Saturday, July 17th, 2010

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Exhibit A Blush

Baby, I Think My Cheeks are on Fire!

NARS Exhibit A Blush ($26.00 for 0.16 oz.) is a fiery orange that’s as pigmented as it looks in the pan.  It is an intimidating shade to be sure, because it does go on something FIERCE! even when you are careful.  Exhibit A has a matte finish, so it won’t accentuate fine lines or pores, and it can easily be buffed and blended onto skin so it looks natural and not quite so obviously orange.

When I wore this the other day, I used MAC’s 184 Brush, because it gave me the ability to really apply it subtly and softly against the angle of my cheek.  The width of the brush allowed me to deposit the initial burst of color onto the majority of my cheek, and then I could feather it out with soft strokes.

It doesn’t pull too red, and it certainly doesn’t pull yellow, which makes it wearable regardless of your undertones.  I particularly love this blush on our darker skinned beauties (plus, it shows intensely even on darker skin tones).  Don’t let this blush scare you — it can be worn and worn without fear.  Just be sure to have your buffing brush and some loose setting powder on hand to blend and diffuse it!

P.S. — U.S. NARS customers can get a trio of miniature-sized lipglosses in Stolen Kisses, Risky Business, and Moonfleet with code TEMPTALIA on orders of $25 or more, expires 8/15. :)

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: Whether you want a subtle touch of orange or a heart stopping shade of fiery orange on your cheeks, Exhibit A is capable of both.

AVAILABILITY: NARS, Nordstrom, Sephora

See more photos & swatches!

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Exhibit A Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Exhibit A Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Exhibit A Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
NARS Blush

NARS Exhibit A Blush
Wearing NARS Exhibit A Blush (lightly) with theBalm Mary Lou Manizer on cheekbones

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119 thoughts on “NARS Exhibit A Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Madison

    this color looks amazing on you! :)

  2. ‘WOW’ comes to mind when I see this :). I can also imagine it being used as eyeshadow too!

  3. baby in a corner

    oh lord! i’m as light as a skintone can get so i’ll pass! but i can imagine on darker skintones it would make an amazing statement cheek! its nice to see something different in a blush anyway.

  4. Stephanie

    I own this blush and it is a staple for WOC in my opinion.
    I’m also a Nars blush whore lol.

  5. sillylilacs

    Oh wow…it looks amazing on you!!!

    I have this blush and it’s amazing! And since it’s so pigmented, it will last probably forever lol I find myself having to dip the brush in the pan once, tap off excess, dab on the back of my hand to get rid of extra extra color, then applying to cheeks it gives a beautiful glow

    This is one of Nars’ many “Don’t let the color intimidate you!” products =) and one of the best!

  6. Why produce a color like this when you’ll have to “be careful” about how much to apply? Would there ever be a time when this can be applied like any other NARS color?

    • I’ve found you have to be light handed with a lot of NARS blushes, actually – so it kind of feels like normal NARS blush application to me. Just depends on what kind of look you’re going for :)

  7. Thanks for photographing yourself with this blush because it does look extremely wearable and I never would’ve given it a second thought until reading your review. Is it possible to have too much blush? I hope not, ’cause I’d be in trouble =)

  8. Lea

    I LOVE that blush. Will definitely take a closer look at it at a counter.

  9. Mandy

    I just LOVE this color!!

  10. Kelsey

    i fear that blush would either make me look like a tomato or severely sunburned. :(

  11. Ani_BEE

    That hot, kind of like habanero red. ^_^ duo fiber brush all the way.

  12. One of my favorite blushes! And I am an NC20 :)

  13. Wendy M.

    Kind of reminds me of Devil by MAC!

  14. Laura

    Wow! That is something else.. It looks great on you! However, I think I will have to pass..

  15. lauraaaaaaaa


  16. Wow this looks amazingly bright. It looks great on you though..

  17. JD

    Off topic but being the antithesis of a morning person, I would like to thank you, Christine, for getting up so early every day to post stuff on here! You’re even one time zone ahead of me and I’m always so happy to have something to read before work! You’re awesome :)

  18. Annnie

    HMMM this color looks a like mac’s orange alarm cream color base! and i LOVE orange you know how compoarable these two colors are?

  19. Alexis

    I love this blush. It’s my fav out all the ones I have.

  20. kcrystal

    I don’t like matte blushes.

