Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Row 1: Cakeshop, Lemon Chiffon, Butternutty, Penny, Red Velvet
Row 2: Bubbles, Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain, Sweet Thing, Touch

Swatches for MAC’s Sugarsweet Collection! :)

Row 1: Bubbles, Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain, Sweet Thing, Touch
Row 2: Consume Me, Just Dessert, Simply Delicious, Tasty Top, Triple-Yum

Row 1: Consume Me, Just Dessert, Simply Delicious, Tasty Top, Triple-Yum
Row 2: Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake, Creme de Violet**, Aquavert

Row 1: Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake, Creme de Violet**, Aquavert
Row 2: Club

Refined (top left); Perefct Topping (bottom left)

** My MAC store had Creme de Violet on display, and they confirmed that this is the right shade for the launch — but it should be Stars ‘n Rockets. You can see an image of Stars ‘n Rockets here. I’ll update this post later with a swatch of Stars ‘n Rockets :)

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66 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Swatches

  1. Annika

    Hun, I Cakeshop should be first in row 1 :) And in the Rose Romance product photos, Blush of Youth and Summer Rose are the wrong way around!

  2. Anitacska

    I really like the look of Sweet thing and Lollipop loving, also the middle 3 glasses (the pinks). I will definitely get Stars n rockets too. And the MSFs. Must have those, even if nothing else. :)

  3. Dee

    definitely buying Aquavert. Hate Lemon Chiffon, it looks nothing like lemon or chiffon to me. Will probably buy either Cakeshop or Butternutty.

  4. Is it possible to see a comparison of packaging between a standard lipglass and the tri-colour glass please?
    Thank-you for the swatches.. Narrowed down the list even more now! x

  5. JennXOXO

    I love Lollipop Loving! I have two tubes of Lollipop Loving from the Heatherette collection. Thanks for the swatches! I want to get the shadesticks & MSF’s :)

  6. Looks great, but I have a few questions though out of curiosity. How come the lipstick Bubbles doesn’t have a finish? I noticed that earlier and I haven’t been able to figure out it. And if you know, how big is the difference between Saint Germain and Pink Nouveous lipsticks? I think they’re awfully close but something is telling me that Saint Germain is much more toned down but at the same time has that really nice, bright bubblegum pink.

    Shadesticks look really great, I hope I can get one of them soon.

    • To be honest, I really don’t know. Sometimes they’re missing information, unfortunately. A lot of times the information I have doesn’t have finishes at all!

      I think Pink Nouveau is purpler and deeper (not quite as light).

  7. yay!! i already ordered perfect topping and saint germain just like id planned and i’m SO excited to get them!! i also got peppermint patty which looks amazing. cakeshop is the only shadestick catching my eye but i don’t think i need it

  8. Christy

    This really helps! My list has shrank from everything to just a select few. =) I think I’ll be getting Dear Cupcake (for the name alone, yes I’m a sucker for that), Tasty, Perfect Topping, Lollipop Loving (have it from Heatherette, so pretty!), Sweet Thing and Refined. The shadesticks look nice, but I have so many paint pots that I can’t really justify more eyeshadow bases or cream eye shadows.

    • Yay for your bank account, Christy ;P

      No shame in buying for the name — I’ve done it in the past, and I know it’s not the last time, LOL!

  9. evangelia

    thanks christine! still lemming lollipop loving and perfect topping :)

  10. Kiki

    Does Perfect topping remind you of the light pink shimmer in petticoat?

    • Not really! Petticoat always felt more raspberry.

      • Kiki

        I completely agree petticoat as a whole is very raspberry-ish, but thats when you mix all the veins together. What I meant was the pale pink sections of petticoat without the gold and red veins. I tend to use the pale pink sections more and I wish they made a full one with that duochrome type pale pink.

  11. Kayc

    I just came home from MAC like 10 mins ago lol.
    I skipped on the alot of things from this collection — I only got Lollipop Loving, Sugarshot, Dear Cupcake, and Aquavert… I also grabbed the new VG SE lipstick :)
    Awesome swatches.. now I wish I gave the shadesticks a try lol.

  12. teresa

    I cant decide between saint germain, or sweet thing! what do you think?

    • Oh, wow, LOL! They’re totally different from each other — do you have anything like Sweet Thing? Saint Germain is not as commonly duplicated like Sweet Thing.

