A Tale of Two Eyeshadows… Stream of Consciousness

A Tale of Two Eyeshadows… Stream of Consciousness

I was really, truly determined to just two eyeshadows in this look (not including the highlighter, pfft!), but of course, I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  I have a tutorial for this look, and it’s more like a stream of consciousness than a tutorial, because you’ll see me going through the whole process of wanting to keep it at just two but not being happy with it the way it turned out.  I originally planned just Gorgeous Gold and Shimmermoss, but I wanted more oomph in the crease, so I then tried Winkle, which was a bit light, so I went to Atlantic Blue, which was lovely, but blending on top of frostier finishes (like Shimmermoss) can be difficult.

This is all to say that this is more like a “work in progress” kind of look.  If I were to do it all over again, I would start with Atlantic Blue in the crease, skip Winkle altogether, and may even skip Shimmermoss–but definitely layer the matte shade on prior to the frostier shade.

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow all over the lower lid. Lightly blend Shimmermoss eyeshadow in the outer crease and third of the lid with the 226.  Next, apply Winkle eyeshadow into the crease with the 226, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Define the crease with Atlantic Blue eyeshadow and the 226. Blend Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow with the crease shade and then highlight the brow bone with Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow. Bring everything together by applying Flipside liner on the lower lash line, then smudge with Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow. Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Echo blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then lightly pat Amber Diamond on the cheekbones.

For lips, apply Crosswires lipstick first, and then layer Nymphette lipglass for a complementing lip.

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