Monday, March 25th, 2013

More photos to come :)

Urban Decay is re-launching their famous 24/7 Eye Pencils, and how are they celebrating it? They’re adding 13 brand new shades and bringing in 14 previously exclusive shades into the permanent line-up, which will now stand at 40 shades in all. For a limited time, all 40 shades will be sold together (in full-size) for $295 at  Any shades NOT on this list are now discontinued.

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($19.00) (Permanent)

  • Perversion Blackest black matte
  • Zero Zealous black cream
  • Smoke Deepest grey matte (New)
  • Uzi Dark gunmetal shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive, Revamped)
  • Oil Slick Black shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
  • Underground Metallic taupe shimmer
  • Mushroom Metallic taupe-pewter shimmer (Previously Exclusive)
  • Smog Copper shimmer (Previously Exclusive)
  • Roach Deep copper brown shimmer (New)
  • Bourbon Brown shimmer with gold micro-sparkle
  • Hustle Metallic brown shimmer (Previously Exclusive)
  • Whiskey Rich brown matte (Previously Exclusive)
  • Corrupt Dark metallic reddish brown shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive)
  • Demolition Deep brown matte
  • Desperation Deep taupe/gray matte (New)
  • Scorch Bronze shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (New)
  • Goldmine Gold shimmer with gold micro-sparkle (New)
  • Loaded Dark green shimmer (New)
  • Freak Bright green shimmer (New)
  • Invasion Deepest dark green matte (New)
  • Mildew Deep metallic green shimmer
  • Stash Dark metallic green/gold shimmer
  • Junkie Metallic teal shimmer with gold micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive)
  • Mainline Deep green/blue matte (Previously Exclusive)
  • Deep End Bright metallic peacock shimmer (Previously Exclusive)
  • Electric Bright metallic aquamarine shimmer with silver micro-sparkle
  • LSD Navy shimmer with bright turquoise micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive)
  • Sabbath Deep navy matte (Previously Exclusive)
  • Abyss Bright metallic blue shimmer with blue micro-sparkle (New)
  • Chaos Vibrant cobalt blue matte with slight floating pearl (New)
  • Ether Pale smoky gray shimmer with violet and fuchsia micro-sparkle (New)
  • Delinquent Dark purple shimmer  with light purple micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive)
  • Vice Pearly red eggplant shimmer (New)
  • Psychedelic Sister Bright purple cream (Previously Exclusive)
  • Rockstar Darkest eggplant shimmer
  • Empire Dark eggplant matte (Previously Exclusive)
  • Asphyxia Vibrant pink/purple duotone with tonal and blue micro-sparkle (Previously Exclusive)
  • Woodstock Sparkly hot pink shimmer with silver sparkle
  • Yeyo Metallic white shimmer
  • Cuff Metallic silver shimmer with silver micro-sparkle (New)

Availability: Urban Decay on March 26th; also available at Sephora, ULTA, and select Macy’s.

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84 thoughts on “New Product Alert! Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils (27 New Additions)

  1. OMG I love the 24/7 Glide-Ons! My only complaint is they tend to smudge on me which is sad. So excited about all the new shades!

  2. Jay

    On one hand, yay 24/7 liners! On the other, oh no – if a color’s not on this list, does that mean it’s no longer part of their permanent line-up? Does this mean Lucky’s been discontinued? It’s the perfect lash line shade for blue eyes!

  3. Robyn

    I’d better start saving my money now…(-:

  4. Nikki

    Does the relaunching mean anything is different with the pencils aside from the new shades? Have they been reformulated, or is the packaging different?

  5. Amanda Tetreault

    does this mean they are discontinuing some shades? el dorado isnt on the list neither is deviant or flipside

  6. debs

    Are these for use on the waterline?

    • Lyss

      I don’t know if you’re supposed to, but I regularly use Zero and Perversion on my waterline… they’re my go-to pencil for that.

  7. Rachel

    UD, stop raising your prices!

  8. Sara

    An extra dollar?!? No, I’m kidding, yay for Mushroom. I’m always terrified to use the one I have from ocho loco. I want stray dog, though!

    It’s all quite exciting, though. I wonder if all this means some are being discontinued, because I’ve been longing for one for a while, and it’s not on the list. I may have to finally commit.

  9. Lizz

    Urban Decay has the best Eye Liners ever!

  10. Amy

    YEEEEEES!!! So glad they’re making all these permanent! And really wish I have the money to buy the eyeliner set now! Hopefully it lasts awhile so I can gather the money xD

  11. Reena

    I wish Stray Dog was part of the line up :( I’m guessing Mushroom will be a good sub. Can’t wait :-)

    • Julia B

      Mushroom is a bit lighter. I still want stray dog. I guess I will have to ration what little I have of it left. Email UD. If enough people ask about it maybe they will rerelease it.