  13. Meagan

    That’s so funny that your counter had Creme de Violet! Mine had Satellite Dreams! When I asked, they confirmed that was right? I wonder what the confusion is about the correct shadow – I really had wanted to see Stars n’ Rockets.

    • I know! Stars ‘n Rockets is perm, so you should always be able to find it!

      • Meagan

        oh duh! thanks, i’ll look for it next time!

        • Sweets4uk

          alot of people are saying that creme de violet and stars n rockets are similar (and obviously MAC agrees), I already have CdV, but really wanted SnR, in your opinion how close are they, im not going to get it with the collection as I figured I’d get it later in the pro pan refill anyways. I’d love any advice!

          • OMG, I don’t think so! Stars ‘n Rockets is almost a bright purple, and it has a fuchsia tint to it. It’s also shimmery/frosty in a way that Creme de Violet isn’t at all.

            I love, love LOVE Stars ‘n Rockets. I actually just bought Creme de Violet yesterday (I don’t have it!).

  14. Hanna

    The last picture with the MSFs, are you sure Refined is on the left? I’ve been looking at the swatches on Specktra and it always seemed that Refined had a peachy color and Perfect Topping had a light pink color.
    Thank you anyway for the swatches! I love Temptalia, it has come to the point where I always check this website because I love hearing your thoughts and reviews. =0D

    • Both of the MSFs are swatched on the left – Refined is on the top (peach), Perfect Topping (pink) is on the bottom. I’m sorry, I’m confused what you’re asking!

  15. Hanna

    Oh, I’m sorry Christine! I misread the caption but I’m in sync now hahaaha. Thanks !

  16. DevilishDoll

    I want Lemon Chiffon, Butternutty and Red Velvet Shadesticks (these will be my first Shadesticks) Lollipop Loving Lipstick and Aquavert Eyeshadow. I might also pick up Sweet Thing Lipstick and Simply Delicious Lipglass.

  17. It would be really awesome if you could re-create the look from the promotional photo. The eyes were gorgeous!

  18. Liz

    Thanks for the swatches! Will you also be swatching the lip products on your lips? :)

  19. BINNIE

    LOVE THE SWATCHES Christine!! Thanks for that think the shade sticks look nice cakeshop and red velvet! and the peachy msf! It seems from the swatches you can use the msf all over face and it wont be too sparkle or glitterly?

    • Thanks, Binnie! :)

      I don’t think the MSFs are particularly chunky or WHOA! shimmery — they have a nice sheen, a little shimmer, but it feels very smooth.

  20. TT

    Lemon Chiffon and Sugarshot over top is so so so pretty as a highlight and with Club and Aquavert on the lid and Stars and Rockets to pop in the inner corner with Sweet thing on the lips with Tasty over top is such a good look to me =) Can’t wait ’til my order comes.

  21. msciaociao

    Hi temptalia, I’m wondering if you think the MSFs are worth getting? They look very sheer to me, but beautiful in the pan as always. I love MSFs and have accumulated some over the last few collections..but I’m still debating on whether I should dive into this one:P I’m asian in nc 25/30. i would def get one of them if the color payoff is nice~

    • If you’re NC25/30, probably not. It just depends – do you already have a zillion MSFs? Do you prefer them more pigmented? These aren’t super pigmented — they’re pretty light. Not necessarily sheer… but they’re paler, you know? I think for your skin tone they will appear more as highlighters!

      • msciaociao

        I have maybe 4 or 5:P love them all! i plan on trying the sugarsweet ones at the store tomorrow. maybe they’ll turn out to be great highlighters. thanks for your advice christine! love your site and the swatches are always so helpful! keep up the great work:) love it!

  22. THHHHHHANKS CHRISTINE!!! I was really looking forward to seeing your swatches on the Sugarsweet collection…you’re the best!!!

  23. Al

    How does Perfect Topping MSF compare to Bobbi Brown’s Pink Platinum Shimmer Brick? PT seems less metallic looking, am I right? Which do you prefer? :)

  24. elle

    Thanks for the swatches!!! I’m loving pretty much everything from this!! The eyeshadows and shadesticks and MSF’s :) I really want to see how Peppermint Patti turns out, when I first read the description for that I loved it. Have you done swatches of the n/p’s yet?

  25. Mikki

    Hmmm… maybe I have to get a shadestick

  26. aeys1

    Lipglasses are very sheer.

  27. Hmm, I must get some of these items lol!