Make Up For Ever @ Dolores Cortes + Giveaway

Make Up For Ever @ Dolores Cortes

Make Up For Ever Alliance artist, Lottie, served as the key make up artist for the Dolores Cortés swim show on Friday, July 16th. Lottie created a beautiful safari-chic make up look inspired by bohemian references of the 50’s Parisian woman, combined with acid and exotic colors from Bells Beach in Australia. The end result was a palette of shimmering greens and golds.

Complexion & Cheeks: The skin was glowing and fresh faced. Lottie first applied Make Up For Ever Sculpting Blush #22 to lightly highlight the cheeks.

Eyes: The eyes were the focal point of the look. Lottie first applied Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #302 in teal to the lid, and then applied Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #310 in a shimmering emerald green starting one quarter of the way in from the outer corner of the eye to the outer eye lid and then into the crease and lower brow bone. Next Lottie applied Make Up For EverAqua Cream #11 in gold to the inner corner of the eye lid for a metallic pop. The eyes were lined with Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes #0L in black and the lashes were coated with Make Up For Ever Aqua Smoky Lash.

Lips: Depending on each model’s preference for a matte or glossy nude lip, Lottie applied either Make Up For Ever Lipstick #502 or Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur #10 to complete the look.

To celebrate, Make Up For Ever and Temptalia are giving away:

  • Make Up For Ever Diamond Shadow #310
  • Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #11
  • Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur #10

RULES: All entries must be submitted by July 26th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to all readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

How to Win

Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite way to relax during the summer is.

Congratulations to Katie!

See more photos! (Swimsuits ahead!)

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Is there a better way to relax in summer than relaxing at the beach with a good book and a cool refreshment? ohhh in two weeks from now i’ll do that in crete!!!can’t wait

p.s. make up artist’s hair look great at the pic!i fell in love with braids this summer;-)

My favorite way of relaxing in the summer is having lunch with my friends, going to the beach and having a nice evening cookout over cocktails.

I don’t do well in the heat, so unless I’m near a body of cold water, my favourite way to relax in the summertime is by staying in the air conditioning, and watching crappy reality TV. But, if I had a beach nearby, I’d be there instead.

My favorite way to relax is to slap on tons of sunscreen, and then hang out on the beach. Taking anap on the beach is fabulous, as well! I usually do that underneath an umbrella though.

my favorite way to relax during summer is going to the beach and spending a quiet time at our rest house built on the middle of the mountain where everything is lush and green.

I like going to a park to just enjoy some peace and quiet with the scenery. Sometimes I’ll bring a book or listen to some music. Nothing better!

My favorite way is lying out on the dock with either my ipod plugged in my ears or a good magazine and a diet coke with ice next to me 🙂

With a steaming hot cup of coffee and my beige lill’ boo(staffordshire terrier:)basking in the sun listening to(and one of us chasing)flowerhungry bumblebees.

I really love camping! I can sit around in the sun and curl up with the fire at night. It is so refreshing and relaxing! Plus a nice jaunt in the cold lake helps!

Besides going to the beach or the pool I love to plant myself outside of my coffee shop with my earbuds in, either a good book or a good person to talk to and to drink copious amounts of iced coffee to beat the heat.

I love garage sale-ing. I love the treasure hunt of finding that piece of vintage costume jewelry, or antique sheet music, and then getting is for a fraction of what I would have spent at the mall engaging in other forms of retail therapy.

You get to be outside, you get to make nice small talk with strangers, get an interesting look into peoples lives, and you can occassionally find valuable stuff REALLY cheap! How can you lose?

My favorite way to relax during the summer is to hang out under the gazebo, listening to Van Morrison, and grilling with the husband and kids. 🙂

have a chicken lettuce wrap, an iced passionfruit green tea with jelly, sit in my favorite chair, kick my legs up and watch my favorite youtube gurus while i eat.

My favorite thing to do in summer is to lie next to the beach with a really good book and my trusty ipod :’)

katch05 at gmail dot com

My favorite way to relax is to sit on the pier in port aransas Texas and fish there maybe 11 of us there but it’s te most relaxing thing ever to sit there knowing that we are all together without a care in the word

I like to go camping and read a nice book in the woods!
The smell of outdoors, especially the woods, is the most relaxing to me.

My favourite way to relax in the summer is reading a good book (preferably a Harry Potter one :P) on my swinging chair in the evening. Of course, I have to have the powerpad going so I don’t get eaten alive as well XD

I moved to a new apartment abt 3 months ago and we have this lovely deck/patio…so far my fave way to relax is to go on the deck w.a glass of wine and a book and just chill out.

There’s always the beach as well….love going to the beach with friends!

