Monday, January 11th, 2010

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

The Spring Season: Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick ($22.00) is a beautiful shade of creamy, no-shimmered rosy pink. It has a glistening sheen that makes lips look a little fuller and more pout-y. It applies easily and goes opaque in about two layers. It’s a very natural, soft shade of pink, so it’s suitable for everyday wear or to complement a darker eyeshadow look. I like the way it hugs lips and looks subtle but still way better than my natural lip! I get decent wear (about four hours) with this shade, and it’s moisturizing without being thick. It smells very sweet, maybe a creme brulee or caramel kind of scent.

Is this the right pink for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatchesโ€ฆ

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick
Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

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92 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Urban Decay Rush Lipstick

  1. Rae

    Oh, this is so pretty! *puts on to-try list* The coverage actually looks quite opaque and creamy for a shade like this.

  2. amy

    Pretty! I like it because it is like MLBB lipstick.

  3. Vijaya

    I just absolutely fell in love with that color. Absolutely gorgeous!

    I don’t know if I like the sound of the scent, though. Could you still smell it after it was on, and if so, for how long?

  4. MissTiss

    Christine, what does it smell/taste like? Love the color, but my experience with lippies (other than MAC) has not been positive. I personally think NARS tastes poisonous…which is sad, because I really want Turkish Delight.

    If this is alright, I’m going to check it out.

    • It has a sweet caramel scent, maybe creme brulee… I don’t taste my lipsticks (I don’t lick my lips, stopped that habit a long time ago), so I can’t say. I can’t remember getting any yucky tastes in my mouth, though… I find MAC’s TLCs are really the only lip product that I’ve noticed a bad taste with.

      • MissTiss

        Yes. MAC’s TLCs are the worst. The only one I can use is the tube version. No SPF.

        Thanks for the heads up. I can manage a caramel-y taste. Any tips for me to stop lip licking?

    • ak

      Oh no, does NARS lipstick still taste sort of chemical-y? That’s a shame; that’s why I only bought the NARS Manhattan lipstick just one time. No the taste of NARS’ and especially Black Opal’s lipsticks is far too ‘chemical’, like plastic & metal together.

  5. Connie

    gorgeous! I love the coverage! it doesn’t look look obviously opaque…if that makes any sense. =P

  6. Ooh, this is lovely! Will have to check it out next time I allow myself to go shopping!

  7. I bought this color about a year ago, when they first came out. I got it primarily because my boyfriend’s nickname is Rush. But sadly, for me, this is the exact color of my lips! I’ve had colors that were close before, but this one is just INVISIBLE on me! I was so upset because it looks like such a pretty color!

    But, it does have a great texture and scent! I love the feel of it! And, lol, the tube is like twice the size of most lipstick tubes, so it’s really easy to see in a sea of Mac lippies! (Not to mention the knife on top! rotfl!)

    I love the way it looks on you though!! How would you say it compares to UD’s Naked?

    • That knife, while nice as far as packaging goes, is sooo annoying when trying to store these, lol!

      It’s pinker than Naked, maybe even a little more rosy-mauve.

  8. Amy

    Hi Christine!
    I’m currently debating on whether to get rush or MAC warm me up lipstick. I’m oriental, NC25. What do you think?

    by the way I love your website! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Krista

    Omg! I must have this lipstick! That’s freakin’ saying a lot since I don’t even wear lipstick often! Such a beautiful shadee!!!

  10. Diane

    Very pretty, too bad it has a strong scent. I like unfragranced lippies.

  11. I love Urban Decay’s lipstick colors….they just taste like horrible chemicals. gross

  12. i love this color! it’s a nice nude color w/ a pinkish tint, versus a drab looking brown. enjoy reading your blog. can’t wait for more reviews :)

  13. Angel

    Love it and you have beautiful lips to put it on!

  14. Kim

    Christine! You are a bad influence…I rushed out after seeing you use UD Rush in your Valentine’s Day Face and bought it…LOVE!

  15. Lorraine

    Please do some shades for dark pigmented lips too!! I love this series but don’t think I can wear any of them so far coz my lips are so dark :(.

  16. Kristen

    I haven’t tried UD lipsticks yet. this looks like a great color and formula, gotta check it out. Thanks Christine!

  17. Alexandra

    I have this and I LOVE it! (Mine doesn;t smell or taste like anything though.)

  18. Sixx

    Don’t think I’ve heard of this color before…looks similar to UD’s Naked, yeah?

    • It’s definitely similar, though I think Naked is a little lighter – maybe a lighter, brighter more posey pink than rosy pink. Naked also has shimmer, IIRC!

  19. Emily

    I have this color, I got it on sale about a month ago.

    I really love it, and I’m not big on pinks.

    The smell isn’t that noticeable. I’ve read so many reviews about people not liking the scent of UD lipsticks, but I really don’t see what they are talking about. First application there is a scent, but is not bad by any means. You don’t even notice it when it is on your lips.

  20. Chiara

    It looks very nice! In Italy we haven’t Urban Decay, so I can’t try the colours. I’ve bought Naked UD Lipstick, do you think they are similar pinks?

    • Similar, though not exactly the same — Naked is a brighter, lighter pink (but not like… bright pink! just… more of a yellowed pink, I suppose) and has shimmer.

