Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

MAC Morange Lipstick

The Summer Season: MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick ($14.00) is an amped up, vibrant shade of glistening orange.  This is not for the color-shy, because it is head-to-toe rich and creamy and opaque.  MAC describes it as “loudmouth orange,” and it is exactly that.  It’s so, so full of color.  It’s an amplified cream finish, and it’s easy to wear with smooth, intense color.

Is this the right orange lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick
MAC Morange Lipstick

MAC Morange Lipstick

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63 thoughts on “The Summer Season: MAC Morange Lipstick

  1. I gave my morange to my mom. It looks terrible on my skin!

  2. Kaylynrenee

    Goodness! That’s like an opaque highlighter! Lol.

    You know, I’ve never been a fan of corals and oranges, but I’ve never tried them either. I should do that…

  3. frances

    I really like this one!

  4. Stephanie

    Any suggestions as to watch you would wear this with?

  5. shontay

    I bought this lipstick a few weeks ago and I had to give it away. I just couldn’t work with it.

  6. Meesh

    beautiful color but I do not have the guts to pull that off. ever.

  7. Diana B

    That looks very nice on you. Way to bright for me I’m not brave enough. By the way Christine I’m down in LA for the first time visiting a friend. So far I really like California.

  8. Laurz

    wow..that is orange. And I LOVE orange, but I don’t know if even I could pull that off!!

  9. WHOA, it’s burning my retinas! But in a completely awesome way 😀

  10. Nicole

    Holy! And I thought Vegas Volt was intimidating! LOL.

    • neli

      love it but could only wear it at a club its truly loudmouthed at the same time pretty

    • les


  11. LAURI

    is this part of the permanent line? when did it come out?

  12. woo hoo! it’s another one of my favorites. i LOOOVE orange lipstick. i also love to never use it! lol! i hardly EVER use it… but i have this burning need to buy every orange lipstick i see. haha!

  13. Rita

    Wow! I have Electro, but this seems to be even more powerful. I guess Morange will have a mate from To the Beach since one of the lip pencils is described as “loundmouth orange”, too.

  14. Lorna

    it’s so bright i could get blinded. stunning color but i could never pull this one off.

  15. margot

    It’s too orange for my cool tone skin I think … that and … I could never pull it off in public … even in the privacy of my own room I’m not sure I could.
    You wear it well

  16. Petra

    Although I think it looks awesome when applied ‘regularly’, I don’t find many occasions when I can pull it off in all it’s boldness. A tip for those who are eyeing it: you can also dab it on sheer(ly?), and it’s a lot more wearable that way. That’s what I usually do (and it also helps me ease into wearing it bolder later on). :)

  17. Eek, that is bright! Definitely not for me. :)

  18. KC

    This lipstick is lovely on darker complexions (think NC45 and downwards). I’ve seen it toned down by apply MAC’s Chestnut lipliner and then Morange over it. It really looks awesome on gals with dark golden brown hued skin tones.

  19. Sari

    I just bought Morange recently because I wanted a nice lip to go with my super bright red hair and I love it ! In my oppinion though , it ‘s a bit more of an orange – red than it shows here though .

    It ‘s seriously great though .

  20. I would so wear this to the beach with just a little bit of bronzer! I have the orange lipstick in “Electro” by MAC.

  21. ak

    This color looks good on you Christine, it still looks wearable on you! But if I wore it I’d look like Al Jolson so I’d rather buy the MAC So Chaud lipstick and use it with maybe a bit of the MAC Mahogany lip pencil.

    So Chaud is nicer for me because it’s slightly darker than Morange and it’s also matte making it easier to wear.

  22. Yowza, that is a color that can only be pulled off at a fancy beach resort, paired with a floor length floral summer dress.

  23. Sher

    I love Morange. It is one of my favorites lipsticks, ever! I always get compliments on it. :)

  24. Kim

    I love Morange – just patted on with a little bit of gloss or balm leaves you with a really nice coral colour as opposed to fluo orange…

  25. Meika

    It’s an interesting color but it would look crazy on me. (Crazy bad, not crazy good lol)

  26. Wendy

    Christine, you seriously pull this off wonderfully!
    Now I’m tempted to try it out…
    hopefully it would look okay on my NC35 skin lol.

  27. Wow.. That’s a really bright orange

  28. Jen

    …it literally hurts my eyes looking at it, because it’s SO ridiculously bright. I feel like I have just been staring at the sun. LOL

  29. Laura

    I have tried this color on at the mac store where i live and i love the color, but because it is an amplified creme i got it all over my teeth and it would not stay in my lip line. So for the bright colors i have been sticking with a matte finish. Also i have found that many orange lipsticks make my teeth look yellow

    • Laura

      Also i forgot to add that the mac lipmix’s are great for bright colors and right now they have the orange lipmix on there non-pro website.

  30. Naz

    Hi, how does the milani mandarina lipstick compare to this in color. I like Morange a lot but I don’t want to buy it if the Mandarina is pretty similar in color. Thanks!

  31. Diana B

    That lip looks very nice on you. Way to bright for me I’m not brave enough. By the way Christine I’m down in LA for the first time visiting a friend. So far I really like California.

  32. I got a few days ago and in love with it! So chic – and not as shocking on as it is in the tube.

  33. kcrystal

    If they made a bright neon yellow lipstick – i’d wear that

    • Laura

      Lol, You should check out mac`s yellow lipmix. It is a pro product but it is for sure a vibrent yellow lip color.

  34. How do you get your lines so even and crisp with your lipstick?

  35. Tiffany

    I bought this about a month ago. I wasn’t sure about it, so I put it on at the store and ran errands in it for a few hours. I got compliments from strangers (and my husband) and that sealed the deal for me. Bright lips don’t scare me nearly as much as nudes! It’s a great color.

  36. jaspreet

    beautiful color but I do not have the guts to pull that off

  37. Melissa

    This colour is truly stunning. I love it. Confidence required
    to wear this shade with pride. With my rich mocha complexion,
    this shade looks killer…Sweet!! ;D

  38. Nadine

    I’m looking for an Orange Lipstick.Do you think I could wear Morange?I’m an NW15,red-brown hair,blue eyes.

  39. Sweeda88

    I MUST get this! I’ve always been scared of orange, but since getting Vegas Volt, I’m not anymore! This also looks like it would work really well for fall, as well. =)

  40. Darn orange lipstick! It’s the one color that I’m always intrigued to buy but it never looks good on! I haven’t gotten this one (dare I say “yet”? lol) because I’m convinced it will look horrible on. Oh but it’s like a bug light drawing me in! I can’t look away!! Oh not it’s got meeee….!

  41. sarah

    which is more wearable this or neon orange? they look super similar

  42. Sydney

    I’m a total loudmouth! LOL! I have to get this!

  43. Luv it! It’s perfect!

  44. Michelle

    I was so close to buying this today but I didn’t… now I regret not getting it!

  45. Sorry, but this looks… awefull. Sorry, but it’s like painted on your lips:D (maybe as a blush…)

  46. Aly

    Tried on Morange today at the Mac store(: It looked amazing on me 😀 My skin is so weird it’s hard to find good lipsticks to wear but this one really surprised me 😛

  47. madii

    Just bought this. Am in love!!! I am an NC15, dark blonde/light brown hair and green eyes and worn with simple beige eye shadow and some black liner, this lipstick rocks!!!