My favorite way to relax during the summer is absolutely by learning new recipes of smoothies! i love to drink smoothies and have chats with my girls around me 🙂

I’m taking the bar exam so I don’t have a lot of time to relax at all, but the best way yet is to get a massage and manicure!

my favorite way to relax during summer is to lay out by the pool with some watermelon slices, and iced tea while watching my toddler play in his baby pool. =]

Since my boyfriend and I live together with his mom (too young and too poor to rent a place), our favorite way to relax is when his mom goes to her cottage and staying home, barbecuing and watching Dr. Who and enjoying each other’s company in privacy. 😀

my absolute favorite way to relax would probably be to go to the beach with friends or family, have jamba juice, read a good book. 😀

My favorite way to relax is just hanging out with friends, probably with a few drinks involved 🙂 I’ve never been much of a beach or tanning person because I like to keep my skin nice and light, so I’m somewhat neurotic about it, lol

Summer is such a busy time. Trying to fit in everything on my to-do list. I love filling a cooler and having a pic-nik in the park. Having a drink on a patio for people watching is always a favorite. Saturday mornings I sit on my balcony and read the paper and drink tea.

I love to exercise to relax. 🙂 sounds weird but i don’t think about anything and feel really great, and energized afterwords!

When it’s not too hot, sitting out on my patio with a glass of wine. When it’s too hot, I love turning the AC way down and curling up with a blanket and watching an old favorite movie like Sixteen Candles. 🙂

…is to lay in my hammock on a sunny quiet day where all I can hear is the sound of nature…..I like to lay there and read a good book as well.
Hope everyone is having a great summer!

My favorite way to relax is sitting on the balcony of a beautiful condo in Panama City Beach with a margarita watching the beautiful sunset 🙂

My favorite way to relax is to go swimming in the evening, then rinse down at the outdoor shower, and head in for a movie or good book 🙂

My favorite way to relax during the summer is to stay inside and play video games, watch movies, or just do anything that keeps me as far away from the heat as possible.

my fav way to relax during summer is to wash my hair with cold water to cool myself down, make a banana milkshake with milk, ice cream and bananas, and read a girly book like sophie kinsella’s shopaholic series 🙂

my favourite way to relax during the summer is stay the day with friends at the pool, talk with my friends about make up while we getting a nice sun teint.

The best way to relax for me in the summer is going out in the evening with my boyfriend or my friends, we go out to the movies, to the park we eat a delicious ice cream or we just hang out in our houses watching movies, or eating pop corns i love that! in school time we are pretty bussy so the summer vacations are perfect to enjoy each other =)

Well being that our air conditioner went out yesterday and the temps outside were 109 and our home was over 90 degrees during the night, it was pretty hard to relax and get some rest. The repairmen are here as I type this and I hope and pray the air c. will be fixed today. My usual favorite way to relax during the summer is to grab a glass of sweet iced tea, sitting on the couch in the evening and read the days posts on Temptalia of course and watch makeup videos here and on other channels- just love it. Sherry

my favorite way to relax this summer is drinking mango bubble tea with tapioca/pearls while watching re-runs of my favorite tv shows with my friends.

My favourite way to relax in the summer is…to forget about the guys and go away with a few girlfriends for a breathe of fresh air, relaxing and enjoying the sun and staying stress free from the guys 🙂

My favorite way to relax during the summer is to eat freshly made cupcakes while lounging around with my iPod and Macbook in the glorious AC. I live in Florida, it’s too hot and humid to go out!

I love shopping. Thats my number one thing to do year round, retail therapy. In the summer I can’t stand the heat, so I prefer malls and stores where there is air conditioning.

I like to lay in the hammock in the shade with the cool breeze finally coming through the valley to the foothills. Sipping a cool drink, I don’t do much of anything, or even read a book. I just look around at the flowers and my beagles, and hope they don’t need to go into the house!

on summer i enjoy traveling to Cozumel, it’s really relaxing specially going to the spa at the hotel, when i can relax while I’m taking the sun !!

walking through one of our weekend farmer’s market and picking up fresh fruit and flowers for my patio. soothes both tummy and soul.

I live in a very sunny country. My favorite way to relax during the summer is siiting near the Beach with my friends and a cold Beer 🙂

My favorite way to relax is to lie by the river and listen to it running. If that’s not possible, the ocean or the pool will do for the water. Just lying by the water in the sun is very relaxing for me

My fav. way to relax during the summer is to lounge around the house in PJs with my man watching stuff we’ve downloaded. Weak, but very us. =)

My favorite way to relax in the summer is being on the beach near my house and going out with my closest friends and chat.

My favorite way to relax during the summer is to observe nature and take care of it. I’m fortunate to live in a pretty nice environment, so I like to observe the birds, and take care of the plants and flowers in my garden. 🙂

The best way to relax on summer is at the beach house, in the evening, open windows and the weaves sound like music. Good book, better wine.

Relaxing in the summer for me is an evening of cuddling on the couch with someone you care about watching a good movie… this works well in the colder months too. It’s an all season win!

Other than that, a good book in a shaded area in the park is awesome break from whatever you’re doing.

My favorite way to relax in the summer is to sit down with a lemonade with frozen strawberries as “ice cubes,” and watch a movie with my hubby and cats in the AC.

