Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  • Foxy doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Half Baked is a repeat from Naked 1, so yes, there is a dupe–in fact, it’s 100% the same!
  • Booty Call is a peachier version of Virgin (Naked 1), but they’re really, really close. It’s just slightly warmer.
  • Chopper is more orange than Sidecar (Naked 1); I wouldn’t say they’re dupes, but they’re not totally different.
  • Tease doesn’t have any dupes, because it’s matte, so it doesn’t really appear the same as contenders like Sin and Toasted (both from Naked 1).
  • Snakebite is not as golden as Smog (Naked 1), but it’s nowhere near as dark as Darkhorse (Naked 1); however, if you mix both Smog and Darkhorse together, you get something rather similar.
  • Suspect is just a little more beige compared to Sidecar (Naked 1).
  • Pistol doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • Verve doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.
  • YDK looks pretty similar to both Sidecar and Toasted (both from Naked 1), and Sidecar is closer.
  • Busted is very, very similar to Hustle (Naked 1); at best, it might be a little less red-toned. It’s not like Darkhorse (Naked 1), though.
  • Blackout doesn’t have any comparable shades in Naked 1.

See comparison swatches!

Half Baked (Naked 2) vs. Half Baked (Naked 1)

Booty Call (Naked 2) vs. Virgin (Naked 1)

Chopper (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sin (Naked 1) vs. Tease (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Smog (Naked 1) vs. Snakebite (Naked 2) vs. Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Smog + Darkhorse (Naked 1)

Suspect (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Gunmetal (Naked 1) vs. Pistol (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

Verve (Naked 2) vs. Sidecar (Naked 1)

Sidecar (Naked 1) vs. YDK (Naked 2) vs. Toasted (Naked 1)

Darkhorse (Naked 1) vs. Busted (Naked 2) vs. Hustle (Naked 1)

Blackout (Naked 2) vs. Creep (Naked 1)

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644 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 1 vs. Naked 2 Palette Dupes & Comparison Swatches

  1. Blackout is the only shadow that looks better! ~spaz~ Is that a terrible thing to say?

  2. Since I have the first I’m skipping #2 I wish that mirror was on the first one though!

  3. Naz

    Pistol is sort of unique…it’s a great shade. Hope they release it as a single shade.

    • Knowing UD… probably not, but we can still hope!

      • Mara

        Looking at your swatches, Christine, Pistol seems a lot like Urban Decay’s Mushroom from BOS II which is an HG e/s for me. How do they compare in your opinion?

        The packaging is tempting me, but I’m holding off on buying Naked 2 because there’s a rumor that UD is coming out with an all matte palette in January 2012. Heard anything about that, by any chance?

        By the way, thanks so much for your very prompt and thorough review and comparison of the Naked 2 to the original Naked. You rock!

  4. Maria

    Ouaouuu! want this new NAKED PALETTE 2, too!!!!

  5. Supreme

    Not too sure about the Naked 2. I rather the colors of the original.

  6. dar

    Wowie, wow, wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! It is amazing how similar the shades are when compared side by side but sadly, I ordered anyway because…well…I just had to have it.

  7. Dana

    You’re so thorough! Thanks for all this! I think I’m skipping this as I did with Naked #1. Most of them are too warm, and I don’t want to buy a palette unless I will use almost all the shades. I have enough neutrals in my own stash

    • Aww, too bad! Maybe they’ll do a cool-toned one soon!

    • I’m very cool toned and I’ve found that the Naked (1) palette compliments my skin really nicely, actually! I have very fair skin, blue eyes, and almost black hair, and the golds and warm browns really make my eyes pop. I’ve used all the colors heavily over the last year and they all look beautiful. I do agree with both you and Christine, though. I would have liked to see more cool-toned colors in Naked 2. Thank you for the review and comparison swatches! I ordered it, but now I’m thinking I might return it…

  8. Michelle

    Need it! Need it! Need it in my life….sadly, already sold out on the UD site so I’m going to have to wait for a restock. I am a total UD junkie

  9. Thanks for the swatches the colors are way too similar! I’m not wasting the money. I mean seriously they couldn’t think of other shades?

  10. Christine

    Thank you so much for this great comparison!! You are the best! I’m going to hold out hope that next year they will make Naked3, and it will be more cool toned. :)

  11. Lisa


    You weren’t kidding that Naked2 would have done better being complementary to palette instead of duping half of it (and reusing old colors from the other half).

