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MAC Superglass
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick + MAC Sweet Tart Superglass

MAC Superglass — A Quick Review & Lip Swatches

Edit: Superglass hits stores today, and I’ll be there as soon as my store opens to grab the remaining shades to swatch and review — just give me some time to get everything done :)Β  Take a look at these shades in the meanwhile!

Yesterday, I posted some quick photos and swatches of four shades of MAC Superglass. Superglass will debut on May 6th, but some readers have commented they’ve been able to try/purchase them already, so maybe you’ll get lucky at your local store. :) Each will retail for $18 and contains 0.15 oz.

There are nine shades and all of them are limited edition: Cherry Electric (bright cherry pink), Disco Blend (light tan), Fab Frenzy (deep blue purple), Gift Wrap (light pinky peach), Sugar Overload (white beige), Superflash! (mid-tone yellow pink), Sweet Tart (baby pale pink), Totally Bang! (fuchsia), and Tunnel of Love (deep blue brown).

  • Disco Blend is a peachy-beige with a smidgen of brown. The sparkles in it seem to include a gold shimmer, chunkier gray-silver particles, and some peach flecks. Not totally sheer, but it’s not opaque either — it does a decent job of giving my lips a different color, though.
  • Sugar Overload is a milky pale pink-nude with gold and white shimmer and then larger grayish-silver flecks of glitter. Very milky looking, not really creamy, but it doesn’t settle into lips too much. It is, however, pretty sheer. It’s a bit like Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass, except with glitter overload. Ha, overload!
  • Sweet Tart is a soft pink with only a slight milkiness to it. It has white and gold shimmer with large flecks of a grayish-purple and peach glitter. It’s a sheerer shade, but it gives more color than Sugar Overload. I feel like it just brings out some of the natural pink in my lips.
  • Tunnel of Love is a reddish brown with white and gold shimmer along with flecks of grayish-silver and peach glitter. I found this one had the most color pay off, but it has a tendency to look a little uneven on the lips. From further away, it’s not as noticeable, but I just couldn’t get it to look smooth and even. Bonus: it made my teeth look super white!

The formula is thick and sticky, but the glitter never felt gritty to me, even five hours later. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel much grittiness, but I think when these fade entirely, there may be a little texture to the glitter. Because it is pretty thick and sticky, the glosses last quite awhile on my lips. I slicked on Sweet Tart around 6 PM, and it was still lingering at 11 PM. It wasn’t quite as glossy as it was initially, but it still looked glossy and shimmery. The glitter seemed to stay in place, and none of it migrated to the outer edges of my lips, so all in all, it fades nicely. Oh, and did I mention I ate dinner with it on? Oh, yeah.

I do think the glitter is large and chunky, and it really does remind me of the flecks of glitter you’ll see in some nail polishes, but it’s not so severe once it’s on your lips, particularly at a normal viewing distance. You’ll see flat grayish particles, but they catch light, so this gloss looks best in light/in person, that way it can catch light as you move vs. a still photograph. It’s an interesting look, and I know some will love it, some will find it tacky. I like the concept better over lipstick than worn alone, partially because these are a bit sheer, but also because it makes the glitter pop a little more.

INGREDIENTS:Β  Polybutene, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Trisostearyl Citrate, Tocepheryl Acetate, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Lecithin, Squalane, Aluminum Calcium Sodium Silicate, Polyacrylate-4, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Tin Oxide, Vanillin [+/- Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), Iron Oxidies (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), Bismuth Oxychloride (CI 77163,), Blue 1 Lake (CI 42090), Carmine (CI 75470), Red 6 (CI 15850), Red 7 Lake (CI 15850), Red 28 Lake (CI 45410), Red 30 Lake (CI 73360), Red 33 Lake (CI 17200), Yellow 5 Lake (CI 19140), Yellow 6 Lake (CI 15985)]

I know some of us (that includes me!) were concerned about just how much product was going to be in these tubes, but it looks like MAC may have considered what we’ve been complaining about–there is 0.15 oz. in Superglass, as compared to 0.06 oz. in Dazzleglass, 0.08 oz. in Cremesheen Glass, and 0.17 oz. in Lipglass. More expensive than Lipglass, but it’s a way better deal than Dazzleglass! The packaging is very much like Dazzleglass in terms of the type of materials, glossy look of the plastic, etc. but it is six-sided, so it won’t roll off your bathroom counter at least!

