Thursday, December 27th, 2012

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Strength: Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush ($19.50 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “satiny taupe” with a satin finish. It’s a gray-tinged brown–a brownish-taupe when blended out–with a shimmer-sheen finish. MAC Pressed Amber is less gray. MAC Equilibrium is browner.

This kind of color is usually seen for contouring, but the shimmery finish is fairly reflective and nears frost-level in how shimmery/reflective it is keeps it from being a practical contouring shade. It could work as a natural shade on some complexions or when used very lightly. Taupe Shape was soft and finely-milled, though, and it was easy to blend and apply to the cheeks. I found the shimmery finish did emphasize pores, though, to a degree that was noticeable even at a “normal” viewing distance. This shade lasted seven hours on me, and it looked a bit faded after seven and a half hours.

The Glossover


Taupe Shape

If it didn't have shimmer, it would be an amazing contouring shade, but with the shimmer, it's more of a natural blusher/highlighter--for the right complexion.











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MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

MAC Taupe Shape Blush
MAC Taupe Shape Blush

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics, $20.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

MAC Pressed Amber is less gray. MAC Equilibrium is browner.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: Dior Iconic Mascara. On cheeks: MAC Taupe Shape Blush. On lips: MAC Nice & Simple Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm.

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29 thoughts on “MAC Taupe Shape Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Bari

    I got both blushes yesterday at Mac after they were both sold out online. They looked different when swatches at the store ( I think I may have been in a shopping coma)….they look pretty on you, as does everything :), but they seem a bit brown for me. I’m an nw25 – nw30…do you think they will work on me?

  2. Why would a contouring product have shimmer in it?
    Not sure if I like a result, looks a little dirty.. (no offense, of course)
    I prefer NYX Taupe, because it’s completely matte, allying it very lightly.

    • I don’t know if it was really meant to contour, since it’s a blush (though MAC has blushes that work best for contouring over blushing, too), and it has plenty of shimmer. I would just say by the color description and looking at it, you might think “oh, contour!’ but too much sheen.

  3. Deb

    Christine, what are your favorite products for contouring that are not limited edition?

  4. Bee

    how would you compare this to the sculpt powder?

  5. Brandi

    Ahhhh…… So happy to know now that I don’t need this!

  6. xamyx

    This was the *one* product from MAC that I really wanted this entire year, but of course it sold out completely in a matter of hours… You’d think a brand like MAC would have a taupe blush in the permanant range, but I guess they couldn’t lure you into the stores with the hope of picking it up (and while you’re there, you may as well pick up something else, instead).

    I have some empties I plan to B2M, but after that, I’m seriously done with the brand, entirely. Deception + subpar quality=no more.

    • It was “sold out” when I was trying to add to cart… luckily, I was able to get them both in during a refresh and I just checked out immediately since I had to split across three orders ($500 limit, with shipping + tax, or else you’ll get your order held!) anyway! Pink Pigeon never showed back up for me.

    • Ruca

      MAC does have a Taupe blush in the perm range–it’s in the Pro section. I sent mine back because it was too similar to the less expensive Pro product, Sculpt. It was a bit dryer and slightly greyish, too.

      I picked this one up at the mall last night (grabbed 2, and 3 Poiseds), and they will restock this online. Keep your eyes open for the restock–they ALWAYS restock at least once online.

      This is also the most true-to-life swatches I’ve seen here… my screen alters colors a tad. The sheen is amazing for a Satin finish! I do think you could use this for contouring with a light hand, at least if you’re doing it for the evening when less light will reflect back.

      Poised is really beautiful; that is my favorite! I have to find your review, Christine. I have it, but like to see what you think of these things. :)

  7. Banafshe Sharifian

    Hi Christine!
    Is it possible to still use this as a contouring shade? Also, do you have any tutorials on how to contour??? lol! :)

  8. Lisa

    This can work as a contour for me. The sheen doesn’t show up too much if you apply it lightly.