    Ah well.

  12. Natas

    You have done an amazing job here, well done Christine

  13. This is a great side by side…I’m a UD collector so I ordered it and I know I’ll love it!!

  14. Jordan

    A lot of people are saying they’re too similar, but I think the shades that ARE different make it worth purchasing. I can come up with so many different looks using some of the new shades. I mean… you can never have too many palettes. Or I just have a problem.

    • There are five shades that aren’t – I don’t think I said the palettes are 100% the same, but there are a fair amount of similarities that make it less appealing if someone doesn’t have $50 to spend. :)

      • Jordan

        Oh, I didn’t mean you said that… I just meant what I’ve heard online and in conversation with my friends. You make an excellent point, but it’s going on my Christmas wish list and if I don’t get it then I can wait until I have the money to splurge. This palette is definitely NOT a necessity, just a nice addition. (Pistol, Snakebite, Blackout, and Verve)

      • Amazing review of the product! My daughter and I are huge fans of the first. What you said above is all I needed to hear. Thank you for your review. We might be sitting this one out.

        Do you know if UD sells the colors in palette one by themselves?

        Thank you again for your side by side review! very cool and telling!


    • Rikki

      Lol. I think I have the same problem.

  15. Jennifer

    Pointless! If someone already has Naked 1, i wouldnt see a valid reason to get Naked 2 at all! Other than for Blackout.

    • Blackout is such a great shade, but if you’re totally into neutrals, it can be pretty hard to work with – it’s SO black. I tried to use it as an eyeliner with the neutrals, and it just looked too much.

  16. maurine

    you are amazing!you’ve got the best swatches! I had already seen others, but i always wait for your. And i was so right to wait!

  17. AmyD

    oooh thanks so much for this comparison, christine! i had no idea about naked 2 until this morning – i was racing to buy it on the ud website, when i realized i should just stop and wait for your posts – thank goodness i did! :)i love blackout, but i think i’ll just pick up a separate matte black eyeshadow, since i don’t have one yet.

  18. Gala

    I adore my naked palette, but kinda think I’ll pass on this one as it is quite similar. even though the news about it cought be breathless to see what is it gonna be like, its almost like porn to us makeup junkies :)

  19. Raquel

    SO SO happy I waited for your side by side comparisons! You just saved me 50 bucks!!! I HEART TEMPTALIA – and so does my husband, well sometimes :)!!

  20. I just bought my naked palette..they already have naked2? ..o the blackout color, naked1 would have been perfect with a dark matte black

  21. Meh. Skipping. I’ll just snag pistol when it comes out on its lonesome eventually.

  22. emily

    Hmmm, since I have Naked 1, I think the only color I really want from Naked 2 is Pistol. That The Balm dupe you suggested looks pretty close, so if I buy a second “nudes” palette, I’ll probably buy The Balm’s Nude palette rather than the second Naked palette – it looks nicer and it’s cheaper, too!

  23. I’m torn, overall it doesn’t seem worth it for a Naked 2 but put the 2 together and I do prefer Blackout to Creep. I like the addition of cooler tones but the warm shades are just too similar. some of those pictures almost look like you swatched your arm twice with the same color… Is the Naked brush similar to the Naked 2 brush in any way?

  24. I’m in love with the Naked2 palette!

  25. Charlotte

    Thank you for this! After looking at the comparison swatches, it’s lessened my lust since I already have Naked 1. Too many similarities to justify the purchase.

  26. Hannah

    Wow, thank you for your hard work on these comparisons. It’s a shame that the two palettes are almost exactly the same. I have Naked 1, but I don’t think I’ll be spending $50 for the Naked 2 palette for colors that look almost identical.

    Your swatch of Smog and Darkhorse is identical to snakebite. Blackout is amazing, but there are so many good black colors out there. I wish they had come out with colors that were not so similar.

    • It was kind of funny about Smog and Darkhorse – Smog is pretty close on its own, and Darkhorse I knew wouldn’t be close, and I was like… well maybe together… and they’re right next to each other in the palette, LOL!

  27. I dunno. I see enough subtle differences that I’ll probably end up getting it anyway. I am a sucker for these…

  28. lizzy

    I already sent the link to my husband to get it for me for christmas! But im tempted to buy it now haha! Im glad it has more than one shade similar to sidecar… that’s my all time fave!

