Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection launches (officially) online tomorrow and in-stores on June 6th. Here are sneak peek swatches of most of the upcoming collection (all but the nail lacquers) — I’ll be posting full reviews and additional photos soon, so please hold all questions until I’ve had a chance to write about the products more in-depth. Thank you!

See more photos & swatches!

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC Honey Jasmine Blush
MAC Honey Jasmine Blush

MAC Immortal Flower Blush
MAC Immortal Flower Blush

MAC Royal Sunset Blush
MAC Royal Sunset Blush

MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Double Happiness Cremesheen Glass
MAC Double Happiness Cremesheen Glass

MAC Imperial Light Cremesheen Glass
MAC Imperial Light Cremesheen Glass

MAC Rising Sun Cremesheen Glass
MAC Rising Sun Cremesheen Glass

MAC Flamingo Lipstick
MAC Flamingo Lipstick

MAC Neon Orange Lipstick
MAC Neon Orange Lipstick

MAC Razzledazzler Lipstick
MAC Razzledazzler Lipstick

MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick
MAC Sushi Kiss Lipstick

MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick
MAC Sweet & Sour Lipstick

MAC Tangerine Dream Lipstick
MAC Tangerine Dream Lipstick

MAC Tart & Trendy Lipstick
MAC Tart & Trendy Lipstick

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84 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: MAC All About Orange Photos & Swatches

  1. Thanks for the swatches. I made me drop two more lipsticks from my list so I’m only getting Sushi Kiss and Sweet & Sour. 😉

  2. Deb

    Wow! Thanks so much for posting these! Yikes, I want EVERYTHING!

  3. Amber

    Not only are the eyeshadows disappointing with the fact that they aren’t orange in an orange collection, but all but one swatches terribly. Mac could have easily just done without the quad and still have a decent collection.

    • While I agree the shadows don’t really swatch very well, I think the contrast between the bright, saturated oranges and the neutral greys is very beautiful. I’m thinking of the quad as a way to “ground” the collection and make the colors seem less daunting to people who don’t normally wear orangey makeup. That being said, I would’ve loved to see an orange-grey in the quad, or a separate oranges quad.

      • April

        or, they could have included that really gorgeous eyeshadow from the Haley Williams collection!

    • NATi

      Grey is the Color that doesn’t distract from orange. That’s why they chose it. It’s Color theory!

  4. Christina

    Those are pretty blushes. Mac Neon Orange lipstick and Sushi kiss are awesome!

  5. A. Mar

    I’m excited to see how the reviews turn out! I like more of the swatches than I had expected!

  6. I’m kind of afraid of orange lipstick, but Sweet & Sour looks really great!

  7. Amanda

    I don’t know what it is about orange shades that I love lately but these are so lovely!! I really need to pick up the honey jasmine blush and a couple of these lipsticks when I can. Apparently they’re being released in my country in July… can’t wait!!!

  8. Uh oh! MAC is hitting me where it hurts! I love love love orangey blush and lipstick! How can I resist! Can’t wait until the full reviews!

  9. Serena

    The blushes all look amazing. it will be hard to narrow down to just buying one!

  10. Rad

    Oh my! I really am obsessed with all the blushes and lipsticks. I’m not really a gloss person but these colours look great! Still doubtful about the quad tho!

  11. I placed my order for all of the lipsticks earlier today…but I am glad that I love the swatches! I almost want to go back and order a couple blushes and maybe the lip glasses…although I am on the fence about if I really like wearing lip glass anymore! I also ordered the quad…I saw swatches of it yesterday and they appeared more pigmented than Christine’s swatches…guess I’ll find out when my package arrives!

    • If the products are not online yet, how did you order them?
      Or do you live oversees and it’s not available in the US yet?

      • Iris

        My guess is that she’s a PRO member. Pro members get access to products early. Also, my PRO store releases collections a week earlier than other stores.

      • I’m a Pro Member…this collection released early for us. I just became a pro member though. If I’m not mistaken most of the collections release a little early for the pro members (the RiRi Woo release did not…and rumor has it that the June 6th release won’t either…but we’ll see). Some members have already received their orders…I didn’t get my card number until today so I’m honestly not sure how long it’s been up for the pro’s.

        • Hi Kesha! I would like to know how to be a pro member?
          Thanks! :)

          • You have to fill out the application and provide the requested credentials (visit the pro website for details). They want you to mail it in for approval (I faxed mine) and if approved you will receive an email first….and your card should arrive within a few weeks. You have to be able to provide the required credentials.

        • Last year PRO stores could sell a week early too… this year they are being told not to so no to that one :/ Currently the website launches stuff a week early for everyone. PRO members no longer get early access to collections. They changed that at the beginning of the year.