None of the four shades I tried really grabbed me, though. I’m hoping that perhaps Cherry Electric, Fab Frenzy, and Totally Bang! are more up my alley as far as my personal tastes go!

BOTTOM LINE: These are long-wearing, ultra glittery lipglosses with a thick (but not goopy!) feel with a sticky texture. They seem to run from sheer to semi-sheer, but so far, none of these are completely opaque. They are vanilla scented, and I didn’t really notice any taste since wearing them.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: If you don’t mind sticky gloss and love yourself some glitter, I’d say give these a shot. You might be surprised at how the glitter translates on your lips! If you don’t like the stickiness of Lipglass, I don’t think you’ll like the feel of Superglass at all. I also wouldn’t go into these expecting 100% opaque color pay off either!

Availability: May 6th, 2010

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Superglass
MAC Disco Blend Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Disco Blend Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Sugar Overload Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Sugar Overload Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Sweet Tart Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Sweet Tart Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Tunnel of Love Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Tunnel of Love Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick + MAC Sweet Tart Superglass

MAC Superglass
MAC Show Orchid Lipstick + MAC Sweet Tart Superglass

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121 thoughts on “MAC Superglass — A Quick Review & Lip Swatches

  1. Nora

    Disco Blend is super pretty. Though they’re all a little sheer, disappointingly. Maybe some of the others will be more pigmented.

  2. Its nice to know there’s a lot more product in these vs Dazzleglasses and cremesheen glasses, those were total rip-offs! A bit disappointed that they’re so sheer though. However, I do like the look of Show Orchid and Sweet Tart! :) x

  3. Kelly

    I love MAC but why are some of the girls working for them snobby and rude?!! I went to check some stuff out yesterday and got one of the rudiest girls ever…anyone else notice this?

    • You should talk to the manager or email customer service — I used to have some problems with the artists who worked at MAC, but I think SO many people complained about the service at my local freestanding store that they completely changed the employees there and now they are FABULOUS.

    • Alyssa

      I agree Kelly. I once wandered around there for a good 15 minutes and had to ASK someone for help. The girls were too busy putting makeup on themselves.

      • fernanda

        omg, one day i was in MAC and there was like 8 people there, and one girl want to try a foundation an she ask one girl, the girl was like WAIT Im trying to make up myself, this happend in Macy’s my gosh, there supposed they are working!

    • Jen

      I do notice, especially in the long island, ny area, some very rude Mac girls but also in other stores in this area too!!

      • Elle

        You’ll find that everywhere, but honestly I’ve had almost nothing but great experiences with MAC girls. Looks like the Chicago MAC girls need to relocate to other places around the country :)

        Thanks for the swatches, Christine!!

    • Tiffany

      I hardly ever go in store now thanks to Christine’s fabulous swatches. I know exactly what will work for me so I don’t have to deal with rude employees. :)

    • Aoife

      Unfortunately this is the same across the pond in Ireland! So many bad experiences! I think the most amusing was my friend was in there one day and was buying eyeshadows. She was asked if she had brushes to apply it – she said yes. She was then asked if she had blending brushes – she said yes. The assistant then asked “but do you have MAC brushes because you need proper MAC brushes to blend these eyeshadows!” My friend looked at the assistant and felt like laughing because she had bright orange eyeshadow smeared across her eyes and DEFINITELY not blended. She said she felt like walking out but really wanted the eyeshadows! They are really intimidating.

      • Ha, that makes me think of the one time around Christmas when I went in to my local MAC counter to get one of the LE palettes. The MUA selling them to me asked “you do know how to apply eyeshadow, right?”

        I just looked at her own eyeshadow (which was the entire palet blended on top of eachother basically) and just snorted.

