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MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Vera Plushglasses

MAC Vera: Plushglasses

The collection features four limited edition (and one permanent) shades of MAC Plushglass ($19.50 for 0.14 fl. oz.). These include: Butterfly Dream (mid-tone violet with blue pearl), Confetti (bright orange coral with soft pearl), Fashion Fanatic (creamy pale pink), On a Holiday (bright pink with blue pearl), and Pretty Plush (extra soft pink with white pearl).

I can’t wear the Plushglass formula. It’s a brutal product for me to swatch, let alone do a wear test for, because my lips simply cannot handle it. I haven’t done a wear test for these in many years, and you won’t see me doing one any time soon. Even just doing the five lip swatches was difficult to endure; I swear, the stinging factor of the Plushglasses gets higher with each release! My lips get splotchy, swollen (but not in the cute, pouty way), and if I wear these for too long, eventual peeling and bleeding. Today was a little reminiscent of the first time I tried any lip plumper, and it was DuWop’s Lip Venom. I remember being in my first apartment freaking out going, “Is it supposed to be like my lips are on fire or should I remove this?!?!”

Plushglass is non-sticky, fairly thin, and sheer. The formula is supposed to deliver sheer color with a high-gloss finish, feel comfortable to wear, while moisturizing, soothing, and visibly plumping lips. I can attest that these are non-sticky, feel thin (like Cremesheen Glasses), and deliver sheer color. They are vanilla-scented, but it is a different scent compared to the rest of MAC’s lip products; it is extremely sweet and food-like. It’s cloying and lingers. I haven’t worn these for a wear test in a long time, so it’s hard to say just how long-wearing and whether or not the formula is moisturizing. It’s definitely not soothing on me!

Since I feel like I really can’t make an accurate assessment of the product on two major factors for the rating, I’m just not issuing a rating.  I suspect that wear will be a little below average given how sheer, thin, and non-sticky the formula is, based on the hundreds of lipglosses I’ve tested over the past five years.  I know that on my lips, given that the end result is peeling, bleeding lips, hydration is probably not happening.  But realistically, my reaction is just that, and it’s certainly a more extreme one.  I mentioned it on Twitter earlier today, and several others commiserated with me, having experienced something similar with these, but since they’ve been on the market for years, I imagine the majority doesn’t have that reaction to them!

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Vera Plushglasses
Butterfly Dream, Confetti, Fashion Fanatic, On a Holiday, Pretty Plush

MAC Vera Plushglasses
m>Butterfly Dream, Confetti, Fashion Fanatic, On a Holiday, Pretty Plush

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Butterfly Dream Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Butterfly Dream Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Butterfly Dream Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Confetti Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Confetti Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Confetti Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Fashion Fanatic Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC On a Holiday Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC On a Holiday Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC On a Holiday Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Pretty Plush Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Pretty Plush Plushglass

MAC Vera Plushglasses
MAC Pretty Plush Plushglass

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Online at MAC, $16.00 each. The release date is supposed to be February 16th for in-store.

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See individual shade reviews! :)

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89 thoughts on “MAC Vera Plushglasses Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. These are such a strange product, I’ve had varying experiences. I have one that I absolutely adore, but another that was a complete bust. And the scent is strange.. I’m reminded of a vanilla-mint.

    Thanks for the swatches, especially given that your lips don’t like Plushglass.

  2. I am impressed with your dedication to continue doing lip swatches of these – it would be completely understandable if you decided not to!

    I hope your lips are feeling better today.

  3. missa

    christine, can i for one request that you just don’t do lip swatches when new plushglasses come out? i admire your dedication, and am extremely grateful for all the work you put into providing us with quality reviews and swatches, but this is too much. i hate that someone i respect goes through so much actual PAIN for my benefit, and i’m sure i’m not the only one. i panic every time one of these reviews comes up because i know how bad you react to plushglasses. can your readers vote to just give you a pass on this category of product? the skin swatches are still some of the best and most helpful on the internet, and the added benefit of the lip swatches in no way makes up for what you have to go through to provide them. you aren’t just a robot who turns out information for our benefit to us–we care about you and your well being!

    • Thanks, Missa! I do appreciate your concern – luckily, I was able to get through these fast enough that my lips are A-OK today :) I just have to be really quick and ask readers to forgive any sloppiness in application. I draw the line at the wear test, because I know that’ll wreck my lips, though. :)

    • Mango the mango

      Co-sign! Please don’t put yourself through this for us! Can you just apply it on a friend, and maybe post a lip-only photo if they don’t want their whole face shown? Heck, if I was Shaun, I’d volunteer so my fiancee wouldn’t have to suffer!