  29. evo

    thank you for the quick swatches and review! you are the queen! :)

    now i know i don’t need this second one

  30. Alicia

    Eh, I initially wanted this, but seeing how similar the shades are…I already have so many eyeshadows, I don’t NEED this. Maybe if I can get it for cheaper, but for now I’m going to pass.

  31. nazih

    Thank you SO much for a comparison post! I’m so glad I cancelled my order.

  32. Rachael

    I lot of the darker shades on Naked 1 are too warm and look really strange on me. I hardly wear it anymore. I do wish they had done a cool-toned version. I’ll be passing on this.

  33. Maya

    This is even more helpful than the original post about Naked 2! Thank you! After considering dupes I may have and seeing this, I don’t think I’m going to buy it

  34. Katherine

    I’ll have to pass on this one, I still have a lot of use out of the Naked Eyes palette number one. Thank you for the swatches!

  35. They should have gone a different route with Naked 2. The colors are too similar to Naked 1 to warrant spending $50 on it. Although I do like the double-ended brush.

    • Since they’re both permanent, I would have expected the same. If Naked 1 had been limited and coveted, I could understand more overlapping shades.

  36. Linda

    White palette do you prefer?

  37. Youyou

    Which one of them do you recommend for a person who doesn’ t have any? I was about to buy Naked 1 when the new one appeared… Now I can’t choose)

    • I like 1 personally – better quality overall – but the packaging of 2 seems to grab a lot of readers :)

      • Youyou

        I personally prefer packaging of 1 and I like that it includes a mini eyeshadow primer, but I thought that maybe coloros are beter in 2.
        Thanks for your advice)

  38. Melissa

    Man, on the one hand, there are WAY too many dupes. On the other, the nice sturdy metal packaging and the double-ended brush (not to mention lip junkie, because that is the ONLY lipgloss I have ever really loved) make it really tempting. But my Naked 1 is definitely used and unsellable, and I don’t want to have 2 of the same! I think I have to pass on it. But I may have to pick it up for a friend who’s been lemming the original naked palette and travels constantly!

  39. Julianne

    It’s hard to determine what exactly their intentions were with this palette. My guess is that they are trying to market this as an option for those who didn’t purchase/weren’t interested in the Naked palette the first time around, seeing as there are a lot of similarities between both palettes, but different enough to invoke some interest in people who haven’t gotten their hands on Naked 1.

    Would’ve loved to have seen some cooler tones, but I still think that regardless of the amount of difference between the two, it’s a gorgeous palette.

  40. Rachel

    I really wish they had done a cooler version of original naked palette. Thank you for the side by side swatches. I actually thought they were more different from other swatches than they seem now.

  41. When I heard the Naked 2 Palette came out, I rushed to see where I could purchase it. Didn’t read a single review, just saw a picture of it online. Luckily I stopped by Temptalia to read more about it because the shades are way too similar to the original palette. The side-by-side comparisons justify that perfectly. Will I still by it? Of course! I love Urban Decay and one can never have too many palettes 😛

    Great review!

  42. Alexandra

    Darn! Now seeing your swatches side by side I’m kinda kicking myself for caving and rushing to buy this today since I already have the first one (which I love)! LOL
    Hmmm maybe I’ll have to pass this along as a Christmas gift since it still is really pretty. Thanks for putting this comparison up so quickly!!

  43. I really like pistol & busted. I bought blackout a while back as my matte black for smokey eyes & loved. I did purchase this palette, yes it’s expensive & very similar to the first, but I love neutrals & this palette looks great. Thanks for the swatches Christine!

  44. Denise Frey

    So similar. You can make the original palette into any of the shades in #2, w/ the exception of the black. If you have a few more UD colors, you can duplicate any in #2. Not getting this. Same as the Cowboy quad,similar to the other cowboy quad, from 2 years ago, w/ romp in it. I wish they would do something else. =)

  45. Oona

    I was expecting a cool-toned Naked… :( Christine, can you recommend a cool-toned neutral pallette? I live in Spain and it is frustrating not being able to find one (I’m guessing most brands think all Spaniards look like Penélope Cruz)

    Thanks! :)

  46. Katie

    Christine, you rock! Thanks for getting this info out so quick!

    Overall, based on the swatches, I don’t think I’ll get it since I have Naked 1. Some of the shades in 2 intrigue me, but there are just too many similarities to spend $50.

