is unlawful.

Alexis Avatar

Yes! I had a house fire a few years ago and lost a lot of my makeup. If that wasn’t devastating enough, the company that my insurance carrier hired to pack up what was left of our belongings, clean them and store them for us stole a bunch of what was left of my makeup. They stole mainly eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and brushes. These were things that I had packaged away in drawers that survived the fire. I witnessed them packing most of these items up and watched them take them away.

When I asked for all of personal items back (after we got settled in a condo temporarily) I quickly realized that I was missing many of the items that I had personally helped them pack up. I was livid and heart broken all at the same time. Who steals from people who have lost nearly everything!!! They wouldn’t admit to the theft and they made my insurance company pay to replace everything! They said it was either lost along the way back to the warehouse or it must have perished in the fire. Liars! They stole other items as well including my husband’s watch that I personally handed to them to clean.

I went out to a MAC store a couple of weeks later and spent $300. I did similar damage in Sephora. I bought neutral eyeshadows that I had lost, moisturizer, lipstick, mascara, foundation, brushes and some eyeliners. It was a small comfort, but at least I had enough to look presentable and made up when I needed to look that way. I had some limited edition items that I will never be able to replace and it still bugs me deep down inside to this day.

Lisa Avatar

When I was traveling to visit my family this Christmas Eve, lack of sleep and holiday stress took their toll. While waiting for the flight, I took out my makeup bag to fish out some lip balm, and somehow didn’t put it back in my carry-on, then ended up leaving it behind when I boarded the flight. I notified the lost and found as soon as I got off the plane, but I didn’t hear anything for 2 weeks, and assumed it was gone for good. I seriously cried because not only did I lose about $400 worth of makeup, it had my LE Tarte Off the Cuff Blush Palette (the greatest blush palette ever made) and my LE Smashbox PhotoOp Mega Palette — basically the two items in my makeup collection that I love most and that can’t be replaced. By some miracle, the airline finally contacted me to let me know that they had my makeup bag. When I got it back, all of my lip products had been taken, as well as my brand new Laura Mercier Artist Palette from this year, but somehow my Tarte and Smashbox palettes were there! It’s crazy. I mean, this person took the half-used mini Fresh Sugar lip treatment that I got as a free sample, but left those? But I’m just so relieved to have gotten back things that really matter, because I seriously was tempted to go on ebay and spend $200 on a new Off the Cuff Palette. But if I had all my makeup stolen, I think the first things I would buy would be Naked 2, MUFE Full Cover Concealer, and Anastasia Brow Wiz, and then I would pick up Revlon Colorstay Foundation, Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer, L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, a couple elf and Wet n Wild blushes, and some MUA lip products to tide me over until I could build up my makeup collection gradually again.

Terry L. Avatar

Yes!! Sadly, on Christmas eve last year! I went to Walmart to get my son his game. Usually I dont go to this Walmart because of how bad it is there . Anyways My bag was stolen right off the cart, it was a nightmare dealing with everything..The manager couldnt help and it was jamm packed and no one saw anything. 4 hours later , they returned my bag to the cleaning lady but took my whole makeup bag. My favorites was gone! My itcosmetic brush set gifted by my customer which I havent even use yet they took, Being an idiot I carried lik over 10 lip products…all high end. Horrible day !

Jenna Avatar

Yes, my own sister stole from me on a regular basis during the last two years. We don’t live together, so I inspect her room when I go to my parents’ house. She’s 14. has gotten too good at hiding things, and she lies whenever I confront her. I was able to recover almost everything, but there are a few things that are still missing. I suspect my cousins have been stealing from me too. There have been times when I wasn’t at home and they would have been able to sneak into my room and take whatever they want.

Tasha Avatar

Yes, I have unfortunately! When I was in university one year, I had a roommate who used to steal my makeup! At first, I thought I misplaced it, then I started missing alot of MAC eyeshadows and my EL lipglosses and duo/quads. I asked her if she had seen them, and she said no. One day, she had left her room door open and my dog had made his way in there. I was trying to get him out so that he wouldn’t pee in her room! So while I went in there to pick him up and about to close the door behind me, I see all my makeup on her desk table!!! I took a look at the shade names, and they were all mine, I could also tell from the condition (some had specific dents or I knew how much I used it etc) – I was appauled! I ended up taking the stuff that was mine back and left a few products that I didnt care for anyways behind for her. I confronted her about it and she acted surprised!!!

Kendall Avatar

Yes, by my mother-in-law! She was staying at our house for a visit and when she left, there were items of clothing (brand new) and makeup (my favorites) missing. Plus, a ton of stuff was “accidentally” broken by her. As for the makeup: One was a Trish McEvoy powder in a refillable compact that I had just bought. The other was a Shu Emura lipstick. I was angry but also baffled. I have light skin and hers is olive and there’s no way what she took would look good on her.
I think she just wanted to take it because she didn’t want me to have it or to hurt me in some way. I don’t know if she kept it to use or threw it away.
Whatever. She can steal all the makeup she wants, she’s still ugly on the inside.

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