    • Elaine R

      I agree! If your reaction gets worse and worse each time, you probably have an allergy. With allergies, your reaction will only be worse with each exposure, so I would reccommend not swatching them at all!!

      • Reaction doesn’t get worse – I just remember them not having any tingle when I tried them originally – like 5+ years ago. And then when I tried them in the past year or two, I noticed a significant sting/tingle!

  4. Pan

    What are you wearing on your eyes? Gorgeous!!

    • MAC Colour Added on lid, MAC Pre-Packaged on the outer third of the lid and crease, MAC Self-Serve above crease, MAC Laundry Daze on brow bone, MAC Undercurrent on lower lash line, MAC Colour Added on inner lower lash line, MAC Pre-Packaged on outer lower lash line, Make Up For Ever #8K on lower water line.

  5. Liz

    Thank you for your post,. =) I’m loving the shade of Butterfly Dream,. ;”)

  6. Jill

    Ohhh honey! Thank you so much for all these beautiful swatches and enduring reactions like this to give a candid opinion on products! I”m not a particular fan of these as Plushglasses just don’t last on me! I have to apply them several times throughout the day and the sheerness makes the product slip and slide around. Considering the amount of product used through the day, I believe the pricepoint of Plushglass is definitely an alarming jump from a regular lipglass.

  7. Hannah

    You’re eye makeup looks absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Gillian

    Hi Christine! I just wanted to say thank you so much! You’re one of the most dedicated beauty bloggers that I’ve ever come across and you’re willingness to put up with stinging, painful lips is a testament to that! I’m glad that so many people have come to recognize how much time and energy you put into this blog and I wish you and Temptalia all the best!

  9. Jill

    These don’t have the same effect on me as they do on you, but I can definitely feel the sting factor.

    I wish Butterfly Dream was more pigmented, it looks like it would be a really gorgeous color if it wasn’t so darn sheer!

  10. Malia

    I am absolutely in the same position as you, that stuff feels like my lips are on fire! I dont think I would be alone to strongly suggest that you forego all lip swatches of these from now on, I think everyone would totally understand!

  11. I’m not a fan of sheer glosses. They all look the same for the most part.

  12. Pretty colors but my lips are plump enough so I’ll be passing on these!

  13. Kathy S.

    They all look so beautiful on you, I’m sorry that they hurt you to wear. My lips are sensitive, so I think that I’ll pass and just buy something else from MAC. I swear that they’ll still get a ton of money from me no matter what ;-P.

  14. Amy

    I love that stinging feeling, for some reason… the first time I tried Lip Venom was at a Sephora, and at first I was all “OMG OW!!!” but walking around the mall a little while later I decided “OK, gotta go buy some of that!”

    But the Plushglasses I have, and it looks like these also, are just too sheer for me to bother with. If they had lots of color like the regular glasses I’d be all over them, but as it is I’d rather just use Lip Venom over or under something with actual color to it.

  15. Audrey

    I definitely don’t have a bad reaction to plushglasses, I think I actually reach for them the most. Thank you so much Christine for your lip swatches! I hope your lips recover quickly. :(

  16. Evelyn

    Strangely enough I like plushglass because it doesn’t burn my lips. I won’t go near Lip Venom though, I cried it burned so much! I don’t think beauty should be painful.

  17. Erin

    Thank you for all your hard work Christine! While I’m sure everyone appreciates your dedication to providing swatches for these, I would implore you to avoid exposure to Plushglass and similar glosses in the future. Continued (even periodic) exposure to allergens can be seriously dangerous! If it is an allergic reaction to the ingredients, it can be very possible for the reaction to quickly escalate, even creating a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. I would recommend you talk to your Dr about the potential risks involved with exposure. In the meantime, please, for your own safety, avoid these products. Swatches just aren’t worth it, and I’m sure your readers will understand!

    • I’ll definitely keep it in mind!

    • I agree Christine. You’re a wonderful blogger as is, there’s no need to risk your health for swatches. It’s just like how we don’t mind you not wearing eyeliner on your top lashline for looks! We understand and we still love you. *hugs*

  18. Maria Dias

    They all look the same on the lips!

  19. Amy

    these are actually my favourite lipglosses, and the only ones i use. there’s no stinging or much plumping, but they last and last, for 6+ hour restaurant shifts. i find them super moisturizing and i actually prefer the scent of these over regular lipglasses.

    it sucks that your lips react this way ): thank you for the swatches!

  20. Naz

    I have the same problem with this product.
    Just can’t wear it. It’s as if my lips get bee stung….not a good look.

