Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

Products pulled for Cham-Pale/Stylishly Yours Comparisons

MAC Stylishly Yours Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

  • Dark Diversion is a burgundy berry, while Macroviolet is a blackened violet with flecks of fuchsia-violet micro-shimmer. Very different.
  • Follow Your Fancy is redder than Off the Page, while Sugarpill Asylum is darker and more orange.
  • Madly Personal is a little darker and less frosted than Fuchsia, while Bright Fuchsia and Bold & Brash are both much brighter, deeper, and darker–the latter has a stronger iridescent fuchsia sheen. New Fixation is redder.
  • Neon Orange is slightly darker than Morange but the difference is very, very subtle.
  • Something New is a glossier version of NARS Schiap, while Smashbox Flirty is a lil’ sheerer and Girl About Town is a bit darker. Trimming Talk is frostier and lighter, but Most Popular is totally different.
  • Style Curve is similar to Show Orchid, which is brighter and more fuchsia, while Violetta is purpler and darker. Go For It is too purple, and Purple Rite is more plum than fuchsia. Love Forever is also similar but more fuchsia than purple.
  • Play It Proper is a very pale, powdery pink, and it’s really not much like Benefit Dandelion, Shell Pearl, Porcelain Pink, or Oh So Fair. Pearl Blossom is the closest, but the texture is so different; plus it has a sheen, rather than a powdery finish.
  • Too Chic is closest to NARS Albatross, which is a little yellower, while Chez Chez Lame is more beige. Benefit Dandelion is too peachy while Pearl Sunshine is significantly darker.
  • Madly Magenta is significantly more purple than both Show Orchid and Love Forever.
  • Movie Star Red is more pigmented but similar in color as Gesina, while Russian Red has less pink in its base.
  • Tickle Me Pink is closest to Viva Glam Gaga (slightly lighter and cooler) or Snob (cooler), but it is similar to Overtime, which is a yellower pink (almost looks peachy in comparison). Unlimited looks nothing like it.
  • Virgin Isle is a touch lighter than Vegas Volt, while Jazzed and Ever Hip are significantly lighter.

See swatches!

Dark Diversion, Macroviolet

Sugarpill Asylum, Follow Your Fancy, Off the Page

Fuchsia, Bright Fuchsia, Madly Personal, Bold & Brash, New Fixation

Benefit Dandelion, Shell Pearl, Play It Proper, Porcelain Pink

Shell Pearl, Play It Proper, Porcelain Pink, Oh So Fair, Pearl Blossom

NARS Albatross, Chez Chez Lame, Too Chic, Benefit Georgia, Pearl Sunshine

Neon Orange, Morange

NARS Schiap, Smashbox Flirty, Something New, Girl About Town

Smashbox Flirty, Something New, Girl About Town, Trimming Talk, Most Popular

Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta, Go For It, Purple Rite, Love Forever

Show Orchid, Style Curve, Violetta

Show Orchid, Madly Magenta, Love Forever

Gesina, Movie Star Red, Russian Red

Unlimited, Tickle Me Pink, Overtime, Viva Glam Gaga, Snob

Virgin Isle, Vegas Volt, Jazzed, Ever Hip

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34 thoughts on “MAC Stylishly Yours Dupes & Comparisons Swatches

  1. kasiaj85

    YOU are AMAZING!
    Thank you Christine!! It seems then that I need to have Madly Personal and Follow Your Fancy… :)

  2. classyclio

    eek I’m so excited for your dupe list – thanks

  3. Vvn

    Do you think virgin isle is dupeable to Nara cactus flower?

  4. Bridget

    Christine, in your opinion, how does Play It Proper Beauty Powder compare to Hello Kitty Pretty Baby Beauty Powder as a dupe?

  5. Stephanie

    Thanks so much for this. :)

  6. Edelmc

    Thank you so much for the comparison swatches. They are so helpful.

  7. Nina

    These comparisons are really helpful in getting an exact idea of where each shade lies in the range of colors! LOVE this new feature and hope to see it again!

  8. megan

    Thanks for this Christine! Saves me money:)

  9. Heli

    Thank you so much, Christine! *heart*
    You have no idea how helpful these comparisons are to me right now. We won’t get this collection here and I need to buy everything through a friend without swatching these myself.

    It’s unbelievable how much I love this collection compared to Cham Pale which of course will be launched here instead of Stylishly Yours :/

  10. Christine, I was the one who had requested the Something New comparison swatches and these have been so, so helpful for me! Thank you so much πŸ˜€ Also, I have Show Orchid and Violetta… being on a budget and seeing that Style Curve’s colour looks like their love child, I may just skip on that colour too! So undecided on Something New though…. I am not sure I *need* it, y’know? ;))

  11. Lena

    Thank you so so much! I’m headed to the mall today and now I have mental references to help me resist items I don’t need πŸ˜›

  12. Cherokee

    @kasiaj85, you took the words out my mouth. Christine you are truly amazing. Great job as always.

  13. morena123

    Lipsticks: Glad I didn’t get “Something New” Because I already have Sciap in Nars. And i tried Something New on in the store and it looks just like Sciap, They both go on BRIGHT.

    I really wanted that Movie Star Red though grr, why didn’t I get it??

    And I skipped out on the pigments because I have the pink Makeup forever eyeshadows (75, 26, 9)
    and a pink sephora eyshadow and a few other pink mac eyeshadows, and MAC’s Magenta Madness pigment

  14. Lilac

    Thank you very much; these were extremely helpful, also in confirming that I already bought the right shades :) and to see what I would not need (for example Porcelain Pink if it is repromoted, much too peach-y). I have now some of these products in the lightest or most bubblegum-pink shade and those are exactly right =)

  15. nadia


  16. Where did you get those bins? I’ve been looking for some just like those.
    Someone once mentioned Target carries trays similar to those, but I can never find them.

  17. Jolyn

    Hey Christine

    I really like Overtime, however it is a Pro Longwear Lip Creme? You mean it can be used on the cheeks as well?


  18. that’s so so helpful, you’re the best!

  19. mln

    hi christine, by the way thanks for all your work! it helps a lot finding what we need and not spending money for nothing!!
    i would like to know if you mixe violetta and show orchid, is it near the colour style curve? thx

  20. K.A

    Thanks a lot Christine, You saved me lots of money :) I was gonna order Style Curve but I guess if I blend violetta and show orchid I’ll get a similar color and something new is totally something old πŸ˜›

  21. Amanda Enn

    Hey Christine, I just wanted to say that Violetta is an exact dupe for Style Curve!

  22. beeks

    Can anybody tell me how Virgin Isle compares to Joie De Vivre cremeblend blush from the Lilyland collection? I’m not sure I can justify having both…

  23. I want New Fixation so bad but I’m trying to think of dupes in my collection. I have a red in the e.l.f. 100 palette that I was thinking about mixing with my MAC Universal Mix pigment. OR I was wondering if I could mix some Nars Exhibit A blush with the Universal Mix and get a similar effect.

  24. morena123

    OK now im starting to regret getting Madly Magenta (and I knew this would be problem sooner or later) but yesterday I worked a promotion and left my purse in the car (nowhere put your stuff at the event) and Madly Magenta was starting to MELT. In 76 degree weather. I definitely cannot carry this around with me in the spring summer and fall. And part of the winter. grr… its one of those tinges where u have to remind yourself to leave lipsticks at home and bring glosses only!

  25. Rayanna

    I wonder how Pearl CCB would compare to Too Chic BP.