Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

The Spring Season: Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer ($27.00) sheer, light peach champagne with just a smidgen of pink in it with pale gold and champagne micro-shimmer. Glossimers are thin in texture, smooth in shimmer, and non-sticky in feel. On my lips, the golden tones of this gloss really pop, but I really love wearing this for an extra kick over any lipstick.

I used to not *get* the hype over glossimers, for two reasons: 1) why would anyone pay $27 for a gloss? (OK, totally over that, as I always say, once you pay $50 for a gloss… there’s no going back!) and 2) it just looks like a gloss! Now, it does and doesn’t look like any ol’ gloss. It’s a very, very good gloss, but to really fall in love, you have to see it glittering and shimmering like the ocean in the sunlight. That’s really where I had my “I get it!” moment with these. I don’t care if a gloss is sticky or not, so that wasn’t a selling point for me, but I know it is for others.

Most of glossimers do run sheer, and this one is no exception, but that is one of the reasons I love it over other products. It enhances without detracting from the base color (usually a lipstick in my case). I wore it most recently in a Valentine’s Day Look.

Is this the right nude for you? Would you wear it?

The Spring Season is a series of posts featuring my favorite soft beige, coral, and pink lipsticks and lipglosses — all perfect for the first blossom of spring — that runs through March 2010.

See photos and swatches…

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer
Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

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45 thoughts on “The Spring Season: Chanel Pin-up Glossimer

  1. Adriana

    looks so sweet!

  2. Great color! I may have to pick this up.

  3. Anitacska

    I don’t have this, looks pretty, but a bit too light. I prefer more pigmented glosses.

  4. Dini

    Love the way it looks. The shimmer seems almost multi-dimensional, which is very cool.

  5. Lenna0013

    Actually, this is my favourite gloss of all time! It stays on lips for hours too.

  6. Marina

    I’m glad you’ve finally got into Glossimers, Christine 😀 my favourite glosses ever <3
    Erm… did i miss something? a 50-dollar gloss? :O

    • Cle de Peau #2!! I bought it when I was in Vegas with my parents two years ago or so at the Barneys in Vegas!

      • Marina

        Thanks! So yes, i did the search and found your post on it. It looks lovely but i still believe Chanel looks better :)
        And oh, i remembered i own an insanely expensive gloss myself, a Sisley one i got on sale. It’s very nice but i wouldn’t say it’s worth its price.

  7. amy

    That is beautiful, though it may be a bit pale for my lips though. I used to refused to pay for any glosses that are over $20.00 but since I have bought a few Prescriptives Moonbeams (29.00 CAD) and recently bought a Chanel Rouge Allure Lacque ($39.00 CAD), I really shouldn’t whine about a $30.00 lipgloss! LOL!

  8. yvette

    i own one of these in nebula and i do get the big deal. the shimmer in these is like nothing else. this looks really pretty on you! i’d love one in the same color as the maybelline caramel kiss l/s you reviewed.

    • Yeah… it really was a total “Ah ha!” moment when I saw it twinkling in the sunlight when I checked my lips in the car mirror. I was like OH BABY!

      Will let ya know if I find one…

  9. I’m not much of a fan of sheer glosses, but I have to say, this just looks gorgeous on you!

  10. This is totally lame, honestly. This gloss is almost like Smashbox Charming Lipstick and NARS Orgasm lipgloss. The only think missing from the Smashbox one is it doesn’t have as much shimmer. This has already been done, and is a waste of a big chunk of money.

    • I realized that it was identical to a lip product that you had reviewed recently the second that I saw it….so I looked back and not only did I find the one that I knew it was like, but I also found the NARS one. Chanel sucks for not being original.

    • I don’t think it’s like that lipstick, actually! The lipstick does a totally different thing on lips – it gives actual color coverage whereas the gloss is sheer and adds more shimmer. Orgasm, on me, is definitely pinker and less gilded beige/champagne. I think they’re different, to be honest. They’re not polar opposites, but I don’t think one is a dupe for the other.

