Monday, September 6th, 2010

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

Where are my coral blush fiends?

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush ($40.00 for 0.32 oz.) is a gorgeous shade of shimmering pinky-coral with peach shimmer-sheen.  It’s really a ringer for Lancome’s Mandarin Sky (which I also loved), but more-sheen-than-shimmer (and not quite as pink) NARS Orgasm.  I’m obsessed. OBSESSED. with coral blushes, whether they’re pink-coral, peach-coral, or orange-coral, I’m all over them. 

Call Me is beautiful on both cooler and warmer skin tones–it doesn’t have strong orange undertones, so it can work just as nicely on those with pink undertones as those with yellow or olive undertones.   It is, obviously, most complimentary on warmer complexions, though.  The shimmer is incredibly fine and appears as a soft glowy sheen on cheeks.

It’s a very pigmented, smooth textured powder blush; surprisingly impressive for a brand that’s been pulled from all the counters I know of.  Even more impressive given that this brand regularly shows up on discount sites at 50% off.  It’s well worth the $40 price tag, since it is a high-end/luxury line, but the compact itself is quite large–and not just the physical compact, but the product inside weighs in at an impressive 0.32 oz. (most blushes are between 0.15 and 0.21 oz.).  Obviously, an incredible deal at $20 (which is how I got mine).

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: For my coral blush lovers, this one is not to be missed.

AVAILABILITY: Rock & Republic

See more photos & swatches!

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush (Look breakdown here)

Rock & Republic Call Me Blush
Rock & Republic Call Me Blush

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81 thoughts on “Rock & Republic Call Me Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Tifa

    This is the one I have! I love it <3

    Could you possibly put up a swatch of this next to Orgasm? A lot of people say it's similar but it'd be nice to see comparison pics.

  2. sol

    how do you compare it with orgasm? heard some youtube gurus saying that this can be an alternative for orgasm but per your swatch, i’m not seeing any pink undertones. orgasm is kinda peachy pink right?

  3. daphne

    Sadly, not really available anymore :( Hasn’t been restocked on the R&R website in weeks, and the brand doesn’t seem to be selling anywhere else, which is a real bummer! I’m LOVING it. I guess I will have to make do with Springsheen (and eventually pick up Mandarin Sky).

    • Hey Daphne,

      When I looked last week, R&R had only ONE blush stocked, but I saw 7 back in stock so hopefully…

      • daphne

        Yeah, I’ve been checking every few days! I guess I can hope. Maybe I will call them and see if they expect it to come back. I’m annoyed because I ordered from there and *could* have gotten it, but was thinking “Oh I have enough that’s similar.” But I don’t, I never have enough of this color 😛 Drama Queen lipgloss was a great choice though. Same kind of color.

  4. Sarah M

    Wow! That blush is amazing on you. :-)

  5. This must be the most beautiful blush I have seen in a long, long time. Stunning. Obviously not available in South Africa, but if I ever come across it, I will fork out the money and buy it.

  6. Laia

    Ahhhh it’s a MUST!!! Thank you Christine for showing us that precious thing!

  7. I just love this colour, wow! 😀

  8. Roxanne

    Mmmm. Glowy. I sense a look tutorial coming our way… :)

  9. Vale

    Definitively not my colour!

  10. hey very pretty shade… n looking very pretty with this shade… naturally blushed..hmmmm :)

  11. eleni

    Hi Cristine!

    What do you mean it’s been pulled from counters? No more R&R make up? Is the entire line gone???

  12. Hiromi

    what are you wearing on your kips christine? it’s GORGEOUS

  13. Diane

    That blush looks incredible on you! Wow, that is your color. The compact is really beautfiul (for a compact), Thanks for sharing.

  14. Natalie

    Omg!! That blush is gorgeous. But I’m afraid on me it would not show well or be chalky, being of a darker complexion [NC 45ish.]

    And your lipstick/gloss looks amazing. What is it D: ?

  15. Carly

    Hi Christine! How does this compare to MAC Springsheen?


  16. Therese

    It reminds me lots of Chanel Reflex! Neverthless, gorgeous!!

  17. I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, I think we don’t have it here in Hong Kong.. :(

  18. Yvonne

    oo very pretty! i think R&R may still have a 40% off sale going on for their makeup. If i’m lying, i’m sorry!

    also, what lipstick/lipgloss combo are you wearing? I LOVE IT


  19. Jennifer

    Christine, will you say this blush is similar to NARS Orgasm??

  20. Tia

    Im dying to try these blushes…but not at $40 a pop ..please let us know when u know about a deal!!! this one is gorgeous!

  21. Fernanda Baldo

    it looks like Shell Pearl Beauty Powder.

