Friday, October 14th, 2011

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau de Parfum

Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau de Parfum ($100.00 for 1.7 oz.) is a new pillar of Tom Ford’s signature collection for women. It joins Black Orchid and White Patchouli. The notes include: violet leaf, Italian Mandarin, baie rose, Tuscan orris absolute, Tuscian orris butter, jasmine sambac, benzoin, cedarwood, Haitian vetiver absolute, musk, and soft suede.

It opened with strong burst of floral notes with a sweetened, fruit-laced edge over a backdrop of peppery greens. There was an inkling of the greenness from the violet leaf when it opened, but it quickly transitioned to fragrant, floral jasmine, which was the prevailing note on my skin for some time. The jasmine blended with the rooty qualities of the orris (iris root), so it was cool and just softer than crisp; like the first few days of fall, where the air coolly caresses and you realize the seasons have just changed.

I appreciated the damp, mustiness the orris notes imparted–they enhanced the depth and added another layer of nuance.  It made it distinctly autumnal for me and suitable as the weather slinks into sunny but cool afternoons.  Autumn is my favorite season, especially the precious few weeks, because it’s blissfully temperate with leaves just beginning to change and no fireplaces have been switched on.  It’s fresh and green and lovely.

Violet Blonde encapsulates some of those qualities–the freshness and green crispness of autumn–but it is more floral than anything else.  It never turned achingly sweet, which is a direction that tends to remind me of youthfulness, and instead, it evolved to an earthy jasmine with soft, creamy woods that took away some of the edginess of the opening of the scent but made it more wearable.  Violet Blonde reads elegant, polished, and subtly feminine–ultimately, a sophisticated, layered scent that’s not as heavy or as daunting as Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection, but in some ways, more refined.

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17 thoughts on “Tom Ford Violet Blonde Eau de Parfum Review & Photos

  1. Laura

    I am 100% in love with Black Orchid AND White Patchouli and own them both. Do you happen to know where this new fragrance will be sold? Sephora by chance? Thanks!

  2. amanda

    If it wasnt sent to you, would it be worth purchasing?

    • If you like florals, sure – but I think with perfume you really need to smell or be familiar with notes. For instance, I do not like florals, especially jasmine, so I would never purchase this for myself, but the perfume seems well constructed and wears well.

  3. That ingredient list — “violet leaf, Italian Mandarin” etc. — sounds incredible. I would LOVE to smell this. I’m usually impressed with Tom Ford.

  4. Veronica

    Oooh…I like this sound of this one. My mother’s been considering getting back into perfume (she stopped after having kids), so I’ve been planning to get her a good one for Christmas to kickstart her collection again. I’ll have to add this to the list for her to try. :)

  5. Nice review, Christine. I was willing to feel this perfume.




  6. MizLottie

    I bought this and I like it (LOVE Black Orchid, but it doesn’t seem to last too long.

  7. denise

    Tried Violet Blonde at Neimans and Saks. Wanted to like it but started as a light floral and quickly got powdery on me. I’ll probably end up buying either Tom Fords Santal Blush or the lovely Jasmine Rouge. Both of these to me are unique enough to justify spending $195 a bottle. Wish they weren’t so expensive though.

  8. Eileen

    This is a feminine and refined floral fragrance that is just sexy enough to remind you that it is a Tom Ford creation. Scent, when worn, becomes a highly personal combination of body chemistry, olfactory functioning, and emotional and psychological responses to it, so don’t pass judgment based on someone’s description of how it wears on them. Get a sample and experience this beauty for yourself. Violet Blonde is the lighter, yet no less complex, side of Tom Ford.

  9. Donna Cooper

    I bought this one last week. Now I am not a fan of Tom Ford Signature line but this one really was gorg. Black Orchid I get the cucumber note and though I love patchouli the White Patchouli went weird on me.

  10. LH

    I got a sample of this in an order I placed and  LOVE LOVE this  I am trying to save up for it I think it will take me forever to do but hey its one of only 3 perfumes that truly don’t make me ill. With my chemistry I get no floral just an incredible warm scent.

    • In the mean while, you might consider getting a small decant through the Perfume Court or something like that :)

      • LH

         @Christine-Temptalia Thank you I haven’t heard about that site before will definitely  check it out

        • No prob :)  TF can be SO pricey for one bottle, even though it’s worth it since it will last *forever* but you might be able to swing $30-40 on a smaller size in the meanwhile so you can enjoy while you work towards the full bottle!

          • LH

            Very true 30 or 40 is much easier to save than the 150 so like you said I can enjoy it while I work towards the full size that I can use for what will seem like a life time.