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Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

The New Lipstick on the Block

Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick ($19.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a vibrant shade of coral-pink with a satin finish; it’s almost fluorescent! It’s one of fifty shades launched by Make Up For Ever for fall (and the formula is permanent, just in case you were worried!). The Rouge Artist ranges from nudes to reds to vamps to corals–if there’s a color you seek, it’s hard to imagine not finding something to tickle your fancy within the range.

The formula is very opaque, and it’s not drying at all. It’s not a particularly creamy formula, though it looks like it when it’s applied. I’ve found that you need to apply a little more pressure than usual to get smooth, even color, and it doesn’t drag, but it doesn’t glide, either. I was expecting the formula to be a little drying, since it wasn’t incredibly creamy, but it wasn’t. I don’t think it imparts a ton of moisture, but it didn’t dry my lips out after four hours of wear. Speaking of wear, I got an average of four hours, with some shades extending to five or six, and several of them did stain, so they would wear a little longer.

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  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you’re looking for opaque color with minimal shimmer/frost, I think you may like Make Up For Ever’s new range.


When Make Up For Ever sent over a few shades of Rouge Artist Intense, they also sent this cool “color” wheel–it shows four skin tones and four hair colors, and then you can move them to correspond with your characteristics to find the best shades for you. It’s totally awesome! I don’t know if Sephoras have it in-store or not, but it’s quite handy. I didn’t see any mention of it on Sephora (online), so I figured I’d type up what it says!

See more photos & swatches and shade guide!

Brown Hair

  • Pink Skintones: Pinks — M5, P11, S29, S35; Reds — S43, S45, S48; Nudes — M2, P18
  • Olive Skintones: Pinks — M4, P13, S34, S37; Reds — S42, S43, S48; Nudes — M3, S26
  • Golden Skintones: Pinks — M4, S32, S34, S36; Reds — S42, S43, S46; Nudes — M2, S23
  • Beige Skintones: Pinks — M4, S35, S36, S37; Reds — S42, S43, S46; Nudes — M1, S28

Black/White Hair

  • Pink Skintones: Pinks — M5, S32, S34, S37; Reds — S43, S45, S36; Nudes — M2, P18
  • Olive Skintones: Pinks — M4, S29, S34, S36; Reds — S43, S45, S46; Nudes — M3, S26
  • Golden Skintones: Pinks — M4, S32, S34, S36; Reds — S42, S43, S45; Nudes — M2, S28
  • Beige Skintones: Pinks — S29, S32, S34, S36; Reds — S42, S43, S45; Nudes — M1, S26

Red Hair

  • Pink Skintones: Pinks — M6, P11, P13, S29; Reds — S43, S44, S46; Nudes — P18, S23
  • Olive Skintones: Pinks — M4, M6, S27, S34; Reds — S41, S44, S46; Nudes — M3, S26
  • Golden Skintones: Pinks — M4, S32, S34, S38; Reds — S41, S44, S48; Nudes — M1, P18
  • Beige Skintones: Pinks — M4, P11, S32, S34; Reds — P20, S43, S44; Nudes — P18, S28

Blonde Hair

  • Pink Skintones: Pinks — M5, S29, S32, S35; Reds — S26, S43, S46; Nudes — P18, S23
  • Olive Skintones: Pinks — M4, M6, S27, S34; Reds — S43, S44, S46; Nudes — M3, S26
  • Golden Skintones: Pinks — S32, S34, S37, S38; Reds — S42, S43, S46; Nudes — M1, P18
  • Beige Skintones: Pinks — M4, S33, S35, S36; Reds — S42, S43, S46; Nudes — M1, S23

Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick
Make Up For Ever #37 Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick

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74 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick (37) Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Jae

    Christine, do you think there’s a mac dupe for this?

  2. Hend

    what a great idea ! I love that colour wheel !
    I should check this out asap 😀
    btw this colour looks beautiful on you !!

  3. Roxanne

    Oh my god, it’s BEAUTIFULLLLLL!!! I love shades like this. Is it dupable by any chance?

  4. nunuiviet


  5. love love the shade. Gorgeous

  6. Claudia

    I went to Sephora yesterday and feel in love with #24 (Satin). I thought #39 was quite pretty too!

  7. love love love this lipstick! it looks amazing on you Christine :)

  8. Cheyenne

    Wow I love this!! I think it is way to bright for me though. :(

  9. B.Cole

    I love this. How does it compare to ever hip?

  10. dollz87

    I’ve always wondered this, how do you find out what color undertones you have? Thanks Christine!

  11. Arantzazu

    I find very useful that list with hair colours-lip colours.
    I like the colour you’re wearing, it really suits you! =)

  12. Maya

    Stunning color on you… I love vibrant pinky-corals!