    • i had one employee who was so busy chatting to a colleague that she gave me the wrong item and i only noticed when i got home. the rest of the girls there are lovely, it’s just this one who has a really bad attitude.

      and as for the swatches – i wasn’t going to pick up any of those colours, but sweet tart looks gorgeous. you could almost get away with that as an every day shade! can’t wait to see what the pinkier-toned ones look like on :)

    • Kailee

      i do, and i don’t get it. I’m preparing to interview for my local MAC counter and i wouldn’t be snobby at all if i got the job. I think it’s important to stay humble. In my opinion make up is art and artists shouldn’t act snobby. But I’ve also noticed that it just depends on how some one carries themselves. It also depends on how self concious and sensitive the other person is.

  4. Amber

    Ditto. The Orchid lipstick is hot!

  5. Ellie

    I like the look of Disco Blend, because of all the gold. Very flattering and would look good on top of all of my lipsticks.

  6. Tunnel of Love looks super patchy. Was it hard to work with?

  7. without sounding weird, whenever I see the close up lip shots I can’t help thinking that you have the most perfect cupid’s bow, is that the weirdest compliment you’ve ever gotten? Also no clue how I would get through the day w/o this site…

    • I think my lips are posted on a lip fetish site, so I think I’m used to any potentially weird compliments, LOL!

      But it’s all good — thank you!! :)

  8. Alyssa

    Disappointed with Tunnel of Love. I’m not blown away by these in general.

  9. megan

    Thanks for swatching these! I am so going to be picking up a few of these as I am a whore for glitter products that (I think) I can get away with! I will have to pick up Sweet Tart Superglass to wear over my Show Orchid and even my Petals and Peacocks!

  10. Michele

    Do you prep your lips? Your glosses and lipstick always look perfect on! Thanks for everything, I love your site!

    • I exfoliate twice a week or so, always wear lip balm (if I’m not wearing lipgloss/lipstick), but just the process of swatching & removing back to back every day kind of helps to exfoliate too, lol!

  11. marielouise

    Those are so so nice, but I’m really surprised that the colour pay-off is so low… When I was on my MAC update the other day, I swatched them on my hand, and thought they looked more colourfull than on the pictures here. Anyway, the combo w/ Show Orchid is divine!

  12. Leila

    I knew I would like Tunnel Of Love but the color looks a bit splotchy.

  13. Rachael

    Dang i really wanted these to be super pigmented i love dazzleglass 😐 disappointing

  14. kfm

    I probably will end up picking at least one of these up when they launch. Thanks, Christine, for the very detailed and informative review.

  15. Great news about the product size. Tunnel of Love looks interesting but none of these grab me either..

  16. Kathy

    Hm, I’m kind of disappointed from the swatches. I think the lack of pigmentation is a deal-breaker for me. :(

    I guess I’ll just stick to the regular dazzleglasses.

  17. kristina

    You are fabulous! When a new MAC collection is released I am always amazed at how fast you compile your posts and they still maintain their high standards.

    I just read an article entitled “How not to SUCK at blogging”. Although the title is tongue and cheek the article was an informative read, geared mainly to business and economics bloggers. I mentally tallied all of their tips and related it to Temptalia. You easily checked every box.

    I have noticed a trend lately, especially with beauty bloggers, that they constantly complain about all which blogging entails. I love that you steer clear from that even with knowledge to the amount of work you put into this. Keep up the fabulosity Chris!!

    • Aww, thank you, Kristina!

      LOL, my mom stopped by my place yesterday, and she was like, “Wow, is this what you do everyday?” I mean, she totally knows about the blog and everything, but she’s never seen me “working,” I suppose!

      You gotta love what you do, and if you don’t love it any more, maybe it’s time to move on. If you spend more time complaining than enjoying blogging, there’s definitely a problem there! Like dealing with server issues frustrates me to no end, because I’m not technical, I want to spend my time swatching and reviewing and all that good stuff, but it’s a necessary evil–I recognize that it’s one annoying part of an otherwise very much amazing process that I love to no end, so it’s more than worth it! :)

  18. Ashley

    These are really pretty, I might cave and get Sweet Tart, especially since there’s so much more product in these vs. dazzleglass!

  19. Julie

    Thank you for doing swatches, especially the full faced ones – It’s really helpful seeing how it looks on the face. I am liking Sweet Tart. Thanks again, and you look gorgeous!

