Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Top 10 of 2011: Eyeshadow Palettes

The idea of picking a mere ten fantastic products for the entire eye category (which, as I’m sure you’re aware, I have a great love for) was borderline absurd. I could not resist breaking it out a bit more :)

  1. Bare Escentuals The Playlist Eyeshadow Palette (plus lots of love for the Ready formula in general!)
  2. Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eyeshadow Palettes
  3. theBalm Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette
  4. theBalm Cast Your Shadow Palette
  5. Wet ‘n’ Wild Comfort Zone Eyeshadow Palette
  6. Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette
  7. Chanel Topkapi Eyeshadow Quad
  8. Inglot Eyeshadow Palettes
  9. Le Metier de Beaute Penelope Kaleidoscope
  10. theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 3

What was your favorite eyeshadow palette this year?

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42 thoughts on “Top 10 of 2011: Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. I dont have any premade palettes, although I really want to try sleek and urban decay, but its hard to get here. My favs are my own mac 15 palette and my inglot 10 palette! Happy new year Christine! I’m so excited for your marriage btw, Lucky girl!

  2. emily

    I agree with your choices! My favorites are the 15th anniversary palette & Comfort Zone.

  3. Totally agree im in love with theBalm Nude’Tude and the balm and the beautiful palette!! Also the sleek au natural palette is great

  4. Marina

    As soon as I saw the title of this video I thought “Christine better include UD 15!”. And you did! YAY! That was my palette love of 2011 (well, since August).
    I don’t own anything from TheBalm but they must be so good to get 3/10 in this list!

  5. Mieze

    Personally, I’ve found myself rather enamored with Kat Von D’s Beethoven palette. I own three different Kat Von D palettes, actually, and they’re all great, but I like the colors in Beethoven best.

  6. I would say UD 15th anniversary palette…for its presentation package, variety of colors, and the quality of the shadows. The Muppets by theBalm looks cute and all but it was not massed produce so that is an unfair choice to select. I own #3 theBalm and it is a good traveling set. But if I had unlimited resources, I would say Tom Ford’s shadow quads…it may appear more costly, but there is more of an amount. That said, their shadows are beautiful and has quality ingredients also. Titanium Smoke is what I own. To me, Tom Ford’s makeup collection is the collection of the year…..because it is so luxorious.

    • sarah

      they did mass produce the muppet palette, they just gave it a new name and theme. it’s the balm and the beautiful palette.

  7. Wet n’ Wild Comfort Zone! It’s the only “palette” I got this year, and it has cured the makeup snob out of me lol

  8. Chiara

    Beautiful selection, Christine! I’m such a sucker for palettes .. I might grab that Wet ‘n Wild palette if I can get it online. So far, my favourite palette has been UD’s Naked(1), since I’ve only had the opportunity to purchase it this year. It’s tough to be a complete beauty addict and to live in Belgium, we have almost no foreign (American) brands :(

  9. alicia

    I have 4 of these – so I completely agree with this list!!

  10. Marta

    Good selection! I love Inglot (good mattes, completely costumizable and good quality), Urban Decay’s (excellent shimmer and pearls and easy to work with) and the value is great in both. The rest are probably as good or better, but I have a hard time trying to find most of them in Spain. I just wish you hadn’t included Le Metier’s Penelope, everytime I see Black Emerald… >.< love it so much and can't find a dupe! Oh well. Great list anyways :)

  11. I’m happy to say that I own the WnW Comfort Zone palette. :) My fave palette this year was the Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. I even did a series of EOTDs featuring it (to demonstrate how versatile it is). Wet n Wild Vanity & Lust get honorary mentions.

  12. This year was a great palette year!

    I have three of these: Urban Decay Anniversary palette, the repackaged Muppet palette (the soap opera version), and Wet n Wild Comfort Zone.

    I use all of them a LOT. Although I wish I had the funds to make a huge Inglot palette, those eyeshadows look amazing! But I should probably lay off the eyeshadow buying a bit until I finally use some stuff up or actually see some pan showing, hehe!

  13. Dini

    I love to see top 10 and favorite lists! :) Right now I am really enjoying my new additions to my Inglot palettes. I picked most colors according to swatches I saw online since there is no Inglot here, and my friend that picked up the palette for me in Vegas chose the rest in person. So cool to have a palette where you like each and every color because you got to pick them all!

