Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

MAC Crosswires Lipstick

The Summer Season: MAC Crosswires Lipstick

MAC Crosswires Lipstick ($14.00 for 0.10 oz.) is a lovely shade of coral-pink–it’s not super bright like Vegas Volt, but it’s not so muted that it ends up looking washed out.  It’s easily one of my favorite corals amongst MAC’s permanent line, too.  The cremesheen formula gives Crosswires a soft glistening sheen while still giving a good deal of color coverage on lips.  It’s about as opaque as a lipstick can get on my lips!   It even has this almost-there golden sheen.  It’s very, very subtle, but it’s most noticeable in the sunlight.

Is this the right coral lipstick for you? Would you wear it?

The Summer Season is a series of posts featuring bright, vibrant shades of coral, orange, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for a summer of fun — that runs through July 2010.

See photos and swatches…

MAC Crosswires Lipstick

MAC Crosswires Lipstick

MAC Crosswires Lipstick
MAC Crosswires Lipstick

MAC Crosswires Lipstick

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106 thoughts on “The Summer Season: MAC Crosswires Lipstick

  1. chibu74

    oh yeah, this is the perfect coral for me…love the shade

  2. Ooh, I like this a lot! Will need to check it out next time I’m at a Mac counter. :)

  3. baby in a corner

    i love this and wear it the time! it works well on paler skintones too although it looks brighter on me!

  4. This is such a soft and pretty color.

  5. Andrea

    I don’t remember ever seeing this in MAC (i’ve actually just got back from yet another lunch break spebt there!) is it definitely permanent (I’m in the UK of that makes a difference?)

  6. Marian

    Love it! It’s perfect on you!

  7. Scientific Housewife

    I can’t really pull off coral but it looks great on you!

  8. Sioned

    Christine, that colour really suits you, it looks lovely! wonder if i could pull it off with my nw15 pale skin?!hmmm dont think so!!lol xxx

  9. shontay

    I’m sooo gonna buy this lipstick. I just bought Vegas Volt b/c it was featured here and I love it.

  10. Wendy M.

    I own this and I love it! :)
    Looks lovely on you too. 😀

  11. virginiaisforluvrs

    I may have to try this again. It looked more red in the store, but maybe it was the lighting. I don’t know. The SA wasn’t very helpful :(

  12. CuteBalloon1

    I always wear this color, and sometimes I mix it with Impassioned when I want to tone down the coral-hot pink!

  13. I love this one too! It suits you very well =)

  14. Valene

    Very pretty, very wearable. I think this shade would look great on a lot of people.

  15. Alejandra

    It’s a pretty color, and it looks really nice on you.
    Im going to check it out.

  16. Erin

    Uh-oh… I see more coral in my future! (in the happiest way possible!)

  17. I loved it!! But… i don’t know… is better for cool or warm skin? what do u think?

  18. AshleyMelissa

    Would this be too light and muted for NC42 skin Christine?

  19. Melissa

    This is personal favourite of mine. NC 10-15.

  20. Jula

    I love this shade, I wore it for prom last week!

  21. jaspreet

    this is the perfect coral for me
    i love to wear this shade

  22. Very nice! Might feel the need to buy it haha

  23. meghan

    three words, I NEED THIS!
    But would it look good against my NC20 skin?

  24. CeeBee

    Dang it all Christine, you are turning me into a MAC freak!
    (adds this to the list of things to buy)

    MAC lipsticks are $40 here. FORTY bucks.


    Don’t keep doing this to me, LOL!

  25. I love the color. It is very pretty. I like a more natural and light color, so it looks like the perfect color to add to my collection. I’ll have to check it out.

  26. Michelle

    Ahh, I have this one too and I’m a sucker for it. Though, because it’s really bright on me, I don’t wear it out to school regularly. I prefer wearing this in summer cause it looks less bright, because…everything else around you looks much brighter then…? I don’t know if that makes sense. Really don’t like this color in the winter.. makes me look extremely pale (NC20).

  27. This is one I don’t have actually… I will have to check it out (I’m running out of room in my kit though! Lipsticks are taking over!) Hah

  28. I have it, and I’m loving it =)

  29. Jolene

    This looks really great one you!

    i’m gonna add this one to my list :) Thanks!

  30. Ella Rae

    My 6 yr old and I love this color. She says, “It looks terrific! It looks so pretty on her.”

  31. I have this and I got it on a whim – however, I found the formula too drying and didn’t glide on nicely. Maybe I need to try it quickly after applying balm but it just came out *too* vibrant for a colour-safe girl like me!

  32. ellie

    Very nice on you … there seems to be no bad lipstick color on you Chrisitine.

  33. Marília

    That one looks pink on me :/
    So I traded it off for Vegas Volt ;D
    maybe it was because my lips have more color than yours?
    anyway, there isn’t one shade that makes you loog ugly, you’re always lovely on all of them 😉

  34. Diana B

    I remembered seeing this at my local CCO so when I saw this color on your website today I rushed up to CCO and picked it up. It was really bright on me a little out of my comfort zone but I paired it with creme de nude and now it looks just your pic and a coral I was looking for.