  21. Melody

    I’m sorry these do damage to your lips, Christine! Thanks for providing us with lip swatches anyway. Butterfly Dream is quite lovely. It reminds me a bit of Revenge Is Sweet, although I missed out on it so I couldn’t actually compare them. I hope it gets repromoted someday. I’m afraid to try plushglass. I’ve had a range of experiences with plumping glosses, some good and some bad. Plus, they’re $19.50.

  22. Laura

    With a horror story like that I dont think I’ll ever buy these. They look nice but I don’t really want to run the risk of burning, peeling lips so thanks for the heads up. And thanks for the swatches. Your a trooper doing them seeing as Plushglass’s dont agree with you!

  23. These are sooo sheer!! :( Not liking them :/ It sucks that you have such a bad reaction to them though! I hate “plumping” glosses because they’re always really uncomfortable and my lips are large enough imo.

  24. Cécile

    Oh gosh poor you! Good to know your lips are OK now, but this must have been awful :(

    Perhaps you can find someone else, like a friend or something, to swatch these for you, so you don’t have to go through the agony? I’m sure your readers wouldn’t mind!

    • Thank goodness for quick swatching :)

      Some people find it weird, but I actually like to keep my friends and blog pretty separate. Everyone knows about it, but I don’t want to rope them into it!

    • divinem (Melissa)

      Christine has the most perfect lips on the planet. No substitutions, please! (tongue in cheek, of course) 😀

  25. Carrie Ann

    You have such sensitive lips, you poor thing. I am also sensitive to certain products, but the Plushglasses I have only tingle as soon as I apply them and then I’m fine. Thank you for reviewing them, anyway. I want Butterfly Dream for the name alone. :)

  26. divinem (Melissa)

    Oh, shit. I am the quintessential sensitive skin Queen, and I ordered two of these! I hope I don’t have the same reaction. I have one, I think, that I wear over Runaway Red. Perhaps the lipstick provides a barrier from the sting?

    Sorry you had to suffer for this! If it were me, I wouldn’t review Plushglasses. Let beauty fanatics go to other sites for swatches. You shouldn’t have to torture yourself if you’re allergic. {{{hugs}}}

    May I ask what blush you are wearing today? It looks absolutely beautiful on you!

  27. I’m NOT amused by your pain and suffering :( But it’s always interesting to me seeing people respond SO differently to products (probably because I’m ALL about saying things like “you’re you and I’m me and you need to test it for yourself” so I feel my point is proven – LOL).

    In my experience they stink like wet play-doh and taste worse but over the years I’ve actually grown to love these things! 3-4 hours of wear time is good for a gloss on me and it’s the only gloss I own that’s hydrating. I’ll often layer it on top of the Jack Black lip balm to stretch the wear time of THAT product another couple hours (and the JB Balm is already long lasting).

    Re: the burning – I know people talk about it… the first time I used these I felt a slight tingle but I don’t feel anything anymore. Not at all. But then again, I also apply things like clove oil to my lips so I’m used to big-time burning :) My lips have always been badly chapped and I found, after testing MANY products over the years, that plumpers (or things like clove oil) that REALLY REALLY burn help keep my lips healthy and soft. I think it has something to do with keeping the blood to the surface of the lips that keeps them hydrated.

    • It’s weird, because I can do tingle – like Jack Black in the mint flavor does tingle, as mint does, but it’s not stinging so much. But I can’t do stinging nettles on the lips, haha! Maybe if I had thinner lips it would seem like a small price to pay for plumping. 😉

      Especially with a product like this, where one kind of knows to expect some kind of tingling/stinging/sensation, the reaction can differ from person to person.

      But it’s really great to hear from people who DO find these work! :)

      • MichelleChefNYC

        Funny that you said that you think the Jack Black mint formula tingles. Maybe you have quite sensitive lips, because to me the mint Jack Black feels just like all the other Jack Black formulas, just makes my breath feel fresher for some reason lol… I usually get about the same 2-3 hours of wear out of these that Dusty mentioned, and for me that is enough… I guess that is why there are so many formulations out there, different strokes for different folks.

        • I get a little minty tingle but it’s pretty short lived – and definitely more like a tingle than a sting, like lip plumpers tend to be. It’s like the same minty tingle I get if I eat a breath mint or chew gum!

  28. Joyce

    You are such a champ! Even though it fysicaly hurts you do to these swatches you still do them AND manage to smile on the photos. If there was any kind of ‘She does anything for her readers’ reward, you’d definitely get it!

  29. Felicia

    I don’t think you should swatch these if they hurt you! Pain isn’t a sacrifice that your readers expect you to make.