  14. malia

    I was soooo disappointed in that shady lady palette, I really regret buying it. Out of these, I’d either go with the UD anniversary one or the Inglot palettes. Well, UD always comes up with something but 2011 was my first year for Inglot so I’d probably say them cause I use those every day, the UD one has been sitting there for at least a month now, unused.

    • Oh no! What didn’t you like about it?

      • malia

        well maybe the balm one I got a bad one or something, but two on the bottom were so patchy, and the rest of them never lasted the whole day even with a primer. I liked MAC’s Odalisque better than their blue one. I guess I was expecting to be “Wow-ed” by them but wasn’t with that one. I also have the Balm and Beautiful but havent had time to try it yet. But the UD 15th I got back out today and loooove it, I ended up with 4 shades on my lid lol.

  15. heidi

    I don’t know if its fair to count this because I just got it and it just came out in the last few months but my lorac bejeweled day to night palette. It comes with 2 palettes and they are so convenient to fit in your bag. It has a perfect mixture of neutrals and colors and matte and shimmer. I haven’t used anything else for 3 weeks.

    • Julie

      I have the Lorac Bejeweled set too but I’m not in love with it. I find that some of the shades apply unevenly and aren’t very pigmented…namely the purple and blue in both pallets. If it hadn’t been a gift I would have returned it.

  16. L

    Until now, I’m still kicking myself for not getting the UD 15th Anniversary palette :-(

  17. L

    I’m still kicking myself for not getting the UD 15th Anniversary palette until now :-(

  18. Em

    The palettes I’ve been most impressed with this year are the ones from Wet and Wild, but UD Naked still takes the gold home for me.

  19. Mary

    how is the UD Naked palette not on here? unless it came out in 2010… if that is the case, the Naked2 palette should be on here..

  20. Mariella

    The Balm’s Balmbini palette (although it also contains face and lip products) – that’s where I discovered Insane Jane, which is one of the best shadows ever! I wish more of TheBalm’s palettes were available here, especially that spoof of soaps one – is it The Balm and the Beautiful?
    Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells and Silent Treatment
    Tarina Tarantino Dreamy Palette (another one I have to thank you for, Christine)
    Quo (Canadian brand) Sahara Sand eyeshadow duo (can a duo count in this category?)
    Too Faced Romantic Eye Palette (and Enchanted Glamourland….can’t recall if I got it at the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011). I recently got the new Smokey Eye palette and it’s right up there with my favourites also.

  21. Mel

    I love the BE Ready e/s too! Glad you enjoy them as well. Happy New Year!

  22. le

    My favourite palette is UD Naked 1 and I love the feel of the velvet package in my hand. I just got the balm and the beautiful but I have some trouble using it. First it is kinda powdery in the pan when you dip the brush in to get the product, then it is hard to stick on the brush bristles, when I tap the brush to avoid fall-out, most of the product is gone. The biggest problem is that it is easy to blend away the pigment, so even I use different colors, they all look almost the same. weird. But the stay power is amazing, without any primer they still stay put. I have every oily lids that with primer they only stay well for 5 hours then crease. So that is what I really love.
    Anybody can give some suggestion of color combo when using this palette? thanks

  23. Carrie Ann

    I loved the MAC Lady Grey Eyeshadow Quad, the Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette and I’m loving the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as well as TheBalm Nude ‘tude palette.

  24. Mel

    Naked 2 was my favorite, the colors are lovely and I’m super big on neutrals. So it was certainly worth the wait for me.

  25. Z

    UD’s 15th anniversary was the one that excited me the most. It’s just beautiful and has the right amount of neutrals and colors.

    Wet n’ Wild’s comfort zone is my surprise favorite. I used it for a week straight (that’s saying something when considering the size of my eyeshadow stash) when it was first purchased. I even gave several as gifts because it was so awesome.

    thanks for the list! It’s easy to forget all the releases, and stand outs, from the year!

  26. Comfort Zone is soooo pretty, I love it so much!

  27. I was lucky enough to be able to get a Cast your shadow palette, and it’s definitely my fave this year. I also enjoy using UD Feminine palette a lot.

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