  35. I bought this for my mom to replace her really old coral-pink lipstick that was already on its death bed and she loves it! ^_^

  36. aleksandra

    I think I found my perfect pinky coral lipstick :) it looks absolutely amazing, majour want!

  37. Luisafer

    that color is super pretty, bet would look good on me!!! happy happy happy me!!!

  38. Lolly

    I’m so glad you did a post on this because it is my favourite, most used up lipstick I own! I wore it everyday to uni last year. It’s such a lovely watermelon colour 😉

  39. Nour

    this colour is soo pretty! Ive been trying to find a nice coraly pink colour to wear for summer, and i tihnk i just did!!
    My prom is today, and i have an appointmetn at MAC to get it done later on today , so i think im gonna ask the ma to do this for my lips. :)

  40. mmhmm

    this is super pretty, but i’ve got such pale skin, i think it would be too bright for me.

  41. Liza

    That looks wonderful. I just gave away my tube of Vegas Volt because it was so garish on me, but I think this could work.

  42. Tran

    I love this shade!
    I actually bought it yesterday(:

  43. downtownbebebrown

    First off love your lips =)
    Second i love this color!
    However i think my Sashimi Mimi will prevent me from getting this one… Too close to justify another purchase!

  44. Natasha

    Hey Christine!
    I’m just wondering if this lipstick is similar to NARS Niagara? If not, do you know a dupe for Niagara?
    Crosswires is really pretty though!!
    Natasha (:

  45. Emily

    What a funny coincidence, I just bought this color this weekend, needless to say I’m loving it! With my summer tan I’m about an NC 25 and this color is like a more amplified shade of my natural lip color. It really is perfect for the summer! Polished yet carefree.

  46. I want this lipstick! It’s wonderful…but I can’t find Mac in Sardinia =(

  47. Lisa

    I’d LOVE to see you do a look around this lipstick! It’s absolutely gorgeous on you!! 😀

  48. maureen

    I would love to wear it-perfect shade for summer!

  49. wasan

    do u use any lipgloss on top? by the way chrestine u have such a cute baby face:)

  50. S

    how does it compare to Genial?

  51. Cheyenne

    Wow!! It’s so pretty!! It looks fantastic on you as well.

  52. Kat

    Love this color! I’m totally coveting corals this season! How do you think it compares to Urban Decay’s 5150? Thanks! :)

  53. Sweeda88

    This color is gorgeous! I’m definitely going to get it! I ADORE coral!

  54. Mya

    I bought this but I’m not sure why my lipstick doesn’t look like that color at all! not even in the tube :(. And on my lips it looks like bright red coral. It looks beautiful on you though!

  55. cheska

    how do you compare this to nars niagara? i think it’s discontnued here in the philippines or just that they don’t ship here anymore.

  56. jaspreet

    Love it! It’s perfect 4me

  57. Annalisa

    I love this color!!!!
    How does it compare to Viva Glam Cyndi?

  58. Kim

    I really want this! And btw, I think you meant to put $14.50 for the price :)

  59. Carolina

    How does this compare to ravishing???…my lips are more picmented..I’m looking for a soft coral :)

  60. Hi Cristine <3
    I had this lipstick for a Back To MAC and I really don't know which lipliner pencil I can pair with it
    Do you have an idea ?
    It can be any brand, disposable in France if possible
    Thank you very much !

  61. maya

    would you say its a cool or a warm color?
    will this color suit a very fair skin tone?

  62. Patty Santos

    im an nc40-42 and i am in love with this lipstick, just got it on friday and haven’t stopped wearing it since :)
    Here is a pic if any of you around my shade would like to see how it looks, i look a little pale due to the strong light but i think i looks lovely

  63. Eli

    Hi, I just bought this lip colour. I love the shade but hate the texture as it budges way too easily and slides of my lips. Blotting won’t help it to stain my lips. Is there any lipstick with this shade but in a matte texture, with Russian Red’s staining power?

  64. Tamin

    Do you think it would work on a NC40? :) Thank you for the post:)

  65. kaniz

    Hey! This color looks pretty on you. I just wanted to know if it will look good on light brown skin tone.

  66. Louise

    Hey Christine,
    your blog has me totally addicted to all things MAC!
    I was wondering whether the colour would be a good match on nw20 skin?
    I have blonde hair and green eyes if that helps, what do you think? :)

  67. Memsaab

    I’ve just brought this lippie, luv it!! I’m asian (hindu) and just wanted tot know if u cld recommend a lippie to go with it? The MA showed me but it was toooo orange!!


  68. mizzj3nc

    @Christine i Luv the schade but aint Sure if its gonna Look ok on me im nc44

  69. Hao

    Hi Christine! I think that this is a gorgeous color, but how close is it to MAC’s See Sheer? I’m thinking about getting this lipstick, but I don’t want to get it if it’s too close to See Sheer.