  30. lizelle

    I have the same reaction to plumping ingredients (MAC Plushglass, Laura Mercier and most unfortunately Chanel Rouge Coco Shine)… have you figured out which ingredient results in our lips burning and frying? It was so distressing the first time it happened! You are very brave to swatch this for us even for a little while – I know I wouldn’t go near the stuff ever again!

    • I don’t know which ingredient it is, though I suspect it’s probably whatever the plumping agent is. I’ve never tried to figure it out, since the reaction is pretty limited to plumping glosses (which I don’t use!).

  31. Oh my goodness. These look PAINFUL swatched on your lips, hun. I can see the swelling and irritation big time. Know NOT to try these, since I tend to have sensitive skin.

  32. Roo

    Ouch Christine! I really don’t think you should be putting these on your lips at all. Your body is telling you NO. Repeated exposure to allergens and irritants can be very bad for you and even make you start reacting to other things you’re OK with now.

    You’ve brought in some wonderful contributors to Temptalia and I think you should consider delegating future swatching and testing of these and other plumping lip products.

    • I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling it an allergic reaction — because I’ve had my lips peel and bleed from really drying lip products (the last one was Chanel’s Velvet Mattes). Reacting negatively to a product doesn’t necessarily indicate an allergy but a sensitivity. That’s really the long-term consequence, and that typically only occurs if I actually wear one for a prolonged period The stinging (and even “swelling” could be interpreted as the actual plumping, haha!) sensation is usually part of the territory as far as lip plumpers go, so I don’t think we could assume that that alone is an allergic reaction either. I really do appreciate your concern, though! :) I’ll discuss it with my doctor so maybe we can figure out if it is or isn’t something to be overly concerned about.

  33. Ivy

    I think I made a comment the last time you mentioned this product putting you through pain. Your blog is so helpful and appreciated. I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you enlisted someone to try lip swatch this product. There is absolutely no reason to sacrifice your comfort in this way. I have a similar sensitivity to an ingredient in some lip products (I haven’t figured out what it is), so I guess how it feels. It’s really, really not worth it.

  34. I don’t see myself ever trying a “stinging” plumping lip product, because my lips swell when I have an allergic reaction, and it stings and it’s painful. I have no desire to put myself through that on purpose, LOL.

    I’ve known many people who find plumping lip products painful. I’ve talked to a few who like the plumpers that promise to be comfortable (like Too Faced Glamour Gloss, which just feels cold and barely fluffs up your outer layer of lip skin a tiny bit – I can deal with that, if the gloss is worth it otherwise), but I don’t know anyone who uses the stinging ones. At least, not more than once. 😀

  35. angie

    I love plushglasses! they are sheer so nice for layering or with a smokey eye…they aren’t gummy or sticky and they’re super shiny….they make my lips slightly tingle when i first apply them…i have normal sensitivity…the only lip plumper i’ve tried that i can’t handle is too faced lip injection…that was painful as hell!

  36. Lenita

    No wonder you go through those Jack Black lipblams like there’s no tomorrow; you subject your lips to such torture. And the colors aren’t even worth it imo.

  37. Miss J

    I’ve never been into the Plushglass formula. Haven’t tried them since they first came out. They always smelt like some weird play-doh, suntan lotion to me, and I felt like mine turned rancid really quickly. Anyway, I just wanted to say I appreciate how dedicated you are to making this a great blog and how humble you’ve remained over the years. I remember you from way back in the LJ days. I think we’d all understand if you wanted to forego lip swatches of these, as I think the hand swatches give a good enough idea. No need to go through that much pain for our benefit, though I know we all greatly appreciate the dedication. :)

  38. If I had to get any of them, it’d be Butterfly Dream, but they’re all so sheer! Thank you swatching!

  39. Maggie

    Yikes, I’m amazed you still do lip swatches with these. I agree with the above posters – I would actually prefer if you DIDN’T do lip swatches, knowing that you react so badly to the formula! I’m always impressed and grateful for your dedication, but I agree that it’s too much for you to subject yourself to something you’re obviously pretty allergic to. And it is actually something you should be careful about – allergies tend to get worse over time, and it’s entirely possible that your body could have a progressively stronger reaction to the formula to the point where it actually becomes dangerous and can ever send you into anaphylaxis. Allergies are really not something to mess with! I have no doubt that all of us would completely understand (and even be happier!) if you didn’t do lip swatches for Plushglass.