  13. Iliana

    I put on nail polish in the exact same shade and have been raving about it to my boyfriend, saying how I wish I could find a lip color like this… And here you go posting the one thing I’ve been wishing for! I officially love you. Thanks Christine!:)

    • Iliana

      By the way… I know this isn’t the right place to ask, but I couldn’t access the full site on my phone, therefore I couldn’t send you mail, but would it be possible for you to feature Pink Nouveau on the what would you wear with…/look book section? I love the color but couldn’t make it work on my nc37-40 skintone. I’d love to rock a matte bright pink lip, but I’m at a loss for ideas for this one. Thanks and sorry for posting in the wrong thread :(

  14. Lena

    It reminds me of last fall’s Red Full Stop!
    Um, not to be a dummy, but what exactly do the terms beige and olive mean? Thanks :)

    • Skin color/tones :) Beige tends to be a little yellow and sallow, olive tends to be deeper skin tones that don’t have strong warm tones (cooler).

  15. Adriana

    Oh my god! I love this lipstick…!! But here in mexico can’t buy MUFE :(

    • Addyction

      Adriana MUFE si llego a México hace unos años la tienda se localizaba en Polanco muy cerca del hotel Habita.Saludos pero por exceso de ventas cerró!!!

  16. wow, that color is just wow! it looks great on you Christine! I really hate the fact I live in Holland and not in the USA

  17. LNU

    I’m loving the color wheel! I can’t wait to check these out in store!

  18. Karen

    Wow the “color” wheel is a pretty neat idea ! But what does the letter in front of the numbers mean ?

    Love the color on you though! I think it looks better on the lips than in the tube lol

  19. Jennifer

    #37 yes, please!

  20. shontay

    I have 2 of these lipsticks #21 and #15 (an exact match for Violetta!). I am NC45 (olive for mufe) and I plan on going back for more. My Sephora actually has the awesome color wheel on the display with these lipsticks.

  21. Erin

    This just looks amazing on you! Really! It is like an electric watermelon…very eye catching

  22. baby in a corner

    That colour seems similar to MAC’s impassioned! it really suits you! i love that colour wheel idea too.

  23. Megan

    I just ordered makeup from Sephora the other day… I wish I would’ve gotten this! Love the color and how opaque it is!

  24. Sexy Sadie

    This one is very me.

  25. Victoria

    It actually reminds me of my very first YSL lipstick! I loved that colour. We are talking 20 years ago…..

  26. Mollie

    Christine, how does this compare to MAC Impassioned? They look very similar from your picture here.

  27. EyeLike

    I work at Sephora and we just put these out and i must say I’M IN LOVE…. love the color range today i wore the deep plum and purple number 49 & 15. I also love the gold as an addition to any of the colors. LOVE MUFE

  28. Jenna

    J’adore!!! (were the first words to come to mind lol)

  29. Diana B

    Wow thats super bright

  30. Daniela

    This color is amazing but wow your application is perfect…can you please show us how you do it?

    • I don’t really have a specific technique, as I just follow the curve of my lip and move the lipstick in a way that gives a crisper line, lol. It really varies as lipsticks have different shapes!

  31. inaya

    OH MY GOD CHRISTINE!The lipstick itself is *gorgeous* and it makes you look like a katy perry goddess

  32. christy

    yeah they do have the color wheel at sephora. it is pretty neat!

  33. Fiona

    are all of the 50 colors in the ‘Rouge Artist’ line permanent?

  34. Serina

    That looks so gorgeous on you Chrisitine! =D How do you get such perfect application of lipstick!? No flaking, bleeding nor does the colour sink into your lines! lol

    • Thanks a lot, Serina! :) I have very well exfoliated lips – both because I like lip scrubs, but I do lip swatches very, very often – which means removing lip color 10-15 times in a day and thus, more exfoliation (which is why it looks smoother). Bleeding often is something that can occur based on your natural lip shape or how prominent your lines are – I don’t usually get any bleeding unless it’s a rather creamy or glossy kind of lip product.

  35. Lena

    i’m drawn to bright pink lipsticks like moth to a fire! this looks AWESOME on you, christine!

  36. Deborah

    Chrisine, if I’m neutral, then what would my skintone be on the color wheel?

  37. I went to the MUF launch party for their new line at their NY boutique and they made it really clear that it works BEST if you use a lip balm under it (in fact, they pretty much said you HAD to). I tried it with and without and the difference was amazing.

  38. michelle

    hello girl.. any dupe for this lipstick

  39. Alessandra

    I start with saying that it looks awesome on you!!
    It says that it would go well with my brown hair and my beige skin, so I might give it a try!
    I read that this could be a really close dupe to MAC’s Toxic Tale from the VV Disney collection, what do you think?

  40. Chloe

    I got this. I love it. Absolutely adore it.

  41. Steffi L.

    Christine, I just bought my first MUFE lipstick (no 45- its a berry red one)..after 2-3 hours,it(my lips)looks as if i got into a full-on makeout session with someone 😐 (i didnt eat anything/lick my lips/wear chapstick underneath). I dont know how to describe it exactly,its like the lip stick is buffed around my lip line..and even if i reapply,there’s a red shadow around my lipline..What does this mean? Is this what you call “feathering”? :/ I’m quite new to makeup…Do i need to wear a lip liner? did u ever face anything like this? Thanks :)

    • Feathering would be when the lipstick moves outside your natural lip line – it’s like bleeding but a little subtler, I suppose!

      I haven’t had that problem, but I know others will call it leaving a “ring” of color behind. You could try a lip liner, but I haven’t had this happen to me :(

  42. Hey Christine, are there any MAC lipsticks similar to this shade. I am in love with it!