Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Must-Have MAC Pro Products

About a year and a half ago, I compiled a list of MAC Pro Products, which might be helpful if you’re not sure what products are part of the Pro range. When I was browsing last night, I didn’t see any way to look specifically for Pro products! As of this AM, there is! Yay!

Some products are definitely designed for the prosumer or professional makeup artist, but there are plenty of products and shades that are great for consumer use. And of course, while you might not find Chromacakes essential in your everyday routine, many products are certainly fun to play with.

Worth a mention is that not all Pro products are eye/lip safe (true with even some consumer products!), which means you might be eyeing that red pigment, wanting to use it on your eyes, and it will come with a warning label that says it is not recommended for usage on the eye.  Just a heads up!

Here are some of my must-have products/shades that are Pro!

  • Pigments: Blonde’s Gold, Chartreuse, Deep Blue Green, Emerald Green, Pink Pearl, True Chartreuse
  • Cream Colour Bases: Virgin Isle
  • Eyeshadows: Bio-Green, Blue Calm, Bottle Green, Bright Sunshine, Deep Damson, Indian Ink, Kelly, Sour Lemon
  • Lipsticks: Full Fuchsia, Fusion Pink, Show Orchid, Violetta
  • Iridescent Powder/Loose: Silver Dusk
  • Shaping/Sculpting Powders: Accentuate, Lightsweep, Sculpt, Soft Focus
  • Blushes: Azalea, Cantaloupe, Salsarose, Taupe
  • Chromalines: Black Black
  • Chromagraphic Pencils: Black Black, NC20/NW30
  • Mixing Mediums: Lash, Water Base
  • Brushes: 205

What are your must-have Pro products?

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63 thoughts on “Must-Have MAC Pro Products

  1. Laura

    I just typed in pro last night and the products came up but the blushes and eyeshadows they are all mixed in. poor put together if you ask me. Hopefully theyll.change it.

  2. Nancy D

    I can’t find the bio-green eyeshadow online.

    • Mo

      Yeah I don’t see Bio-Green either. The pro shadows only come in pan form I believe so you’ll have to look for them there. I saw above you posted that you didn’t see them.

  3. When I went to the MAC Pro store this summer to replace my Blacktrack Fluidline, I thought I was set in buying Chromaline in Black Black. Instead, the sales associate recommended Acrylic Paint in Black Black. It is definitely my favourite product from MAC Pro. It is insanely long wearing, and goes on glossy and very black like liquid liner. Best part: it will never EVER dry out like Fluidline and Chromaline.

    Also, I love the F&B mixing medium to sheer out foundations. :)

  4. Nancy D

    Did MAC launch everything already? I can’t find ANY of the eyeshadows anywhere on line!!

  5. I think they just updated the website and now have a menu item titled ‘Pro Products’..

  6. Yomna Abuissa

    Hi Christine! Silver Dusk isn’t a Pro Product

  7. K. Janine

    Here’s my must haves (I’m NW45 for reference):

    Blushes: Rhubarb, Devil, Azalea, Burnt Pepper
    Lipsticks: Full Fuschia, Violetta, Show Orchid
    Sculpting Powders: Definitive, Shadowy
    Shaping Powder: Warm Light
    Eyeshadow: Deep Damson, Indian Ink

  8. Today there is a category for “Pro Products” – so you can find them separately.

  9. They compiled the pro products together! On the sidebar, look under giftcards, it should say “Pro Products”. 😀

  10. Kathy

    Cantaloupe and Salsarose blush, Peachstock lipstick (this is pro, right?), and W10 Full Coverage Foundation, which is really a large pot of concealer, but the light pink shade is good for under the eyes if you’re fair.

  11. I absolutely agree with Violetta. I’m wearing it right now and I totally love it and couldn’t live without it!!!

  12. Perfect list, I don’t know what else I’d add… Maybe I’d add Process Magenta to the pigments :-)

  13. V

    Is Salsarose similar to Bite of an Apple? ugh… I cant decide what blush to get! I have a lot of peach blushes so I’m going to skip Cantaloupe. Can you recommend a blush? I’m an NC40-42

    • Salsarose is not quite as warm, a little rosier, but they’re similar :)

    • Gina

      I just purchased Rhubarb and Salsa Rose, I too have Bite of an Apple. I wear Salsa Rose almost everyday now, I just love it. You just need a light hand, but the color is fantastic. I don’t know if I would say its rosier, to me that implies pink. It has more red in it to me, like a candy apple color. This is now my go to blush, and by looking at it, it seems like an insane color to put on your face :)

  14. If you are NC40 or darker, Charred Red lipstick is AMAZING.

  15. Lulee

    ahhhh the reflects/glitters are my FAVORITE things from mac pro!! reflects antique gold… AMAZINGGGGG. i know they arent technically eye safe, but i just use a little bit of extra caution when applying them and i havent had any problems with my super sensitive eyes.

    i really want to see a list like this from dusty!

