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MAC Styleseekers Lipglasses
MAC Styleseeker Lipglasses

Surprise! Three Fantastic Opaque Lipglasses

MAC Styleseeker Lipglasses ($15.00 for 0.17 oz.) includes four shades: C-Thru (peachy beige with shimmer), Eclectic Edge (mid-tone clean true orange), Ready to Roam (mid-tone true blue red), and Restless (dark burnt bronze).

C-Thru has been reviewed C-Thru previously, and it is part of the original range.

Eclectic Edge is a medium orange with soft white micro-shimmer. It has a hint of red tones, but it’s mostly tangerine orange. It’s not too bright, but it’s no faded shade! The color coverage is mostly opaque, and it applies nice and evenly. MAC Riviera Life is similar but appears just barely darker. MAC Morange is darker, more orange, brighter.

Ready to Roam is a blue-based medium red with ruby red micro-shimmer–the shimmer is so subtle, I didn’t know there was shimmer until I applied it to my lips and saw it while editing photos! It’s there, and you’ll see it, but it’s subtle. This is mostly opaque and applies evenly and smoothly. Chanel Triomphal is darker with pink shimmer. MAC Driven by Love is darker but similar. MAC Totally Fab is lighter, less opaque. MAC Send Me Sailing has more blue in its base and has no shimmer. MAC Russian Red is very similar but has no shimmer.

Restless is a reddish-brown with copper and bronze shimmer–this one is shimmer-heavy. The color is semi-opaque but still applied evenly overall. MAC Purple Rage is redder, less brown, and has less shimmer. MAC Sonoran Rain is much redder. MAC Pret-a-Papier is similar but not as opaque. MAC Girls at Play has less brown, more berry coloring.

The three limited edition shades (Eclectic Edge, Ready to Roam, and Restless) are some of MAC’s best Lipglasses from recent memory. The reason is because they’re even, apply smoothly, and don’t accentuate lip lines by sinking into them.  All three shades are on the opaque side, but what’s remarkable is really just how evenly the color applies.  Lipglasses are sticky (one of the stickier formulas on the market) and have a thicker consistency, but they tend to be more long-wearing as a result of the tackiness. They’re also vanilla-scented. I tested all three shades over the past two days, and Eclectic Edge wore for four hours, Ready to Roam for five hours, and Restless for four and a half hours.

The Glossover


MAC Styleseeker Lipglasses Review, Photos, Swatches

The three limited edition shades (Eclectic Edge, Ready to Roam, and Restless) are some of MAC's best Lipglasses from recent memory. The reason is because they're even, apply smoothly, and don't accentuate lip lines by sinking into them.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass
MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass
MAC Ready to Roam Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

MAC Restless Lipglass
MAC Restless Lipglass

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MAC, $15.00.

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See individual shade review! :)

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62 thoughts on “MAC Styleseeker Lipglasses Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Melody

    This collex is really looking good on you, Christine! I’m impressed with these lipglasses. They all seem so low maintenance for lipglass.

  2. Tasneem

    It’s so unfair that you get all this stuff free while the rest of us have to pay for it. Anyone can “review” makeup!

    • I paid for all of the products in this post (and the rest of the products from MAC Styleseeker), actually. Anyone can review makeup for sure – maybe you should consider starting your own blog :) You might not be able to get any samples in the beginning, but if you work hard and build up your blog, I’m sure they’ll come!

    • Gina

      Blogging isn’t as easy as it looks! It takes a lot of time, energy, devotion and money. And while some bloggers do get sent MAC products to review for free, Christine pays for the overwhelming majority of the MAC she reviews.

      • Very true, Gina!

        I still receive samples from MAC, but the problem is that very often they arrive after the collection launches, either online or in-store. I can’t predict when I’ll receive samples, but the other part is they send a sampling of the collection – which might be a single shade (with Electric Cool, it was one shade) or half the collection (they were particularly generous with Hey, Sailor), so I still have to purchase product at some point. I find it makes the most sense to purchase one of everything as soon as I can purchase it rather than wait on samples, especially since I’d still need much of what I bought anyway. It’s far less stressful and means I can get reviews to readers faster :) It costs me more, but I think it’s worth it.

        Besides, with MAC, every second counts, LOL! I can’t tell you how many times samples have arrived and half of the collection is sold out! 😉

    • Bee

      Anyone can review makeup, but very very few do it as well as Christine, so I think she deserves every sample she gets :) plus it ultimately benefits way more people, as there are so many that rely on her reviews

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Did you really say it’s “unfair”?!? Christine spends inordinate amounts of MONEY, time, energy and effort on producing this site. That’s like seeing a 9 second car at the drag strip and being jealous. Christine has certainly earned all the success she has received. No one is stopping you from creating your own beauty review blog and receiving products for review. Sheesh.

