Friday, May 6th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Gilded White, Blue Noon

MAC Surf Baby: Blue Moon, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencils

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils ($15.50 for 0.04 oz.) come in two shades: Blue Noon (teal with gold pearl) and Gilded White (yellow white frost).

  • Blue Noon is a medium-dark, bluish teal. It’s a touch sheer–it’s hard to see in the swatch, but I saw it immediately and felt it translated in application, too.  It is tealer than Float on By, which looks rather blue in comparison.
  • Gilded White is a warm white gold with a metallic sheen.

I like MAC’s Powerpoint Pencil formula quite a bit; the pencil is soft without being crumbly or near-melting, so it retains its shape but glides across the lash line with effortless ease. It deposits enough color in one pass, which means you don’t have to build up the color in layers. Powerpoints last all day on my lash line, and make it to four to six hours on my water line. They’re also waterproof, and I find that they don’t smudge or budge, even during hot days.

The Glossover


MAC Surf Baby: Blue Noon, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

The Powerpoint Pencil formula glides on really easily, so they're gentle on the eyes and apply with a good amount of color without having to layer on the product--but it could be a touch more pigmented.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Gilded White, Blue Noon

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Gilded White, Blue Noon

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Blue Noon

MAC Surf Baby Powerpoint Pencils
Gilded White

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC Cosmetics on May 26th in-stores, $15.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Urban Decay Covet is a little darker than Blue Moon. The only pale gold eyeliner I can think of is tokidoki Unicorno, which is a little darker and has glitter in it, so it's harder to dupe Gilded White.

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51 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby: Blue Noon, Gilded White Powerpoint Pencils Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Pamela

    Does Blue Moon look like Float on By from To the Beach?

  2. Wendy M.

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine!
    I love how Blue Moon looks.
    I wonder how close it is to last year’s Float on By…

  3. Nessa

    Wow,this is gorg! Xoxo

  4. Nessa

    Can you do a look with these on? I’m wondering if theGilded White looks more pearl white or pale yellow- white on eyes. Xoxo

    • meme

      Odd how on the arm swatch Gilded White looks white. Yet on the crayon it looks golden yellow. I could be really pretty on the eye, I agree. But I don’t need it if it comes out as white as the swatch shows, I have others I would sub for it (not dups Christine, just subs I am happy and not in shoppers need for a new one in that range – unless it really does go on the eye golden yellow. Thanks so much for these swatches.

  5. Emma

    Blue Moon looks like a pencil version of Siahi?

  6. Alyssa

    I’m going to be so broke.

  7. Pamela

    Is Blue Moon similar to Float on By from To the Beach?

  8. Laura

    Not for me. I have plenty of blue/teal/green eyeliners and I don’t think I’d get much use out of the light one.

  9. Mariella

    Oh – from the closeup photo, I thought these were like UD’s 24/7 shadow pencils and I was almost jumping out of my chair with delight over the Blue Moon one (looked like Birds&Berries in pencil form)! Now I see they’re “just” eye liner pencils (I’ve used Birds&Berries as a liner a LOT). I may spring for it or may just continue with the eyeshadow with some shadow transformer…

  10. I’m a sucker for teal. Darn it… I want waaay too many things from this collection.

  11. Natalie

    Loving all these swatches so much more than I thought I would! I can practically hear my paycheck happily skipping from my bank account now…

  12. meme

    I like these but I have a sliver/white that looks just like the one here made by Make Forever. I use it often as an inner corner eye brightener. Even top make up sales folks will ask me what I have used there and that it looks great. Best part is, it LASTS and LASTS!

  13. Ashley Sarah

    Blue moon looks amazing. It’s such a great color.

  14. I’m definitely getting both of these!

  15. Amy M

    Does anyone know how close Gilded White is to the discontinued Buttery? (I reeeeeallllyy miss Buttery)

  16. Amanda

    Is gilded white similar to I get no kick at all?

  17. Michelle

    Wait, why are these a dollar more than the regular Powerpoint Pencils if you’re getting the same amount of product? :(

    • They tacked on about $1 or $2 on all products. I imagine the company line is because of special packaging. I know they’ve done it routinely for collaborations and have chalked it up as due to licensing costs–but this is the first specially packaged collection that isn’t a collaboration (like with Disney) that has had the increase.

  18. Nessa

    How does Gilded White ,compare to MAC warm & cozy’s cuddle and Mac’s Lemon chiffon Shadestick as in color wise? Xoxo

  19. Blue Moon is so gorgeous! I wish the formula didn’t smudge on me.

  20. Vvn

    Blue Moon looks gorgeous!

  21. AnGeLwInGz

    I like ’em, both the colors and the packaging.

  22. Angel

    This is a win compared to last years pencils. lol it was such a bad idea to use kohls for To The Beach. At least these will last on the lash line :).
    and Christine, I think you meant 4-6 hours on your waterline? :)

  23. Lizzi

    How does Blue Moon compare to UD Flipside?

  24. Marie

    Umm did anyone else automatically think of Microsoft PowerPoint? LOL

  25. Honor

    great review as usual Christine, what would you do without you :)Do you feel that these two are pencil forms of the two eye shadows surf USA and short shorts?…looks extremely similar. thank you so much

  26. Im getting Blue Moon for sure!! Such a pretty color!! Ill probably end up tossing in Gilded White too haha

  27. Amy

    How do the PowerPoint pencils compare to the Pearlglides? Thanks!

  28. cocofiere

    How does Blue Moon compare to Siahi? I missed it (I wasn’t even able to swatch it on my skin) and have been intrigued by that shade of blue ever since. Thanks!

  29. I’m really excited for these- I wish they released more shades!!

    • Lizzy Claiborne

      They do. Periodicly we’ll get some new colors called PearlGlide Intense Liners. Last year Art Supplies had a slew of them. Same waterproof pencil in the black wood casing; These are sparkly. But the MAC Sore/ Counter has a bunch of more workaday shades called Kohl. For some reason they’ve gone back to that name for everything waterproof in the black wood…

  30. guilded white would look incredible in the waterline to make the eyes bright

  31. Maddie

    Hi, Christine! Does gilded white do well in the tear duct/water line? Or is it too sheer for that? Thank you!!

  32. Nessa

    Hi,how is this compare to Mac cuddle from the warm & cozy collection or compare to Lemon Chiffon ? Xoxo

  33. Nicola

    Hi Christine, how would you compare “blue noon” to the “undercurrent”-Pencil (from one of the last LEs)
    Thanks a lot for your always helpful reviews!

  34. NessaMBaby

    Hey Temp,I was wondering how similar is this to tartan Tale ‘s UnderCurrent eyeliner? The color looks exactly the same except undercurrent has some Goldish shimmer ? Just wondering what to skip ,or get. Xoxo

  35. Carla25

    Hi Christine, Would the white eyeliner be perfect to use on your tear duct/inner corner of eye? And if not, any advice on the best 3 or 4 products to use? Ive tryed benefits eye bright, but didn’t get on with that really. Hope to hear from you soon , many Thanks