    • I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling it an allergic reaction — because I’ve had my lips peel and bleed from really drying lip products (the last one was Chanel’s Velvet Mattes). Reacting negatively to a product doesn’t necessarily indicate an allergy but a sensitivity. That’s really the long-term consequence, and that typically only occurs if I actually wear one for a prolonged period The stinging (and even “swelling” could be interpreted as the actual plumping, haha!) sensation is usually part of the territory as far as lip plumpers go, so I don’t think we could assume that that alone is an allergic reaction either. I really do appreciate your concern, though! :) I’ll discuss it with my doctor so maybe we can figure out if it is or isn’t something to be overly concerned about.

  40. Heather

    I have worn plushglass for years and love them! It doesn’t even sting my lips, but I do feel some “plumping action” going on. The wear for me is about 2-3 hours, and longer if I don’t drink anything. The brighter ones leave a nice tint behind even after they come off, so I don’t mind very much!

    I’m sorry you had such a horrible reaction and hope you won’t test these again. Take care and thanks for your dedication!

  41. Jaime R

    These are so totally weird. I have majorly sensitive lips, and I can wear these with no problem, but I know a couple of people who aren’t sensitive to anything, and these set their lips on FIRE. Can’t figure it out.

  42. Jorid

    If you really react badly to these lipglasses, please don’t swatch them. You’ll never know if your lips gets a really really bad reaction, and it would be sad if you wrecked your lips just because you swatched something. We readers are not worth that!

    Maybe you can swatch the next line of plushglasses on a friend or something? Please.
    I have to say I love your commitment, though! Thanks!

  43. urgh, that sounds really horrible :S I don’t feel good wearing the plushglasses either, but it’s more hurting and feeling nauseous, not bleeding :( thanks for your dedication though! but since they aren’t even good in their pigmentation I agree with the others to let your lips rest :)

  44. Kristen

    They all look exactly the same. The fact that they hurt most people is even worse. Just doesn’t seem like a good product at all.

    • Kristen

      Well, by most people, I mean the people having a reaction. It seems like the reaction is either nothing at all or extreme.

  45. Ana G.

    I have the exact same reaction with anything that contains mint…it’s just unbearable for me!!

  46. Renee

    Girl, you shouldn’t be swatching these on your lips when you’re allergic to them! Your dedication to the blog is awesome, but you shouldn’t put yourself through pain for us.

  47. I don’t like plush glass either! It’s a shame too because these are so pretty but I hate the whole plumping effect!

  48. MichelleChefNYC

    Oooooh I am SO excited to see new Plush Glass colors! I know you have a horrid experience with these Christine, but I honestly don’t even notice much of a sting at all… more like a mild tingle that disappears within the first few minutes of wear… I have never seen any plumping to my lips, but I love that they are non-sticky and super shiny and the smell (to me it is somewhere between cookiedough and playdough) is awesome. I always love to pick up new colors in this formula, they add just the right ammount of sheer tint to the lips for me. Sorry you had such a horrid time swatching these!

  49. I’ve never tried these or any lip plumpers, but, geez, I don’t like the sound of a lip product making my lips feel like they’re burning! Of course it varies from person to person, but I’ll probably just avoid them.

    These ARE really pretty in your swatches, though. Thanks for swatching them even if they irritate your lips. And more importantly, thanks for being HONEST about that, too. :)

  50. G

    Plushglass is my least favorite of the lip catagory. The smell is not vanilla, which I enjoy, it’s licorice, sickening! It does nothing to plump either.

    • I didn’t get licorice, and I loathe licorice so I can usually detect that – it’s definitely vanilla, just not the same vanilla as the other products from the ones I have!

      • kerry

        I thought the worst was the tinted lip was extremely painful and left lips looking like a bad lip job..not attractive at all..I ended up getting confetti because it looks good on top of watch me simmer amplified ,,

  51. Juliana

    they are all wonderful colors!! i love them all!! im just gonna have to get them all!! an amazing excuse to buy them! LOL!! “temptalia told me to”!!LOL

  52. kerry

    is fashion fanatic a repromote from QUITE CUTE?

  53. Haley S

    On a Holiday is SO gorgeous! I tried it on at the event and regret not buying it! I’ll have to go back and get it! :)

  54. Ms Debbie

    So sorry that you have such an adverse reaction to MAC plushglass. :(
    I have been using Oversexed and Wet, Wild, Wonderful for a few years and decided to find a bright coral color = on you it looks so pretty. So I ordered Confetti.
    Have Buxom in Debbie, ( milky Coral Pink ) while the color is gorgeous it’s not as sheer as my Buxom Charity ( Red Tint ) and simply sinks into my lip lines. Application is also uneven. Funny, as it is grouped into the sheer category.