Going cherry picking in Yakima and visiting the lavender farm and many other fruit orchards and buying fresh fruits to enjoy back home in western Washington state!

To relax in the summer, I turn on a fan, curl up with my cat and a good book! Cold juice and cookies would also hit the spot.

Also painting my nails with bright colours that may seem out of place in the fall/winter.

I want to buy a hammock and put it in my bedroom, and just lay in it all day, thats how I would love to relax… How I actually do it, is if I go to the beach.. Luv the sand

Sitting by a pool (in my case, I dont have one so I improvise! Or when I do get to go on holidays,by the lake on the dock.) with a glass of cold asian white tea. Soaking up the sun and eating grapes, while listening to the waves of the water, and reading a very good book. Like “The Summer I Turned Pretty”.

The best way to relax this summer is to just lounge at the beach with some nice drinks, nice smooth sand, non-humid weather, great for tanning climate, etc. etc. and just lay on a beach chair till sunset 🙂 Enjoy that with a loved one would be romantic ;D

Getting away from home. Little trips throughout the summer are when I’m the epitome of relaxation. Any little relaxing activities I do while I’m away – reading in the sun, drinking smoothies and chatting with friends – just add to it all.

I relax by going to visit my family. I live halfway across the country from them and not only does it give me a chance to be so far away from work there’s no possible way to remotely care about it, I get to spend time hanging out with my siblings and parents. The perfect summer.

i love going to the beach! or even just walking around in outdoor malls (unless it’s really hot, then i prefer indoor ones for obvious air conditioning reasons haha).

but right now i’m staying at home with the fan on, avoiding the outdoor heat, catching up on blogs 🙂 another favorite way to spend a hot summer day!

my favorite way to relax during the summer is to go to a baseball game with my friends and just have a really good time. having cotton candy or ice cream doesn’t hurt either.

Ideally would LOVE to take the kids on a 20 minute dip at the beach, get some Yogurtland yogurt, then a quick trip to the mall. Reality, hide in the a/c with the kids napping!

My ideal way would be to be on a Greek island, right on the beach relaxing, jumping in the water a while and then back to my lovely chair with a refreshing drink. Sun, blue waters and more sun! hehe oh and sunscreen of course!

One of the favorite things to do is lounch by the pool with the nice iced tea in my hand and watch my toddler play in his little pool.

I relax in summer (and frequently in winter too – our climate is mild) by hanging out at the beach, listening to the waves and breathing in the salty air. It’s really soothing at the end of the day when most of the sunbathers have gone home.

I must be a masokist since I’ve been reorganizing/cleaning the whole house for the past week despite of the heat (85-90 degrees) outside – and inside, too! I should be out reading a book or sipping an icy drink, but I really don’t have the energy to tidy up while I’m working.

my favorite is going out on one of our 101 (not kidding)lakes and sunning on the pontoon with a fake strawberry daquri, paradise 🙂

My favorite way of relaxing in the summer is on a boat, just going somewhere without a plan. However, after seeing pictures of models in swimwear I feel more like hitting the gym!

I encounter a LOT of stress from my work life. So when the weekend hits, you’d better believe I’m ready for some R&R! One of the BEST summer things that I relish in is just sitting at the beach, with a nice juicy cool drink in one hand and a real page-turning book in the other! Just thinking about that right now is bringing a smile to my face =)

My favourite way to relax in the summer is curling up on my couch under an AC vent with a good book, my iPod, and a big bottle of Vitamin Water.

Lying on the beach with the warm sun melting your cares away and hearing the water kissing the sand beside you, ahhhh heaven on earth.

On the deck on a sun lounger reading a good book with a glass of freezing cold ice tea 🙂 ooo or on the beach with my fave songs in the background dancing with my girls 🙂 x

My favourite way to relax is sitting on the patio with a bunch of friends and chatting in the breeze 🙂 …..or hitting the beach haha

I like to walk on the beach late in the day…but, since my favorite beach is over an hour away, I usually relax on the patio with the puppy 🙂 P.S. My cousin has a good friend who looks SO much like the model pictured!! The resemblance is amazing!!

Sunbathing, the sun is so rare in Ireland that its really a treat to be able to lie down in a bikini and not freeze! yay for summer

My favourite way to relax in in the summer is walking through the gorgeous park on the small island where we rent a cabin and vacation every summer. But with lots of bugspray and SPF, hehe.

My best way to relax during the summer is to hang out with friends and family. Shopping, Beach, whatever makes the day a happy day 🙂

My favorite way to relax during the summer is to book a weekend at a posh hotel that has a rooftop pool and lounge while sipping a Cape Cod!

To me, the most relaxing thing in the summer is just laying in the sun, whether it be by the beach or by the pool. I love to soak up the sun and really enjoy the warm weather.

I love to relax by sitting in the shade near the ocean with a good book and some yummy beverages. No better way to spend a summer day!

Sitting outside in the sun(under an umbrella), with a good book, something to nibble on and something cold to drink. At the beach or in the park or just in my backyard on a loungechair.