Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color ($55.00 for 0.28 oz.) is a soft raspberry pink with a rosy pink shimmer and sheen. For better or for worse, Tom Ford’s blush range (from the three shades I’ve seen so far) is very core, which means the shades themselves are more basic, so you may have similar shades in your stash already. At the same time, they’re the kind of shades that become go-tos, because they work with a variety of looks. MAC Pink Tea is just a little softer, while MAC Lovecloud is a touch yellower–mix the two together, and you’d get pretty close. Tarte Dollface is lighter, more pastel. MAC Feeling Flush is a hint darker.

More and more, as a reviewer as well as a consumer, I really, really appreciate consistency. I’d rather a consistently poor performing product than one that is sometimes good but other times downright awful–and the very best is when you find a product range that is consistently excellent. Right now, I’m finding this to be true with Tom Ford’s blush range. First with Lovelust, now with Wicked. It has that same soft, smooth, buttery texture that’s dense and ultra finely-milled, so it melts against the skin and looks effortlessly natural. That silky smooth texture enables superior blending–you won’t need to worry about buffing for days; feather-light strokes will gently soften the edges of any application. I love that it can be applied softly or more intensely, but it’s never a shade you have to pack on.

The real reason that I am truly in love with Tom Ford’s blush formula is how well and long it wears. I thought perhaps it was a fluke or restricted to the shade, but Wicked wears a solid ten hours and looks nearly immaculate. I can’t think of a blush that wears longer at the moment! The texture, color, blendability, and wear are all fantastic. I don’t even know if there is room for improvement with the formula–it’s that good.

A little disclaimer or note, as this is a luxury brand and product: each person has their own rationalization process to justify whether something is worth it or not. What is affordable to you may be a luxury for someone else and vice versa. Price never affects quality; it affects whether it’s worth buying to you, but price doesn’t indicate a higher or lesser degree of quality (in an ideal world, it might), which is why the rating system specifically excludes it.

The Glossover




The texture, color, blendability, and wear are all fantastic. I don't even know if there is room for improvement with the formula--it's that good.











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Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color
Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Saks, $55.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Pink Tea is just a little softer, while MAC Lovecloud is a touch yellower--mix the two together, and you'd get pretty close. Tarte Dollface is lighter, more pastel. MAC Feeling Flush is a hint darker.

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46 thoughts on “Tom Ford Wicked Cheek Color Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Wish I could afford this =]

    So close to Lovecloud! Gorgeous pictures as always Christine!

  2. Absolutely beautiful

  3. I would love to buy Tom Ford in person as I’ve got a feeling I would be sold on a number of items with their formulation. It’s a matter of pick shades I would use everyday for me to make the price point worthwhile. ;)

    The price conversion on SAKS is pleasantly minimal for Canadian buyers.

    I really want to get their Tom Ford Beauty Shade & Illuminate in INTENSITY ONE.

  4. Daria

    Holy crow, is that ever gorgeous. Christine -you look beautiful in this picture!

  5. Martyisblue

    i love the way your makeover up suits your complexion..:D !

  6. Just pointing out, Christine. The link for Lovecloud points to MAC Pink Tea instead of the correct page. :)

  7. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Jill AnGeLwInGz

    Very pretty. For those on a budget another similar color is Physician’s Formula Rose Pearl Mineral Glow Pearls Blush.

  8. Babs

    Love this.. and have a credit at Saks, so I may splurge.

    Christine… no tome to head over to Saks… can you tell me, is this color VERY shimmery, or just slightly. I’m over 40, so anything too shimmery ages me more.


    • It has a soft shimmer-sheen – not over the top I would say at all. I think it looks glowy/natural and doesn’t emphasize pores/skin texture. I hope that helps!

  9. Finally, the review. Love this product and this color.

    • Oh, I forgot to add. The amount they have in this package is so much larger than MAC or some other brands…so you do get what you pay for.

  10. AmyD

    gah – can’t wait to get a job, b/c for sure i’ll be expending some expendable income on some tf products! i can’t wait to see more tf reviews, hopefully of blush (ravish, savage, and flush in particular), eyeshadows, and of the tf foundation formula. i think I asked you this question when you posted about lovelust, but what do you think of tf’s foundation?

    • I haven’t finished testing it, sorry!

    • Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Amy Amy

      dustinhunter has done great reviews on Tom Ford’s foundation so has RAEview along with an eyeshadow palette I believe. gossmakeupartist (loooove him) also had a Tom Ford review. Check them out :D

  11. Gina

    Gorgeous on you! In your swatches the blush looks very shimmery, but on your face it looks more natural. Can you compare the shimmer to Nars Torrid blush? I was just looking at Wicked to buy and am so glad you did a review of it, but now I am wondering if it’s too shimmery. I don’t like too much shimmer in my blushes! Thanks

    • Torrid has less of a sheen, but it has more obvious shimmer – like you can see individual specks of shimmer with Torrid, whereas Wicked has more of an all-over sheen. It’s more of a sheen than full-on shimmer!

  12. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Melissa divinem (Melissa)

    I’m sure the texture is much more velvety than MAC’s, but I just bought Lovecloud and Pink Tea, so I have all I need. I woke up hours after the early release of MAC’s Tres Cheek collection and still managed to get Pink Tea, Lovecloud, Modern Mandarin and Immortal Flower. I got skillz!

  13. Perfect pink for spring! Seems a little like MAC blush in Dollymix, but the Tom Ford packaging is super fab!!

  14. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Daisy Daisy

    Ugh. LOVE it.

  15. Z

    *Tightens the rubber band and slaps arm* Ooh yeah, gimme that Tom Ford!! I’m so completely in love with his cosmetic line – even if I live in a podunk city without a TF counter in the whole state. The reviews of the blush make me happy, and while I *could* rationalize a $50 blush (granted, maybe only once a year), I can’t overlook the dimethicone. :( I know it plays a pivotal role in smooth application, but it would kill my poor face.

    Thank you for the review and swatches!! It looks great on you!

  16. Mia

    Christine, could you review “Tom Ford – Frantic Pink” next ? It’d be great to get more insight into the Tom Ford line of blush. It’s not exactly cheap, so it would be really helpful to read a review on it =)

    Thanks and keep up the wonderful website!

  17. Ooooh its beautiful! They don’t sell Tom Ford makeup anywhere around where I’m living right now unfortunately, but if I ever come across it again I think I just might have to pick up a blusher or two based on your rave reviews!

    As always, thanks for the review Christine! x

  18. Kali

    Why on earth isn’t this an A+? It’s gorgeous.

  19. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Michaela Michaela

    I always wanted to try Tom Ford, but can never spend that much. That blush is absolutely gorgeous!

  20. Emma

    Are you wearing 2 different eye looks? Haha, looks kinds cool!

  21. Veronica

    what are you wearing on your lips?

  22. Sandra

    How would this look on someone who is very fair and cool-toned? This looks light on you even though it is a bright color. Did you apply lightly?

  23. shelley b.

    It looks like a lovely color on you. Is it shiny? It looks like it might be a little glowy for my 63 yrs. old cheeks!

  24. beck

    I’ve gotta try Tom’s line someday and I also really want to try Rock and Republic cosmetics…so sad to hear they went out of business.

  25. This reminds me of Dollymix in the swatch pic, would you say they are similar?

  26. cara

    Hey Christine!
    I am really loving your lipgloss/stick?, and your pinkish eyeshadow in that last photo! Are you going to give details of that look?

  27. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Claudia Claudia

    I am in love with Tom Ford ‘s blushes! I currently have Lovelust & Savage :) Wicked is next on my list! I love all luxury items, but TF really nailed it with the blushes IMO.

  28. Profile wp-user-avatar wp-user-avatar-60 alignnone photo of Veronica Veronica

    I’m not sure I could ever justify a $55 blush for myself (maybe I’ll talk myself into it as a self birthday gift :P), but this is stunning and in one of my favorite shades. You look beautiful and glowing in it!

  29. Oh boy. Do not let me ever get near to a TF counter. I might go broke.

  30. Katie

    I just bought Wicked, so I might be biased…but I wanted to point out, too, that while Tom Ford’s blushes are expensive, they contain 8 grams of product! That’s two grams more than some of their higher-end counterparts, such as Chanel (which I think varies between 4g and 6g?) and Armani, etc. — so I think this should be factored into the higher price tag.

    Either way, I love Wicked, and thank you, Christine, for the lovely review :)

    • Hey Katie!

      I agree that it’s good that you get more (better not to be gipped!) – but on the other hand, how many of us actually use up a blush? :) I think of both perspectives, because you have investment cost vs. per use cost. Even on some of my favorite products that I reach for fairly often, I don’t even have dips in, LOL! I think it took me over a two years of using Margin blush before I saw pan. So I think it depends on who the person is and realistically how often they’ll use the product, you know? I’m definitely happy to see TF give you a good amount for the money, though!

  31. Nancy

    I think I might splurge on this for my Summer trip :)