    • Kafka

      Spiteful green is an extremely unattractive colour. Yes, anyone can “review” makeup, but few can do it well. Fewer still can do it as well as Christine. Do you know how much money she has invested from things like camera equipment, different lenses, light equipment, light boxes, computer equipment, website hosting systems and more?
      Do you know how many photos — THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS — she takes for *each* collection, which she then edits, crops, inputs into detailed articles — complete with computer code and God knows what?
      Do you know how much work she does in a day for these reviews? Do you know that she subjects makeup to extensive tests such as in the shower and to humidity? That she has tests to assess makeup’s transfer onto clothing? Do you know she goes out of her way to answer people’s questions here? Do you know how much of her own money she spends on these products? That she will spend hours and hours rushing to do these large MAC collections (with, again, thousands of photos) so that she can get them out as quickly as possible for people who may want to buy them?
      Yeah, green is definitely an unattractive colour. Unfairness is even more unattractive.

    • Terri

      I think what is “unfair” is you assuming that Christine gets all her products without paying for them. If you took the time to read the blog and educate yourself, you would see that that is not true. The “free” part however applies to all of us who subscribe to her blog. Christine takes all the guesswork for us out of new products and help us to make informed choices about our makeup and skincare purchases and it doesn’t cost a dime!!! I for one am grateful that she works as hard as she does for this blog and benefit from it on a regular basis. So stop whining and start your own blog if you want. No one is stopping you….

  3. Sarah Chambless

    Gorgeous! Im wondering though, how similar is Restless to Ornamental Lustreglass and how similar is Ready to Rome to Cult of Cherry Lipglass? Thanks!

  4. KK

    These are great! They all look fantastic on you, and I love that they’re vibrant, fun colors instead of more nudes and nude-pinks. I’ll definitely be picking up Eclectic Edge, and maybe Restless too.

  5. Mel

    I’m officially obsessed with ” Restless”. Thank you Christine!

  6. Very pretty and so opaque! These are the first products from this collection that I think are worth checking out in store.

  7. Marina

    Love these! So stunning! Especially Restless! What a lovely surprise, MAC!

  8. Ruca

    In person, Restless looks exactly like Ornamental Lutreglass (imo).

  9. Lucy

    I don’t know which one to choose >.<

  10. The three of them are stunning! Styleseeker would have been so amazing if all the products were the same hight quality… I really love the color scheme for this collection, but the eyeshadows are such a let down :(

  11. Si.

    I love them ALL!

  12. Saba

    Hey. do you know any Lipstick of MAC or any brand that is similar to Eclectic Edge Lipglass? because i like opaque lipsticks better.

  13. Ugh restless is so pretty but I can’t stand sticky lipgloss! Even lusterglass is pushing it for me…

  14. Tam

    These lipglasses all look amazing on you! I’ve stated this before, your makeup is always gorg, and I believe it’s because you have great skin to begin with. Do you still use the Mario Badescu line? With your experience and follower input, what have you found to be the most effective skincare for those of us who suffer with acne/breakouts?

    • Hi Tam,

      I still use Mario Badescu’s spot treatments (the pink lotion and the other one in the pot) as needed. For me, the most effective product was actually a prescription one – Differin. I use the generic version now, but it cleared up a lot of the acne I was getting. I think I’m better about not touching my face and washing my face more thoroughly, which I’m sure has helped!

  15. Ariana

    I own C-Thru and I agree, it settles into the lines on my lips a bit, would love to try the other three, though!

  16. Kafka

    Restless is…. wow. WOW! And I don’t even wear or like lipgloss! Especially not sticky ones. But that one just gives me pause and makes me re-consider for a split second. *gulp* Thankfully, the L/E aspect soon brought me to my senses. But…. WOW.

    • Haha! If you hate sticky, no go on lipglass. I like it, but I do think it could use an upgrade – you know, just some refinement. I think we can still have a tacky, longer-wearing gloss but with a thinner consistency.

  17. Sher

    These are really nice, and they all look fantastic on you! Thinking I *need* Restless now 😀

  18. Fiaspice

    Thank god for this review or I would have got Restless in an hearthbeat, not noticing how similar (enough for me) it is to Pret-a-Papier.

  19. Angie

    Beautiful colors! Restless makes me want to pull out my Ornamental liglass because they are very similiar and both very gorgeous.

  20. All three look gorgeous, I can’t decide which one I like best!

  21. lalakitty

    I was gona let these pass but looks like Iam gona add these to my basket

  22. Your reviews are so thorough! I’m really looking forward to trying these Lipglasses in person. I wanted Riviera Life really bad but talked myself out of adding another gloss to my collection.

  23. Joanne

    Such fun lipglass colours! Nice one Mac!!

  24. Jane

    Usually I don’t go for lipglosses of any type, but these are BEAUTIFUL!

  25. Kathrina

    Damn! I can hear my wallet wailing. Thanks for the review, Christine. These look so great on you.

  26. Dana

    Hi Christine,
    Can you tell me how “Ready to Roam” compares to “Cult of Cherry”?

    • Cult of Cherry is a darker, bluer-based red.

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  27. Jae

    I usually skip out on the lipglasses but I think i’m going to have to snag all three of these!! Love the way they all look!! Thanks, Christine!!!

  28. I’m not a big fan of lipglass but I may have to purchase the Eclectic Edge. I’m picking up the Hidden Treasures blush today.