  21. Nar

    I always use the Japonesque equivalent of the Nars Yachiyo brush to apply these super pigmented Nars blushes. It keeps application light and is the BEST brush for cream blushes. It’s also half the price of the Nars one, but still very soft- the Nars one is waaay prettier, though. I’m able to use even “Exhibit A” on my super pale practically translucent skin.

  22. the_izzle

    Mother may I have 10 please? I want this blush so bad. I am sure it will look amazing on my NW45 skin. I have Taj Mahal and that is beautiful. This matte shade is a must-have for me!

  23. Tekoa

    Ohhhh boy is this red. I salute the red awsomeness, but I doubt I’ll grab it.

  24. This is my favorite blush!!!! I wear it almost everyday!!

  25. Wow, wow, wow. Now that is a blush! I’d love to have it or a lighter version of that orange. So much fun. I suppose it would last until the end of time, being that pimented and all. Great review, thanks!

  26. Must. Have. This. Blush!!!

  27. Debora

    Woooow! What a strong color! But it looks nice 😀

  28. Yumi

    Is it just me? When worn that lightly I don’t think it looks that different from a typical coral blush. *shrug* I’ll pass. I don’t think I could put it on lightly enough to make it look good on my NC25 skin!

  29. Brittany

    =) I ordered this the day you posted your coupon NARS code and I’m super excited about receiving it! And you’re right, it does look good on various skin tones.

  30. Ohhh, Exhibit A! We sold NARS at the Bath & Body Works I used to work at, and I don’t think we ever had a customer who wanted to try to pull it off. They took one look at the tester and went straight for Orgasm instead.

  31. Linda

    Thank you so much for including the ingredients! I really appreciate how detailed and informative all your posts are!

  32. Hanna

    I have Taj mahal and I love it, with a very light hand.
    I am a NW20 and was wondering how this will look on my skin? Is it more intense than Taj mahal or are they equally pigmented?
    Thank you

    • I’d say it’s a lil’ more pigmented than Taj Mahal, but the color itself is stronger, so it could just be that, too. I think it would work :)

  33. eva

    This is a must have for sure

  34. This looks great on you! The brush did a good job of not making the blush look cakey.

  35. shakz

    woooaaahhhhhwwwww that is some red blush, luks amazing on you tho

  36. Gisele

    It looks gorgeous on you. Exhibit A has the same “problem” as Crazed which, if I use more than a touch, gives me that crazed look. Cheeks on fire look far better with the right eye makeup, etc. that you do so well.

  37. Andrea

    WOW!! Fierce is the only way I can describe this blush!!!

  38. Daaaaaaang, that’s ORANGE! Reminds me of hot cheddar cheese XD I don’t think I could pull this, you can pull of oranges really well though.

  39. ashley

    This is the perfect blush for Women of Color. Thanks for doing posts for us!

  40. Lil

    Never been a fan of a strong cheek look. Seems like your other color choices would need to be toned down. Would rather do something on the eyes for that. I only put blush on my apples so this would probably make me look like I’m hot! Literally! Cheers for the gutsy who can pull this off!

  41. Leah

    I’m somewhere between a NW15 and NW20 and I do own this blush. I rarely reach for it because it scares me but when I do work up the nerve to wear it, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


  43. Katie

    The free lipgloss code finally convinced me to order some new Nars stuff! I picked up Desire blush, Niagara lipstick, Orgasm nailpolish, and the I Want You Lipgloss Coffret.

  44. Beth

    That is quite the blush but I am liking it! I may have to stop in at Sephora to see what I can do with it. I like how you manage to make it look natural–as natural as that color can be. :)

  45. This blush looks great blended out on my NC44 skin!!!!

  46. Lauren

    I wouldn’t go anywhere near this blush with a 10 foot pole! However, I have a couple darker skinned beauty friends that would look AMAZING in this shade. I love make up!

  47. Stephanie

    Wow you applied it so beautifully! Def looks less intimidating now! Thanks..Can you review Taj Mahal too?

  48. Nicole

    I haaaaave this! And boy I looooooove it!

  49. Maya

    OH my god that lipcolor is gorgeous! What is it?!!

  50. Becca

    Looks soo pretty on you!!!

  51. Sharon M

    Holy cow, that is one bright blush! I can’t say I’d ever wear that colour, being a NW 15, but it looks great on you.