  21. Liz

    Beautiful color. If it weren’t for that silly packaging, I would definitely consider it. I really do not like UD lippie packaging. :( Awww but the color….

  22. Diane


    hope no one asked this already… Is there a MAC dupe for this?

    Also, please keep showing us great drugstore options!!! My wallet thanks you!!!

  23. Genie B

    This is a very pretty shade! I want something like this for Spring this year. Say, between this UD and the D&G one you reviewed earlier, which one do you prefer?

    • UD — it’s a little softer, I’d say. Though I don’t have any taste issues, others have said UD lipsticks taste terrible, sooo you may want to check that out if it’s a concern :)

  24. K

    this looks gorgeous on you! i love how it gives off that innocent pink look ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Oh my, I really have to try this one out, it’s lovely!

  26. Luisafer

    sweet!!! perfect for valentine!!!! maybe…

  27. Chrissy

    I am really loving the spring season series! I’m a sucker for light/baby/nude pink lips :) Thanks for the great recommendations Christine!

  28. Diane

    Just tried it on…. Looked bluish on me. Oh well.

  29. You really have got to stop showing me all these pretty lip colors… my bank account won’t be able to tolerate it.

  30. tabby

    With all the interest (mine included) of how this compares to Naked, would it be possible to get side-by-side comparisons of Rush & Naked?

  31. Lorna

    very pretty but i think for $22 i should be really WOWED by the product.

  32. Jennifer

    I will definitely check this out! Gorgeous color :)

  33. Marcela

    That is beautiful, I usually only wear either NYX or MAC lipsticks, but next time that I go to sephora I will definitely check this out.

  34. Nancy F.

    Love this color too! :) What suggestions can you give me about eyes? I’m still a newbie when it comes to pairings of eye/lips/cheeks. What would you do to wear this lippie? It seems pretty sheer, which I think would work well for me in getting in a pink shade…

  35. AnGeLwInGz

    I’m planning an Ulta trip soon. This is going on the try it list.

  36. So pretty! I’ve been jotting down all of these neutral-ish lips just to see which one will end up getting my money ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your site is awesome!

  37. lexi

    hi Christine! would you compare this to MAC Rose Romance l/s?

  38. This is so pretty! I don’t have any UD lipsticks yet but I am definitely putting this one on my list!

  39. ezzie

    this is so soft and pretty!
    i love sheen-y, moicturizing lipsticks, so this one gets a big yay from me :)

  40. Eden Landers

    oh so pretty!

  41. Grace Cruz

    What we be a good dup on this for a more affordable price? (Drug store brands)

  42. L

    I adore Urban Decay, but I will probably never buy another lippie from them again. I bought one last month, and while I love the color, the taste is horrific. It’s really that bad — I can’t wear it if I expect to eat anything while I have it on.

  43. Sash

    Oh, I love it. It’s so soft!
    By the way, you wax your upper lip, right? Usually when I wax I get atleast one freakin’ pimple.

    • Not much, actually! I use Eve Pearl’s little travel-sized razor most of the time — it’s just, I do lip swatches so often that waxing would be too much every 1-2 days!

  44. Kristina

    Hey Christina, where is the UD Naked lip swatch on Temptalia? I can’t find it anywhere. I am trying to compare the two to place an order.

  45. Darrien

    Pretty! This is another one to add on to my list of “to gets”.

  46. RachelMarie

    Would you know how similar this is to MAC’s Angel… ? Debating between the two but might end up getting both if they’re different enough..

    • If you have pretty pale/non-pigmented lips, I think Angel will be similar. Angel may not be as opaque, perhaps. This is also more similar to Creme Cup, I’d say…

  47. Samantha

    Christine, your lips are so perfect! Wish I had pale lips so I could pull off more light pinks and nudes! Tips for having smooth non-chapped lips? Whenever I apply lipstick its obvious its going the cracks on my lips if you understand what I mean..

  48. Samantha

    Oops another question, when you do these reviews do you usually apply the lipstick just from the tube or do you always use a lip brush? Your application is flawless!!

  49. ak

    It looks nice on you Christine in a very normal everyday kind of way.

  50. snowlaced

    hey christine, how would you compare this with UD’s Lovechild lipstick?
    thanks :)

  51. civa

    Hi Christine,
    how does Rush compare to MAC’s Way to Love l/s?
    I love how this looks innocent and “wet”(if that make sense) on your lips.

  52. Ashley

    I really like this one!

    What about the fading, does it fade evenly? Is it very noticeable? I’d assume it’s nothing too visible since it’s quite sheer and light.

    Also, on lips that are slightly more pigmented, would you advise wearing something underneath to help neutralize the natural lip colour, or do you think that this lipstick would still show up on darker lips?

    • I think it fades pretty evenly, particularly since it is on the sheerer side.

      I don’t think it’ll show up quite as well on darker lips, unfortunately! A way to sheer out lips is to put a little concealer or foundation on (sheerly!) before applying lipstick.

  53. Angela

    Does anyone know of any MAC dupes for this?

  54. K Wilk

    I am going to have to try this on at Sephora. All the other UD lippies left a downright poisonous taste on my lips. Gorgeous color though!!! Would you say Guerlain Beatrix (B60) is a good dupe for this?

  55. Rin

    Hey, just wondering, but why is it that most of the swatches for this lipstcik *except* for Revolution look like they have only been given one swipe?