  20. Heather H

    WOW it looks amazing with Show Orchid!

  21. I love only the pink combination, I wouldn’t bother to spend money on the other ones. :)

  22. Andrea

    I really like the look of Disco Blend! It kind of just brightens the look of your lips, and it’s nice that it’s so sheer but the glitter’s there to make it interesting :)

  23. Michele

    Love the Show Orchid/Sweet Tart combination. Looks great on you Christine!

  24. In the pictures they don’t look too glittery to me at all. Would you say that the photos are a true represantation of how they look in real life? Thanks Christine! :)

    • Hey Anita,

      Yeah, I think so. They’re glittery/sparkling/shimmering, but they’re really not over-the-top. The particles make it look a bit different, but I don’t know – I don’t really think it looks crazy-insane-glittery, you know?

      • Thanks Christine. To me they actually look less glittery than Dazzleglasses. But I guess the chunkier glitter looks different to small glitter. I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up a few of these unless I really hate them when I swatch them, but that’s not very likely, knowing me, lol.

        • lol! Yeah, really the only thing that’s a bit so-so is how sticky it is… I don’t mind sticky glosses (love lipglass!), but these definitely feel a little stickier, but at least they’re not goopy.

  25. Mina

    Thank you for the swatches, Christine!

    Also, can I ask what you use to remove lip products?

  26. I remember hearing how sheer these were on their own – Which is fine, I always layer lip products anyway – I’m excited to see how these look over some of my favorite liners (like Magenta) though! Woo hoo! :)

    Thanks for including a swatch of one of these over a lipstick! You can see the effect better that way :)

    • Yeah, I think with these, since they are a new gloss, it was worth seeing over something else, just for fun. But boy are they sticky! *smacks lips*

  27. Nic

    I’m really surprised these contain as much product as they do. If they’d been Dazzleglass-sized, I was going to skip on them for that reason alone. Good to know MAC hasn’t totally disregarded our complaints. I’m sad these colors are so boring though. I’ll definitely check them out (since you’re getting a decent amount of gloss for your money), but if the other colors aren’t a little more pigmented, I probably won’t buy any.

  28. Michelle

    The hot pink looks amazing on you! These are just way too glittery for me (however I am in my mid 30’s). But I can see them looking great on younger girls.

  29. Tammy

    I really want MAC to release a ‘superglass’ type opaque gloss. I am not a fan of sheer glosses so much and I prefer pale to mid-tone shades. But those are verrry sheer so sadly I am passing :(

  30. Melissa

    I am really, really looking forward to seeing swatches of the full range! πŸ˜€

  31. Mirna

    I LOVE the show orchid & sweet tart combo! Beautiful! Disco blend looked like it just enhanced your natural lip color.

  32. Emily

    definitely passing on these.

  33. aradhana

    the disco blend shade looks very pretty on you! they all look good (as usual) but that one really stands out.

    this is off topic, but i bought a bunch of disposable lip gloss wands after reading that’s how you avoid ‘contamination’ of your glosses…i’ve found a couple of my glosses going off though i’m pretty good with storing and keeping my makeup clean. i only found brush type applicators (as opposed to sponge tip) however, so i might end up just washing them afterwards and re-using.

    • Hey Aradhana,

      Washing works, too :) I just feel like if I’m only going to swatch or wear a gloss once… a year or whatever, might as well *try* to preserve it, lol!

      I’ve used coffee stirrers when I’ve gotten desperate!

  34. Rosie

    luving the last combo <3

  35. Kathryn

    The gloss looks really nice over Show Orchid lipstick. I’m thinking these glosses are better for layering over top of a lipstick rather than worn alone. I’m going to grab the Sweet Tart one to layer over some pink lipsticks.

    Thank you for working so hard and getting up swatched for the superglasses AND the pret-a-papier collection so quickly, Christine! I hope you didn’t feel too overwhelmed, but just know that we appreciate how fast you got that all out!

  36. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to b2m for these at a freestanding store? I’ve got 12+ empties right now

  37. Lauren

    Hey Christine! Thanks for the swatches!

    I was wondering if you know if/think that these will be part of the back to mac program? Technically the packaging is different than the regular glosses, but it’s not special like the Liberty of London glosses. Thanks!