  52. Sarah

    Wow. How do you pull it off?! Thats such an intense pretty orange I really want that color in nail polish form, i cant imagine wearing it any other way

  53. Minaxi

    Hey Christine, these cheek colors look great on you! Your lip color is also gorgeous — what is it!? I want the lip color and the blush now!

  54. Mariana

    thats intense. i would definately screw it up

  55. Michelle

    That’s actually a pretty unflattering blush on your pretty face, Christine. No offense. Kind of a jarring color.

  56. Sarah

    That blush looks so nice on you!
    also, what do you have on your lips? its gorgeous!

  57. This blush looks so super amazing!
    I absolutely love pigmented blushes even though I’m really pale. Bright cheeks are great for summer 😀

  58. Nathalie

    wow, that blush looks gorgeous on you! I’m definitely gonna check it out next time I go to Sephora, although I doubt my student budget will allow me to buy it 😛

  59. Cherie

    This blush looks great on you, Christine!

    I have often swatched it on myself when in Sephora but never purchased it b/c I’m uber pale.

  60. Nessa

    Christine this looks so pretty on you.. :) i’m off to hunt for this blush tomorrow.. hehe..

  61. Ms. Jimmi

    This looks beautiful on your skin tone with those gorgeous brown eyes. For someone who is a NC25–not so much.

  62. WHOA it looks insanely pigmented in the pan!

  63. Janet

    Pretty blush! what brand(s)/color(s)are you wearing on your lips? Also, very pretty!

  64. romina

    OMG I LOVE IT!!!!

  65. Minaxi

    The blush is really pretty! What lipstick/gloss are you wearing, I love that too!

  66. lauralikesmakeup

    Wow! That is some blush! Very dramatic for like, a fashion show or something. Reminds me of my cockatiel’s red spots on his cheeks. RIP Angel! :)

  67. Ginnia

    It’s a great shade for brown gals too!

  68. Cheyenne

    I am as light as can be. I could see a very very dark skintone wearing this perfectly.

  69. Hilana

    Interesting colour. It does look good on you, though.

  70. Kayla

    I have this and i looooove it.amazing

  71. maya pastori

    Christine this is an incredible blush, i wish we had nars here in Italy…

  72. This color would look terrible on me, but it looks great on you!

  73. Tasmin

    I tried this colout today. I looked awful,(NC40). When the SA asked mr to look in the mirror. I was horrified! I’m a huge Nars fan, will not be adding this ot Taj Mahal to my blush collection….

  74. Kat

    Wow this colour would look amazing on darker skin …sooo pretty, what a pop of colour!

  75. Isabella Rabello

    Wow! It’s too much orange for me

  76. Camille

    That blush looks perfect on you(:

  77. Joanna

    This was one of my birthday gifts, and hopefully it looks good on me like it did on you!

  78. Brenda

    As soon as I saw Exhibit A on Sephora, I had to have it. I have fair skin, and usually wear peachy toned blushes, and sheer red lips. I applied this red blush VERY lightly to my cheeks- a single *pop* with my brush onto the palette. I blended it well with a clean brush, and it came out a pretty, bright reddish/peachy/orangy/REAL looking “flush”. I looked like I had been running. The best part is I doubt I will ever have to buy blush again…this will last for years, as little as you need to use. Wow! Go Nars!!! Torrid is awesome for fair skins too…if you use a similar technique.

  79. sarah

    looks so bright on the swatch but looks great on you

  80. Jill

    Wow!!! This looks beautiful on you. I’d never try it just seeing it in the pot, but now that I’ve seen it on you, I may have to give it a try. Gorgeous. You should wear this all the time!

  81. My fav blush by far for spring!! When i saw this i asked the lady at sephora to try it on me and she was so scared! I was like…do it, she wanted to purchase it herself afterwards. IT LOOKS AMAZING ON and i am quite fair..this is a MUST have…wearing it today…mega hawt!

  82. Megan

    What lip gloss are you wearing?? It’s really pretty!

  83. Mily

    I adore this blush and I’m pretty pale (turn lobster red when I burn, legs are a hazard to motorists during the summer due to their blinding whiteness -pale). I actually originally bought it to use as a eyeshadow color (a la Carolina Herrara and Thakoon last year plus the movie lady vengeance,) and it works really well for that as well.