    If it was truly a taupe palette, I’d be all over it. Too me, it seems more like honey/copper browns than taupe O_o

  47. Louise Brodd

    yepp not so different.. If i’m not mistaken, doesn’t Naked 1 have a primer potion included? so that’s the biggest differens in my eyes 😉
    The Naked Palette is still on my wishlist, but I don’t think that I will get it… I come from sweden and the range of brands is guite small,, and that we have is expensive! A lipstick from Mac costs 30 $!!! and can only be bought in the three biggest cities and on ONE online store… we can’t buy urban decay online or in stores… if I ever go to the US I will pack one set of clothes and buy make up like there no tomorrow ;P but thank god for international shipping 😉

  48. Jenny

    Hope this comes out in sephora before the 13th bc I just received their vib xmasgift card. But at same time not sure if I want another similar palette since I have naked1 already… But the packaging looks nice.

  49. Grace

    The colors that don’t have similar shades to the Naked 1 palette are for the most part pretty, but I’m going to have to agree and say why the heck would they release a palette so similar to the original??? Makes no sense. People who own the Naked 1 (and obviously those who don’t own it) will still buy this just to have it, but I feel like a lot more purchases and excitement would come out of a totally different palette.

    Makes 0.00 sense to me.

  50. Nina

    As someone who doesn’t own Naked 1, I went ahead and bought Naked 2 today. I just really love the packaging and I’m hoping it’ll introduce me to the brand.

  51. Kellie

    Best review of the palette yet. Thanks for the detailed comparisons! You also helped save me $50 :-)

  52. Nadine

    It’s basically the same, I’ll stick to my original naked palette.

    • There are a few differences, so if someone liked you know, like 3-4 shades, it’s still a good deal, but you definitely don’t HAVE to have two!

  53. When I heard about the second Naked Palette everyone’s opinions seemed almost irrelevant. I had to wait for your two cents to get the best review. Thanks for all the time you put into your blog and videos Christine! You are my authority on all things beauty!

  54. Nancy

    Christine, are they discontinuing the Naked1 after the Naked2 launches?

  55. divinem (Melissa)

    So glad I didn’t hit the “confirm” button to order and held out for your amazing swatches, Christine. You just saved me $50! Thank you so much for the ridiculously fast turnaround!

  56. Pat

    This is PERFECT! I was wondering how this palette compares to the current one! Thanks!

  57. Andrea Snyder

    Is this limited edition or permanent?

  58. Sasha

    I don’t own the naked 1 palette and was thinking of getting it but then I saw naked 2. Should I hold up for now and wait to get naked 2? Or should I get the first? Or both? Lol

  59. Thank you for doing such a great comparison!!

    I will be passing on Naked2, as my Naked palette doesn’t get used very often anyway. Now, if only UD would come out with a Not Naked palette.. Same layout and size, with all bright colours! New colours at that.

  60. Melissa

    I’m a sucker for neutrals. I have a mostly neutral MAC palette and the Naked 1 palette, but I want this too! I feel like, because I have the most fair skin ever, most shades will appear a bit differently on me because all colors really do show up true on my lids. These colors are so beautiful, and I knew that when my original Naked runs out, I’d purchase another. But if I get the 2nd, I won’t have to re-purchase the exact same one again. :) I think the differences are excellent! Thank you for the wonderful post.

  61. Maria

    C- you do the best swatches. I was “lusting” on this until I saw your comparison. I was hoping that N2 would have more matte finishes. If more were like tease & black out I would be sold.
    I have plenty of MAC neutrals to create natural looks & I just bought a matte black.
    Plus $50 for this when N1 was $46 just doesnt justify it to me.

  62. Danielle

    I really really wish they’d do an all matte Naked palette I’d be all over it!

  63. Shirry

    Wooh, thanks! After seeing the comparison, I am so relief and glad that I did not dish my $ out this morning 😛

  64. Joanna

    I’m liking 2 more especially with blackout :)

  65. Tinkerbell

    i don’t have the original naked palette, but i am planning to buy one and i am realllyyyy confused!! which one do you suggest is better? 1st or second?

  66. They look way too similar to me, so not worth purchasing.

  67. Lulee

    hey christine…
    i just wanted to say thanks for being the one of the best beauty bloggers. this post is just awesome.