    • I believe they will be part of the B2M program. I’ve never even heard of specially packaged products not being part of the program – you might not be able to *get* them with your empties, but you should be able to turn them in.

      • Lauren

        Yeah, I was actually in the store today looking at the newest collection and I overheard one of the SAs telling a customer about the B2M program, and that you can’t use it for specially packaged items. :/ So I guess I’ll ask when the collection comes out. Thanks.

        • Also — I’d do a livechat on and ask them, and then print the answer they give you out to take to the store!

          • I did the Live chat, but they did not have the information on the memo yet. She suggested I email them, and they would research and get back to me. She also said if I wanted, to try chat again later today, and they might have the answer.

            I sent them an email, and I will let you all know when they reply.

            • *Sigh* Oh the inconsistency with the B2M program.

              Subject: Ask An Artist

              NOTE: This email was received by Online Customer Service and Redirected to you for your direct reply to the customer.
              J had the following question:

              Hello – I have just finished a live chat, and unfortunately they didn’t have the information that I was looking for. She suggested I send a message, so that it could be researched.

              I have a lot of empty packages right now, and what I am wondering, is if I can Back To MAC these empties (at a freestanding store) for the Superglass when it is released?

              Thank You,


              Dear Ms. J,

              Thank you for taking the time to contact us and for your interest in M.A.C.

              With regards to your inquiry, we would suggest contacting the store where you would like to redeem your Back To M.A.C. Due to variations depending on recycling in that area where you would like to make the packaging exchange, the Back to M.A.C program can vary in different markets. Information regarding store locations in your area can be accessed by visiting our homepage (US) or (CA) and using the store locator function.

              We value you as our consumer and hope that we have the opportunity to serve you in the near future.


              Karen G.
              Response Representative
              Global Consumer Communications

            • Okay,

              My BFF was at the MAC freestanding today, and she asked if Superglass was eligible for b2m. The MUA told her that, yes, you can trade in your empties for a Superglass.

              YAY πŸ˜€

  38. aquarianrabbit

    Aw, I was really excited about these, but now…not so much. *sniff*

  39. Natalie

    Hey Christine, did you get some Dior Ultra glosses from Sephora lately? These look great, but don’t think they look as good as Dior flash/reflect glosses. I maybe be wrong though, since I don’t have MAC ones in person lol.

  40. Great swatches :) I know I’ll be picking up Disco Blend and Sweet Tart to add to my Sugar Overload. Hmm, and maybe a back up of Sugar Overload as well πŸ˜‰

  41. Yay, thanks MAC for listening!

    Now I just hope they change the volume of the cremesheen glasses too! πŸ˜›
    And thanks to you, Christine, for these reviews (and you replies to my comments & questions)

  42. Kirstin

    hey Christina, do you know when the tinted lip conditioners are coming back because i am dying without them!?!?!? ahaha

  43. Salvinia

    Hmmm… I though the huge glitter particles were going to be hideous, but they’re actually really pretty. I LOVE the way it looks over that lipstick. It’s nice that they’re not being as stingy with the product, too.

  44. These are way more sheer than I expected :( thank god, I really didn’t wanna blow too much money on these. My MAC MUA told me that they will have lipsticks that will match each of these superglasses!! i think she said they’ll be at Nordstrom though. Christine if you can confirm this, let us know!

  45. Is the sparkles hard to capture on camera?

    • The reflecting properties are hard, since cameras are still, so it’s hard to show the movement (unless you want blurry photos), so if the flash doesn’t hit the sparkle right, it looks flat.

  46. I love the colors, I’m just a bit disappointed that they are so sheer. It’s great to know they contain more product than the dazzleglasses.

  47. Ibett

    I’m looking forward to going soon and restocking. I think the swatches idea is great, maybe someone else should model the colors, though :/

  48. Rawrzellers

    To sheer for me, I think MAC needs to step it up with their glittery lip glasses. I realize they are made to go on top of lipstick but I really think with these they should have made them much more pigmented. I just went from loving the colors and this collection to extremely uninterested.