  16. Full Coverage Foundation and Lip Erase are my favorite pro products!

  17. Dana

    I FINALLY got Show Orchid- it’s now my go-to lippie :)
    Thanks Christine!

  18. My must have pro products are

    Lips: Show Orchard, Violetta, Sin and Smoke Purple (the last two will be HAWT this winter!)
    Blush: Devil, Burnt Pepper, Rhubarb, and Salsarose
    Multiuse: Mixing medium matte (to make ANY lipstick or shadow matte)

    I’m NC 50-55 for reference!

  19. Ericka

    I am glad that they are starting to sell the pro items on the regular site but I wonder if the quality is still the same. I have the pro palette with the inserts that replaced the Lipmix Palette. I hope that they expand their color selections and add more mixing mediums. The water base and lash mixing mediums are cool. I would love for mac to bring back some of the old items to.

  20. I know this is kind of off topic since it isn’t listed as a must have, but any thoughts on the Lipmix? I haven’t tried OCC but I had been contemplating it…thought I’d check them out in person when I go to the Makeup Show event next month in Orlando. Was wondering if you (or any one on here) has any thoughts on MAC’s Lipmix.

    • Sorry, I haven’t seen Lipmix in years!

    • Kathleen

      I really enjoy the lipmixes, but it seems to me that they are interchangeable with the OOC ones, with some color differences. I mix both brands together, so it really just depends on the colors that you want. Lip Tars have more color variations on one color as well as diversity within the color wheel, while Lipmix focuses on distinct color variety.

      • Thanks Kathleen! The only thing I have been able to tell about the two online is that OCC seems to be a thinner texture and Lipmix appears to be a bit thicker/creamier. The both appear to have great color pay off.

  21. Lena

    Thanks for these recommendations!
    Are you still going to be reviewing the Andy Warhol x Nars Debbie Harry Palette and the Soup Can Larger Than Life Lipglosses?

  22. Phoenix

    Christine, I don’t suppose you know whether or not this is going to be a US site only launch? I’m trying to work out the cost of postage vs. travel costs to get to the Soho Mac.

  23. Emilia

    only pro product i own is peach stock lipstick which i love! I really want to try full coverage foundation and the sculpting powder. I just bought PRO lip quads , christine are you going to do a review on this?

  24. shelly

    I already own Indian Ink, which is one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows, and I recently scored a Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15/NW20 at a CCO. I think I’m going to get some good use out of the pencil. :)

    Couldn’t find Taupe blush on the site last night, and it’s still not on there now. :( I wonder if they’ve discontinued it?

  25. JO

    Does any1 know if this is going to be happening everywhere or just in America? I am in uk and would love to try the pro products

  26. Palmira

    I will finally be able to get Deep Damson, after months of wanting it and not being able to get it (cause i was not going to go to a pro store just to get it any time soon) lol i was able to purchase it this morning, i’m happy i just hope its as expected i been searching for a true burgundy color and i have yet to find one.

  27. Jade

    Water Based Mixing Medium, F&B Mixing Medium and F&B in White seem to be missing. I was thinking something else is missing too but I’ve now forgotten what it was haha.

  28. Jade

    Just spied the spring forecast/eyes! Coooooool.

  29. virginie

    Hi pardon my ignorance, what is mixing medium for lashes and water base??

  30. Liz

    I’m so turned off to MAC I’m not sure that I’ll every buy anything else by them. I have two blushes by them that I love. I might repurchase them in the future if I can’t find similar colors by other brands, but that’s it. I was at the MAC counter with a friend recently. The SA was so nasty. I’m really tired of going there to be mistreated. I’ve had the same experience in other MACs. It’s a big mistake on their part because I’ve been known to go to Sephora and other counters to spend quite a bit.

  31. I was just browsing the new products (yay!) and noticed I couldn’t find all of the mixing mediums. Have some, even water-based, been discontinued? D:

  32. YH

    Since this is now available for everyone to purchase, can you do a review on their -used to be- Pro full coverage foundation?

  33. YH

    FYI, not all pro products are now available online to the public. Not sure if they will be adding more pro products but so far, not everything is included from the pro line. (I am a pro member)

  34. Shelley

    Really glad to see I’m not the only one that noticed some of the things missing from the Pro collection. I guess regular consumers aren’t talented enough for airbrush products, mixing mediums, white face and body or chorma-cakes and paints. Aggravated by MAC…whats new!

  35. I love the mixing medium for pigments!!!

  36. Does anyone know if they discontinued their 3D Glitters? I don’t see them listed with the others…

  37. Bere

    I bought chromagraphic pencil in Black Black 2 months ago and I don’t like it, it’s too soft, I always end with racoon eyes by the end of the day,

  38. chris

    Show Orchid and Charred Red – had that on last week.

  39. Sam

    Would love to be able to buy these in the UK!
    Anyone got any ideas if they will become available?