  68. Mel

    I have Naked 1, but I don’t wear most of the colors on the right side of the palette(Darkhorse, creep, Gunmetal) and I really dislike Toasted, so even though it seems like the consensus is that it’s similar, I think I’ll enjoy Naked 2 more(blackout is a must have)I’m glad I was able to snag it before it sold out.

  69. I’m glad these are permanent. I can wait and see if I really “need” either of them. Although I wish they’d stop putting Half Baked in every palette.

    Thanks for the swatches! :)

  70. mins

    For someone who doesnt have either palette, what do u recommend for somelike NC45-NC50?

  71. Andrea L. Östvang

    Such a great post, Christine!
    Although, I will definitely be getting this one too.
    I LOVE my NAKED!
    But, it isn’t a must color wise, and it’s also permanent, right..?
    If so, I’m in no rush, and will buy The Balms Nude’tude palette (if I can find it), before getting this one.
    Thanks for calming my lust for this a bit 😉

    • Yep, it is permanent! I think if you have 1, you don’t have to have 2. It’s nice but not necessary. There’s still a lot of value in the palette, so if you like a few shades, it’s worth it.

  72. Rachel W.

    I ordered this today! Now all they need is an all matte naked palette

  73. Thanks for these comparisons! I still can’t decide whether to purchase it or not, I’m such a fan of Urban Decay palettes that I almost feel strange NOT buying it. I’ll probably wait a little while, and then buy it!

  74. These are way too similar to warrant having both palettes. Disappointing.

  75. Connie

    great comparison! are the pans in both palettes the same size?

  76. happyroach

    Thank you, Christine! You always have the BEST swatches and the most thorough individual item AND comparison reviews. They are SO helpful. And I love how you have NC20 skin like myself, so I can know exactly how everything will look on me just by looking at your swatches. I love this blog!

  77. Hisa

    Ah I was so right to wait for your post! I was resisting the urge to buy until I read your input. Glad I waited 😉 thanks so much for your info Christine! I really value your opinions!

  78. O_o With the comparison.. I think most of them looks the same, only much more shimmery. I think I’ll finish the first palette and then consider to test it in the store..

  79. Yazmin

    Is it me, or does anyone else feel like urban decays palettes are all starting to look the same as each other? The two naked palettes look identical just a 1-2 shades off with only a couple of new colours, but overall its the same concept. And the book of shadows all looked the same to me. I think they just hope the hype is going to make sales. Im glad i didnt buy the first palette as i have tons of neutral shades, and im even happier that im going to skip the second palette.

    Thanks for the hard work though christine, much appreciated as always x

  80. nayeli

    thanks for ur reviews and comparisons, u saved me $50 because i have NAKED 1 and the colors are too similar to buy it

  81. KrisBliss

    I just bought Naked 1 two weeks ago!! Now I have to go and get Naked 2. I was hoping there wouldn’t be any shades I had to have, but alas I must own Verve and Pistol. My poor aching wallet…

  82. le

    This palette appears to be less dark than the Naked 1. Surprised that there are some shades are almost the same. I guess some people with fairer skin tone will appreciate this. But why UD raised their price up one more time. From $44 to $48 and now $50. Is it because of the double ended brush?

    • Yes, I imagine it’s the brush – $44 was because it was a dual-ended eyeliner (1 eyeliner is $17), then $48 because they had the brush (which was $24, I believe). One of the brush ends is normally $26 on its own.

  83. Heather

    Thanks for this. I think I will skip it. When I first saw the photos I thought they all seemed different…now I see they are all quite similar.

    • Yep – if you just glance at the two together, they don’t seem too similar, but when you rearrange the colors so they’re near similar shades, they are.

  84. Sarah

    It’s new and it’s Urban Decay so I can’t resist… Fortunately for me, it’s going to be a few months before it makes its way to the UK so I *may* change my mind by then 😛

  85. Anay Escalante

    Thank you for the post. Do you know when this palette will be available @ Ulta or Sephora?

  86. Sarah

    I knew I jumped the gun too soon! I was so excited to see that it was available that I went ahead and ordered two of them–one for me and one as a gift for a friend who loves the original Naked palette also. I didn’t realize how similar the two were. I’m kind of disappointed now. Bummer. Thanks for posting this–very helpful!

  87. Karla

    hi christine,im going to get one of the naked pallettes soon but dont know which one to get ?