          • Was this collection the only one they gave Pro members early access to? This was my first collection release as a pro member so I honestly don’t know what occurred before this one…I just know that this was live for pro members before it went live late last night/early this morning for everyone. And some of the lippies sold out in about 20 mins. That made me happier that I went ahead and ordered them all…and I actually breathed a sigh of relief when it actually went live for everyone and realized that I didn’t have to cross my fingers and hope I got everything in my cart and checked out before anything disappeared!

            • When did you see it go live? I’ve been a PRO member for awhile and I couldn’t find anything from this collection (after I logged in) until this morning/ late last night.

            • Dusty, I got my pro card number early in the morning on the 29th…when I logged in to my account and then went to shop the AAO graphic was the first one to greet me. I know it was on there before the 29th though because others on the Spectra website had placed and received their orders. It didn’t go live for everyone else until around mindnight if I’m not mistaken…so technically it went live on the 30th like it was supposed to. I just know that I was able to place my order and had already received my shipped email later in the day…while non-pros were still waiting for it to go live.

  12. Jenn

    LOVE IT!!!

  13. Danielle

    Wow, I feel like I need everything from this collection. Gahhh my bank account! :(

  14. I need to get Royal Sunset blush and Flamingo lipstick!

  15. Oh these are wonderful!
    Can’t wait for the swatches!

  16. Jordyn

    These are awesome colors! I’m worried they won’t look that great on though…

  17. furandlace

    The quad looks like a winner lol.

  18. Debra

    Hi, I am interested in honey jasmine blush and sushi kiss lipstick. I am matchmaker foundation #5. I’m not sure if that blush is going to be to light for me. I am not tan yet. Would you compare it to peaches blush. I have Vegas volt, Betty, and the new sounds like noise and the orange new moist lipstick, is sushi kiss compatible ? Thanks

  19. Finally narrowed it down to:
    Royal Sunset
    Sweet & Sour

  20. Kica

    awww maaaaan…..As an NW45ish, I promised myself I would never wear Orange because I could never find one I liked……but I love these colors. *sigh* guess I’ll have to break my promise to myself. 😀

  21. @ all but the nail lacquers…who’s buying those anyway! LOL! This collection has me a little underwhelmed….But thanks for the swatches Christine! My wallet thanks you too :)

  22. Okay – originally I thought I would want all of the lipsticks, but I see 3 maybe 4 that I’d like. And all of the blushes except Immortal Flower.

  23. As a brown NC 55 girl, I usually jump on orange lippies and blushes like Count Dracula. For some reason, I’m bored with what I’m seeing so far. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to your reviews Christine. Maybe I’ll become inspired again….

  24. Elisa

    I’m nc15 and probably with my skin tone should not love this collection as much as I do but I will be purchasing 4 things

    Immortal flower
    Double happiness and
    Sweet and sour

  25. Thanks for the swatches, Christine. Finally narrowed my list down to Flamingo, Honey Jasmine, Royal Sunset, Sushi Kiss, and Tart & Trendy. Whew! 😀 I’m excited to read your full reviews on these.

  26. The swatches are great!

  27. So excited! I think I need to see these in person though to see what would look good on me. Orange can be tricky :)

  28. KK

    I love the look of the Honey Jasmine blush. Rising Sun is one of my favorite glosses ever–I know the cremesheen formula isn’t necessarily everyone’s favorite, but I love it. And I especially love it in that color.

  29. Those blushes… GORGEOUS! But I put myself on no-buy after splurging on Ripe for Love…saaaaad….

  30. Sae

    Omg I definitely need to purchase Tangerine Dream! I have tons of oranges but nothing in that particular shade! Also interested in Tart & Trendy!

  31. Oh man! I need the Royal Sunset and Immortal Flower blushes in my life! Also the Double Happiness gloss and the Flamingo Lipstick! Marked my calendar :)

  32. I’m loving the blushes!! The shadow quad seems a bit out of place in this collection, but I’m looking forward to the review, I’m a sucker for silver shadows!

  33. Alicia

    Really loving the swatches! Can’t wait to read the reviews.

  34. Amber

    It’s been awhile since I have wanted anything from MAC but I WANT those blushes!

  35. Aico

    Will this be at Macy’s or Nordstrom?

  36. Ughhhhhhhh, all the gorgeous oranges coming out for spring are killin’ me! I so wish I could wear orange tones.

    That Sunset blush might work, though.

  37. Jackie

    agghghgh I love these colours but I totally need a lipstick rec. for a redhead!!

  38. I tried Sushi Kiss on my lips (the collection excluding the eyeshadow palette is available in stores in my country) and PLEASE note that Sushi Kiss leans towards a matte finish. I dabbed it on when my lips were dry and they enhanced the dryness and peeling. Not an attractive look!

  39. I’m getting Sushi Kiss lipstick and that’ll probably be all. I love orange but it isnt really flattering on my skintone

  40. Oh my gosh, I love the lip glasses, but I can’t justify spending that much money on them. Maybe I could just buy one……..

  41. Meepagus

    so far my list is flamingo,razzledazzler,sweet n sour,sushi kiss,tart n trendy,tangerine dream,honey jasmine,and royal sunset.