      • Boone

        Add me to the Stray Dog fan club! It’s my all-time fave. I bought 4 of them (off ebay) shortly after the 15th Anniversary set was released, and sadly am about to open the last one in my stash. Mushroom is OK, but it’s no Stray Dog. I’m curious about Desperation, even though it’s matte, at least it’s a darker taupey gray.

        I’ll definitely email UD to request they bring back Stray Dog. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone in my love for it!

  12. I love these pencils and I would LOVE to get the set, I only think my wallet won’t like that, hehe!

  13. Jamie G.

    I love, love, LOVE Mainline! I almost used my whole one to a nub from my Smoked set. I’m excited to check out Loaded because I love that shadow. My wallet doesn’t love this but my eyes do! :)

  14. AS1929

    Will the full 40-piece set be available at Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s or just the individual liners? In other words, if you want the set do you have to buy it at Thanks!

  15. Amanda

    does this mean they are discontinuing some shades? el dorado isnt on the list neither is deviant or flipside!!

  16. Helen

    Do you know when these are out in the UK? Thanks!

  17. I am super excited for this! Finally going to get Whiskey…and a few other shades, of course. I’ve never even tried UD’s 24/7 formula but the shades are so pretty! Hope it works for my super oily lids!!

  18. jodstr2

    SOOOOOO tempting. Thank you for posting.

  19. chris

    Ohhh I was so sure I would not spend this much. Now that I read all the colours – Christine, what have you done! I think I want it!
    I have no access to

    When will they ever start selling overseas like Benefit has been doing forever?! I hope this will at least become available at some of the UK online cosmetics dealers that sell to Central Europe.

  20. Lisa

    While I’m excited about the introduction of new shades, I’m disappointed that it seems as though they’re going to discontinue some of my favorites. But maybe this means they’ll have them on sale soon and I can stock up. :)

  21. Kappa

    I’m so excited about getting Asphyxia!

  22. Kesha

    There goes my no-buy before IMATS NYC! I almost made it lol.

  23. LMM

    Why no Stray Dog???!!!

  24. Dana

    Roach and Mildew? Seriously?

  25. Veronica

    I was hoping to see Stray Dog on the list, but Desperation sounds vaguely similar, so here’s to hoping it’s a semi-dupe for it. :)

  26. JillianPS

    I’m half excited, half discouraged! I love UD’s eyeliners a lot, but that’s a lot of money to shell out, even if it’s an INCREDIBLE deal. Really smart idea on their part though, considering they know what a following they have. Definitely glad to see they’re bringing out ones that I wanted before (i.e. Mushroom) but didn’t want to buy the whole Ocho Locho set.

    That being said, one way to look at it is by determining the price point for each eyeliner they plan to use based on the whole selling price, even if they don’t plan to use all of them… if it’s cheaper than buying each one individually, then they’re good to go!

    Thanks for posting, Christine!

  27. Tina Quinlan

    Love, love, love all Urban Decay products! This is definitely on my “got to have it” list ! Perversion is definitely the BEST black pencil out there! Now I want all those gorgeous new ones! Now, do I need 40 new eye pencils? Heck, No! Do I WANT 40 eye pencils? Heck, YES! Especially when it’s Urban Decay! Way to go, UD!

  28. Xexuxa

    Well then, I guess I’ll be adding about 5 more shades to my wish list. Thanks a lot Urban Decay

  29. Meiya

    My beloved Stray Dog is not there, nor is Midnight Cowboy – I’m going to miss those!

    • Ana Olson

      I was hoping they’d make Midnight Cowboy permanent too!

      • Carrie

        Me three on Midnight Cowboy! I loved it as a brightening shade and in fact, it was the only iteration of Midnight Cowboy I’ve ever liked. I guess I’ll have to get the chunkier pencil when I work through this one :(

        • Lisa (LAtPoly)

          Me four! I bought a spare off of eBay awhile back so I will will probably never run out but I was hoping this would be permanent so I could stop rationing it. UGH!

  30. Elizabeth Laflamme

    Do you think Scorch is similar to the discontinued Baked liner, i’ve been hoarding that one for months.

    • Lisa (LAtPoly)

      Haha! It looks that way and I was thinking the same thing when I saw it… I want to use Baked without fear, too.

  31. Kati

    I was so happy when I saw that they’re bringing Smog into the permanent lineup, but then I realized they’re discontinuing Lucky…I’m so conflicted now. :(

  32. Mallory

    Can’t wait to see some swatches of all the new colors! Now I know what to ask for my birthday coming up. Also, I didn’t see stash on the list and hopped on the net to buy them up, but thank goodness it’s not discontinued. *phew*

  33. Ami

    I have waited for you oh so long.

  34. Lyss

    I love that they’re making all 40 permanent… so much less incentive now to buy the full set just to have a small handful of exclusives.

    Also loving that they’ve kept Stash and Rockstar. I tried them because they were part of a set I bought and ended up loving them more than any other coloured eyeliner I’ve ever owned.