  88. Linda

    ow, i just wish they would make this on coooler side :((

  89. Yelena

    Oh jeez, I just ordered this a few hours ago and now i’m having second thoughts since I have the first one. I hope I have the option of returning it if it doesnt turn out to be what I expected. Thanks for the amazing review. :)

  90. Linda

    And yes, let me compliment you on your work here, so many nice swatches. Youre a fastlady:)

  91. Leslie

    Thanks soo much for your review! I wish I had waited until I read your post before ordering.The shades look pretty similar but I still really can’t wait to get it!! What are your favorite shades from the Naked 2 Palette?

  92. Susan Martinez

    The new palette looks a bit cooler in tones than the first Naked palette. Is the color Tease anything like MAC’s Haux or Quary? What skin tones do you think would look with the colors in this palette?

  93. Sylvia

    If they would have put Naked 1 in Naked 2 packaging at the beginning it would’ve been the best palette ever. Now I own Naked 1 and I absolutely don’t need the second one, although the packaging is way better.

  94. Ari

    Thanks so much for the swift, excellent work: you do the best swatches that I’ve seen, and I wasn’t about to buy this before seeing those – and your opinion on the shadows’ quality. This one’s such a shame. I was really hoping for a decent scattering of mattes and shimmers, but this is too frosted and glittery for my skin – and the warms are too bright for my neutral-leaning-warm colouring. The punchline? My favourite shade was Tease! :/

    Oh well. theBalm’s matte palette will console me. :)

    • LOL – I had high hopes for Tease. It would have been a nice crease shade, on its own or underneath something else.

      • Ari

        For sure! And, by the looks of it, a perfect dupe for my favourite shade from Guerlain’s Rue de Passy. But then, the more I look at it, the more Rue de Passy feels like a very refined version of Naked 1. Madness. :)

  95. Lauren

    Well this made me feel 1000 times better about not being able to afford the Naked 2 palette right now. Thanks so much :)

  96. Tanya

    I was also hoping for a cool toned version of the original palette. I have really pale skin so these goldy-orange colors look really awful on me, which is why I steered away in the first place. I like this second palette better than the first, at least there’s some matte and more neutral tones, but overall they look too similar. Think I will pass.

  97. I have Naked 1 which I’ve worn almost every day since I got it but I’m not getting Naked 2. Not enough new shades to justify $50 and the shades in this on wouldn’t work as well for me.

  98. Adail

    Thanks so much for the swatches Christine! Do you know if this pallette will be permanent as well?

  99. Katrina

    I’m glad that i didn’t order this. I was hoping for more mattes and a different shade selection. Im happy that I saved money because I just bought thebalm shady lady palettes in vol 2 & 3 and i also bough thebalm’s nude pallette.

  100. Z

    Hmm….Ok, after checking out your comparison swatches there is only one to two shades that don’t have a similar enough match in the NP1 (or elsewhere…actually, if we factor in “elsewhere” I’m totally covered), no need to pick it up after all. Though I will say I prefer the packaging of NP2 over NP1. Just asthetics. Metal will always make me happier than funky velvet.

    • I swear I’m the only one who loves the velvet packaging!

      • ericka

        Nope! I love the velvety packaging of the original, too! ;0)

      • Heather

        Nope, you’re not alone lol. I too, love the velvety packaging of Naked 1. It has such a cool feel to it :).

      • No, I prefer the velvet packaging. In fact, I bought 6 Naked I with the duo end pencils. It doesnt feel so cold like a pencil box. Just brush the velvet with a moist cloth if it catches too much lint..The velvet just feels so luxe. I am not getting the Naked II for these reasons.

      • Z

        Yep, you and like five other people (ok, ok, it’s probably a majority). :p I dunno what it is, I just lean more towards clean lines, metals, and stuff like that. Despite being a girl I definitely prefer things designed by, or for, a more masculine sensibility. It’s weird. Doesn’t have anything to do with it getting fuzzies on it (I pamper my nicer palettes so they’re all clean), but it just doesn’t feel as nice in my hands like metal, or that faux-snakeskin material Lorac uses, or glass (not that anyome makes a glass palette…). Heft. i like heft. And also the gold lettering is getting a little cracked from the travel abuse.

        Oh, I did want to come back and make another comment on the NP2. I showed the boy your post comparing the two and he said “That seems like a total scam. They’re basically the same thing! Why would they do that?” *lol* He already doesn’t understand why/how certain makeup items can be expensive and doesn’t see the value in them, but to see two separate palettes with almost all the same colors… that totally set off his b.s. meter.