  42. liz

    wtf i was not expecting to like this at all.

  43. Elisa

    Yes will this be at nordstrom?

  44. Marian

    Ugh….I want it all and I rarely want MAC.

  45. I’m loving Royal Sunset blush and maybe Sushi Kiss lipstick too! I’m totally going to stalk the MAC website tonight!

  46. Brenda

    I find this to be a pretty cohesive collection, to be honest. I know quite a few are disappointed or think the grey quad is out of place, however I feel it makes the pinky/peach/oranges in the rest of the set easier to wear. The greys are soft and neutral and work well with the oranges, instead of fighting for attention with them.

    I feel like this is a collection that you could just purchase the whole set and slap it on and it would all work together! I am disappointed with all but 3 lipsticks, but good show MAC.

  47. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :) not everything but still the collection is absolutely mouth watering

  48. Roxana

    I literally just came on Temptalia before going to bed to see if any info about this collection was up – thank you so much for always being so consistent with your swatches, and I can’t wait to read your reviews!

  49. VJNS

    Makes me want to peel a few oranges and snack on them. What a yummy collection. Last year, orange was Sephora’s color of the year. So this is quite a gamble that MAC is taking. Love the quad though. Warm and cool is a nice combo.

  50. Monica

    Will this collection also be launching at macy’s and Nordstrom online?

  51. Jessica

    What lipsticks will look better for my skin tone ( NC40)?

  52. Oh noooo. I can’t buy any of this, I’m saving up for MAC x Rihanna. D:

  53. dayna

    The swatches all look great! I also don’t see the purpose behind the grey eye shadow palette. The only thing I’m interested in are the bushes. But, I feel like the 3 blushes are easily dupable. So, definitely think I’m skipping this collection, especially since I bought from the last 2.

  54. Im so getting one of the lipsticks!

  55. Valerie

    I want Flamingo and Razzledazzler :)
    Soo Gorgeous

  56. I’m honestly NOT trying to be snarky (lol) but MACs website talks about how orange is the new trending color and sort of makes it sound like they are being fashion forward… but didn’t Sephora/Pantone BASICALLY do orange LAST YEAR??! haha! I’m not trying to say MAC is a year behind in trends… I just think it shows that trends don’t really mean much of anything. Wear what you want, when you want, how you want. I do like some of this one though and I may get a couple of those lipsticks! :)

  57. I want all of them!!!! The eye shadows and blushes especially.

    • I just purchased the eye-shadow quad and all of the blushes. I really wanted the flamingo lipstick but it’s sold out. Better for me, I don’t have to spend the money. lol

  58. Neta

    meh I’m gonna have to pass on this one. never been a fan of orange blushes/lip colors. now, if there had been an “all about pink” collection, that would’ve been a whole different story!

  59. I want neon orange.

  60. This looks yummy!! I look forward to see these in person and hopefully I’ll love them!

  61. abigailod

    So I had a mental disconnect when this was launching online… Totally missed out. =/

  62. Ericka

    OMG! I want everything. It’s all so pretty and bright and summery. Might be good to wear into autumn, too. Thanks for swatches. Very helpful.

  63. Allie

    I want them all!!! my bank account is going to be very upset with me on june 6th :)

  64. rachel

    all the lipsticks are gone! where can i get some online ? I don’t like shopping in stores in person . thanks

    • Keep checking the websites for Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Belk. I notice those 3 are mentioned often as alternative websites to find the collections. But you have to be fast with those too. If a lot of people missed out on the MAC site they too will be waiting for those sites to start selling.

  65. VJNS

    Seriously?!! lipsticks are sold out? MAC really frustrates me.

    • Jessica

      Thats what i said hopefully i can make it to a mac store next week and i even waited like until 2am to see if the collection would appear but it didn’t and when i had time to buy them they were all gone :/ and many say it came out like 8 or 9am and sold out right away.

      • That’s odd…if I’m not mistaken it went live around midnight eastern but I know it was well before 8 or 9 am. What I have noticed lately is that MAC has been eventually restocking the collections. They did it once with Baking Beauties (Nordstrom’s restocked the lipsticks at least 3 times) and they’ve already done it with Temperature Rising. They very well may do the same with this collection. Problem is you never know when so you have to keep checking or follow some of the forums that will alert people whenever a restock shows up. If you don’t mind buying from somewhere other than a MAC store you might want to keep checking Nordstrom’s website and Macy’s…I think they may start selling online before the store release date (many guess it may they may start on Monday or Tuesday). It’s definitely not a thrill for me to stalk sites to try and get my hands on the items I want, but at least there are a few options available.

  66. Valerie

    Will these be available on Nordstrom or Macys website?? :)
    If so when??

  67. rossana andara

    i love all!!!

  68. one or two of the eyeshadows look a bit washed out, but everything else looks fuuuuuuuuun. <3