  35. Mariella

    Some of these new colours are really tempting me (and I can never resist Mushroom and now that it’s in a pencil….sign me up!) but these pencils are actually not very good on me – they smudge and smear and are anything BUT 24/7. I’m hoping UD or ANYONE will come out with a pencil like that gorgeous one from Bare Minerals that you reviewed, Christine (something like “5 A.M.”…it was never available here in Canada and I would love to get something like it).

  36. Sabriel

    I have a few of these. The colors are great, and they go on smoothly without having to use a lot of pressure.

    The only thing is, when I tightline with them, the liner transfers to my lower lashline. That doesn’t happen with my ulta brand pencils. I’m sad because the 24/7 pencils are supposed to be ideal for tightlining…

    • Kelly B.

      ME TOO!!! I have a LOT of UD pencils and have the exact same problem when I tightline regardless of color! It looks great for 15 minutes then transfers all patchy and looks terrible. I thought I was doing something wrong. But, they work perfectly for lining eyelid and under bottom lashes on me and every color stays in place until I take them off.

  37. bxboricua

    No Covet or Binge :( :(

  38. MJ

    I’m sad Stray Dog isn’t here, and I’m sad they’re discontinuing Covet! It’s my favorite green eyeliner. I guess I’d better stock up.

  39. dom

    Hi Christine, was counting the pencils in your pic and do correct me if I’m wrong, but in this particular picture, only the new 27 pencils are featured? I love the brighter colors; not sure if I’m feeling the new ones now. That said, I’d probably save and scrimp to buy this – that way I won’t need to buy anymore pencils in the future 😉

    • 28 are in the photo, and they’re all the ones that UD sent me this morning so as far as I know, they correspond with the newly added shades!

  40. I am so excited that “corrupt” is permanent! I got mine in the 15th anniversary set and I have used it more than any of the other colors, it is literally down to a nub!

  41. Katrice

    I’ll miss Binge.

  42. Serena

    I am also super excited for LSD & Mushroom because I got them in my OCHO LOCO pack of eyeliners when they were exclusive and was afraid of using them up. Now I do not have to use them sparingly anymore now that I know they will be permanently added to the collection. Thanks for the post Christine! looking forward to the rest of the photos. Even though I usually like to go swatch myself, I like to look at your swatches too before I go to the store.

  43. Kelly B.

    Nooooo Ransom is gone! It has been the most inconsistent UD pencil I’ve ever bought…had a couple of duds – exchanged them and no problems. I have several colors & brands of purple eyeliner and Ransom is my favorite (green eyes). At least I have the majority of a full & travel size but I’m tempted to hoard.

    Damn, I just wrote an essay on the recent question about what I would do different with my stash (not have over 30 eyeliners) and I’m all off track again :(

  44. Gabby

    Oh no…they are d/c El Dorado :( I’ve only got a mini left and I’ve down to my last full size of Baked. I hope Goldmine is similar! I need to pick up Lucky at Ulta before it sells out though (thank goodness you can use points on high end beauty products there!)

  45. Quinctia

    Why am I getting excited by new colors? I can’t keep these things on my eyes!

    (But perhaps this’ll be the gateway for Mushroom and Asphyxia liquid liners, pleeeeeaaaaase?)

  46. KaseyCannuck

    YAY!! Loaded!!!

  47. Shelly

    FINALLY! Whiskey will be permanent! *does a happy dance in her chair*

  48. Jenna

    Let’s all have a moment of silence of Urban Decay’s Honey…never have I had such a pigmented, pure yellow gold.

    And I guess el Dorado, their current gold color, is also leaving? Hmm…

  49. Clare

    I’m a bit sad that Lust and Ransom are being discontinued. And it doesn’t look like any of the new additions are really comparable in color. But some of the new ones look incredible! I’m dying to see Freak and Ether.

  50. Alannah

    Oh wow, so many are going to be discontinued! What a bummer.

  51. Aurore

    I hope Goldmine is a great dupe for Eldorado, cause this gold pencil is my favorite of all time for waking up my eyes !

  52. Jenny

    For those who are wanting a complete list of discontinued liners, that from what I can tell, these are the ones that are going:

    Lucky, El Dorado, Graffiti, Covet, Binge, Deviant, Flipside, Ransom, Lust, Gunmetal, Crash, 1999.

    Wow, that’s a lot. I feel like I need to go buy all of them that I don’t have!

  53. Sarah

    ill be keeping my eyes out for 6 of these new shades! especially Sabbath!! i loved the liquid liner version, except that it always dried out on me fast, even after giving it another chance! hope its as true & wont disappoint ^u^

  54. Alexis

    Does anybody know when the new colors will be available at places such as Sephora and Ulta?

  55. Alexis

    Does anyone know when the new colors will be available in-store at places such as Sephora and Ulta?

  56. Maria

    when can we purchase the whole set?? i cant find it on their website?

  57. I love these so much – want all of them!! >;0)x