Thursday, May 13th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Get-Away Bronze Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection – Blush Reviews, Photos, & Swatches

Wow, these two blushes are at totally different ends of the spectrum–which isn’t a bad thing–but not something we usually see in a single collection.

  • Get-Away Bronze is a lightened, metallic bronze with a frost sheen.  This is definitely going to be a very bold, bronzed cheek–lots of frost and sheen.  Kind of like Other Worldly, which I do love, but it photographs terribly (on cheeks, that is).  I think our tanned beauties (faux or natural) may appreciate this shade more so than lighter, fairer skin tones.
  • Hipness Blush is a soft pink with a hint of coral with a smooth finish–very satiny, not shimmery. It was originally released with the Fafi and MAC collaboration. Hipness is pinker–less orange–and more pigmented than Instant Chic from Pret-a-Papier. Hipness is much pinker and lighter than Marine-Life high-light powder.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Get-Away Bronze Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Get-Away Bronze Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Get-Away Bronze Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Blushes: Hipness, Get Away Bronze

Hipness was provided as a press sample; Get-Away Bronze was purchased by Temptalia.

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60 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection – Blush Reviews, Photos, & Swatches

  1. daphne

    Wow! Get-Away Bronze sure looks virtually identical to Other Worldly. Can you tell me if there’s any noticeable difference? (Not that I care – I love my Other Worldly a ton but don’t feel the need for something so similar. Just curious how it manages to be different…)

    • Other Worldly is wayyy more metallic/shimmery. I know Other Worldly is a little more BLAM! I think color-wise, Other Worldly may be a little lighter and golden.

      • aradhana

        that was the first thing i checked, and i’m also pretty sure that otherworldly is more towards gold than bronze (lighter)…so maybe i still need to get it?

        (tell me it’s too frosty christine…please…)

  2. Wendy

    Wow, Get Away Bronze looks so pretty!
    So much… that I might even buy it along with Hipness!
    Thanks for the swatches, Christine!

  3. Celine

    Wow! I like the Get Away Bronze but do you think I can use it as a bronze too?

    Thanks Christine for posting this.

  4. Nicole

    Would Hipness blush look good on medium skinned gals like me? I’m in NW 30. Do you think it’ll look too pink for my skin tone? (: Thanks

  5. Adail

    How does get away bronze compare with light over dark mineralize blush?

  6. I really want Get-Away bronze even though you said it might not work on fairer skintones. I hope it works for me(NW15)!

  7. Jessica

    Will get away bronze blush look fine on NC43? or will it just be shimmery with no color?

    • I think it will look lovely, but you’ll get just a hint of bronze — it won’t not show up at all, but it’s kind of skin-tone, you know?

  8. Dee

    how does hipnss compare to fleur power from the perm line?

  9. t_zwiggy

    Is Get-Away Bronze in any way similar to Cheeky Bronze MSF?

  10. stephanie

    I like get away bronze. can’t wait to see it in real life!

  11. Katie

    Christine, I wanted to thank you for swatching the blushes. I love them both! I read on one of these threads that Bloomingdales was already selling the collection, so I bought Hipness two nights ago. It’s arriving sometime today (yay for fast shipping!). I wanted Marine Life too, but they didn’t have it. I was going to buy Get Away Bronze today and that really pretty light pink lipstick, but I noticed they’re not selling or displaying it anymore! Was it a temporary fix for MAC addicts until its launch or something? Thanks!

    • Hi Katie,

      I really don’t have a clue what’s going on with Bloomingdale’s and their inventory. Just for reference, I ordered on Tuesday morning (around 8am PST), one of everything (except I tried to grab a bunch of Marine Lifes, intending to do some giveaways here on the blog), and I ordered express shipping on everything – but they canceled the Marine Lifes and In the Buff polish. SOO I’m not sure if they have low inventory, don’t have it all shipped to them yet, or if really that many people (aka MAC addicts!) bought it all out already!

      All the sale associates @ Bloomingdale’s just told me that it was for pre-order online, but not so…

      • Katie

        Okay, thanks! I really wanted Marine Life, like everyone else, but I thought that maybe they were holding back on that one until its actual release or something. According to UPS, I’m definitely getting Hipness today, but I kind of wish I ordered more stuff when I had the chance! Oh well, it’s always more fun shopping at the store anyway =)

  12. Kesh

    Get Away Bronze reminds me of one of my favourite blushes by MAC which is “Format” blush. This looks like a must-have for me! I love the green packaging!