  49. Saira

    Does anyone have a lead on ANY mac friends & family or any code sales for this year? There were at least 2 last year that were 25% or 20% off by now. I wanna know if they are planning on having any at all. I would’ve thought for X-mas but they had none this past yr or yr be4 last yr. So if anybody has info, I’d be much obliged.

  50. kfm

    These are up on the web site in Canada as of this morning. Sadly, Fab Frenzy seems not to have made the cut. All the others are there, but no FF. :_(

  51. Makfan186

    It looks alot better over lipstick!!!

  52. Melissa

    Christine, will you be swatching the full collection of these?

  53. I want these so bad! Probably only 1 because I don’t like sticky glosses, but OMG flakies in a lipgloss? Usually they’re only in nail polishes! I WANT!!

  54. Whitney

    your comment about Boy Bait had me. Going to have to try that.

  55. You’ve convinced me that I at least need the Sweet Tart one to go over my Show Orchid lipstick!

  56. oh dear lord… i just spend ALL DAY playing around with these. i’m uploaded a video to my youtube channel now with some lip combos i came up with.

    i’m so tired. lol!

    i’m keeping my eyes on your site (wait… like that’s something new?! haha) and when i see your review i’m going to include a link to it from my info video as well – since i didn’t really “review” them, i just came up with some ideas of how to use them.

    weee!!! it was fun. but i’m BEYOND tired now. and i never want to see them again (at least, not tonight)! haha!

    • LOL! I’m going to watch in a bit :)

      Probably won’t have them up until noonish or later… considering the store doesn’t open til ten am!

      • Lazy aren’t they? The store I buy from opens at 11! ERGH! LOL πŸ˜‰ I don’t mind actually… It’s usually a feat if I get up before noon.

        Today on the other hand… Up early and am wondering around still very tired. LOL! But I get my new computer today! WEE HEE! I’m just getting ready to shut this one down actually :) Wish me luck!

  57. stephanie

    leaving it! Too much glitter is a NO NO for me.

  58. I think the glitter is too chunky in these glosses to wear everyday or to work..

  59. kfm

    Just got theses delivered to me at work, so I’m using my lunch hour to try them out. I got three- Disco Blend, Tunnel of Love and Fab Frenzy. (The last one is not on the Canadian site, and it got taken off the Pro site as well. However I called them and asked and they included it. No idea what the story is.)

    Overall, they are nice and thick- closer to the lipglasses than the Dazzleglasses. I like the thickness personally, since it means they stay put and it’s easier to build up coverage. It’s funny, because I was thinking they should have released these with Art Supplies- I think these glosses would work really well with the ink stain markers underneath. I do agree with everyone who said these would look better over lipstick. I think that will help the “holographic” effect.

    If I pleat my lips, I can feel some of the glitter, but I wouldn’t call them gritty. When you wipe them off, they do tend to leave some glitter on the lips. I found all of them needed to be built up in order to look good- not just a quick pass with the wand. The glitter wasn’t overwhelming, either (although it definitely does sparkle), so I think that you could get away with them in “everyday” situations (really a matter of personal taste and comfort).

    Just thought I’d drop in my two cents.

  60. I don’t like iridescent lipsticks that is why I never picked up Show Orchid but it looks great on you. I will prob try these l/g over Petals and Peacocks that is my fave fuchsia.

  61. Laura

    Is show orchid a LE?

  62. Robin

    Sweet Tart Superglass is my favorite because I love the way it looks over Show Orchid lipstick!

  63. Jill

    I tried some of these on today…for me personally it was too thick and sticky. The colors were gorgeous but not nearly opaque enough. And the glitter, I don’t see someone being able to wear this other than out at night.

  64. Abbee

    All colors turned out good on you =P…

    I love Sweet Tart because it has the natural pinkish look and bring out the pink color of your lips (like what you said), i bet it can look good with mostly any lipsticks..<3 it

  65. Christy

    <3 Sweet Tart over Show Orchid on you!

  66. roberta

    hi christine,wonderful blog!!!please you are thΓ© only one that can help me, do you know if and when these superglass will Be available in uk?at my nearest counter they didn’t have Any idΓ©a of what I was talking about !!!!please answer!

  67. Show Orchid looks awesome with Sweet Tart!