  9. The shimmer in it puts me off, too bad :-(

  10. Catherine

    I got this as a contour shade and I love it! I dont think its too shiny. I have a really fair complexion with mostly cool undertones and this is beautiful!! I would say more of a healthy glow on me. I like it because it really is more of a neutral taupe where as most of the similar colors in the permanent line lean warmer. I also have larger pores across my nose and cheek bones but I place my contour strokes lower, so no problem there. Give it a shot, it might work for you as it has for me. :)

  11. Hm…this is an interesting one. If it had a touch of pink or less shimmer, I think it would work better overall

  12. pixie

    That’s odd. I’ve had my taupe blush for 2 years now and have never detected any shimmer.

  13. Tanya

    Hi Christine, will this work as a blush or contour on NC42-NC45? And which would be a better suit poised or taupe on NC42’s-NC45’s as a blush?

  14. Monica!

    Hi Christine, this is one of those rare occasions where I don’t like how a product looks on you
    (just so you know, you sold me on my first BB shimmer brick ever!, and the Violet underground palette by Estee Lauder)

  15. Ellen

    Ran into the MAC store when sold out online and not in dept store. VERY DISAPPOINTED! The blushes were both very dry, I double checked the bottom of the pack to see if it was called regular blush of prolongwear, but it was regular. The colors were pale and washed out, and I am quite pale and washed out myself!! The Poise was not a pink brown but an orangy peach. I think the Sculpt and Prism that I already own and can replace are both better colors and products. I too and quite sick of MAC coming out with new colors every few weeks that are limited edition. Its frustrating when a color is very good, but it fills the line with excess that a quality company would not want to carry. This never would have happened before Estee Lauder was in charge! I dont’ know why they think beauty consumers are so flippant that they will never buy the same product twice and need new temptations all the time. I’d rather it be a line known for its quality products that can be relied on to be there when you run out, and introduce new items only when the market requires. The company’s flippant nature is probably why I don’t own many MAC products. Beaty supply stores have no name brands that have the same selection of colors, with better quality and lower prices. They are just not as comvenient as the beauty dept of every dept store you are in. That puts MAC at an advantage that I do not think they are taking. Also, the pro line does have permanent products that are very high quality and in demand, and MAC makes it impossible for the average consumer to obtain these products. Again, attitude I do not need. Other cosmetics companies make quality products without the gimmicks and attitude, I do with you would give them more blog space, and not jump every time MAC rolls out a new color. Give some other quality companies some air time. Thanks.

    • Hi Ellen,

      Readers have come to rely on Temptalia for full MAC reviews, and MAC remains a very popular topic here on Temptalia – so while we cannot always please every reader at every moment, we try to please as many as we can throughout the year. MAC reviews get put up in chunks, as new collections come out, and for the rest of the days, we focus on other brands – and only on occasion a permanent MAC product. For instance, in December, we’ll have spent about 3 days on MAC – and 28 of those days on 20-30 other brands!

      • Elleq

        Your coverage of Mac, and my respect for your opinions, has led me to a few of my latest favorite products – namely Sculpt, the contour powder that has replaced the no name taupe eye shadow that I have been using for years as blush plus. I also read that Taupe Shape and Poised were available online again, the morning you found out that they were, so I was able to get Taupe Shape, another great multipurpose product. And your evaluation of the coveted Mac Pro products now available online was also timely and invaluable. The constant discontinuation of favored makeup products has always been a pet peeve of mine. Its so hard to find products that work well with my skin tone, that when I actually want to repurchase something, to find out that it is no longer a available is annoying. You offer many solutions to this problem, with your foundation matrix, swatches and dupes
        So please don’t misinterpret my frustration with these practices as criticism of you! You are the answer to the problem, letting consumers know what else is out there and what is actually of value. Your blog has become mandatory daily reading for me, especially since the purchase of my new smartphone! Keep up the great work!

  16. jeniy

    I actually got this blush and used it for contouring and found it was actually perfect for it! I wish I had a got another, anyone know a dupe that’s not limited edition that I can actually get?