      I also have no idea who did what first, though. Who’s to say someone didn’t copy Chanel? I don’t know, but it doesn’t really matter to me. I think when it comes to makeup shades, there can only be so many shades. If you like Orgasm better, that’s cool. If you like Charming better, that’s cool, too! But I really think it’s about your own preferences and what you like best. Each has a different formula and that alone could merit paying a different price.

      • Yeah, I know where you’re coming from….I just find it a little bit disappointing that there are three lip products that are almost exactly the same….You have to look pretty close and compare in order to tell the difference, which is what I did.

        A beautiful color, but still….I just wish that a drugstore brand had made an identical one to this :( I don’t like paying over fifteen bucks for a lip product….*shrug*

        • I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find something at a cheaper level! I don’t know if it’s copying or imitation or what, but hey, with a range of lip shades that often go from what… beige to pink to plum to brown… there’s lots of room for overlap. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend less or not wanting to spend more :) It’s all about what you like, what you can afford, and what makes you happy.

          NYX has like… a zillion shades of lipgloss. I would be completely shocked if nothing in it was similar to the majority of glosses in the high-end market.

          I think the well-known dupe for NARS Orgasm Lipgloss is NYC Sungold Lpgloss, I do believe! (Just like the dupe for NARS Orgasm Blush is Milani Luminous Blush!)

        • Also, MAC Nymphette Lipglass is very similar (probably a little pinker, maybe). It’s very much in the vein of Orgasm, though.

  11. Elif

    Looks like Nars Orgasm lip goss! Lovely!

  12. Tami

    OMG Christine! I would definitely wear this color, I may have to pick this one up very soon:)

  13. Vlcatko

    This looks so lovely! Such a pretty shade and sparkle… Is it a permanent one? Or US only shade?

  14. Mary

    Isn’t this a re-release? I seem to remember Chanel Pinup as being the fave of some celebs back in 2005 or so?

    • I don’t think so – I’m not necessarily featuring new products, just focusing on permanent, existing products in various brands’ line-ups! :)

  15. Vijaya

    This looks really pretty. I may have to buy one!

  16. Susie

    Chanel glossimers were the first gloss of this type on the market. I have been using these since the beginning. They have never let me down and produced a sophisticated finish if you are 12, 20, or 60 years old.
    Thank you Christine for giving these fantastic glossimers some press.

  17. Kristen

    This gloss is so pretty, I’ve got to check it out in person, and try it on. Ouch! You twisted my arm! I love the look you did with this gloss layered over UD rush lipstick. And although $18 is the most I’ve spent on lipgloss (MAC Dazzleglass), I see the logic in purchasing a product that is twice as good as another at half the price. The trade off of course is that I would have to limit myself to buying less colors. So, I’ll have to see if it’s worth 2 other MAC lipglosses to me. 😉

  18. kristina

    I agree wholeheartedly about having to “get” the glossimer thing. I am not much into gloss, I fancy myself a lipstick gal, but I think that was because I find gloss too “goopy” looking and could never find the right one. Then the Glossimer came to my life and now I understand the hoopla and what a fabulous gloss can do.

    It makes the lips appear dewy and glistening, without looking like i just ate greasy food. I think many of the mass market gloss are too slimy. Chanel created the perfect gloss via texture, appearance and wearability.

    The sparkle on these can’t even be properly captured on camera. I think every gal needs to try these on at least once in their makeup loving life!

  19. Luisafer

    If I saw that gloss I would walk on by, but now I that I see you wearing it, I LOVE IT!!! think the prize totally worth, know it’s a great brand, and color pretty!!!

  20. Sally

    My FAVE, FAVE, FAVORITE! So worth it!

  21. Hey, where do you go to get the detailed pictures of all of the new collections coming out by various companies?

  22. Laure

    It’s the first time for me… I finally write something while I read for a long time :)
    Pin up is too nude for me, my lips aren’t enough pigmented :(
    But, I have a question, what will you wear with Chanel Aqualumière in Lipari? I’m searching for a glossimer to wear with it, not too sticky!!! I can’t find anymore Tangerine… I though about Cherry blossom in the same collection (maybe too red?) or one of the CK lip glosses you seemed to loooove!!!
    Thanks for everything
    Laure… from France, you probably recognized my poor English :'(