  22. Yen

    Such a lovely coral blush!!! I’m addictive to blush that are peachy or coral. What discount site did you get your blush from?
    Oh btw! I like your neutral eye with red lip look! Very glamour

  23. nat

    I love R&R products!! I’ll need to add this to my list!

  24. Victoria

    Ooooo I love it on you! For some reason it’s much more of a light pink on me… wish it looked that corally…. but no worries since I still love it!! Especially the soft golden sheen :)

  25. Michelle

    I love this blush, too! Now it is almost impossible to get off of R&R site or all of those beauty sales sites. I managed to get it off of the last Hautelook sale, but it usually sells out in the first minute of the sale!

  26. Azaza

    Wow this looks lovely and I love the sheen it has

  27. Rachael

    The lips and the blush are just awesome on you! <3

  28. Stephanie

    Hi Christine! That blush is so lovely! Do you know which websites sells R&R blushes for 50%?

  29. soooo pretty! i’m still in love with manderin sky btw. LOVE it! love it love it love it! i’ve actually kind of been grooving on a few lancome products lately, which isn’t really like me. lol. blushes and their metallic finish eyeshadows. i bought 2 more the other day. i just can’t stop! there’s a pink eyeshadow (makeover? i think) that is SO beautiful on the cheeks…

  30. I loooove coral blushes. They look best on me (I’m warm toned, very pale, a redhead). This one looks so beautiful!

  31. Cheyenne

    Wow $20 for that much is a good deal…but $40 is the non discounted price? Hmm I was also wondering why they were taken away from counters. :)

    Besides that it really is a beautiful color.

  32. AngieM.

    I was lucky enough (unbelievable to me) to be able to get this blush from R&R. I also have 3 others, but this one is my favorite…smooth, silky, gorgeous color.

  33. amy

    Pretty, I love shades in this colour family as well and I can’t have enough of these.

  34. Lani

    I really want this blush but it hasn’t showed up on the R&R website in weeks. I’ve been stalking the website everyday to check out the restock situation and they keep. Restocking every color except Call Me. I’d even pay regular price for it but there are no stores that carry the R&R line either.

  35. Leann

    Very pretty color. I think R&R had a sale on Hautelook a several weeks ago. I should’ve picked up a few for myself. I’ve heard many great reviews about them. I really like how much product they give you too.

  36. oh i’ve been wanting some rock and republic cosmetics for so long and I guess it’s now or never. this looks like nars orgasm

  37. Kristina

    I still have this one new in the box, along with all the other R&R blushes when they went on clearance on Hautelook last year.

    After seeing how gorgeous this looks on you, I will be finally cracking open these round boxes to play with this baby.

  38. Mamavalveeta03

    I understood that Rock and Republic was discontinuing its makeup line? Anyone else hear that?

  39. Janet

    Looks gorgeous on you. I too love coral blushes. I’ve been using NARA Orgasm for awhile now but I was @ the MAC store the other day and bought Sincere. It looked so pretty on the sales associate. Just wanted to know your thoughts on this matte blush. Thanks, Christine.

  40. Aida

    This looks very lovely on you, Christine! I’m curious…how does this compare to LMDB’s Echo?

  41. I’m HEEEERE!!! LOL. I am a coral blush fiend as well, and this just look gorgeous! Not sure how we can get it in Malaysia though.

  42. Gorgeous color :) How similar is it to NARS Deep Throat? I know you say that Deep Throat is a pinker version of Orgasm so just wanted to know if I could skip Call Me since I already have Deep Throat? Thanks!

    • A little more orange, haha. It’s probably in-between the two — it is also finer, more sheen less shimmer kind of finish. You could probably skip it 😉 Unless you are a coral fiend, of course….

  43. Ashley

    I love this color! Typically, I wouldn’t think twice about paying $40 for a blush but this would have been my exception. I also contacted R&R to let them know how much this blush will be missed. Fingers crossed they will decide to restock it!

  44. Riki

    wow it’s beautiful

  45. I am so incredibly jealous you have this! NARS Orgasm is more shimmer than pigment so it doesn’t work for me and I was looking forward to this, unfortunately R&R said it wouldn’t carry this shade anymore =(. I don’t understand why. My only hope is some sort of blog sale or swap, but not that many people had it in the first place.

    • I got my hands on it in a swap. It’s so pretty and it’s pinker than Orgasm on my NW43 skin, but that might have something to do with the fact that Orgasm barely shows up on my skin

  46. Ann

    Christine, if you have to choose between RR Call Me, NARS Orgasm, or Le Metier Echo, which one would you choose?

  47. SandyLun

    Christine, do you know where I can purchase Rock and Republic blush? Hautelook and Rock and Republic no longer have it. Thanks !