  13. Katie

    Wow, I already made a few comments about this blush (I really, really love blush!). Anyway, UPS just delivered my package from Bloomingdale’s! I love Hipness. It’s such a gorgeous color in person. For the ladies who love bright pinky-coral blushes, you’ll love this. I still have to try it out, but I’m confused as to why it’s a frost. It looks more like a satin to me! Also, the green packaging is gorgeous and the little starfish label adhered to the compact isn’t a sticker like from the Dame Edna collection (I appreciate nice packaging!).

  14. I love both blushes but they don’t seem totally worth getting.

  15. Amanda

    Do you think cheek and cheerful similar to get-away bronze at all?

  16. Lindy

    I can’t WAIT for Hipness. I bought it with the Fafi collection, and it became my all time favorite blush. I’m almost out, so I never wear it anymore, but now I can! Sosososososo excited!

  17. Hanna

    Thanks again Christine for all your wonderful swatches!
    I have a question regarding Hipness.
    How similar is it to Joyous BPB? I have a brand new one of these and don’t want to buy hipness if they are somewhat similar.

    Also I have Plum Du Bois, which I dislike! How is Get Away Bronze compared? Is it just as frosty?

    Thank you

  18. Donna

    I went to a MAC counter today and I asked them about this collection and it turns out they already have them in the stores, but not ready for the customers. I was able to actually get a few of the items I wanted hold for me. i’m so glad!

  19. Janette

    Would you pick up Instant Chic or Hippness or are they too similar that to pick up both? Im an NC 35/40 which would you think is better?

    • They’re not the same, but Instant Chic is pretty subtle/sheer so I’d probably just go with Hipness.

      • Janette

        thank u so much! Ima order it online when it comes out! Im sad i cant swatch right now but ur website keeps me updated while im away so i can try and buy from these mac collections so i dont quite miss out of them :)

  20. stef

    How close is get away bronze to nars laguna bronzer?

  21. Annalisa

    Hi Christine, thanks for all your fantastic swatches!
    I am from Denmark and the Pret a Papier collection has just been released here in Copenhagen (we are a little behind… and soooo sad the Art Supply collection didn’t come out in Denmark!).
    I have a question about Instant Chic and Hipness. I was considering buying Instant Chic but also Hipness seems to be such a pretty color. Which one would you recommend? (I’m Nc/nw20). Are they somewhat similar?
    Thanks for posting, keep it up the great job!

  22. Sumaiya

    Hi Christine, I’m interested in Hipness blush. I’m an NC25, and a 30 something mom of 2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Nars orgasm, but never tried it. Is Hipness similiar to it? Also, I like my blush to be very soft. Will Hipness look over the top on me? Thanks!

  23. sf

    how similar is get away bronze to format blush?thanks

  24. Carmen

    I have instant chic already but i was wondering if i should still get hipness its so stressful please help me!

  25. Jody

    How similar do you think Get Away Bronze is to Cheeky Bronze, or other MSF?
    Thank you for your work with this collection!!!

  26. ocelot1

    would you recommend other worldly or get away bronze? nc35. thanks!

  27. MsJamie

    Hi Christine :) I was wondering if Get away bronze is similar to Warm Blend MSF at all? or even Comfort/Sunny by nature MSF?
    I got the marine life powder, do you think its worth getting hipness blush for my NC44 skintone? Thanks!

    • It’s a lot browner/bronzer – not as coppery as Warm Blend. Not as orange as Comfort or Sunny by Nature. Would be closer to Gold Deposit or So Ceylon…

  28. Ember

    I played around at the MAC counter this morning, and found that the best dewy sunlicked look I can get for my cheeks is with Refined Golden Bronzer as a contour, and then Get-Away Bronze Blush along the top of my cheek bone. I wasn’t going to buy, with my job ending and all, but the combination looked to beautiful for me not to pick up this blush.

  29. Chelsea Forma

    I love anything coral! Hipness is a really nice colour! I don’t have anything by MAC so it’s really sad :(